14 Best Diabetes Apps for Android and iOS


Health is a gift of nature that should be nurtured and maintained thoroughly throughout the life span. Where the world is growing, there are more challenges humanity is facing related to health. We have invented many treatments. Many unknown diseases are discovered, and we are also working for the cure accordingly.

Technology has made a breakthrough in treating any problems physical and psychological, where machines can diagnose us and provide us a prescription and healthy diet plan. Diabetes is a common occurrence and easily caused by having an excess amount of blood sugar.

Developers have made smartphone apps that help you tell you when to take meds and take physical exercise. These apps contain features that provide you a list of meals to receive to keep your nutrition levels set and all your bodily fluid working. Data provided by the user is measured and recorded, analyzed, shared with the doctor.


Graphical representation of data is the significant motive of these apps, so you know how much progress you have made an in how much time. Some of the apps are mention below.

Best Diabetes Apps for Android and iOS

1. Diabetes: M

Diabetes: M is a multiplatform application that measures and keep tabs of your health. It focuses explicitly on the diabetes control system, which gathers the data from the user and accordingly then provides a solution to control the problem.

After you check your diabetes and get the readings and specify the units of measurements, the app provides you with tools that help keeps your diet in check and manage the level of vitamins, calories, heart rate, and other factors. The app shows the glucose stats from the last time you checked till now.


The insulin injection measurements and the food intake recorded, and when you forgot to check in the app, it contacts the emergency contact listed on the app. Diabetes: M also features a bolus calculator where users can avail info on all sorts of food and drinks. The layout and the interface of the app are merged and provide ease to the user in the navigation of the app.

Android iOS

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is a constructive, interfaced diabetes measuring app for both Android and iOS devices. The app’s main features are to provide charts and graphical representation of data provided by the user of glucose level, blood pressure, and offer many options to get control of your diabetes.

The diabetes app provides a detailed table of previous measures and compares them to the recent given data. It also export/import data, consist of reminders functionalities and many other features.

Its primary function is to provide to-the-point details to the user with fewer menu options. Settings have few modules which set the theme, add weight, adjust timings, and dates of entries. It is free to use but offers in-app purchases to access additional features.

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Android iOS

3. MySugr: Blood Sugar Tracker

MySugr: Blood Sugar Tracker is an application dedicated to one purpose, which is to keep the user on track concerning the diabetes information provided by the user. The app has an intuitive layout, and the interface is straightforward to navigate and best for children’s interaction.

MySugr has a funny look and sounds funny when you log in to the app. The best app for kids to keep track of their glucose level. It has four core functions, blood sugar tracker, carb logger, insulin calculator, and estimated HbA1c.

Other features include a personalized dashboard, medical analysis, reporting to the doctor, securing backup. The Pro features include smart search, insulin calculator, meal photos, basal rates, and PDF & Excel reports.

Android iOS

4. BeatO

BeatO is a cross-platform app where you can do many things related to medicine and health. It contains glucometer and keeps track of calorie, steps you take all day and consult a doctor. It has a smart interface that makes the data and compares it with the previous data to give you a structure and timetable to follow specific steps to improve your diabetes level.

The main feature of the app lets users sync the fitness tracker, shop medicine from Ayurveda store, show a food indicator tool, provide a diet and exercise plan, lifetime warranty on BeatO glucometer, share your readings with the doctor, and much more.

Android iOS

5. Diabetes Connect

Diabetes Connect is a cross-platform application that measures your diabetes and gives you an excellent chart to follow and control your diabetes problems. The app comes in two versions; free and paid. The free version has many features and offers an interactive interface that is easy to navigate.

The free version of Diabetes Connect includes detailed entries, adding blood sugar, meals, sport, blood pressure, weight, pulse, emotion label and a note module in case you need to send specific something to your doctor.

The paid version has all these features and has reminders, priority support, and a particular timeframe as additional features. Diabetes Connect has an extensive menu, and the data is represented in the form of graphs and tables.

Android iOS

6. Medical ID: In Case of Emergency

Medical ID is an application for Android devices that functions as a medical form that collects your health information and shares them with your doctor. It includes all kinds of options from your physical structure to your heart rate and food intake.

It measures blood pressure, blood sugar level, fat, carbs, and many other aspects. Medical ID is accessible from your lock screen, in case of emergency, it quickly accesses your allergies, blood type, medical contacts, and contact the emergency help automatically.

The free version of the app consists of many features, but the paid version gives access to the more comfortable interface and additional features like tracking your sleep, steps you take, the food intake, and many others that help keeps your health in check.

