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There are a lot of activities that we perform in our daily life. We always make a list of activities in our mind that we should perform tomorrow before going to bed. But unfortunately, due to a bundle of additional working, we might miss some essential activates and does not manage to get a bit of time for that particular doings. So we always need an app in our mobile phone devices that efficiently track our time and activates that we perform in our daily life. There is a huge collection of apps that help us schedule our works and tracks time for getting more out of it. Some of these apps also help us in managing the workflow of our business and the subordinates that work in our particular firm. Here is a collection of smart, easily customizable, and intuitive apps that help us manage the workflow of our daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly activates. We can easily track our time, and share them on some other social media platforms. These apps also let you capture your previous record of activities and provides robust integration with Dropbox, Box, Email, and Wi-Fi, etc. to restore the stuff that you require.

1. HoursTracker HD

HoursTracker HD is a great app trusted and used by more than 250,000 people on a daily basis. It offers some stunning features that people love to track their time. It efficiently tracks and record time using timer along with the break and pauses support and also includes automatic breaks. This app helps you track your pay including Mileage, Tips, earnings adjustments, and flexible time, etc. It supports manual entry of time with minimal efforts due to its smart and adaptive defaults. You can easily add comments of any length and also includes them on your exports. Rather than these, it also delivers many advanced features which includes Automatic Earning Calculations, Built-In report, robust Filtering and Tagging, Remainders, CVS and Formatted text support, Cloud-Based backup, and much more.

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2. Work Log

Work Log is another powerful, fully-customizable, and easy to use app with many interesting features. It provides simple taps to record all the time spent and allows a distinct running total of each log. It provides the display of time in hours, minutes, and in decimal format. It provides unlimited profiles and delivers a number of internal settings through which you can easily tune your profiles. It provides an easy working form which includes monthly salary, annual salary, annual salary, flextime and part-time calculations in a precise manner. It also allows a payroll calculation method, semi-automatic punching, monthly and annual time sheets, share your timesheet via Email, and includes Dropbox backup support.

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3. Jiffy

Jiffy provides real-time amazing services to its users. It is an ultimate time tracker app that efficiently designed for streamlined work time tracking. It allows you to spend a small amount of time and within that time it generates accurate and precise time sheet. It efficiently tracks work for all of your projects, tasks, customers, and others in a beautifully designed app. Jiffy lets you smoothly switch between projects as your workday progresses. It makes it so easy to maintain, edit, and modify entries, provides an innovative smart suggestion, delivers your time in a gorgeous summery, and much more. Using this app you can quickly access your projects, and it does not need any account.

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4. aTimeLogger

aTimeLogger provides robust ease to its users for tracking your everyday activity. It has an easy to use and intuitive interface. It is a great app for business people (with intensive routine), athletes (who value every single minute), for parents (to control their children’s daily activities) and for almost everyone who is interested in capturing their daily routine for making their time more valuable. Some of its intuitive and amazing features include the allowance of multiple activities, provides report output in different formats such as HTML and CSV, and allows statistics in pie charts and graphs along with the backup and restore support. It also delivers a huge number of icons, themes, and integration with some social media platforms.

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5. Timesheet – Time Tracker

Timesheet – Time Tracker is an excellent app that records your working hours with extreme precision and with a simple push of buttons. It lets you add notes, breaks, and expenses in an easy to use atmosphere. You can manage your projects and other stuff easily and precisely and export your data to Microsoft Excel in different formats such as CSV and XLS. It allows robust clarity in the statistics and overview along with the best management experience. You can easily restore previous things to SD-Card and Dropbox etc. Some of its main features include the availability of time tracking, project management, location-based tracking, track expenses, and coffee breaks, NFC google calendar plugin, and widgets and wear support.

Android iOS

6. Now Then

Now Then is a simple, clean, and pretty much-focused app on tracking time. It is a great app with lots of amazing and stunning features for making your activities more precise and well-adjusted. It is a prodigious app for doing your work so schedule for getting the most out of it. It provides an anti-complicated platform that helps you do stuff effortlessly. It efficiently records the working hours on your job, accurately track how your time, and you can quickly change the tasks whenever you want. It is a rapid task selector app which lets you edit the tasks, order tasks, and move entire branches easily. Some of its amazing providence includes the chart view, remind me approach, share images, iCloud sync, backup and restore, and much more.

Android iOS

7. Timesheet

Timesheet efficiently manages your Mileage, Expenses, and Time with VAT and final billing. It is a great tool for tracking your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly working hours per projects, calculate hours, and time-based on hourly rate and hours. Its free versions provide the features of managing ultimate tasks (with activated ads), reporting support on any period, daily, weekly and mothy customer reviews, add comments, output in different formats such as CSV, sharing via email, backup and restore, SD-Card support, Ad-free approach, and widgets. It also provides an unlock version with ads-free atmosphere and Dropbox integration.


