10 Best Coin Flip Apps for Android and iOS

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Sometimes, it is tough to make some critical decisions, and most of the time, you want to make decisions on behalf of your luck. You have two different options, and you have to choose one of them, and it is tough to select the right choice.

On this point, you can flip a coin to make a decision. A coin will provide you with a random result, and you will choose the option according to the conclusion of the coin.

What is Coin Flip App

Generally, we throw a coin in the air for making essential decisions or before starting a cricket match. Sometimes, we don’t have the coin in the pocket at the time of the decision.


Similarly, sometimes, we need to toss the coin multiple times. For solving such problems, there are many applications present in the market for making flipping coin decisions.

Best Coin Flip Apps for Android and iOS

Here is the list of Best Coin Flip Applications that are providing the random results of coins tossing.

1. Coin Flip 3D

Coin Flip is a new Coin Flip application that helps you to flip the coin from your mobile phone. Don’t find actual coin and open place for flipping a coin. Just get your phone out of your pocket, open the Coin Flip 3D app and make a toss.


Most people always try to make decisions based on the coin toss. It is the perfect application for such people. Now, they have the toss spinning tool ever in their hands. They can use it anytime they need it. It provides spinning toss activity in 3D.


  • Spin toss
  • Make decisions


  • Flip coin
  • Check your luck


  • Some errors

Download: Coin Flip 3D for Android | iOS

2. Flip A Coin

Flip A Coin a particular application that allows you to decide by choosing your luck. This application will flip the coin like a real coin in the air. Work with this application to flip the coin like the actual one and make a perfect decision. Now you do not need to find a real coin for making a decision.

It has a fantastic tossing method. You have to move the phone upward while holding tightly in your hands. In this way, you will get the perfect experience like actual toss spinning. You can bet with friends on the head or tail and play it sitting on your sofa.

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  • Perfect toss
  • Head and tail


  • Beautiful Interface
  • Random results


  • older

Download: Flip A Coin for Android | iOS

3. Simple Coin Flip

Simple Coin Flip is the most straightforward Coin Flip application that is providing a simple interface without extra options. Just hit the button and check the result of the coin. It is a minimal application that does not require additional memory and space. It works properly with all systems.

This small and simple application is easy to use by people of every age. Children can also use this app for tossing coins before starting a cricket match. Now, they don’t need to check their pocket to get a coin for tossing. Because it is providing a simple solution to a big problem for them.


  • Simple Interface
  • Hit button


  • No flashy graphics
  • effective


  • Nothing additional

Download: Simple Coin Flip for Android

4. Coin Flip – Heads or Tails?

Coin Flip is an advanced application that provides random coin results for Apple Watch and iPhone. You need to tap your watch or shake the hand to get the result. It will show you the fresh video of toss flipping, and in the end, you will get the answer to your question.

Coin tossing is a well known, unbiased, and straightforward method for any decision or settling a dispute. The exciting thing is that no one argues about the result of coin-flipping. Because these decisions depend on luck. So, don’t waste time on the actual coin and use it for the best results.


  • Flip coins
  • Make decisions


  • Interesting video
  • Solve disputes


  • Does not respond well

Download: Coin Flip – Heads or Tails? for iOS

5. Coin Flip

Coin Flip is proving a fantastic method of flipping a coin. Just shake the mobile or tap the screen to get the results. Shake again to recheck your luck. It is one of the best coin flip applications that are providing exciting results for decision making. It has a simple interface with few options and provides results with names “ Heads” or “Tails.”

So if you take time to make crucial decisions, then this application is especially for you. You can now depend on your luck and make your decisions using your chance. You will not get worried after deciding because it was your luck.

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  • Make decisions
  • Check your luck


  • Flip coin
  • Heads or Tails


  • Small bugs in start

Download: Coin Flip for Android

6. Coin Toss – Best Coin Flip App

Coin Toss – Best Coin Flip App is another new application to provide results based on coin-flipping. It always provides results randomly because it is using API for making results. An extra feature of this application is that you can control the time of toss flipping.

This free app is not providing an additional option for distraction. Just flip the coin, get your results, and share your results with your friends using a sharing tool present on the Interface. So you don’t require to take a coin before starting any match for making toss decisions.


  • Flip coin
  • Get results


  • Control flipping time
  • Share results with friends


  • Does not provide random results sometimes

Download: Coin Toss – Best Coin Flip App for Android

7. Heads or Tails (Best Coin Flipping and Tossing Ever)

Heads or Tail is one of the Best tossing and coin flipping application that provides actual results always. The app provides results randomly, and you don’t need to worry about it. It has simple and elegant graphics to engage users. The beautiful Interface offers the look of old times. It provides different coin designs to make it enjoyable.

You can choose the coin from multiple coin options. It uses real coin images from currencies of different countries. Also, it provides the name of coins with details on top of the app to make it elegant. It includes multiple games like coin drop, 3D toss, and shove penny. Every updated version includes new additions.


  • Coin drop
  • Shove penny


  • 3D Toss
  • Currency details


  • Not random

Download: Heads or Tails (Best Coin Flipping and Tossing Ever) for iOS

8. Coin Flip Plus

Coin Flip Plus is another popular coin flipping application for iOS users. It offers multiple coins for selection to try your luck. The application includes high-quality coins from Germany, France, the UK, and the USA. It is an exciting app for educational and coins collection purposes. Every new updated version contains new coins on the list.

Shake the iPhone in the air, single tap or double-tap to flip the coin. Rotation of coin will increase, faster you shake the mobile. It always provides unpredictable results to make better decisions. It is offering the best simulation for coin flipping game.

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  • High-quality coins
  • Coins from different countries


  • Unpredictable results
  • Shake mobile


  • Heavy size

Download: Coin Flip Plus for iOS

9. Coin Flip Free

Coin Flip Free is another simple to use application that helps you to make a toss and get the results faster. It is providing multiple small coins from different countries like cent, dollar, nickel, quarter, and dime. So you can select your favourite coin for toss flipping and get results to check your luck.

It has an elegant interface design because of its beautiful coins. Use your phone similar to a real coin to get the result faster. Take your mobile with you in the ground and flip the toss before starting the match. It will flip like a real coin in the air and provide unpredictable results.


  • Real coins
  • Multiple coins


  • Beautiful design
  • Check your luck


  • Odds are completely mess

Download: Coin Flip Free for Android

10. Randomizer

Randomizer is a small gaming application that facilitates you to check your luck using different games. It is offering multiple features to make decisions. You can create a random number, and you have the choice to choose real numbers, whole numbers, or binary numbers. Even you can get decimal places in numbers.

Coin flip tool helps you to flip the coin digitally and make the decisions on behalf of coin results. If you want to check your luck in some other way, then you can use rolling dice. Roll a dice to get a number from six digits. Besides, you can create random colour, date, letter, shuffled card, and password.


  • Get password
  • Generate letter


  • Choose a date
  • Shuffle cards


  • The clunky and awkward list function

Download: Randomizer for Android

The Verdict

All these applications are providing coins for flipping and making arbitrary decisions. Some applications are offering different beautiful coins for tossing, and you can select your favourite coin for flipping.

In all applications, you have to shake the mobile or flip the screen for tossing the coin and get the result instantly. All these apps are providing random results.

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