15 Best Movie Maker Apps for Android and iOS

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We watch films daily, and they have multiple categories, and on social sites, we see short films too. There are different categories of films, like action, documentary, storytelling, history, and many more. The concept of making films and movies is now common in youth, and they are eager to make films, direct them in a proper way, make short films, and upload them on Instagram or YouTube and more.

In this era of smart and AI featuring technology, you are not limited by gadgets. You can turn your smartphones into a video/movie recorder, and it will provide you tools and functionality to edit and direct the video right from your device. There are smartphone programs that run smoothly and gives you all the necessary tools to make a film.

These applications are sophisticated and easy to use and offer a wide range of functions and features that control your camera, set layers, allow color enhancement, add sound in the background, trim a clip frame by frame, and much more. These smart applications are available on cross-platform devices, and some come free, and some offer paid versions and provide a professional set of tools.


With the help of these apps, filmmaking is now easy, and you can shoot a historical documentary quickly with your smartphone. Here is a list of best movie maker apps that support both Android and iOS users.

Best Movie Maker Apps for Android and iOS

1. Horizon Camera

Horizon Camera is a smart movie-making application which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The purpose of the app is to provide you with the best features that enable you to take video making to the next level. This application has a smart interface which user can interact easily and consists of many options.


The core aspect of Horizon Camera includes portrait mode allow you to take the vertical size of food footage process of landscape mode resolution of 2K, zoom out a resume enduring video making, and much more. The unique feature of the app provides 60FPS and 120FPS slow motion that you can activate with a simple tap and hold, and eight real-time video filters.

This tool has a simple and interactive design, which consists of a smart GUI structure. Horizon Camera is free to use but comes with in-app purchases.

Android iOS

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is a smart and attractive cross-platform app that consists of many features. This application allows you to create movies in different styles. It is powered by Adobe Inc. and provide features and tools of fundamental and advances level which matches the standard of Adobe platform.

It consists of features like automatic video creation, powerful video editing, great sound, easy to share on social sites, and much more. With this app, the user has wide control over the video making aspect. The interface of the app easy to use and consists of a user navigating layout with an intuitive and interactive design followed by a smart GUI structure.

The best part of Adobe Premiere Clip is that it is free to use, ad-free, and offer an in-app purchase module for advanced tools.

Android iOS

3. Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse from Instagram is a smart and innovative application from Instagram, and it consists of a video making feature. The application has an impressive stability technology that enables you to shoot constant motion video naturally. The primary function of this tool allows you to take high-quality time-lapse videos without a tripod.

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Hyperlapse from Instagram possesses a feature that controls the speed of the video up to 12x. The tool is controls and Design by Instagram. It directly syncs to the app and uploads the video straight to your account where your friends are family can see.

The interface is straightforward and offers usable tools that do not require a professional filmmaker quality. Hyperlapse is a cross-platform application, free to use and contains no ads


4. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio Pro is a smart video-making application which is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app consists of many exciting features for you to edit your video and share it with all social sites. The best part of this app includes tons of editing tools in different modes.

Some key features of the easy app replacement of one clip with another, make free size edit and trim individual frames, easy navigate your project with intuitive gestures, and much more. The interface consists of a state forward design and guides the user on every step.

Pinnacle Studio Pro easily access your media files and allow you to add soundtracks and lets you select and create different sounds in the app. This tool is not free comes with the purchase of $12.99.

Android iOS

5. iMovie

iMovie is a smart iPhone platform based movie making an application that makes remarkable videos and allows you to experience a great video editing tool. This offer is exclusive for iOS devices and consists of many exciting features. It has a straightforward and beautiful interface and theme.

This video editing tool has capabilities on how to make Hollywood blockbuster video editing movies or short films. The main feature of the app includes Precision editor, transition craft, and fine-tune adding title, adding different sound effects, different themes, and much more.

iMovie is capable of some impressive results in a short amount of time. It is libel and provides a vast range of export options and also syncs with your iTunes account. The iOS devices come with the pre-installed iMovies, it is available on App Store, and can you purchase for about $5.


6. SloPro

SloPro is a smart video editing program that is available for iPhone users only. It consists of an intuitive and attractive design and offers new tools. The app does not require a professional filmmaker, but an average person can use this tool. The best part of this app the application should include the video at 60 frames per second, which made the video more smooth and fluid.

It consists of tools like editing your video, bringing it to the precise structures by applying filters, adding different sound color effects, and much more. The interface includes an attractive and beautiful design. SloPro offers a user-friendly module, provide guidance every step of the interaction. The tool is free to use and deliver in-app purchases for accessing additional features.


7. Celtx

Celtx is a cross-platform, simple video editing application which contains many new tools that are mostly related to screenwriting and screenplay. It comes with universal support cloud support and desktop support. It offers a contact-sensitive button to quickly build your scripts so you can easily write a screenplay, theater scripts, comic scripts, and much more.

It has an on-screen layout tailored for different kinds of work. Celtx of various types of a button with different functionalities. The users can easily open the script file in PDF format or as an email text. The interface consists of intuitive design and supports a smart GUI structure.