8. Hubstaff – Time Tracking & GPS

Hubstaff – Time Tracking & GPS is a simple to use, cloud-based employee, tracking application that helps you to monitor your employee computer effectively. The application provides many useful features, for example, screenshot storage, time tracking, mouse and keyboard activity, etc. It is a cross-platform program, so it is available for Linux and Mac OS. Hubstaff time tracker works as a program on the desktop or mobile app making it easy to track time. After tracking time, you can pay employees, invoice clients, see in-depth reporting and much more. You can also track time to individual projects. You can view which applications your employees run with the help of the work time tracker.

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9. Eternity

Eternity lets you manage your charts and your daily routine activities sophisticatedly. It is a super simple and flexible app having robust ease for the users. It lets you focus on the works that you perform on a daily basis and avoid distraction. There are tons of amazing and interesting features of Eternity that helps you track many projects and sub-projects, discover, maintains, and generate details in various formats, and much more. Some of its valuable and unique providence comprises multiple timers, add Tags and comments, set Pomodoro alerts for running timer, touch-log (all touch-based log adjustments and editing), Dropbox, Box, email, and Wi-Fi integration for backup and restore, and much more.

Android iOS

10. Hours Keeper – Time Tracking, Timesheet & Billing

Hours Keeper – Time Tracking, Timesheet & Billing is a well-designed, fully-customized, intuitive and amazing app that helps you track your hours worked and calculated your earnings. You can easily manage your workflow by tracking your customers, workers, and some other person’s daily routine activities. It provides a real-time precise earning/hours tracking for multiple clients, weekly and monthly timesheet, PDF invoices, Earning reports, Calendar support (to map your daily earning), Billing and payment tracking, configurable break time and overtime tracking, and much more. It also lets you export data in CSV format, sync data between all of your devices, and enables passcode protection for making sure the delivery of robust privacy.

Android iOS

11. Time Recording

Time Recording is a great app with tons of amazing and interesting features that lets you manage your workflow and track your time having extreme convenience. Some of its basic functionalities include task assignment, daily and detailed notes, check in and out, overviewing of reports, export reports in Excel and HTML formats, and integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Own Cloud for backup and restore. It also provides some highly configurable and customizable features which includes calendar options, hourly rates, date and time formats, target times, status bar notifications, a variety of themes, multi-device sync, Android Smartwatch integration, and much more.


12. Lifelog

Lifelog is a clever and powerful activity tracker app that proficiently keeps track of your working scenarios. You can easily manage and maintain your daily activities on your mobile phone devices. You can easily set your daily routine activates, set personal health motives, establish multiple working proficiencies, and other stuff having this app on your portable devices. Using this app, you can save the working logs so that you can easily manage to get the previous record of your activities such as where you went, how active you were, and what you have done, etc.


13. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is another amazing app with many useful functions. It offers a handy technique that lets you make simple tapping to start and stop tracking time for every place. Using TimeCamp, you can manually create time entries, browse your projects and tasks, edit time entries, log your time even offline, easily makes notes, save your previous stuff, and access and edit your historical data anytime. It efficiently creates new projects anytime you want. You can also generate reports anytime in different formats. It is probably a great tool for managing your daily routine activities and workflow with proper supervision.

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14. Toggl

Toggl is a ferocious app with a great number of featuring providence. It is a leading app for calculating your working scenarios on the daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It delivers a great timesheet for tracking your working hours and other regular doings. It uses a timer to log task times and provides a robust integration with the cloud so that you can easily get the backup of any lost activity. You have to open an account, and it keeps all of your data secure under this account. You can easily get the record of any activity whenever you want.


15. ATracker

ATracker is a marvelous app that manages your time beautifully. It is a popular app with lots of amazing and valuable features. It is a powerful time tracking app which provides reports in bar charts and pie charts and exports them in different formats. It has a fully customizable user interface that lets its users use this app with extreme ease. Some of its core features include tracking daily routine activities, routine tasks when studying, manage activities of your kids, hubby, and other home projects. It provides one-tap easy tracking, easy to customizable and setup options, complete timesheet and activity log, charts and alarms support, calendar integration, and much more.

Android iOS

16. TIME Planner

TIME Planner is an amazing app that lets you structure your life clearly. It is a startling app which enables you to see and log planned time bubbles, create a detailed list using subtasks, and customize the objects in the way you like. While on the other hand, you can easily create and edit tasks easily, set objectives to have it completed, support alarm prompts, flight procrastination via captcha, schedule your day with overlaps, drag and drop remainders to adjust the trigger time, and you can easily style it with attractive themes as well. Some of its ferocious features include simple time manager, remainder, real-time time tracking, handy customization options, ads-free approach, convenient scheduling and much more.

Android iOS

17. Harvest Time & Expense Tracker

Harvest Time & Expense Tracker is a great app to track expense and time in a well-organized approach established in 2006, and trusted by more than 40,000 businesses from all over the world. There are many startling features of this app which makes it easy to keep track of yourself as well as of your team’s activates. It is a great app which makes you pretty sure that your projects are going healthy. It lets you spend less time tracking and more time doing. It provides efficient timesheets that let its users capture its daily routine activities using a simple and intuitive interface. Some of its core features include fast invoicing and payments, expense tracking, legendary support, and connect your favorite tools.


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