Best Caller Name Announcer Apps for Android

Imagine you are doing something so special and serious and you have gathered all of your focus on that crucial thing that seeks all of your attention for the real time. Certainly, you are pretty much focused on that, and instantly your phone starts ringing, and all of your focus is just demolished from that particular scenario. At that time you got much frustrated, irritated, and a bit angry, not because your phone is ringing, but because of the curiosity to know that who is calling. And if that particular phone is from some unknown person, some company agent, and from your sim enterprise than you totally become mad because you have lost all of your attention and you might start that form the beginning. Whatever, it is so obvious that you do not know who is calling and whether that call is so important or not. All of these questions will vanishes when your mobile phone have a smart Caller Name Announcer app. These apps instantly tell you the name of that particular person who is calling you, and you can effortlessly and quickly assume weather to pick it up or just ignore. So here is a list of the best caller name announcer apps that enables you to focus on that wonderful loaf completely.

1. Caller Name Announcer

Caller Name Announcer is a damn useful stuff for your mobile phone that announces the name of the person who is calling you. It quickly identifies and informs you about your incoming phone calls and SMS messages. It easily recognizes and notifies the phone holder about the message and call sender. It is so helpful while you are driving, and your phone is in your pocket. It delivers a marvelous touch of some powerful features that help you instantly get the name of the person who is calling you and you can easily manage to identify the call without even looking at your phone. It also allows you to add a message to the caller, customize to your preferences, real-time caller ID, and lot more.


2. Caller Name Talker

Caller Name Talker is a gorgeous app that efficiently reads out the caller name, and SMS message sender, low battery alerts, and lot more. There is a huge amount of stunning features of this caller name teller app which facilitates you in a better way. Having this app on your phone, you do not manage to get your mobile from the pocket while you are driving car or motorbike. This app informs you about the name of the caller, and you can then assume whether to attend it or not. Some of its exceptional features comprise the WhatsApp, Gmail, IMO, LINE, WeChat and some other notification alerts, options for play caller name, announce customizable alerts for contacts, switch between languages support, and many other quality features.


3. Caller Name Announcer Pro

Caller Name Announcer Pro is a modified app that helps you get the name of the person who is calling you. It efficiently recognizes the text message sender and caller, and announce it loudly for you. It is very handy, easy to use, easily customizable, and user-friendly call and SMS announcer app. It includes a Built-in caller ID feature to identify the unknown caller and text message sender and concisely tells you about them whenever it approaches. It provides some interesting and convenient widgets that help you enable or disable settings anytime. It is a great app that uses your speaker alert system to tell you about the notifications loudly and precisely.


4. Caller Name Announcer, Flash on call and SMS

Caller Name Announcer, Flash on call and SMS is a highly applicable app when you are driving or having some crucial work. There are many useful features of this app that helps you get the name of the caller and SMS sender. This app announces everything while someone is sending you a text or calling you. It announces the name of the caller if the number exists in your contact list, provides SMS sender name if exists, and SMS content as well if you allow the permission. It offers simple enabling and disabling of the app, caller name, incoming SMS sender name, and SMS reading as well. You can set flash blinking, text to speech settings, tap to stop notification, adjust the volume and pitch, and many other things as well.


5. Speaking SMS & Call Announcer

Speaking SMS & Call Announcer is a renowned caller name announcer app with tons of interesting and useful features for mobile phone users. It delivers a clean and easy to understand User interface and enables you to customize your call announcer and your SMS announcer precisely. It is one of the best caller name announcer app that helps you get information about the name of your phone caller and SMS sender. It is an excellent SMS reader with some exciting features that not only speaks the name of the sender loudly but professionally reads out the message as well. Rather than these, it also features battery announcer, call number and SMS reader, filter contact feature, and lot more.


6. Caller Name Speaker

Caller Name Speaker provides quality in its features by announcing the name of the SMS sender when the message is received and caller name during an incoming call. It has a nice looking interface and is simple to use and customize. Some of its core features comprise the one tap on and off support, multilingual support, an announcement over handsfree and headphone as well, and much more. It also delivers voice preview settings, shaking the mobile to stop the announcement, speaking of unknown and unsaved numbers, and many other exciting features.


7. Z’s Caller Name Announcer

Z’s Caller Name Announcer is a handy and easy to use caller name announcer application that helps you get the name of the calling person without looking at the phone. It provides precise information about the phone call, SMS message, and other notifications. It is quite a helpful app that helps you get the info of the incoming caller person when your mobile is in your pocket, and you are having some important working, especially while you are driving. It provides precise voice alerts for SMS and call notifications, configurable voice alerts by apps, by ringing mode, and by contacts, etc., adjust voice and pitch, and configurable alerts for the battery as well.


8. Caller Name Talker For Android

Caller Name Talker For Android is great stuff that helps you get the name of the person who is calling and texting you. It enables you to get the name of the caller, SMS sender and you can also listen to the whole SMS without making any external effort. There are some amazing features of this caller name teller app that provides customizable settings support and allows you set sound speed, sound pitch, caller ID repeating, and message after the call, etc. It efficiently announces the caller name if that number is saved in your mobile and otherwise announce the number if it does not exist in your mobile contact list. Rather than this, it also provides one-tap enabling and disabling of the caller name talker, announce SMS, and much more.


9. Caller Name Ringtone

Caller Name Ringtone is an app which called out name loudly when someone is calling you. It has transformed the concept of some boring ringtones to some attractive voiceovers that notify you when your phone starts ringing. This app efficiently speaks the name of the caller automatically when a call comes so that you can easily understand that who is calling you. It has an easy enabling and disabling options, lets you choose how many time the notifications to be announced, choose it to work in silent or vibrate mood, and lot more. It also allows you to enable the SMS reading loudly and it will automatically announce the whole message whenever it comes.


10. Fake Caller with Announcer

Fake Caller with Announcer is quite interesting and funny app that lets you make some fun with fake call experience. Some of its Call Announcer features include the customizable text to be read by the speaker, announce caller name, set sound speed, announce the SMS sender info, set sound pitch, and read messages on your permission. While on the other hand its Fake Caller opportunity comprises the announcement of fake call, set the time for the fake call, add some database to the fake call, and choose from the predefined list of the celebrities and other people for fake call. It is a fabulous stuff to do by pranking your friends by having some fake calls with celebs.


11. Announcer Sybage

Announcer Sybage is an app with some straightforward features like announcing the caller name, SMS announcer, provides precise battery alerts, and announce the events that you set. There are some amazing features of this caller announcer app that lets you get notifications very conveniently. It delivers default audio settings, text voice, tap to silent feature, shake to silent, a message to play after caller name, read SMS content, read the event content, and much more. You can set the levels of the battery for getting notifications and whenever your battery approach to your set level this app notifies you precisely.


12. Speak Caller Name

Speak Caller Name is a caller name speaking app that helps you get the name of the person who is calling you. There are some gorgeous features of this app that enhances the ease of your interaction with this app. It delivers better customization options, speak SMS content and the sender name, support to announce the info of the caller again and again, easy to use and user-friendly UI, and much more. It offers some customization options to set your most likely message for incoming call and message.


13. Incoming-Caller Name Announcer and talker

Incoming-Caller Name Announcer and talker is an app that helps its users works seamlessly without any disturbance from their phone while having some phone calls, SMS, and other notification. It is a great app that announces the names of the person who wants to connect you via SMS and Phone calls. Some interesting features of this caller name announcer app enable you to get the name (if the number is in your contact list), and number (if it does not exist), and lets you decide whether the call is important or not. It delivers enabling and disabling of the caller name announcement, SMS sender speaker, volume, pitch, and other things.


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