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As with the passage of time the technology also keeps on improvising and going far by creating innovative apps for the communication or mailing scenarios. While regarding some other fields, the means of communication are also extemporizing too with it, getting more robust, flexible, rapid, directed, and secure. Now there is a massive amount of iOS users who rely on their documented communications, ordinary communications and even meetings using their smartphones. Almost all of them wants a secure atmosphere where they can easily and quickly do communication with their family, friends, etc. They exchanged messages, files, documents, pictures, videos, and many of other multimedia stuff for effective communication and wanted their stuff to be secure and protected from others. Emailing is a novelty in the history of communication and now becoming one of the quickest, best, and the efficient way of sharing ideas. Now for such a marvelous blow, there are many apps introduced in the market which is serving their level best to the users, and the users can easily manage them using their smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

1. Gmail for iOS

The official Gmail app carries the extraordinary of the Gmail to your iPhone, or iPad for providing real-time protections, multiple account support, notifications, and the search that works across your Gmail. You can easily Undo send, Switch between multiple accounts, Swipe to archive or delete too quickly clear your inbox, and much more. With lock screen options, badge, and notifications center, it notifies you for each happening in your mail. You can search your mails more accurately and faster with instant results and easily send/receive attachments. This will help you exchange multimedia stuff easily. You can see profile pictures, respond to Google calendar, and organize your email by starring, labeling, delete, archiving, and reporting spam.



2. Outlook

Outlook lets you share your stuff seamlessly and securely. It helps millions of users to connect their accounts, files, calendars in one easy spot. It provides a well-focused inbox that displays your messages so that the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It allows simple swipe gestures to quickly archive, schedule and deletes annoying or uninterested messages. It provides smart filters and easy access to files and calendars so that you can share your meeting availability. Outlook lets you attach and view any file from your email, Dropbox, OneDrive and more without downloading them on your mobile phone, and you can easily get it anywhere.

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3. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail helps you work, live, and communicate better with your iOS devices. It keeps things organized and allow you to get back to what matters. This app helps you get the most important mails, view photos of your fellow beings, and check shipping information. It bundles the similar messages together so that you can easily deal with all of them at once and get rid of swiping again and again. Inbox by Gmail provides reminders that help you add it, so that lets you get back things that your inbox contains. Rather than this, it provides Snooze and Search options, and even works with Gmail.


4. Newton Mail by CloudMagic

Newton Mail by CloudMagic is a communicating app that brings more flexibility, ease, and protection with tons of extraordinary and powerful features. It is a subscription-based app that supercharges your mails with some awesome features like Snooze, Read Receipts, Connected Apps, Send Profiles, Undo Send, Send Later, and much more on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and other iOS devices. This app features 2-factor authentication, Custom Inbox Swipes, Print emails, One-click Unsubscribe, Turn on/off Conversations, iPad Pro support, Handoff, HTML signatures, Email Aliases, etc. Rather than this Newton Mail by CloudMagic also provides Custom Folder Sync, Remote Wipe, Passcode Lock, Unified Inbox, Spotlight Search, Interactive Notifications, 3D Touch, and is available in all major languages.


5. Yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is probably the best email app that efficiently organizes and manage your Mails, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo accounts. Using this app, you can experience its beautiful and intuitive design, lightning fast speed, easy to use interface, and much more. It offers 1000 GB of its cloud storage so that you can easily keep your stuff there. You can humbly Sign up for any account because of its integration with some non-Yahoo email platforms. You can customize your swipes, get notifications from users (people) only, search quickly and do much more.


6. Alto Email — Organized by Alto

Alto Email — Organized by Alto is a handy, and more intuitive app, with infinite features on your iOS devices. This app features Today Screen Widget, Tablet support, Unified Inbox, 3D Touch support, Full calendar support, Multi Language Support, Full cloud syncing, and Push Mail, etc. It keeps all your accounts together and provides real-time travel and shopping alerts. Alto provides User created or fully customizable stacks, Rich Text composing, Snooze, and Unsubscribe from unwanted emails. You can share your stuff in a well-protected atmosphere so that you can easily Access to contacts, Share email and stack content and access Cloud Storage.

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7. AirMail

AirMail is an intuitive and powerful mail client for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices. It offers Quick Reply support, Smart Notifications, Save Attachment support, Save Emails and PDF’s, a Great Design and much more for its iOS users. It is fully integrated with OneNote, Pocket, Readability, Box, OneDrive, etc. This intuitive email app features Caller ID, Get Creative, Send multiple attachments, Never lose an Email, connect with other services and much more. AirMail improvises your Experience in a better way.


8. VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer is a robust, reliable, and the most innovative email, contacts, and calendar app available on App Store. It works smarter and more efficiently with tons of its awesome features. Boxer is the true email client that never captures your email stuff or password on your servers and connects directly to your email. Its efficient functionalities provide an efficient workflow with combined inbox, Smart folders, Send availability, and Email likes. Boxer enables you to build your own experience to choose your account color, create HTML, and turn features on and off, etc. VMware Boxer lets you stay connected via Evernote Integration, Calendar Integration, and Cloud Attachments.


9. Spark – Love your Email again

Spark – Love your Email again is another amazing app that makes it easy to go through your Inbox on your mobile phone device faster than ever before. Spark is one of the most popular and the Best app for the App Store for the rest of 2015. It provides a unified inbox that helps you see important mails, and its Smart search feature enables you to use natural language to find through your Emails. Spark automatically discover your maximum used signature so that you can easily swipe between them. It provides robust integration with Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox, etc. to easily attach different files from these services to your particular Email.


10. Triage

Triage is an efficient app designed for people who want to stay on the top level of their inbox. It does not replace your desktop mail client and enables you to use downtime to remove the stress and noise. Some of its amazing and newly upgraded features include Display account name while downloading new message, Fixed bug on forwarded messages with attachments, and revert swipe down to leave the message as unseen. Triage provides and efficient integration with Box, OneDrive, OneNote, Pocket, Google Drive, Evernote, Readability, and Dropbox, etc. and most services that easily supports IMAP.

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11. Inky

Inky is an app that is popular for providing a secure and protected place for sharing stuff through emails. It has many awesome features that make this app stand a bit more. It contains features including Phishing protection, Microsoft single sign on, great outlook, and easy to use Interface. It just added some extraordinary features that added the protection and security for your emails in a way new before. It also provides the calendar feature and for iOS devices it world efficiently with Microsoft Outlook and Inky desktop client etc.


12. Dispatch

Dispatch makes it so easy to act on mails when you are on the move. Dispatch allows you get rid of emails by responding faster with snippets, simple swapping and processes you emails with some other apps. Using this app, you can easily archive mails to Evernote, set reminders in Remainder or Due, and create multiple tasks in the Omni Focus and Things. This app lets you easily search what you need in your inbox and Archive folder. Dispatch can easily attach inline images, support Alias, and also can view the raw source Emails and much more.


13. Zero

Zero is a classy stuff in Emailing that puts your priorities first. It sorts emails by importance, Sort through unread emails lightning fast, Mailfeed shows emails as Summarized cards, and it does not provide personal information and messages on remote servers to ensure you a well-protected and secure atmosphere. It can easily help you with annoying issues of an overloaded email inbox, provides the best way to go through a bunch of emails, and enable you quickly get through the flooded inbox. There are lots of other important features of Zero app that makes it extraordinary among others.


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