10 Best Electronic Data Capture Software

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Electronic Data Capture is helpful in pharmaceutical and medical organizations for conducting analysis for clinical trials and structuring a database. EDC convert valuable data of paper from high-quality clinical trial data.

Medical students convert medical reports of patients and other study information into clinical trial data to collect data for their study. An Electronic Data Capture helps users to view clinical data from any place in the world.

What are Electronic Data Capture Software?

Electronic Data Capturing is quite a difficult task if you don’t have the right tool. Many applications on the Internet are present to capture electronic data and display it in the form of reports. These applications are known as Electronic Data Capture Software.


They provide safe and secure methods of data capturing and helps you to get real-time operational performance. People can get complete control over electronic data capturing to boost up their work performance.

Best Electronic Data Capture Software

Here is the List of Best Electronic Data Capture Software that are offering advanced tools and features for content management and electronic data capture.

1. CRFweb

CRFweb is a sophisticated electronic data capture application that is helping organizations to capture data from clinical trials instantly. This solution has the power to collect, validate, manage, and report the information. You can customize the program according to your business requirements. It offers fast and friendly customer support to enhance functionality.


Work with eCRF to get complete control of EDC collection, monitoring, reporting, and processing. eDiary helps you to make a calendar or schedule for data capture. It provides an integrated module for stratified and blocks randomization. eTMF facilitates you to the group, upload, manage, and share documents related to study protocols. MedDRA tool is there to inset medical coding into the study.


  • Embed medical coding
  • randomization


  • prepare schedule
  • full control of EDC data


  • Interface takes time

Visit: CRFweb

2. DocuPhase

DocuPhase is a fast cloud-based application that empowers teams to work with powerful tools to get remote workflow. A data capture facility helps you to capture data and convert it to boost your business tasks. Integrate the solution with your systems storing up to date and accurate data. It can collect data from outside and connect electronic forms to your company.

Work with drag and drop process modeling features to control your business jobs. It is using RPA technology to automate repetitive and mudane processes. The document management tool is there to increase the efficiency of your work. It empowers your team to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and get control of all operations to grow your business.

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  • Document management
  • Data capture


  • Web forms
  • System integrations


  • Time-consuming

Visit: DocuPhase

3. Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft Transact is a web-based electronic data capture solution that includes a full suite of features and integrations. Work with cloud compute resources to enhance SLA performance and throughput. It consists of a toolkit of web services for better workflow. The program offers enterprise mobile platform with SDKs. This system is providing browser-based user interfaces and accessibility.

Custom scripts are there to put business logic in the workflow. You can use Web APIs support in custom portals and enterprise apps. Boost your data with tools like data labeling. It can capture data for any industry. Apply this data capturing and extraction abilities according to the type of industry, integration, function, and technology.


  • Capture content
  • Transact mobile


  • Web services
  • Cloud HyperExtender


  • Improvements required in UI

Visit: Ephesoft Transact

4. PaperSurvey

PaperSurvey is an enhanced platform that allows you to collect information in paper formats and then scan them to get data. Work with an online survey creator to generate your survey and customize it according to your requirements. The program is providing many text formatting settings and twelve numerous question types. After making survey designs, print out their copies and mark each page with a unique identifier.

Distribute the surveys and get the data you need. Then scan these pages and upload data to this platform. It will detect data from the pages automatically. For analysis, you can download the data file in formats like Excel, CSV, or SPSS and view the results online. It can recognize the optimal mark, intelligent characters, and handwriting.


  • Handwriting recognition
  • Intelligent character recognition


  • Optical mark recognition
  • Dynamic forms


  • Metrics are not customizable


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: PaperSurvey

5. iCapture

iCapture is a powerful online tool for capturing the conversation accurately. This application can capture the critical details of the conversation to make deals faster. This program provides powerful insights into every task and event for better management. It has integration with all significant marketing automation and CRM applications to enhance existing workflow.

It is using secure encrypted connections to connect all integrated platforms. Many specialists are part of this program for assisting you in maximizing your leads. It automatically synchronizes existing contacts and new leads to your marketing automation and CRM solution. It offers score and segment leads to prioritize leads of your choice.

