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There are lots of people who want to record or capture things that they are having on their phone’s screen for some domestic, official or professional purposes, etc. This is quite an exciting and exquisite stuff to record what you do on your mobile phone screen along with audio for making fun factors. There are lots of reasons to capture your screen, and everyone has their own particular things for recording purposes. It varies according to the need of every single individual such as someone wants to capture the whole scenario of their gameplay, somebody wants to capture the working criteria of some Apps, someone wants to capture their chat, and a lot of other deeds. All of these mechanisms have some special tactics and purposes like some individuals do this for their Youtube channel, etc. and their likewise situations. So here is a fine collection of apps that helps its users capture the screen of their smartphone according to their desired situation. These are the most comfortable, fully-customized, easy to use, and astonishing apps that not only record your screen but also edit them in a way you want. Through these apps, you can easily Edit, Trim, add Background Music, add Introductory slides, and make your videos more attractive and eye-catching.

1. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit

Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit is easy to use screen recording app that helps its users to capture the screen recording and lot more with extreme ease and efficiency. There are lots of amazing features of Mobizen Screen Recorder that allows you to record screen, capture, and edit in a handy and friendly atmosphere. It lets you record screen in full HD (or any quality you want), capture your reactions freely along with sound using Facecam, and record videos of any length and save it wherever you want. It enables you to trim, cut, and fix the quality of videos via a variety of video editing toolkits and features, put your favorite intro or BGM (Background Music), and record the screen without any watermark.



2. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best apps that enables its users to record the screen whenever they want with exciting comfort. This app does not require any watermark, root access, no limit time (record screen according to your required length), ad-free, and convenient to use with one tap to start and stop recording. Some of its cool and attractive features include the support of Magical button that efficiently controls your recording, overlay front camera support lets you record your emotions in a small overlay window, etc. You can also use countdown timer, lets you draw on the screen, trim and edit videos with a variety of tools, and lot more.

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3. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder lets you record screen with a variety of flamboyant features for its users to record screen with extreme excitement. It is a multilingual platform that lets you capture videos and save them anywhere you want. Some of its gorgeous features include screen recording, take screenshots, support Magic button, support facecam while recording, record the sound of MIC, insert logo text and image, support day and night theme, and lot more. It is a great app that helps its users works flawlessly using some exciting features for making your recorded videos more elegant, complementary and eye-catching by trimming and innovatively editing them.


4. Shou

Shou is a stunning app for mobile phone users that helps you watch live broadcasts of the players you follow and games you love. There are lots of startling features of this app that enables you to go through amazing screen recording with an amazing experience. Using this app, you can not only get broadcasts from others but also upload or broadcast your own stuff by adding a title, choosing a game, and simply share it with the public to reveal your passion. You can easily get access to millions of broadcasters and watch videos from the worldwide players and a variety of gameplay.


5. ilos screen recorder

ilos screen recorder is a great app that helps you record your screen efficiently without any restriction to the time limit, ad disturbance, and without any watermark as well. Some exquisite features of this app enable you to record and manage your screen recording videos and share them with your friends on Youtube, Drive, Facebook Dropbox, and much more. Using this app, you can record screen along with audio support and mute audio for adding your own. Ilos put all the content in an efficient, searchable pocket that helps you easily access and makes you recording videos so simple and attractive. It has made recording and sharing videos so genuine and convenient.


6. Game Screen Recorder

Game Screen Recorder is another stunning and premium recording app for gameplay and screen. This app enables you to record the screen and game videos without root access and easily share to your friends. It automatically identifies the game on your phone and records the screen videos without any time limit. It delivers an efficient and collaborative Prologue Editor through which you can edit prologue and add it to your video easily. It provides a simple record button option through which you can easily set the transparency of the record button during recording. You can easily start and stop by notification bar, pause and resume recording, and get a lot more things for free.

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7. Google Play Games

Google Play Games is an extremely beautiful and delicate app that helps its users make effective and easy screen recording and sharing your best gaming experience and moments of your favorite mobile games. Rather than screen recording, it also delivers a punch of other features which include the Gamer Profile support, Achievement and Leaders Boards and lot more. Hence you can easily create your custom ID, level up as you master the game, earn XP across the Google Play, complete challenges, track and earn awards right from the app, and see how you stack up in contradiction of others. It allows you compete with your friends, tracks your achievements, and easily pick up where you left off.


8. Rec. (Screen Recorder)

Rec. (Screen Recorder) is an amazing screen recording app that enables its users record screen with pretty much convenience. It is a flexible, untethered, and fully-customizable app with some dramatic features. It is a fine app that works seamlessly without root support, and with ads-free and easy to use atmosphere. It provides some stunning capabilities which include longer screen recording, automatic screen touches, save your favorite configurations, customizable countdown timer support, an attractive user interface, and much more inside of this app. It delivers an improved notification panel, lets you store anywhere, and is more reliable screen recording app.


9. Telecine

Telecine is an efficient app that lets you capture screen videos directly on your mobile phone using some marvelous features. Telecine is a great app with some advanced and handy features with delivers extreme easiness to capture your screen. It lets you fix the size of your video resolution, the predefined and precise countdown for starting your screen recording, and much more. It provides a cute icon on the notification bar which provides much information regarding its startup and termination time. It allows a detailed overlay, and this overlay vanished while recording and to stop; you can easily press the area where the overlay is placed.


10. One Shot Screen Recorder

One Shot Screen Recorder enables its users to record the screen and manage it in an interesting and precise way. It is a great app for professionals that have to record their screen very often. It enables recording by following some simple tapping scenario. There are lots of amazing and interesting features of this app that enables its users to start and stop screen recording easily. You just have to click on the floating action button to start recording and when you are done just push the power button, and it will be finished. If you want to perform additional screen recording, you can also disable recorder as well.

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11. Stream

Stream is a platform that helps you watch streams and live chat on video with anyone you want. Its Screencasting feature helps you broadcast walkthroughs, games, and lot more. It is an awesome community of users that share their live moments and experience via videos. Using this app, you can easily share live videos with anyone you want, and it enables you to stream from your GoPro camera. You can subscribe, find friends and get notifications. Rather than these, you can easily browse live streams of others, monetize your content, and tip your favorite streamer.


12. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a nice looking screen recording app that helps its users work with convenience. It delivers a better interaction by providing some amazing features such as recording with two multiple engines (Advanced and default), pause and resume record anytime you want, set your text and logos, draws on the fly with your most favorite color range, and much more. Using this app, you can enjoy trimming video, use the front and back camera, set your text with full customization, edit the recorded video, and various stuff without any restriction and root requirements. You can use ADV Screen Recorder with many languages too.


13. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam Screen Recorder is an efficient app with some powerful features. It is quite an awesome app that helps its users record the screen of their mobile phone for any of their domestic and professional activities or work. There are some handy features of ScreenCam that do not need any root access or other restriction for granting access for recording video and efficiently works on all phones. It includes some amazing features through which you can easily start and stop, pause and resume, record seamlessly, and an option to change the storage directory.


14. Lollipop Screen Recorder

Lollipop Screen Recorder is an amazing app that lets you directly record your Android mobile screens. It lets you use your camera to add personality to your recording and holds all of your recorded videos under one place to access them anytime. Some of its core features include the providence of recording in multiple qualities, record audio, recording start delay, stop recording while the screen is off, store your screen recording on the SD card, use the camera as Picture-In-Picture set orientation and bitrate, and lot more. Using this app, you can set a countdown, record full resolution, use SD card, Record MIC, and manage recordings, etc.


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