10 Best Personal Trainer Software

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Everyone wants to be healthy, fit, and smart. However, because of the busy routine life, no one has enough time to go to the GYM and fitness centers to get classes. It is difficult for them to manage their time for tacking fitness classes. To solve these problems, many professional trainers are providing classes online so that everyone can join them and attend courses instantly.

What are Personal Trainer Software

Many online websites are providing support to trainers and coaches to sell their services online. They can add their name, logo, and brand on the website for better marketing. Trainers can choose activities from them and perform some modifications according to their requirements. Most of the personal training apps include unlimited fitness exercises to assist trainers. These applications are offering all tools and features necessary to run their businesses.

Best Personal Trainer Software

Here is the list of Best Personal Trainers Software that includes all essential tools for managing schedules, appointments, and training classes.


1. FitSW

FitSW is a powerful personal trainer application that provides all features need to grow your business. It helps you to maximize your clients, grow your business, and save your time. A professional trainer can make and send personalized workouts to his clients. He can get an exercise from a library of 1000 activities. Besides, he can make meal planes, use editable nutrition logs, and record food intakes.

It provides a single platform to manage the details of all clients. Ask your clients to fill online forms and manage your busy schedule and automated reminders. To motivate your clients, you can track clients’ fitness progress and show them progress charts. Make and share fitness progress images, generate tasks and goals for clients, and make a personalized app with your logo.



  • Custom branding
  • Progress images


  • Progress tracking
  • Calendar and scheduling


  • Can’t add your experience


  • Free Trainer: $0
  • Trainer: $8.33/month
  • Studio/GYM: $41.66/month

Visit: FitSW

2. Training Tilt

Training Tilt is an advanced personal training program that offers personalized mobile apps to facilitate your customers. As a professional, you can see and monitor workouts data in the form of charts. Charts consist of elevation, pace, speed, temperature data, and heart rate. You can get athlete training statistics to find trends and insights.

You can arrange data according to workouts types and dates and view volume in distance and time, power, heart rate, speed, and cadence charts. You can get payments within this platform and set recurring coaching plans for your clients. Work with training plan builder to make training sessions and link them to customized workout plans. If you have many clients, then you can create a social group to manage them all collectively.

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  • Social group
  • Get payments


  • Training Plan Builder
  • Training Statistics


  • Small details


  • SOLO: $47/month
  • STANDARD: $67/month
  • GROWTH: $147/month
  • WHITE LABEL: $297/month

Visit: Training Tilt

3. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is your online assistant to schedule your workout plans. It helps you to make scheduled appointments with clients and reschedule them. You can organize and automate your tasks, book more clients, and get payments on time. You can show your real-time availability, and clients can book their appointments with you.

It adjusts automatically according to the time zone and sends reminders to your clients. The program facilitates you to manage many employees and locations, control your availability, and show customized calendar to your clients. You can allow the application to send customized and branded reminders and confirmations through text messages or email.


  • Organize schedules
  • Control availability


  • Manage clients
  • Online payments


  • User Interface is not modern


  • Freebie: $0
  • Emerging: $15/month
  • Growing: $25/month
  • Powerhouse: $50/month

Visit: Acuity Scheduling

4. Gymcatch

Gymcatch is an advanced personal trainer application created for your team, your sessions, and your customers. It offers tools for scheduling and booking to maximize your clients. This client management system offers features for managing your clients easily. It can cover everything you want to sell, like bundles, blocks, drop-ins, appoints, and classes.

The program includes virtual session’s tools and integrations to take your business online. Collaboration tools help in growing, communicating, and rewarding your clients. Time-saving tools help in saving your clients time. Business management options are there to manage your clients, your team, schedules, and your payments. Send notifications and reminders to your clients.


  • Unlimited bookings
  • Online processings


  • Appointments scheduling
  • Event scheduling


  • Cluncky messaging function


  • Pro: $20/month

Visit: Gymcatch

5. CoachAccountable

CoachAccountable helps you to focus on your coaching classes and get rid of other managing issues. It provides you everything like coaching packages, invoicing, contracts, and scheduling. You can work with it on any device and encourage your clients through text or email. You can schedule your appointments yourself or ask your clients to do it.

You can make worksheet assignments and set reminders for your clients. You can create recurring invoices for your customers and get payments online. You can book clients and sell your products from your website. You can track the progress of your clients, view sessions, schedule bills, and invoices, and send notices to your clients. Besides, you can manage client agreements, contracts, and terms.

