10 Best Membership Management Software

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Many professionals have the aim to create a portal where they can put their courses and other information. People join these portals for social networking and getting up-to-date information. Professionals can provide free or paid access to their members.

However, management of these online portals is not an easy task. Managing contacts information, user accounts, and payment processes are essential tasks for these portals.

What is Membership Management Software?

For managing members and their accounts, many online solutions are preset on the Internet. These solutions are known as Membership Management Software. They perform maximum tasks automatically and relieve the burden on admins.


They allow admins to view the progress of their business, manage users’ accounts, and permit limited access to free members.

Best Membership Management Software

Here is the list of Best Membership Management Software that are providing all the tools for managing members’ logins and other details.

1. Invanto

Invento is an advanced membership management system for making membership sites, building online courses, and starting online discount stores. From the single dashboard, you can make a profit-pulling membership website and insert customer engagement on steroids. People can make courses under their brands and sell them online. They can create quizzes and tests for their lessons and classes to put on their websites.


Make, control, and boost the new affiliate tools as well as generate funnels, sales, down sells, and upsells. The application allows you to record, save, and manage revocations and consents instantly. Besides, you can make a customized crowdfunding marketplace. This platform provides a translation engine, integration engine, zapier engine, unlimited sites, and unlimited videos.


  • Site designer
  • Checkout designer


  • Email templates
  • Content dripping


  • Small application


  • Pro: $10/month

Visit: Invanto

2. ClubRunner

ClubRunner is an amazing suite having tools to streamline processes and boost productivity. You can make mobile-friendly and modern websites for your work and get a secure directory for managing online members. The contact module will put all details of non-member contacts in one place. Work with an event planner to run successful events and start communication using the latest newsletter and email templates.

Manage and organize your committees from a single dedicated section and get up-to-date data with trends for your organization. The program can process event registrations, member dues, and online donations, and accept credit card payments. Besides, it offers tools like MyEventRunner, Attendance Manager, Grants Module, and Assistant Governor.

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  • Dues & Billing
  • Volunteers


  • Assistant Governor
  • District Version


  • Confusing navigation system


  • Trial: Free
  • Lite: $18/month
  • Standard: $24.50/month
  • Admin: $19/month

Visit: ClubRunner

3. Raklet

Raklet is offering a plug and play solution for managing messages, contacts, and payments. It can store and update the record of the company and unlimited people and allow contacts to log in for managing their profiles and payments. CRM solution provides a vast database with many custom fields and allows you to create updated forms. Contact with people using integrated text and email messaging.

You can personalize your mobile application and send push notifications to members. It can process online payments, automate recurring payments, collect dues, and schedule reminders. You can collect recurring donations and start fundraising campaigns. Besides, the program helps you to generate, host, and boost successful events.


  • Unlimited contacts
  • Online payments


  • Automated messages
  • Manage contacts


  • Graphic limitations


  • Trial: Free
  • Free: $0
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Raklet

4. TidyHQ

TidyHQ provides a smarter way to run your organization and provides active membership administration. The beautiful and simple design is easy to use for all professionals without any previous work experience. They can run event ticketing, generate individual membership levels, and sell memberships. This simple and stylish platform provides management for everything like events, finance, memberships, communication, contacts, and meetings.

You can manage, view, and tack details related to group administration in real-time. Approve settings and crate membership levels once and allow it to perform remaining tasks automatically. You can create contact groups and generate unlimited custom fields with predefined and transparent membership preferences.


  • Automated membership
  • Manage tasks


  • Clear communication
  • Real-time reports


  • Difficulties in getting expired memberships


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic Plan: $34
  • Pro Plan: $69
  • Enterprise: Call the vendor

Visit: TidyHQ

5. GymMaster

GymMaster is an advanced membership management program created to help health clubs and gyms of all stages and sizes. They can keep records of their members, track and process sales, book trainers and classes, and communicate with the right members at any time. This feature-packed system contains a full booking system, a mobile app, billing integration, website integration, and a point of sale.

The mobile app is helpful for online booking, staff, members, and better control. You can secure your system and provide controlled access to your members. Allow members to book into personal training sessions or class, view visitation and workouts, check-in, and update their profiles. It reduces management administration, improves retention, increases cash flow, and provides better management.

