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Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to go out to get appointments from themselves. Famous hair salons and makeup artists don’t have time for every time. Now people get appointments from them. Getting an appointment is quite a difficult time if you don’t have the right tool.

Similarly, professionals also face many problems for managing appointments and scheduling with their clients. For solving appointment issues, some online systems are developed to manage appointments and scheduling for both professionals and their clients.

What are Salon Software?

Salon Software are online systems designed to help professionals in managing inventory, clients, scheduling, rescheduling, appointments, and many other things. These systems are providing online management systems where clients book their appointments, schedule, or reschedule appointments.


Professionals can show their visibility and ask their clients to get appointments using specific apps, websites, or social media accounts. Besides, they can manage their staff and inventory marketing tools.

Best Salon Software

Here is the list of Best Salon Software that offering enhanced features for online scheduling, appointment management, and marketing.

1. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a cloud-based application that facilitates you to make free sites, online stores, and landing pages. You can integrate them with marketing and CRM automation features of it. Multiple templates are there for selection, and these websites will adjust automatically according to any device. The program includes a website form builder, email marketing, contact center, and built-in CRM.


Besides, it is a powerful solution for order, inventory, and catalog management. More than 6,000,000 organizations worldwide working with it provide them solutions. It includes free desktop and mobile apps for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac systems. Additionally, you can install it on the server and personalize it according to your requirements.


  • Mobile and desktop apps
  • eCommerce


  • Email marketing
  • CRM


  • Buggy sometimes


  • Free: $0
  • Start+: $19/month
  • CRM+: $55/month
  • Project+: $55/month
  • Standard: $79/month
  • Professional: $159/month

Visit: Bitrix24

2. Acuity Scheduling

It offers a cloud-based system for managing schedules and appointments. Work with it to get paid on time, book more clients, and organize & automate your business efficiently. You can facilitate your clients to self-book their appointments by viewing your real-time availability. They can pay online and reschedule with a single click. Automatic adjustment for the time zone is part of the application with rescheduling ability.

Ask clients to fill the form for scheduling with all required information, manage multiple locations for your availability, and show customized calendar to your clients. This application can send customized and branded reminders, confirmations, and follow up through text messages and email.

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  • Accept payments
  • Send confirmations


  • Appointments scheduling
  • Customized calendar


  • UI is not modern


  • Freebie: $0
  • Emerging: $15/month
  • Growing: $25/month
  • Powerhouse: $50/month

Visit: Acuity Scheduling

3. Square Appointments

Square Appointments is providing a flexible and fast solution for all requirements regarding payment and booking. This program is free for individuals and offers affordable prices for teams. You can send professional invoices and collect payments at checkout. Your customers can book your services using your booking links or online booking website. It will send reminders for future appointments, and you can change notifications between text or email.

Customers can book your service anytime, and you can reject or accept them from anywhere. Besides, you can track locations or your staff from a single account. Your clients can book an appointment from the Instagram app or right from Google. Square Assistant feature can handle your rescheduling and confirmations.


  • Confirmations and rescheduling hander
  • Send notifications


  • Get payments
  • Reschedule appointments


  • Bad functionality of scheduling widget


  • Free: $0
  • Starting: $50/month

Visit: Square Appointments

4. SimpleSpa

It is offering a web-based system for managing appointments. The program includes an appointment scheduling system, automatic reminders, online booking, and integrated POS. This portable solution is fulfilling the needs of doctors, medical professionals, and spa experts. From a single platform, you can manage inventory, staff, daily scheduling, and appointment booking.

It can generate custom service packages with useful statistics and reports. It offers inventory control, gift certificates, multiple location management, automatic appointment reminders, online booking, and many staff and employee support for a single location. A simple dashboard has an integrated credit card processing to engage more customers.


  • Online booking
  • Credit card processing


  • Appointment reminders
  • Inventory control


  • Nee training to learn


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $10/month
  • Standard: $20/month
  • Pro: $40/month
  • Enterprise: $80/month

Visit: SimpleSpa

5. is offering a cloud-based booking system for service-based organizations. This application can generate services through different channels, give availability, and facilitates you to get old and clients. It is working with Gruveo to generate an advanced video appointment scheduling system. So, you have the option to enable our clients to get video appointments if they are far away from you.

It will send reminders to clients and staff for appointments booking, rescheduling, or canceling. This system will also get bookings from Instagram, Google, and Facebook. has a security system to secure your conversations and back up data regularly. Get online payments and use API structure for custom integrations.