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The interface of the app is user-friendly, easy to use, and free but also offers a purchase module that costs about $8.25 or $16.58 per month.

Android iOS

8. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is a smart video-making application that consists of video editing features. The app is easy to use, and offers many exciting features. It is available on both Android and iOS devices. The core aspects of the app are valid because of Amazing slow-motion video editor, editing to trim the clips, total video speed control with a fast slow-motion control system, allows you to create a movie with picture editor, insert music download in-app videos, and much more.

The interface consists of incredible design and soft, attractive themes. The app to use and all the features are laid right on the screen. VivaVideo comes with a creative camera lens, easy to use, slideshow maker, and offers a unique video collage tool. VivaVideo is a free application support ads and comes with an in-app purchase mode.

Android iOS

9. Magisto

Magisto is a smart movie maker and video editing application which is available on both Android and IOS devices. It consists of an intuitive interface and provides you the best tools to edit your video or film. It consists of the capabilities of making professional-looking videos.

Magisto offers the best set of tools accessible to us and doesn’t have prior formal video editing skills. The key features of this app include creative marketing techniques, HD quality videos, and it enables you to make photo slideshow video collage create an ad, and much more. It also consists of a function that allows you to upload your photos directly on social sites.

The interface has a smart layout and offers an excellent GUI structure. The best function of the application include is of drag and drops function that saves time gives you the best quality result. Magisto is free but in-app computer purchase, which starts from $5.

Android iOS

10. Cameo

Cameo is a smart and free video editing application that consists of many features and available on both Android and iOS. It allows me to make movies, edit them according to your requirements, different types of features, and post them on social sites. The core feature includes access to your camera roll to edit trim and splice.

The best part of this app is that you can easily create professional-looking videos that add different filters theme and also handpicked soundtrack. It offers you tools that help you create beautiful, cinematic video edits for Instagram and Vine.

The intuitive interface is the best part of this application, which consists of a smart GUI structure and attractive theme. Cameo is easy to use, free, offer no ads or purchase.

Android iOS

11. iStopMotion for iPad

iStopMotion for iPad is a unique type of movie-making application that consists of many tools. The app is smart and available on multiple platforms. It consists of stop-motion that you normally see movies in Lego movies.

The core feature consists of Breaking the video in separate frames, time-lapse, slide sharing, color enhancement, trimming, adding layers, and much more. The functions consist of many intriguing aspects that make this app more suitable for beginner and professional users.

iStopMotion for iPad consists of a unique feature that allows you to use your iPhone as a remote control camera for the main iPad app. It has a constructive design and easy to use layout. iStopMotion for iPad is not free and comes with a purchase of about $12.

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12. CollabraCam

CollabraCam is a simple movie-making application with a system and exciting feature and allows you to use it on iOS devices only. It will enable you to make movies with a few sets of tools. It costs about $6 and offers tools like video editing, Motion Picture sport, video collage, multi-camera studio style setup, direct stream to social sites, and much more.

The interface consists of dressing design simple theme, and a constructive layout. The user has no problem navigating the app. An application of this magnitude takes less space on your phone. The only drawback include is that the final saved video can only be up to 640×480 in size. CollabraCam is a powerful tool and offers features more than it’s worth.


13. FiLMiC Pro

FiLMiC Pro is a simple but smart app that consists of many treasury features and allows you to edit your photo then make movies of different kinds. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices. At the first look, attractive and straightforward design, do not offer any first setting options on the screen and syncs directly with the device’s camera.

The main feature of this program focus on polity and individually lock the white balance on the screen. It is better to get the tone according to the mood of whatever you are filming. FiLMiC Pro provides a frame rate in the best bit-rate. It can record the quality what’s the video. The interface is intriguing and offers a simple design and attractive theme. With all features, FiLMiC Pro is not free and comes under cost about $15.

Android iOS

14. Vizmato

Vizmato is a simple video making an application that runs on both Android and iOS devices. It syncs with your device camera temporary and provides all the first option you can find on the screen. The core feature of this program includes different layers, color settings, lens control, RGB, speed controls that allow you to make slow and fast movies.

Vizmato also includes rotation mode, various powers, and much more. The features of Vizmato will enable you to add different sounds and give you the option to control the video frames per second, i.e., 720p or 1080p. The tool focus on giving you the best quality result with remarkable precision.

It also includes a function like splitting clips and adding new ones in the film. Enterprises easy to use and consist of user-friendly modulus, and the GUI has a smart layout. Vizmat is free and features ads.

Android iOS

15. Action Movie FX

Action Movie FX is a simple movie-making tool that is available on both Android and iOS devices and systems and exciting features. It offers a simple module full of action features, which means it allows you to add different clipart, different fantastic effects in the video. It has limited features, but if you purchase the app, you will get more features, and it will remove the ads.

The special effect includes strike car crashing, flash floods, red rose, electrical strikes, and more new exciting situation. The interface is easy to use and consists of a smart GUI structure. Action Movie FX is a user-friendly tool that allows you to export the video to use elsewhere, but it can only provide you with 720p output of the movie.

Android iOS

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