12 Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

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As we grow older, our bodily function demand some boost up to kill the unwanted and harming bacteria that can cause serious problems. We take medication to keep the bad things away and keep the problem from reaching us and prevent our body from getting infected. Taking medication is always a ‘tough pill to swallow,’ but it is frustrating when we forget to take the daily course and miss time.

Thankfully, the smartphone now consists of applications that remind you of taking your pill at the exact time, so you don’t miss out on any time and do not affect your health. These applications are handy and full of exciting features which provide you annoying but ultimately necessary reminder to take your medications.

These apps offer amazing features which include functions like, notifying of taking the drug, contact emergency services when you continuously miss to check out the app, track your health activities, saves your medical history. Some apps give you points to encash them in gift cards, and much more.


Following is the list which contains the best app that helps you find the best one suitable for your habits and cope with your routine. These works on cross-platform devices and provide easy usability.

Best Pill Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a genius virtual assisting software which is introduced by Google. The purpose of this app is to provide you guidance and virtual assistant whenever you need it. Working with this software please like talking to a real person review every step of the way.

The tool is available for Android and iOS devices, and the app works best in assisting you in reminding you to take the pills every day. Google Assistant automatically provides you a checkbox that you check when you have made the medicine.


If you do not correct the box application, automatically notify your physician and call emergency services. The interface is easy to navigate and consists of a set of themes with intuitive design. Google Assistant is free and does not offer any ads.

Android iOS

2. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is also one of the best Google-designed apps which run on both Android and iOS devices and system and exciting features. The form is a calendar faced tool that includes pill reminding elements. It only has to sync with your health app, save the data, creates a calendar event, and set it to repeat.

The best part of the app is that it includes a feature that will remind you of taking a pill. It is an intelligent program that supports an unlimited number of unlimited medication number of reminders, so you do not compromise on your health.

The interface of Google Calendar is easy to use, and it offers a navigating module. The GUI has a simple design, totally free, and does not consist of any ads or paid versions.

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Android iOS

3. Lady Pill Reminder

Lady Pill Reminder is a smart app that is dedicated to providing the facility of medication reminders. The application’s whole interface is built around the system of reminding you of your medication. The app includes reminders which automatically disabled for days when you don’t have to take your medicine.

Lady Pill Reminder allows you to choose a notification sound, notification LED flashes, remind you to buy new pills, provide widgets on your home screen, one is pill reminder calendar, and others show your current cycle day.

It is easy to customize and sync with third-party apps. The interface of Lady Pill Reminder is easy to use and offers user-friendly modules. The GUI structure has a smart design, and the theme is attractive. It is free to use but provides ads.

Android iOS

4. Just Reminder

Just Reminder is an essential reminder app that allows you to take your pill on time. It is smart and available on both Android and iOS devices. The vital feature of the app includes reminding you of a lot of stuff, including medication, another important task, like completing your work going to an appointment, running an errand, and much more.

The tool automatic sync Google Drive makes a backup in your SD card when you switch your phone, and all your data is going to the next one. The interface the program is easy to interact with and consists of user-friendly modules.

Just Reminder is navigating offer a smart GUI structure and a beautiful layout. The application is used to access more feature and provide a purchase mode that cost about $5.

Android iOS

5. MedPlan

MedPlan is a beautiful and smart pill reminding app which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The best part of the app is that it includes support for multiple languages. It only requires you to put your medical details, and when you have to take your medications.

It sets the repetition time, runs its course, and do not disappoint you in any way. The core aspect of the program includes medication experiences keep track of medical history, get a reminder of medication, schedule doctor’s appointments, save your vital health information, and secure it on servers, gain access to detail drug information, and much more.

MedPlan has a simple design which is easy to understand and navigate user. It also has a user-friendly experience and support ads and free to use.


6. MyTherapy

MyTherapy is a free application which reminds you of taking pills and your medication. It works on cross-platform devices and consists of many exciting features. The primary purpose is to provide you the function that reminds you to take your pills, and if you do not receive your medication and check the box, the app will contact the emergency services.

