8 Best Free PRT Viewer for Windows


The PRT file is an image file that specifically carries a 3D model. It can be viewed from different software. This software is consists of a CAD model design function that contain many tools that let you edit and make 2D and 3D models of different machines. You can easily edit, change the settings, view, and import and export the files, and contain many other options.

The software allows you to view the PRT file using standard tools and let you zoom, pan, rotate, spin, etc. These PRT viewer’s software also will enable you to see PRT models in different projections, like top view, front view, side view, etc. Some of these programs also allow you to take a snapshot of 3D models, and you can also draw multiple shapes in those snapshots.

Some software also will enable you to edit the file and save them in different formats. Here is a list of best PRT viewer software that supports many operating systems and is compatible with the user requirements.


Best Free PRT Viewer Software for Windows

1. eDrawings

eDrawings is a simple CAD viewer software that lets you view PRT files for free. It is only available Windows operating system American system and exciting features like zooming, rotating, spinning, and much more. The best part of this program is to view PRT files also consists of tools that allow you to edit the file.

It consists of interesting 3D viewing tools like pan, zooms in, zooms out, rotates, spin, etc. are available for analysis of models. The exciting feature of this software is that you view cross-section of 3D models in different planes. It can be formed from different angles to get a better perspective of the model.


The interface of eDrawings has a constructive layout and a user-friendly design. It is free to use and open-source software.

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2. EnSuite-View

EnSuite-View is a simple type of 3D view software consists of a PRT file viewing option. This March software is available for Windows operating system and consists of many interesting to allow user to edit the file and save it for later use. It is sophisticated software that includes 3D modeling and a particular viewpoint option that lets you handle the image from any angle.

Various model orientation involves back, front, bottom, top, isometric, etc. Users can also view the 3D model in form of different structures like Wireframe, shaded with edges, shaded without boundaries and many more. EnSuite-View interface is intuitive and straightforward, allows user interaction on a soft scale and provide constructive layout of the software. It not only includes ability to view PRT file but also edit it.

3. A360 VIEWER

A360 VIEWER is an application of Autodesk org, and it allows you to view the PRT file and let you analyze it thoroughly. The best part of this software is that it is also available on web-based program. It is designed according to AutoCAD DWG, DXF, RVT, and invertor IPT.

The software does not limit itself in just the previewing feature but extends its functionality and lets you edit the file and save it in various or the base format. It contains real-time collaboration, which helps the user when editing the file. The interface of A360 VIEWER is easy to use and provide a wide range of user navigation mode. A360 VIEWER is free to use.

4. NuGraph

NuGraph is a simple PRT viewer software that runs on windows operating system and allows the user to enter different types of tools to edit the PRT file. The software contains tons of tools to edit the file besides viewing the data and analyzing it. NuGraph view the data in four different viewer windows; they show the loaded model in multiple forms.

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You can zoom in or out in all the windows. Apart from viewing the PRT file you can edit the file in many ways with numerous tools. NuGraph includes a facility to import and export many 3D models, along with rendering your 3D model.

The only drawback this software contains is that they do not show every fifth polygon while viewing a model. You have to purchase the program to access its full features.

5. STP Viewer

STP Viewer is a windows OS dedicated software which includes PRT viewer facility. The software is easy to use and the interface to provides a user-friendly experience. The central aspect of this program offers a simple interface, and besides the function of supporting a PRT file offers many tools to view the model of the image from different angles, with zooming option.

The core feature of the program offer view of all 3D object markers, dynamic zooming, 2D view on all side of the model, active rotation by toolbox, adding shade to the 3D object and change color of the skin, and much more. STP Viewer only wireframe and change color of the lines. STP Viewer’s interface is easy to use and contains a smart and simple layout.

6. CADbro

CADbro is a smart PRT view software that is commercially available only for Windows operating systems. This software is a fully-featured 3D CAD viewer that can load any file, including PRT file formats. The software is not limited to viewing feature but allow the user to edit the file in various ways.

The program contains tools like convenient CADbro Cloud, smart CAD viewing, vivid 3D annotation, advanced analysis reporting, and viewing window, and much more. CADbro is easy to use and offers a self-explaining interface with a constructive and interactive layout, which allows the use in negating the program quickly.

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The paid version of CADbro consists of simplifying face, move/offset face, copy-move/ mirror shape, create images rapidly with screenshot option, create 2D projected views for 3D models, and many other functions.

7. Glovius

Glovius is a smart PRT viewer software that is commercially available on Mac OS and Windows OS. The primary function of the program is to open different images files to view and analyze them. It is a 3D viewer for CATIA V4/V5/V6, STEP, IGES, Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, NX, JT, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and Inventor files.

It takes accurate measurements, cuts dynamics section and offers editing tools. Glovius view the 3D models and provide user to manipulate the data in many ways. You can import or export your data to Glovius mobile and showcase your design on the go.

The latest update of the software was in 2016 and came with the bill of $360 – $750. Glovius is easy to use, provides a user-friendly interface with all the navigating features.

8. IDA-STEP Viewer

IDA-STEP Viewer is a smart PRT viewer software that is available on cross-platform operating systems. It supports different types of image file formats to open and analyze in this platform. The best feature of this software is that it helps to view STEP data. STEP file (*.stp, *.step, *.p21) is an ASCII file, which structure is defined by an international standard ISO structure.

Since this program is internationally recognized its supports by the significant PDM, CAD, and other systems, some core feature of this software includes viewing 3D model, parts and shapes data from mechanical CAD systems, viewing PCB, PCA data with 2D model, and various features.

IDA-STEP Viewer has a simple and straight forward interface that is fully customized and allows custom perspective to create.

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