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  • Score leads
  • Segment leads


  • Prioritization
  • Integration with significant CRM tools


  • Limited APIs


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: iCapture

6. ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a powerful document processing system created to help complex digital enterprises. The program includes machine learning, NLP, and advanced recognition tools to handle every type of file. The program facilitates large companies to focus on cost reduction, competitive advantage, compliance, and customer service.

It can extract, understand, and deliver content from documents in any format and remove manual processing friction. The program allows you to make smarter decisions, accelerate transactions, and give accurate responses to customers. You can get full control of management and custody reporting to ensure an end to end compliance. Start your work and deploy it anywhere you want.


  • Straight-forward processing
  • Smooth transactions


  • Smart decisions
  • Rapid action


  • Line-item error messages

Visit: ABBYY FlexiCapture

7. Teamscope

Teamscope is a data collection application for field and clinical research. This program can generate powerful mobile forms and helps you to get data offline. It helps you to create and manage cases, and share them with your team members. You can get real-time insights by visualizing data with few clicks. It uses audit trials and encryption to keep your data secure.

You can create forms with calculations, skip logic, and GPS coordinates. The program allows you to get self-reported data and patient-reported outcomes. Download data at any moment and use its mobile app to work offline. It can track all inputs and edit to keep your team accountable. Get complete details, export, and share reports with your peers.


  • Track data changes
  • Form builder


  • Data validation
  • Self-reported data


  • Few glitches


  • Open Research: Free
  • Team: $95/month
  • Pro: $329/month
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Teamscope

8. Poimapper

Poimapper is a smart electronic data capture program that allows you to track tasks, collect data, and share insights. This data collection system creates smart checklists and combines task trackings and analytics. Use your current checklist to make advanced mobile forms. This mobile data collection program can perform inspections and automatically create reports.

It can integrate into any existing system and allows you to make data-driven decisions. You can track the status of ongoing processes and get details in the form of charts. It is also offering mobile apps to work remotely from your smartphones. Many reputable organizations are working with this powerful solution to boost their workflow.



  • Mobile forms
  • Follow key metrics


  • Real-time data access
  • Report generation


  • Limited tools


  • Explore: Free
  • Light: $9.95/user/month
  • Pro: $24.5/user/month
  • Custom: Contact the provider

Visit: Poimapper

9. KnowledgeLake

KnowledgeLake is an advanced program having aim the aims to assist banks. The program allows bankers to process millions of PP loan applications in a fast way. These applications could be received from any source like scanned from paper or received from an email box. It is using Robotic Process Automation technology to perform all tasks and does not affect the performance of the bank.

Besides, capture services of this program generate a “digital fingerprint” of each file instantly. It combines traditional OCR capabilities with machine learning technology to perform capturing tasks. The application classifies document, capture content, and layout like traditional capturing tools.


  • Metadata
  • Capture content and layout


  • Capture document
  • Content management


  • No real-time debugger

Visit: KnowledgeLake

10. Clinion

Clinion is a clinical data management system for smarter and faster clinical research. Researchers can get high quality and reusable data by using an online data capture tool. This data capture is useful to increase clinical research. The trial management system of Clinioin includes efficiency, control, and quality data for every study.

This tool facilitates you to see and control operational performance instantly. Clinion is useful for PMS studies that provide simple management and data capture features. It is a safe and secure, budget-friendly, regulatory compliance, and easy to use application. Work with this solution for innovating, collaborating, and searching for new methods to boost outcomes.


  • Regulatory compliance
  • Safe and secure


  • Budget-friendly
  • User friendly


  • Too many approvals required

Visit: Clinion EDC

The Verdict

Overall, the above mentioned top electronic capture tools are providing enhanced tools for performing multiple tasks other than data capturing. Some of these applications can manage documents, automate workflows, and generate web forms to increase efficiency.

Most of these applications are allowing users to integrate these tools with their existing systems to work more effectively. These programs are also offering third-party integrations to boost up their performance.

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