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Calls are a crucial part of human lives as you can instantly connect your loved ones and communicate with other individuals for multiple purposes. In the last few years, many applications have been offering calling services, and sometimes you cannot check on essential calls in your busy routine.

Also, many scammers and hackers are using new techniques to access your personal data and sensitive information. In this case, to ensure that you know the identity of the individual calling you, Call Confirm Apps are present to facilitate you in numerous ways.

What are Call Confirm Apps?

Call conform apps allow you to double-check your decision if you want to make the call or it is just dialed by accident or by mistake. These applications work on both Android and IOS devices, which allow you to confirm the calls. They have additional features like rings, secure connections, making international calls, and sending IDs.


The app gives a specific dialer that lets you dial the contacts saved in your phone and sync with others’ phones to get there, so no malware comes in your phone via contact data transferring. These apps have unique and various benefits and include many attractive themes, so the user does not get bored with a plain interface.

15 Best Call Confirm Apps

Keeping in mind the needs and the issues faced by users, this article will present the 15 best Call Confirm Apps along with their built-in features, pros, and cons. This way, you can download the most optimum application for your personal needs and data security.


1. SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer

SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer is a call confirming application used to verify the request before connecting to the line. It shows a box that double-checks the outgoing call you are making or if you have an incoming call. SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer is an android application with a sophisticated interface.

This app has tons of features, like it allow you to select a dialer except the default dialer, such as LINE Out; it records the number. The core function includes setting a dialer according to call type or amount, creating a short call directly, dialing using share, choosing dialers, and many more.


  • Multiple Call Dialer
  • Affordable Calling Rates
  • Application Management
  • Alerts and Notification


  • Reroute Native Dialer
  • Customer Support System
  • Calling Platform Integration


  • Cannot Display Call logs
  • Fixated Setting
  • Unstructured Interface

Download: SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer for Android

2. TeleMe – easy calls & messages

TeleMe – easy calls & messages are a call confirming application only available for iOS devices. It provides you with the details of outgoing and incoming calls. It also provides you with an option to confirm all in both scenarios. It is free to use and contains a purchase module that unlocks additional features.

The application’s messaging feature is easy to use and provides a secure connection. The app is straightforward t use and has a comprehensive interface that allows the user to navigate the application and configure it according to its requirements and settings.

Some core features of TeleMe – easy calls & messages offers ad-free application, no pin requirements and usernames, no need to log in or log out, configurable settings, innovative layout, and multiple language support, call recording, and much more.


  • Accept Global Phone Calls
  • Scam Warning
  • Apps Permission Integration


  • Send and Recieve Messages
  • Easy to Use
  • Call Recording
  • Unknown Caller Users Details


  • No for Android Phones
  • Overrides System Permission
  • Bugs and Glitches

3. True Phone Dialer & Contacts

True Phone Dialer & Contacts is a call conforming application that is easy to use and allows the user to manipulate the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. The call tracks and the app confirms the user to call someone, it’s a double-check, so you accidentally do not call anyone.

True Phone Dialer & Contacts is full of features and capable of works according to your configuration. Fast T9 search in your recent call logs, innovative current call groups, multiple language support, clean and convenient navigation, theme support, customizable and modern design, and extended dual sin support.

The interface provides a user-friendly atmosphere and allow us to create new contacts easily and navigate the app without facing any issue. True Phone Dialer & Contacts is free to use, ad-supported, and offers in-app purchases to access more benefits.

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  • Big Size Photos
  • Caller Personal Information
  • Event Recalls
  • High Data Customization


  • Numerous Answering Style
  • Call Recording
  • Fast T9 Contact Search


  • Unstructured Interface
  • No Live Support
  • Vague Speak Volume Adjustment

Download: True Phone Dialer & Contacts for Android

4. WeTalk Pro

WeTalk Pro provides a secure connection and allows the user to confirm calling in both scenarios, like incoming and outgoing calls. The interface has a beautiful design, so the user does not get exhausted in setting up the application or using it daily. It is only available on iOS devices and supports multiple languages.

The app contains many unique features like getting a trial phone call with gift credits to start with something new, no connection fee, no hidden costs, auto-switching of networks, no roaming costs, can use callback module, etc. Your data is secure from the local line users, and you can easily purchase apps using Apple ID within the app.

The best part is 24/7 live customer support that will record your queries and instantly provide solutions for them. WeTalk Pro is fun to use, contains ads, and offers different purchase rates of international calls like the US costs about $0.01 per minute, China $0.018 per minute, etc.


  • Global Connectivity
  • Affordable Calling Plans
  • Virtual Sim Sign Up


  • Second Number
  • Call Back Line
  • Quality Phone Call Recorder


  • Costly Foreign Calling Service
  • No Customer Support
  • Only for iOS Users

Download: WeTalk Pro for iOS

5. Vonage Mobile

Vonage Mobile is a call confirming application that allows users to check before attending any incoming call or making an outgoing call. The purpose of this app is more than call confirm the app has many other modes that are easy to use and provide many configuration settings.

