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The Internet is a marvelous stuff in the history of discoveries and inventions that enables you to search and get almost every single prospect that exists in the universe. Many internet approaches are used by many users according to the need and desire of their working scenario. People want an extremely-reliable and super-fast internet connection that does not harm their working and always do its level best. Almost every iOS device holder have Internet access on their devices for web surfing, online gaming, social media attachments, and much other education and business related usages. As the Internet has proper speed, network support, graphical usage of info, and tons of other things that a user always want to capture. The user wants extreme details about his internet connection for the justification of his own perception or some other reasons. There are many apps available in the market that provides in-depth information about the internet connection that you have on your particular mobile phone devices or some area. Now here is presenting some superb and quality apps packed with compulsory features that efficiently and accurately provide your specific information about your internet connection.

1. Speedtest

Speedtest is an app that is used for a quick, easy, and one tap connection and real time robust accuracy. It is a widely used app that performs many useful functionalities including real-time graphics, show internet connection consistency, discovering of the Upload, download, and Ping, etc. Rather than these it also enables you to verify of troubleshooting the speed you were promised, easily share your results along with tracking past tests and other stuff with detailed reporting. It also offers a paid version with ad-free approach and lets you download it in only $0.99.

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2. AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility allows you to manage efficiently, control, and maintain your Wi-Fi network and some AirPort base stations such as AirPort Time Capsule, AirPort Express, and AirPort Extreme right through your iPad, iPhone, iPod and some other iOS devices. Using this app, you can see the graphical interface of your internet connection, change and view your network or Wi-Fi settings, get information about your internet connection. You can easily access network information (including IP address, router address, and DNS server), and you can easily manage your DHCP reservations and port mapping, etc. It also provides you configure base stations, Achieve Time Machine backups, and you can view error or status messages. There are many other features of this app that helps you manage your internet connection.

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3. Network Analyzer

Network Analyzer is another app that enables you to a fast, accurate and reliable detection of almost all network devices and is an ultimate tool for network analysis and management. It delivers IP addresses of all discovered devices, Pingability tests, IPV6 availability, wake on LAN, Scan for some custom IP ranges, and filtering and discovering in the device list. There are many other features of this app that let you analysis both upload and download speed, gives graphical speed text view and speed history test. It also offers full IPv6 support, History of all performed tasks, Export by email and AirPrint, and Airdrop, etc., Copy or paste support, detailed help, Regular updates, and support page.


4. RF Toolbox

RF Toolbox is a superb quality app for the users who want to check the status of their internet connection. It offers a huge range of tools for the users. It offers some robust RF tools including Earth Curvature, Cable Loss, Link Budget, Fresnel Zone, EIRP, Wave Length, ITU Rain Fade, Downtilt Coverage, Antenna Downtilt, Free Space Loss, etc. It also offers Metric Conversion, Lat or Long Conversion, Distance and Bearing, Mid-Point, Walk the Line, Maps and Location Integration and some other GPS tools. It even includes a complete suite of RF calculators and a complementary GPS tool which let you access to your antenna, tower, and other backhaul information.


5. WiFiPerf

WiFiPerf is an intellectual app that enables you to measure bandwidth performance. This is an efficient app that can operate as a client as well as a server. This app is basically used for iOS to Mac OS X testing, iOS to iOS testing, and iOS to many another device testing. It is also compatible with some other Operating Systems that support iPerf 3.x. Using this app, you can easily and quickly connect to other devices, connect your device (client) to another (server) device for throughput testing and much more. It provides real-time and quick test results on the graph screen, and when your device is a server, you can get all the options of As Server screen.


6. Prompt

Prompt is a classic app that features Panic Sync, Super Sync, and secure services for free. There are many quality features of this app that helps you manage your internet solving in a better, instinctual, and easy way. It offers Panic Sync that enables you to Sync your favorite servers, clips, passwords, and private keys. It is an extremely secure app that enables you to put your texts and commands efficiently into clips and recall them anytime with single clicks. It offers a robust Touch ID Lock, Private Key Generation, Open Connection Switching, Server Folder support, A fresh looking design, and many other useful features.

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7. Transmit

Transmit is an app that lets download, upload, and manage your files on your servers effectively. It lets you transfer, makes folders, deletes, rename, and set permissions. It offers a full remote file manager that allows you to log in and download, upload, rename, and do much more. Using this app, you can easily save and uploads files quickly from the iOS share sheet. It provides full support to connect to SFTP, FTP, S3 WebDAV, and DreamObjects. In addition to that, it also includes Twin-Turbo Background transfer approach, the drag and drop support, edit docs from third party apps, and Panic sync.


8. Screens VNC

Screens VNC is an amazing app that enables you to manage your web internet connection with tons of important features. It offers a Curtain mode that obscures that display on the remote MAC’s. Some of its core features contain iPad Multitasking Support, Full 3D Touch Support, Dropbox and iCloud synchronization, Full hardware keyboard support, and URL Schemes Support, etc. It also provides one password integration support, AirPlay Mirroring, share commands with your computer and much more. It allows the options such as Powerful Gestures, Shortcut Toolbars, Connects Safely, Clipboard Sharing, Display and Session Selection, etc.


9. SpeedSmart Speed Test

SpeedSmart Speed Test is another fabulous app that contains many quality features that provide much information about your internet connections. It delivers the support for the testing of your upload, download, and Ping. It also provides some awesome features that include Wi-Fi and Cellular network speed test, One Touch Testing (in below 30 seconds), detailed tracking of your past results, a full overview of your speed test, and compare results with your ISP latency and average speed. Except this, it also provides more than 100-speed test servers, extremely accurate Bandwidth calculator, provides result map for viewing speed testing and much more along with the sharing of your speed test results on social media websites.

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10. FAST Speed Test

FAST Speed Test is an app with robust accuracy. It provides you a consistent and real-time precise information about how fast your internet connection is working. FAST Speed Test is a quick and easy to use the app with many useful features that provide detailed info about your cellular and Wi-Fi internet connection weather in your mobile and broadband anywhere in the whole world. It is an ad-free app with a streamlined design that provides graphical details scenario, clean interface, and maximum ease for even unprofessional users as well.


11. Soulver

Soulver is an app with a powerful User Interface that enables you to do calculations over complex lines, management of things, and much more. It is an app that provides a detailed description of things over the network. It provides robustly quick and detailed answers in no time so that you can easily perform things over here. Rather than this, it also includes some interesting features which let you perform your things in a better way. It supports many useful and custom variable approach that enables you to do more over here.


12. LAN Speed Test

LAN Speed Test is a tool that measures the internet related information and some other simple and complex functionalities on your Local Area Network. It is mainly used for the network where LAN (local area network) is applicable. Using this app, you can easily monitor the speed, browsing and streaming over your network. It contains the ability to set the threads. It improvises some fixes like upload speed testing algorithm optimization, some graphical optimizations, and added some languages for the ease of users from all over the world. This app on your handheld devices provides you the information of your particular internet connection between LAN network.


13. Meteor

Meteor provides detailed information about your mobile phone, tablets or other device’s internet approach. It is a great app that reveals all the important and required information about your cellular and Wi-Fi internet connection. Using this app, you can check your internet status and much other detailed information everywhere anytime. Some of its improved features include some Major iPad UI update, Filter result history, speed test map, Show Mobile or Wi-Fi only results, Improved performance, Bug fixes, etc. Excluding this, it also provides a real-time testing of uploading download and Ping Support.


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