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  • API structure
  • Online payments


  • Online bookings
  • Notifications


  • Costly offers


  • Free: $0
  • Basic: $9.90/month
  • Standard: $19.90/month
  • Premium: $39.90/month


6. StyleSeat

StyleSeat is a web-based scheduling solution that offers tools for recurring appointments, daily reporting, and CRM. This solution is best for barbers, stylists, and online professionals. From the website, you can search new style with beauty trends. It helps top professionals to search profiles, view photos, reviews, and ratings of their work. It provides automation in the scheduling of appointments.

This tool can satisfy your customers with your services and provides an effective way of working. The self-service portal is helpful for online reservations. Besides, you can visualize your work form the gallery and share your work on social networks for digital marketing promotions.


  • Daily reporting
  • Recurring appointments


  • Digital marketing promotions
  • Online reservations


  • Cant’ take deposits from clients


  • Professional: $35/month

Visit: StyleSeat

7. Booxi

Booxi is a smart online booking solution for every working environment. It offers tools for online booking, confirmations, and reminders. It provides in-store appointments to enhance the experience of your customers. Online scheduling features will help you regarding the event and group scheduling, online appointment booking, and In-person & online payment.

This solution contains advanced features such as CRM, appointment history, notes, reminders, and confirmations. It has an API tool that will help you to create a custom integration for your CRM, loyalty, POS, and eCommerce system. Insert much staff to a single calendar and manage many professionals with individual pricing, multiple calendars, and dispatch appointments.


  • Staff management
  • Multiple staff calendar


  • Online & store payment
  • Mobile app


  • More reporting features required


  • Trial: Free
  • Essential: $20/month
  • Standard: $40/month
  • Premium: $80/month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales

Visit: Booxi

8. SalonBuilder

SalonBuilder is one of the best applications for clients and appointments management. It will give you everything you require for online success. It gives better search results, brings new clients, great customer support, and boost up sales. Besides, this application allows you to manage appointments, gift certificates, online marketing, shopping orders, and client from a single platform.

This advanced solution offer multi-location site feature, automated calling and texting system, live appointment booking, and instant gift certificate systems. Additionally, it includes an optimized search engine, free email and domain hosting, enhanced mobile website, appointment calendar, and product sales system.

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  • Automated text and calling
  • Live appointment booking
  • Product sales


  • Gift certificates
  • Manage appointments


  • The design could be more modern


  • Trial: Free
  • Individual Providers: $24.5/month
  • Membership: $34.5/month

Visit: SalonBuilder


SALONGENIUS is also an interesting application for business management. It is helping businesses in more than 30 countries. A flexible appointment system enables you to manage your business in detail, such as stock, services, clients, rooms, and staff. Advanced client cards include preferences and details of every client, and the online booking system assists you in getting more clients to your salon.

It will reduce no-show and increase return rates using SMS appointment reminders. Use bespoke loyalty cards to increase client return rates and give a bigger reward to your staff at the end of the month. Stock control helps you to manage products and other inventory stock. Besides, work with automated marketing tools to increase daily footfall.


  • Client cards
  • Online booking system


  • Manage business details
  • Calendar and scheduling


  • Limited features for beauty services


  • Demo: Free
  • Starting: $50/month


10. Yocale

Yocale is a smart application to boost your business. An online booking calendar is there for smart scheduling. Give your real-time availability on Google to get more clients. Besides, you can manage your staff, appointments, and clients from anywhere, anytime. For reducing no-shows, you can use Text/SMS appointment reminders.

You can increase client retention by re-booking reminders. Clients can book an appointment directly from google. It is one of the best scheduling systems for different fields like Professional services, health & medical, and beauty and wellness. Additionally, it contains systems for online scheduling, client management, business management, and marketing.


  • Client management
  • Reserve appointments


  • Marketing tools
  • Business management


  • Hiccups with client reminders


  • Essential: Free
  • Grow: $25/month
  • Pro: $40/month
  • Ultimate: $80/month

Visit: Yocale

The Verdict

Overall, all of these applications are providing up-to-date and advanced features for managing a business online. Some of these programs are also mobile apps for booking and scheduling from mobile devices.

Some advanced tools are giving marketing tools that help professionals to boost up their work by sharing their work on social networks and other websites. They can send push notifications and alerts to their customers regarding appointments.

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