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7. My Diet Diary Calorie Counter

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter, as the name suggests, this app acts as a diary and keeps a log of the food intake the calories, nutrition, and blood sugar amount you are taking with it. It helps you keep your diet in check and keep you updated about your health by showing you a comparative chart of all previous entries.

The app helps you in losing your weight and track your calories and carbs. The graphical interface and the theme is one of the many features of the app, and it attracts the user to avail more of this app. My Diet Diary Calorie Counter’s core features include personalization, food tracking, syncing with apps and devices, and exercise tracking.

Android iOS

8. MyFitness Pal

MyFitness Pal is a health tracking app that works with both Android and iOS systems. It is easier to track your fitness, lose weight, tone up, change your habits, and start a routine. The core function of the application is to provide you with healthy food. It executes with the help of the pre-embedded food database, including many restaurants and cafes.

The app has a feature that tracks your exercise routine, gives you a space log to your physical activity, and sync with many exercise devices. MyFitness Pal offers the biggest foods database, barcode scanner, recipe importer, personalized experience of meals and saving them, micro tracker, to track the food intake and many other features.

It has four basic modules, food tracking, routine maker, stats display, and 24/7 customer support. It has a guiding interface with a constructive layout that helps you in using the app more easily.

Android iOS

9. BG Monitor Diabetes

BG Monitor Diabetes is a tool for Android devices to measure and keep tabs of your diabetes level. The logbook contains the necessary information to recommend the best food. It does not make you reenter all the previous reports but automatically adjusts the blood sugar trends and notify you of needed adjustments.

With the initiative interface, BG Monitor Diabetes consists of following features, track everything, smart analysis, stats detail, sending reports, exercise tracking, and much more. The GUI of the app is easy-on-eyes, which contain light-colored theme and graphical data representation along with separate charts of various categories. The app consists of ads and in-app purchase module to access more features.


10. Health2Sync

Health2Sync is a beautiful interfaced application that works fine on both Android and iOS devices whose functions are to provide a health log. It helps you fight with diabetes by tracking your blood sugar level in an understanding way.

The logs keep the data stored and keep the stats updated on all categories like blood pressure, medication, diet, exercise, and emotional level. Health2Sync combines the convenience of digital diabetes stats with the human motivation that can make your days more comfortable.

The Dashboard sums up all the readings in the different color-coded blocks and shows those reading on a graph. The key features of Health2Sync are blood sugar tracking, blood pressure tracking, weight tracking, keeping a diary, importing and exporting data, and A1C tracking, which gives you long-term alerts of sugar control.

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Android iOS

11. Beat Diabetes

Beat Diabetes is a simple application that supports your health by recommending you a proper food diet and tips to avoid junk food that can result in the rise of your blood sugar. It has all the information you need to follow and prevent food intake and physical activity.

It has a simple and understanding interface docked with features and functionality that include a listing of fruits and vegetables, expert tips on controlling your blood sugar, suggested American Health Association Diabetic diet, latest treatment strategies, and nine strategies to improve physical activity by simple chores. The app is free to use but contains ads.


12. Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet is an app that features basic rules and tools to make a healthy routine and healthy meal to control the diabetic level. The app’s sole function is to provide a basic diet plan and suggest the method to follow and what type of exercise to do for weight loss and blood sugar level.

The reading material in the Diabetic Diet offers an informative and straightforward crash course on controlling what to eat and what to avoid. Some main features of the app involve diet plan, five-week meal plan for diabetes control, treatments for diabetes, exercise tips, healthy eating guide. Both the interface and GUI structure is comfortable, attractive, and easy to use.


13. OneTouch Reveal

OneTouch Reveal is an application that helps to control the diabetic level and provide a meal plan for a healthier life. It works on both iOS and Android devices and free of cost. Docked with features, and the interface which provides a responsive, straightforward, and navigating structure.

Enter your blood glucose measurements, and it automatically searches for trends and tips. Whenever you are having difficulty in managing your work, this app will use push notification factor to make you take action.

The main feature of OneTouch Reveal involves sending the notification automatically when a rigid pattern occurs, goal tracking functionality, A1C compotator, a personalized dashboard, and automatic pattern finder.

Android iOS

14. Sugar Sense Diabetes App

Sugar Sense Diabetes App is the cross-platform diabetic controlling app. With a beautiful gray and orange GUI, this app is fun to use, which gives health tips and track your food plan. The benefits of using this app include controlling your diabetes with just a tap, reviewing previous data up to 90 days, syncing with other devices and apps.

The data representation is the primary factor of the app, which can show data in various types for user’s ease. The automatic step counter tracks your daily steps and presents data at the end of the day, HbA1c feature estimate, and monitors the levels in either mmol/L or Mg/dL. Synchronization of the app with different devices is just another decisive factor.

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