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  • Boost engagement
  • Complete control


  • Track sales
  • Billing integrations


  • Many reader bugs


  • Trial: Free
  • Studio: $69/month
  • Standard: $99/month
  • Professional: $189/month
  • Enterprise: POA

Visit: GymMaster

6. Restrict Content Pro

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful membership platform for WordPress professionals. They can offer a flat or percentage rate and generate many discount codes. Built-in integrations are there for accepting credit cards with Braintree, 2Checkout, Stripe, or PayPal website payments pro. Work with elegant reports to view the performance of a membership website. You can view monthly performance or for any specific period.

Besides, it assists you in creating a CSV of all active members, single person, or every payment. Contextual help is there to provide information at your fingertips. Manage memberships by viewing all pending, active, canceled, expired, and free users. You can email payment receipts, remind members about their account expiry date, and send a welcome note to new members.


  • Simple setup
  • Member Emails


  • Membership management
  • Unlimited subscription packages


  • Hard learning curve


  • Personal: $99/year
  • Plus: $149/year
  • Professional: $249/year
  • Ultimate: $499/year

Visit: Restrict Content Pro

7. Vaave

Vaava is a helpful tool for creating a thriving alumni community. This platform is the partner of hundreds of institutions to solve their alumni issues. The application helps institutions to create, sort, manage and use updated alumni database for better work. They can work with the Events module to plan, organize, and publicize alumni meets and reunions.

Comprehensive Fund Module is there for collecting funds from alumni using simple online payments. Involve mentors and industry experts in different student development activities. It allows admin to organize and sort alumni according to different criteria. For engaging alumni members, you can make and manage batch, chapters, and special interest groups.


  • Admin Panel
  • Analytics and Reports


  • Mobile Apps
  • Data security


  • Need more customizations


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Call the vendor

Visit: Vaave

8. Sitelok

Sitelok is a powerful website membership management that allows professionals to create password-protected pages for their website. From the control panel, they can create backups, view access logs, import, and export users and manage users. Work with a fast email system for sending personalized emails using templates.

Built-in form designers are there for generating registration, contact forms, responsive login, and update profiles for website pages. Users can use payment plugins to charge or grant free access. The program includes auto-login, remember me, forget the password, and optional captcha tools. It stores users’ passwords in the database securely. The program can store fifty custom fields of data of a single user like username, name, or email.

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  • Comprehensive manual
  • Google cloud storage


  • Mobile friendly login
  • Store passwords


  • Setup is difficult


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Sitelok

9. MemberSpace

MemberSpace is a well-designed system specially created for non-technical people. They can create, launch, manage, and boost a membership business easily. The program works well will popular CMS options for content management. You can add unlimited members to your website without any customized price. You can charge your membership one-time, recurring, multiple, or free payment.

It provides a fully secure platform for your content like mp3, files, videos, and pdfs. Generate unlimited paid or free members’ plans and allow limited access to membership and content pages. You can generate coupon codes and allow your members to apply for these codes. Besides, it offers member directory, free platform migration, forum integration, members’ accounts, and billing dates.


  • Custom styling
  • Member invoices


  • Automated upsells
  • Instant payouts



  • Dislike Squarespace


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $25/month

Visit: MemberSpace

10. Gymcatch

Gymcatch is a membership management application that offers tools for managing clients effectively. Amazing scheduling and booking tools are there to assists clients. It provides packages, appointments, classes, drop-ins, and blocks form payment and booking structures. Work with advanced virtual session integrations and features for online business.

Communication tools help professionals to communicate, grow, and reward their community. It provides business management features for controlling team members. Besides, it provides event schedules, rewards schemes, class scheduling, online processing, messaging, social booking links, automated reminders, multi-place bookings, and automated waitlists.


  • Custom booking forms
  • courses


  • Calendar and Schedule
  • Billing and Payments


  • Clunky messaging tool


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $20/month

Visit: Gymcatch

The Verdict

Most of the applications have integration with popular customer management systems for better management. Admins engage their members by providing bundles, packages, and coupons.

Some apps offer analytics and reports to view members’ involvement, attendance, billing details, business progress, and pricing reports. They can send custom notifications and email to their members and other people.

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