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It tracks your routine, saves your medical history, and makes doctor apartments; it gathers the data from you and your medical history. The key feature of the program includes keeping a logbook, sharing the details with your family, provide a simple overview, and much more. MyTherapy is free but consists of ads.

Android iOS

7. Life Reminders

Life Reminders is a smart self-navigating application that consists of a feature that reminds you of taking your medication. The tools are available on both Android and IOS devices. It consists of a simple reminder function that creates the time which repeats and notifies you of specific periods or events.

It syncs with a third-party app and set up multiple reminders for multiple medications or doses as you need. It is available in various languages record feature to include a unique task that makes a call when you do not need not check the application.

Life Reminders call emergency service when you do not respond to the application. It provides direct help for emergency call doctors at home. The interface of this tool is to user consist of various features and simple but beautiful design. It is easy to use and not consist of any ads that are purchased modules.

Android iOS

8. Pill Reminder by Medisafe

Pill Reminder by Medisafe is a different type of pill reminding program which runs on both Android and iOS devices. The core features consist of many functions as a reminder with alarm, drug interaction checker, contacting the family in case of emergency, and providing them and services by calling the hospital, or any other sources, and much more.

Pill Reminder makes a doctor appointment for you, check and follow the meeting to the decided date and save the data provided by the doctor. It offers features like tracking more than 20 health measurements for various medical conditions such as cancer, anxiety, depression, HIV, hernia, and more.

The interface is smart and easy to use and providing an excellent user experience. Pill Reminder is free, consists of ads and offers you in a purchase module to unlock additional features.

Android iOS

9. Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro is a smart but straightforward pill reminding application available on both Android and iOS devices. It has a constructive design and consists of exciting features, especially the theme that has a black and orange design that attracts the user more.

The core function of the application consist of multiple language support, restoring backup functionalities, support for CalDAV calendar sync, and push notifications along with email reminders, the application also customizes events, and much more.

It has many great reviews and consists of a unique feature that allow you to know what is coming up in your life and when. The interface of Simple Calendar Pro is simple to use design and user-friendly module that consists of a smart GUI structure.

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10. TickTick

TickTick is a simple reminder application that consists of a pill reminding feature that helps you remember when and what medicine to take. It is available on both Android and iOS systems and consists of various exciting features. TickTick consists of features like simple UI, repeating tasks, reminders, and a lot more.

With the help of this app, you cannot miss your pills or vitamins. It focuses more on providing you a healthy life and tracking your daily movement. The core function of the program offers a smart interface, crossover device create task and notes schedule appointments come with the handy widget, and much more.

It is full of features and consists of an attractive theme, and the GUI structure has a constructive design and module which provide user-friendly experience. TickTick is designed contain a smart GUI structure, easy to use, but consists of an in-app purchase module.

Android iOS

11. Mango Health

Mango Health is a simple pill reminding app which consists of many new modules that help you improve your health. It is available on cross-platform devices and offers multiple features like remembering you are taking a medication doctor appointment contacting emergency services, notify you new updates, and much more.

The application consists of function which tracks your health activity and reminds you to take a medication or vitamins. The core feature of Mango Health consists of ride regular medication reminders, good habit reminders, drug interaction warnings, points and rewards, daily health diary, and much more.

It has an intriguing design and simple to use interface with an attractive theme. Mango Health is free to use but consists of an in-app purchase module.

Android iOS

12. ID My Pill

ID My Pill is a simple medication application that consists of a pill reminding module. The app only runs on iOS devices and offers tons of tools. It automatically saves your medical history and provides you with the best online permission required to diagnose your health.

ID My Pill offers exciting features such as setting for a doctor appointment, reminding you to take your pill, notify you of alerts, contact emergencies and family, and much more. The app has a small enterprise that is easy to interact with and provides a user-friendly module that is guiding.

It saves your identities medical history, shape color pill, and saves history in the database. The unique feature of this app allows you to identify different types of drugs, especially since most websites make you type out the text, shape, and color of the pill. ID My Pill is free to use but come with in-app purchase and support ads.


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