The tool consists of tons of features like video calling, call confirming, switching networks, making international calls, free video messaging, free text messaging, and many more. Vonage Mobile does not require any SIM compatibility and makes all requests internet-based and uses a data package of the mobile carrier.

The interface is full of features and has a beautiful theme, and the GUI structure provides a guided layout of the application. Vonage Mobile is free to use but to access more functionality; you have to purchase a subscription for two dollars only.


  • Communication APIs
  • Business Focused Module
  • Contact Center


  • Departmental Communication
  • Unified Calling Service
  • Simple Setup


  • Extra Cost on Mobile Application
  • Limited 911 Support

6. Ringo: Low-cost, local and international calls

Ringo is a call confirming application whose features are limited to the local call confirmation module but exceed various exciting features. It supports both Android and iOS platforms and works smoothly and efficiently on both devices. It can easily sync with other gadgets and offer ads and purchase modules.


Ringo is an intuitive app with features like low-priced international calling, no internet required, and high-quality calls with no drops. The interface is easy to understand and provides a GUI structure designed to guide the user through the apps’ configuration and usage.


  • 70% Cheap Rates
  • Instant Call Recording
  • Messaging and Filters Services


  • Regional Calling Rate
  • Audio Tunes Library
  • Block Scam Calls


  • No Alerts and Notification
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Higher Rates in Some Regions

7. onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers

onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers is a call confirming app supporting Android devices. The app’s purpose is to check the calls and get a confirmation notification to continue the request. The app allows the user to double think about the call and decide next.

It can change your cell phone number, more than thirty nationalities, credits and calling packages, login from anywhere without any smartphone or computer, works with SIM cards, switch various calls, voicemail modules, and network changing for better results and many other features.

The simple interface is user-friendly and has an attractive theme. onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers is free to use, do not contain ads but offer in-app purchase. onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers has an intelligent interface, supports multiple languages, and includes tons more features.



  • Unlimited Calls and SMS
  • Integrated Visual Voice Note
  • Privacy Protection


  • Voice Messaging
  • Platform Integration
  • Business Focused


  • Poor Customer Services
  • Limited Emergency Features
  • Number Deactivation
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Download: onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers for Android

8. Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls

Talkatone is a sophisticated app and extends its features. It prevents a user from wrongfully dialing an unknown number and secure the phone from unwanted and calls from unknown numbers. Talkatone confirms the user’s rings, so the user double thinks the decision to attend or make a call.

The app includes features like saving a mobile number, getting a free US or Canada phone number of your choice, calls made for free, free internet access that lets you call anyone even if you don’t have cell data. It also includes changing your number according to your choice, like a burner phone.

Incoming internet calls are free, different, and cheap to many cities and other features. Talkatone is easy to use and has a constructive layout with an intelligent interface, which is user-friendly. Talkatone is free to use, contains ads, and includes a purchase module.


  • Free Phone Number
  • Free Texting
  • Instant call Recording
  • Active Users Guide


  • No Roaming Fee
  • International Calling Services
  • Platform Integration


  • Contains Ads
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • No Live Support

Download: Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls for Android | iOS

9. Norton Halt exploit defender

Norton Halt exploit defender is a dialer app that allows users to do many things with a local or international number. It alerts you on the latest breaking security vulnerabilities and safeguards your phone and personal information by injecting malicious code, bypassing system permissions, and uninstalling unauthorized apps.

This application is filled with features like detecting KRACK vulnerability, detecting DirtyCow, BlueBorne, doing a deep malware scan of the phone, checking your device for Stagefright vulnerability, lock screen bypass, scan for apps that are unauthorized and can affect the phone.

The interface is a bit complex to understand but designed to guide the user on every step. It has a beautiful theme that shows the user’s profile. Norton Halt exploit defender offers ads and includes a purchase module to access additional features.


  • Detect Dirtycow Virus
  • Original Security Policy Bypass
  • Block Unauthorized USSD Codes


  • Customer Support Service
  • Structured Interface
  • Platform Maintainance


  • Bugs and Glitches
  • Overrides The System

10. BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO

BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO is a beautiful call confirming applicant with a unique built-in feature that allows the user to check and attend the request. It also collects the data and works on improvising functionality, follows the call on behalf of the user, and lets you record your messages.

The interface is full of features and many options built and designed to provide you with more ease in the navigation process. BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO includes an intelligent interface, support multiple languages, call confirming module; with a simple and easy to read interface, the app has no fear of making mistakes.


  • Affordable Accessibility
  • Platform Integration
  • Messaging and Voice Mails


  • Flexible Interface Customization
  • Alerts and Notification
  • Visual Voice calls


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Restoration

Download: BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO for Android

11. Automatic call recorder

As the name suggests, the Automatic call recorder is a voice recording and call recording application. It is a tool used to record calls and confirm calls before receiving and making them. It is a simple application, and the design is also simple and allows the user to maintain an active profile on the phone.