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  • Manage agreements
  • Invoicing and billing


  • Scheduling
  • Sell products


  • Need a few more options


  • Starter: $20/month
  • Level 1: $40/month
  • Level 2: $70/month
  • Level 3: $120/month
  • Level 4: $250/month
  • Level 4.5: $340/month
  • Level 5: $400/month

Visit: CoachAccountable

6. WorkoutLabs Train

WorkoutLabs Train is an interesting personal trainer platform that helps you to make illustrated routines for your clients. It includes a library with unlimited exercises for both males and females. You can browse or search for exercises by muscle group, type of equipment. Besides, you can put modifications, instructions, or notes for each exercise.

Allow your clients to take print of your workout from any device. You can market your business with a personal name, brand, and logo that will appear on the website and printed notes. It enables you to share your workouts on social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Insert the complete training program on the platform and manage clients’ appointments


  • Manage clients
  • Browse exercises


  • Track clients’ progress
  • Share workouts


  • Need some advanced features


  • Sign Up: Free
  • Plan 1: $29/month
  • Plan 2: $295/month

Visit: WorkoutLabs Train

7. Bobclass

Bobclass is all in one application that helps you to run your online business. From the website, you can manage your schedule, allow your clients to view your availability, and make some appointments. Primary tools of Bobclass are online appointment booking, online class booking, and online selling. It supports all types of training classes like Personal Trainer, dance, music, yoga, tennis, tutor, therapy, and equestrianism.

It helps in online booking, appointments, group classes, and tacking attendance. You can track clients’ progress, manage a team, and offer multiple packages to your clients. You can sync your system with external calendars and get messages, templates, and other settings to engage your customers.


  • Native apps
  • Scheduling and appointments


  • Track progress
  • Payments and sales


  • Does not track current packages


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $12/month
  • Studio: $25/month

Visit: Bobclass

8. GoMotive

GoMotive is an enhanced application that has aim to assist physical therapists and health coaches. You can send nutrition intake and sports intake forms and analyze power files, strength, and assess mobility. It offers multiple plans to your clients like nutrition, guidance, habits, and workouts. Additionally, you can check the performance goals and weekly workouts of your clients.

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You can get revenue by selling your training and exercises online. You can allow customers to schedule private sessions and reschedule them. The program offers native apps to clients to increase your availability. The app will show your name and brand within the app to promote your business.


  • Sell exercises
  • Manage clients


  • Schedule private sessions
  • Native apps


  • Design is not userfriendly


  • Start: $9/month

Visit: GoMotive

9. Punchpass

Punchpass is a class management tool for online and in-person classes. It helps professionals to sell passes, manage their schedule and attendance, and track customers’ performance. The program facilitates individuals or small businesses to run their online group classes with ease. You can add classes, generate passes, take attendance, and review reports.

Make schedules of one-time classes, repeating classes, series, and private classes. Divide your classes into groups for easy management. It offers details, revenue reports, unlimited instructions, and automated email reminders and receipts. Visualize booked classes and revenue and focus on running a fitness studio.


  • Organize system
  • View insight


  • Schedule online classes
  • Automated reminders


  • Some payment integrations do not work


  • Trial: Free
  • Bedrock: $39/month
  • Balsam: $64/month
  • Banyan: $89/month

Visit: Punchpass


TOTAL PT FITNESS is a cloud-based personal training program for testing, nutrition, and fitness programs. Trainers can provide fitness programs to their customers, access clients, and send them text or email. They can select custom exercise templates to create a fitness program. Involve and motivate your clients with the help of their goal achievement and test results.

Provide them shopping lists and nutritious meals with recipes for their healthy lifestyle. Offer them a phone app or fitness portal with your brand to stay in touch with them. Besides, the application provides fitness testing, 3000 exercise videos, and meal plans to boost up your business.


  • Meal Plans
  • Fitness Testing


  • Exercise Videos
  • Manage customers


  • Complex format


  • Start-Up Plan: $19.95/month
  • Pro Plan: $59.75/month
  • Pro Plan Plus: $99/month


The Verdict

These personal trainers apps are providing tools for managing bookings, appointments scheduling, invoicing, and billing. They help trainers to get payments online, observe clients’ performance and sent customized notifications to them.

They can use personal apps to attract their customers effectively. Trainers can manage online classes, clients’ progress, attendance, and visual reports.

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