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Nothing could be better than having the stars and planets on your palm! It was not possible until a gigantic variety of smartphone and tablet apps developed which enables its users to directly explore the whole universe by simply tapping on their devices. Everyone almost is interested in the astronomy as it charms everyone. If someone is not interested in learning he or she would surely love the beauty and depth of galaxies and are surely inspired by them. In previous times people use to purchase expensive machines and devices such as telescope and others for viewing the star patterns and monitoring the planets movements in a solar system. Everyone was not able to do so. But now by using these super easy applications everyone can access to the solar system and galaxies and explore on them on their own. There are hundreds of astronomy based apps present in the market on the Android and various other platforms. Best Astronomy apps for Android based devices are listed here for you.

1. Sky Map

Sky Map is an extra ordinary and supreme sort of master quality app that let its users to be on the top stance of their astronomy knowledge. The app is best suitable for those who are interested in the Astronomy and wants to explore more and more about the stars, planets, galaxies etc. The app is most recommended for those students and beginners who are weak in the astronomy subject in studies and for the beginners who wants to be professionally attached with the field respectively. The app is quite helpful in identifying the planets and stars via compass based maps of the app.



2. Solar Walk Free – Planets 3D

Solar Walk Free – Planets 3D is another amazing and bewildering app which enables the users to travel virtually all around the solar system and explore new planets and direction of galaxies right from siting in their homes using their smartphones and tablets. Learning about the solar system, planets formation, rotation etc. was never that much simple, initiative and easy before this app. 3D solar system representation surely attracts everyone to explore more and more with keen interest. The app has everything inside it that is present in a real and complete solar system.



3. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

Now the users of this outstanding and master quality app does not require the telescopes and other costly instruments to monitor the pattern of stars and observe the moments of planets, as everything can be done via simply using this app. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map is a feature enriched and supreme quality astronomy app that is a whole planetarium in its own and enable the users to see the sky more accurate and in real time on their smart devices.

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4. SkyView® Free

SkyView Free is another marvelous and tremendous potential based app that is quite famous and is already being used by thousands and hundreds of users all around the globe for exploring the night sky. The app possess a real mastery in pointing out the accurate star formation and moment. The users just have to point or face their devices towards the sky and the rest is done by the app itself. The app works on the extreme level of astronomy and guide the users accordingly about the stars, planets and their movements.


5. Heavens-Above

As the name of the app states, it let its users to explore the heavens above the sky. It is another pure master quality and sheer brilliance base astronomy app that let its users to locate the ISS (International Space Station), can watch the satellites working nearby the earth orbit, monitor the stars, explore their pattern, explore the planets, galaxies and many more other things too. The users are provided with a tracker with which they can track up any of the object in the sky by simply turning the face of their devices towards it.



It is the official Android smartphone Application of the great space science institute of the world NASA. The main reason for the development and proposal of the app was to develop the interest of more and more people towards astronomy and make everyone familiar with the work that NASA is doing in the field of astronomy. The complete mission information is provided along with a gigantic range of spell bounding images of the galaxies. More than 15,000 images have been shared in the app and the numbers are growing day by day.


7. Night Sky Tools – Astronomy

Night Sky Tools – Astronomy is another astounding and mastery brilliant app in terms of providing the best digital virtual experience of Astronomy to its users. The app has every important and essential stuff in it that has to be present necessarily in an app for becoming a complete sky driver and galaxy explorer. The directions and the calculations that are shown within the app to its users are quite accurate in their own terms and possess a tremendous level of accuracy in calculations.

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8. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day is a different kind of astronomy app as compared to all the rest apps that are discussed in this list. Unlike other apps this is not an app that links you directly with the sky plants, stars and galaxies but on the other hand it does not completely surpass. The app enables the users to explore thousands of bewildering and spell bounding images. The app is in basic an astronomy based screensavers and wallpaper collection app that possess hundreds of new and latest images of the stars and planets in the solar system.


9. Star Chart

Star Chart is one of the best and my personal favorite astronomy and galaxy exploring app that enables its users to experience the extreme level glories of the solar system and that too in the 3D mode of viewing. The simple and easy swiping based gestures of the app makes it even more comfortable and easy for the users to use the app. The app is most widely used astronomy app with more than 20 million downloads up till now from every part of the world and is counting more and more.


10. Best of Astronomy

Best of Astronomy is an amazing and a real master blaster astronomy based app. This iconic app let its users to be on top of their astronomy knowledge as it keeps them reminding about all the famous and important astronomical incidents and developments that happened and are happening with the passage of time. The app is best recommended for the astronomy students who wants to increase their knowledge about detail astronomy based research.


11. Astronomy 101

Astronomy 101 is an initiative and alluring app that possess a remarkable attraction based user interface. The app enables its users to be on top of their astronomy knowledge and never ever forget anything that relates the planets, stars, galaxies, solar system etc. The best thing about the app is that it is specially proposed and recommended for the students who find it difficult to learn the things about their astronomy subject as this app will surely develop their interest and will help them in learning.

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12. Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map

Star Tracker- Mobile Sky Map is another amazing and extreme quality based solar system locating and planet tracking app. the app is already quite famous as it used by hundreds of professional and common users who use the app for locating the directions of stars and movements of planets. The app has a complete and accurate sky map inside it and enable the users to mark each and every location and track the movements and changes happening in the solar system and galaxies.


13. ISS Detector Satellite Tracker

ISS Detector Satellite Tracker is an astounding and amazing astronomy based satellite tracking app that when launched, enables its users to locate their nearby satellites that are currently moving from their head on the near most orbit around the earth and let the users to mark and track its positions as well. Basically the app is developed an proposed of detecting the ISS( International Space Satellite) which is the main satellite of all and was sent to the nearest orbit around the earth in 1998.


14. Meteor Shower Calendar

Meteor Shower Calendar is a different sort of app if compared with rest of the astronomy based apps in this list. It does not provides the tracking and viewing real time solar systems and galaxies. It is in basic a calendar app that possess an alluring and spell bounding theme of meteor shower. The meteor show theme of the calendar seems to be quite real as it is in 3D that it feels like that meteors are really present on you device’s screen and will come out from hitting.


15. Solar System Explorer 3D

Solar System Explorer 3D is another master level and really supreme quality astronomy app that is developed and proposed by Neil Burlock for exploring the real solar system by just tapping upon the screens of smart devices. The app is used by thousands of users all around the world and everyone prefer this very app for detailed 3D viewing of the patterns of stars and movements of planets. The app is quite suitable for both the professional astronauts and the astronomy students and beginners.


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