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We are living in an eon where the old letter and other message sending approached or techniques have been terminated and SMS (Short message service), MMS (Multimedia message service), etc. took their places. As mobile phone becomes more and more conventional than people become more social and use this device to send messages via SMS, MMS, and some other techniques. Initially the short messages can be delivered only, but later on, MMS take place and enables its users to send multimedia stuff to others easily and spontaneously. SMS’s on those days are packed with some simple or core smiles which are created with simple characters but now there is an unlimited variety of emojis are available in the market that attracts the users and becoming the choice of them. Now there is a huge amount of funny text messages apps packed with tons of ordinary and attractive Emojis to deliver your communications stuff along with your expressions and feelings for the real-time. Some of the best apps that you would love are available here that brings awesome stuff for making a simple, funny, effective, intuitive, and attractive conversations between you and your friend or family member, etc.

1. Android Messages

Android Messages is a great app for sharing your messages in a great format using your mobile phone. Android Messages makes it so easy to communicate with whatever you want by using SMS, MMS, etc. Its core features include quickly sharing a funny picture, group texts, and your favorite funny videos and audios as well. You just have to select the picture and whatever multimedia you want to share from this app directly. Rather than this, it also adds some other overwhelming features that contain easy search, purposeful and intuitive design, more control options, and you can explore more with its enhanced features.



2. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is a widely used and a popular app with tons of cool, attractive, and funny features that let you share your text messages to others in a super funny, intuitive, easy and effective way. This messaging app has just replaced your default app by providing the stuff at a bit high level. You can easily set your pic in the background of your messages preview. It enables you to share tons of interesting, funny, and amazing Emojis with instinctive and predictive language. It provides better customization options and allows you easily share multimedia stuff and animated Gifs using this tremendously great app.



3. Funny Text Creator

Funny Text Creator lets you transform your messages and other written text into extraordinary text messages. There are many styles, formats, languages, and outfits that it contains for its users for providing an immensely funny, unique and different approach. It features Fancy Text, Reverse Order, Speaking Animals, Word Jumbling, Zigzag, Hacker-Style and Snake-Style, No Vowels and Spaces, Caesar Cipher, Every Word in New Line, Rotate Upper or Lowercase, and Hexadecimal, etc. Rather than this, it also delivers Morse Code, many Programming Languages (including C, C++, PHP, Java), Paragraphs support, Roman Numerals, Encircled, Symbols, Swirly, Bubble, and you can even Flip Text as well using this intuitive application.

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4. Social Text

Social Text is a new app that enables you to share your text messages on some social media platforms such as FB and Twitter etc. To share your text messages on these networks, you just simply click on the name of your contact, your messages will be automatically loaded, and finally, you need to sign in to your Social media account like FB and Twitter. By clicking the check box of the message that you want to share, and deliver it to others. It provides a quick and extremely simple way to share your content on these sites using your mobile phone.


5. Text Animation Maker

Text Animation Maker lets you animate your text with a huge range of featuring availability for its users. It contains tons of features for text animation that includes a brand new collection of 25 text animations styles, Full Unicode fonts supported, Animate Text in Video, Loop able animated text video, Export as video or animated GIF, Embed GIF, etc. It also enables you to share this stuff on social media platforms. It also provides unlimited characters, Random in list fonts, Change color per text line, Basic color background style same, and many pattern FX, etc.


6. Funny Text Creator Donate

Funny Text Creator Donate is another app that transforms your text into an attractive piece of the paragraph. There are tons of quality features that it delivers for its users to entertain them without having any extra effort. It includes many amazing aspects like a copy to clipboard, Japanese effect, Bubble effects, Swirly effect, and Flip Text approach. It is so related to an app that is funny text creator. It is a great tool that lets you share your amazing and interesting stuff with your friends and family members. It is also available in the full version that includes the support of ad-free atmosphere and multiple selections of text modes.


7. Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS

Mustache Anonymous Texting SMS is a widely used app that people use for the fun purpose. This anonymous messaging app enables you to send and receive text messages anonymously, and it completely hides your real phone number and its further details. You can easily share messages to your friends and other unknown persons in a damn fun way. Some of its core features include anonymity completely, it does not show your phone bill, cannot be traced, and lets you sent and receive favorite texts with full speed and robust efficiency. It is a widely used app due to its anonymity providence.

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QK SMS is a great messaging app that provides a beautiful and instinctive interface based on quality design. It provides many amazing themes that do not make you feel bored at all. Using this app, you can easily make effective and funny content and send it to your friends. There are many stunning features of this app with the robust interface. It includes light and dark themes, provides pop up notifications for a quick reply, a wide range of colors for each thread, and lets you add different wallpapers along with location, sharing and fast searching. It also enables you to make private Inbox, SMS, Call, and MMS blocker, SMS scheduler, backup and restore.


9. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is a messaging app that enables you to create your own unique and most likely looks by choosing from hundreds of free themes and skins. There are lots of cool features that it delivers includes password app lock, security options, stop a message while sending, blacklisting annoying contacts and unknowns, block SMS, MMS, and call from offensive and irritating users and much more. Except this, it also provides the featuring capabilities like text snippets, multi-selection picture gallery, better group and multimedia messaging dual sim support and much more.


10. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS is a tremendously amazing next generation messaging app loaded with amazing features. It provides a pack of endless per-conversation and global theme options, shares GIFs along with your message, snooze notifications, provides delay sending option, and a powerful searching through conversations and messages. It delivers an effective and quick searching through messages and conversation. Rather than this, you can also block SMS, MMS, and even Call of somebody that is annoying or irritating. It also provides you the features like schedule message, automatic message backup, restores, dual sim support, and much more.



GO SMS PRO EMOJI PLUGIN is an amazingly great app having many fun factors for its Android and other device’s users. It is used by more than 10 million users from all over the world due to the providence of its more than 1200 Emojis and emoticons. It is available in both Free and Pro versions. It provides hundreds of customized themes, along with cute and lovely stickers. It contains a private box to encrypt messages for maximum safety and SMS blocker that lets you block teasing contacts and much more. While on the other hand, its Pro version includes more advanced and enhanced features for its users.

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12. Symbolizer – Funny Text Styles and Messages

Symbolizer – Funny Text Styles and Messages is a great app that provides a funny and damn cool conversation approach between users. There are many amazing features and functionalities of this app that enables you to transform normal text messages into extraordinary text messages. It efficiently decorates common text into quirky and funny stuff and lets you send those messages to your friends and family members via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and some other social media platforms. There are many other fun factors of this app that enables Android and some other users to write a message in one format and deliver it in an entirely different format that the user wants.


13. Free Emoji SMS App

Free Emoji SMS App is a great tool for users that love to use Emojis in their text messages in bulk. It contains a distinct collection of emojis and theme that looks gorgeous. It provides a professional looking user interface that delivers beauty for its users. It is a great app that provides amazing stuff that you can deliver to your besties, friends, and family members. Rather than this, it provides a robust message encryption technique, keyword blocking and blacklisting, pack of amazing themes, collection of stunning fonts, and you can customize this app according to your desire.


14. Pimp My Text

Pimp My Text is a stunning app with a unique concept and amazing criteria. It has changed the concept of sending simple black or white text and lets you send color text messages. It is a great app that provides a color-font approach, and even the other person would be amazed to see the message. Pimp My Text enables you to choose from a distinct collection of fonts colors and send them to others. You can also customized fonts settings and set the font color or other aspects like you want like Scary, Cartoony, Asian, Fire, and more. You can also choose different backgrounds as well.


15. Funny Text SMS Messages

Funny Text SMS Messages is a funny messaging app that lets you share funny stuff like pics, videos, etc. for a funny conversation. It is not a popular app but has quite handsome users. It has many ads and only contains 15 texts which do not make it so attractive to the users. It offers a simple and boring interface that does not entertain you at all. Rather than it, so many users download this app and are readily available in the market.


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