There are three core features in Automatic call recorder, recording calls, individual record calls like calls of pre-defined contacts, record calls of unknown numbers that save in the app but are not shown in the contact list. The app called confirming feature prevents the user from wrongfully dialing any number.

The interface is self-explanatory and self-navigation; the GUI structure has an ugly but attractive theme, which is a pro-factor of this app. The automatic call recorder does not offer any purchase mode but offers ads. It also allows you to transfer contacts from one device to another.


  • Organize Recording Files
  • Edit Storage Audio
  • Cloud Storage Integration


  • Live Call Recording
  • Scam Alerts
  • Call Review System


  • No Live Support
  • Low-Quality Call Recording

Download: Automatic call recorder for Android | iOS

12. CallApp: Caller ID, Blocker & Phone Call Recorder

CallApp is a sophisticated application that only supports android devices; it is a beautiful app that consists of a call confirming module for both incoming and outgoing calls. The app is not limited to calls and exceeds too many exciting features, making the app more usable and containing many elements.

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Critical parts of CallApp include showing caller ID, blocking unknown and spam numbers, easy to use with an intelligent interface layout. It records your calls and searches people and places. The free dialer can make international calls and allow you to use both mobile and internet data.


  • Automatic Caller Identity Detection
  • Single Tap Blacklist
  • Alerts and Notification


  • Automatic Call Recording
  • Visual Voicemail Service


  • No Live Support
  • Unstructured Interface

Download: CallApp: Caller ID, Blocker & Phone Call Recorder for Android

13. CallWatch – Boost/Virgin/Sprint Prepaid

CallWatch is a remarkable call confirming application that does not limit itself to a single function and tons of tools and setting features for users’ ease and entertainment. The best part of the application is its attractive and user-friendly interface that guides every setup step.

The core feature of this app includes identifying a number, stopping the scammers when they call, putting up a call confirming option on the screen, booking entire categories of calls, make international calls. CallWatch only offers a seven-day free trial period and $2 off a monthly subscription.

It also uses user encryption, answers the calls you want to reply to, reports aggressive callers, blocks the calls you don’t want, and many other exciting features. The app is designed to work with only android devices and is not available for android users.


  • Calling Preferences
  • Huge Speed Dial Service
  • Visual Voice Mails


  • Affordable Pricing Plans
  • Regular Updates
  • Contact Management


  • No Customer Support
  • Outdate Service
  • Limited Free Features

Download: CallWatch – Boost/Virgin/Sprint Prepaid for Android

14. HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer)

HandsFree Answer is a smart android application designed to make calling functions easy for you by including many features in international outgoing or incoming calls. The core function is to confirm requests, automatically answer during riding, automatically suspend the auto-answer in case of no engagement.

The app sync with Bluetooth devices, turn on the speakerphone on auto-answer, check the caller ID, auto-answer when using an earpiece, sets a timer delay, allows or disallows the second call to be auto-answered, and a few other features.

It has an intelligent interface, and the GUI structure merges perfectly with API to provide you with a stunning theme and natural interaction. You can prioritize family numbers so that even in driving, it automatically pick up their calls. It is free to use and does not offer any ads or purchases.


  • Automatic Activation
  • Affordable Calling Price
  • Suspend Auto Answer


  • Timer Delay
  • Identification of Incoming Calls
  • Platform Integration
  • Instant Bluetooth Connection


  • Limited Functionality
  • Lacks Developer Support
  • No Customer Support Service

Download: HandsFree Answer (Auto Answer) for Android

15. Incoming Outgoing Call Lock

Incoming Outgoing Call Lock is an android application that guides you to attend the call and manage the requests when you are not available. Core features of the app are securing the rings with a call lock, securing it with a pin or password, choosing your background of the screen, and locking selected contacts.

The core features are to provide a call confirmation question on the screen to participate in the call. Incoming Outgoing Call Lock has a unique feature that allows you to join in the ring by unlocking your phone. Incoming Outgoing Call Lock is entirely free to use and does not support ads or additional purchases.


  • Call Lock
  • Secure Incoming Calls
  • Voicemail Notification
  • Scam Text Alerts


  • Pattern Password Protection
  • Background Selection


  • No Full-Screen Format
  • Limited Texting Tools
  • Lacks Developer Support

Download: Incoming Outgoing Call Lock for Android


To sum up, this article has briefly discussed the primary role of call confirm the application and presented you the best fifteen applications with their working methodology, merits, and demerits. These applications will provide additional security and calling settings as per your needs.

Many of these applications are readily available on the internet, and you can download them from the google play store or Apple app store. You can block scammers with them and blacklist annoying sales calls. You should use one of these apps if you are regularly driving and have to keep up with various tasks through phone calls.

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