10 Best SMS Marketing Software

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Today smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. We spend most of our time looking at our screens. With needs to stay always connected with the world urges to carry a phone with us all the time. Many organizations have capitalized on this increasing mobile phone trend by advertising their products or services through SMS (short messaging service).

SMS marketing enables to capture of the specific niche of each consumer and increases the chance that customers will see the ad unlike traditional means of print or television advertisements. Many SMS marketing software are available to cater to these needs.

What is SMS Marketing Software?

An SMS marketing software allows businesses to target many customers conveniently by enabling them to send messages in bulk amount. It enables companies to handle customer lists, send mass text campaigns, and automate client engagement. It eliminates the workload of sending a message to each customer individually. Instead, these software automates the sending process according to the designed workflow and subscriber base.


Best SMS Marketing Software

We have compiled a list of topnotch SMS marketing software optimal for different types of businesses.

1. Routee

Routee is an SMS marketing software that helps create unique marketing strategies to increase business growth. With features like automated workflows, integrated analytics with real-time reports on customer behavior, and a streamline support channel with the ability to see everything about your users in one place.

Routee specializes in SMS marketing platforms that are fully optimized and tailored to support different types of businesses. With marketing automation services that are optimized for all organizational needs. It comes packed with support of plug n’ play APIs for easy integration with popular CRMs, and a complete cloud-based multichannel messaging platform for enterprises.



  • Bulk Messaging With callback
  • Message Preview and Cost Estimation


  • Two-Way SMS
  • Dynamic Segmentation


  • A bit complicated


  • Outbound SMS: $0.00413/msg

Visit: Routee

2. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a free CRM that comes with SMS marketing, email marketing, and telemarketing tools. It allows users to send individual SMS messages free. However, the bulk SMS and SMS marketing tools are only provided to paid users. Since the company adds no surcharges on SMS, this makes it a much cheaper option than other SMS marketing platforms.

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With Bitrix24, users get a fully-featured CRM module along with support for social media marketing and traditional SMS marketing capabilities. It can be integrated with popular social media platforms like Viber, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, etc. Currently, it allows sending SMS to over 100 countries.


  • Retargeting audiences
  • SMS delivery statistics


  • Low SMS pricing
  • API and integrations


  • Problems with the user interface


  • Individual SMS: Free
  • Bulks SMS: $55/month/billed yearly

Visit: Bitrix24

3. Flowroute

Flowroute provides flexibility to incorporate SMS capabilities conveniently into different applications using its API to make consistent client engagements that convey intelligent, customized text-based communications. Its SMS abilities empowers continuous correspondences and improved client experience.

Flowroute’s Marketing SMS service was constructed to improve customer’s business discussions utilizing the convenience of messaging. Organizations can effectively handle client connections from automated answers to custom keywords, appointment notifications, and text support.


  • Immediate access to SMS records
  • Customized Routing


  • Toll-free & long code messaging
  • Real-time provisioning


  • Multiple hidden charges


  • Long-code SMS: $0.004/msg
  • Toll-free SMS: $0.0075/msg

Visit: Flowroute

4. EZ Texting

EZ Texting was Founded in 2004, with a customer base of over 160K users. It is the top-rated SMS marketing solution, setting high bars in the messaging service industry. It is constructed on a cloud-based setup, this texting service caters to firms of all sizes in North America, enabling them to capture their target audiences.

EZ Texting has services, including bulk texting, one-to-one messaging, MMS, delivery reports, reminder campaigns, and text polls. EZ Texting provides you with streamline communications, better customer service, logistics communications, and enhance the spread of customer reach.


  • Self-service contact uploading
  • One to One messaging


  • Custom Keywords
  • Automated reminders


  • Not suitable for Small Businesses


  • Plus: $39/month/billed annually
  • Select: $75/month/billed annually
  • Elite: $119/month/billed annually

Visit: EZ Texting

5. MessageMedia

MessageMedia is an SMS marketing platform spread across the globe. It caters to businesses of all sizes ranging from SMBs to multinational organizations, enabling them to engage their customers efficiently. It delivers and handles messages across web, email, or API.

Users can send texts, receive replies, and forward messages, all through the internet. It can seamlessly merge data fields into SMS for a personalized campaign. MessageMedia has an Email to SMS feature that converts regular emails into text messages so users can send texts directly from their email account with the immediacy of standard SMS.

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  • Email to SMS
  • Personalized campaigns


  • Detailed reporting
  • Staff rostering


  • Lacks Documentation


  • Basics: $49/month
  • Conversations: $69/month
  • Pro: $99/month

Visit: MessageMedia

6. SendSMS

SendSMS is an A2P SMS marketing platform that automates the process of sending a bulk amount of SMS and monitors their replies. This reliable solution helps businesses get their promotional or transactional messages across their customers. It can remind your customers about their appointments, promotional offers, and discounts allowing a business to engage customers in many ways.

SendSMS is directly associated with worldwide telecom operators. Through cooperation with these firms allows SendSMS to offer minimal messaging rates globally. With SendSMS, organizations can be confident that their intended message reaches the expected beneficiaries on schedule.


  • Excel Import
  • Size Customization


  • Free Testing
  • Message Scheduling


  • Occasional Delays


  • Local and International: $0.025/message

Visit: SendSMS

7. Textedly

Textedly claims to be the number 1 and trusted choice of world-class companies and handles millions of their text messages daily. Textedly is built with powerful features like mass group texting, scheduled texts, and automated replies that enables it to cater to companies, both small and large.

Textedly is easily configurable. It has a unique inbox feature that enables users to reply and text back. Textedly provides advanced SMS marketing tools that permit its clients to send up to 300 messages per second with a flexible contract that obliges an infinite membership accounts.


  • Automatic Text Replies
  • Unlimited Subscribers


  • Free Incoming Messages
  • Mass Group Texting


  • Layout needs improvement


  • Bronze: $29/1000 messages/month
  • Elite: $70/5000 messages/month
  • Premium: $350/25000 messages/month

Visit: Textedly

8. TXT180

TXT180 is an inexpensive SMS marketing and bulk messaging cloud-based software. It has features including an autoresponder, contact import, unlimited contacts, QR code support, and free inbound messages, and a text message scheduler.

TXT180 also has an option for two-way text messaging. This platform allows businesses to receive crucial feedback and create meaningful relationships with their clients. With all the necessary features that are essential for advanced SMS marketing software, it is an affordable marketing solution for small to medium businesses.

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  • Autoresponder
  • Alternate message


  • Mobile App
  • Web widget


  • Limited characters per text


  • Message Plan: Starting from $15/month/billed annually

Visit: TXT180

9. Twilio

Twilio empowers business communications by integrating bulk messaging using APIs into the web, desktop, and mobile software. It handles the complicated telecom equipment and shares a global cloud API that enables developers to construct smart and sophisticated communications systems.

Twilio is a highly scalable platform so that it can be customized and tailored according to the specific needs of the business. Its Key features include voicemail, private chat, flag for assistance, marketplace analytics, desktop analytics, reporting, API integration, workforce optimization (WFO), customizable reporting, keyword spotting, and real-time recording transcription.


  • Programmable SMS
  • Flexible API integration


  • Cross-platform SDK
  • Custom Codes


  • Expensive compared to competitors


  • Send/Recieve: $0.0075/message

Visit: Twilio

10. TextMagic

TextMagic is an all-in-one text messaging service that permits SMBs to associate with their clients utilizing two-way SMS, online messages, passage SMS through email, SMS platform for desktops, and SMS distribution lists, globally. It is the exclusive UK enrolled firm offering services to organizations, developers, and individual consumers.

It is a web-based bulk SMS service catering to small and midsize businesses that can send notifications, alerts, reminders, and promotional messages via SMS. The web interface enables organizations to upload contact lists and send messages to customers, stakeholders, or even to the general consumers participating in promotional campaigns.


  • SMS Distribution list
  • Global SMS coverage


  • Email to SMS Gateway
  • App for Andoird and iOS


  • Not suitable for enterprises


  • Price: $0.04/message

Visit: TextMagic

The Verdict

The solutions mentioned above have the best marketing tools one can find in an SMS Marketing software. Like the ability to send bulk amounts of messages, email to SMS option, subscribers handling, and API integrations with other platforms. Apart from this, all these solutions have unique features like customized reporting tools, better user interface, active customer support, or increased flexibility. With all these benefits, each platform has its shortcomings. The selection should depend on the scale of the business, the number of subscribers, required functionalities, and proper pricing.

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