13 Best Web Browsers for iOS

Searching, surfing and browsing on the web is almost done by everyone using their smart devices. Previously people used to have a PCs or Mac computer and they were only provided with a single browser that was their native browser and they have to use it whatsoever for their browsing and internet surfing. Windows users were in the heck for quite a while as they were totally obsessed by the native internet explorer browser. Later on other browsers came into the market for PCs and replaced the native browsers. As now everyone is switched to the smartphone and gadgets. There are numerous browser based apps present to be used on the gadgets. These browser apps are fast, secure and extraordinary in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Although the native browser of the iOS devices safari is too quite fast and efficient in terms of browsing but many of iOS users get bore of it and want to try new and unique browser apps. In this list we have discussed the best browser apps for iPhone and iPad. These apps does not only enhance the browsing experience but also keeps proper control of the user’s privacy and security.

1. Dolphin Web Browser

Dolphin Web Browser is a quite famous and popular web browser. Most of the iOS users do know about this browser and they use this exciting and amazing browser app for browsing over the web. The best thing about this specific browser app is that it possess crystal clear and simple easy to use interface that makes browsing a lot easier and interesting. The best thing about the app other than its remarkable sync abilities is the dolphin sonar support for the iOS based devices. The users just have to shake their device and ask dolphin sonar to search and browse.


2. Opera Coast web browser

Opera Cost web browser is a brilliant and feature enriched browser app that is developed and proposed as product of Opera Software ASA. This is one of the most underrated web browsing app. Many of the people often confuse about it and mix it with another Opera browser known as Opera Mini. This free browser app let its users to search and browse whatever they want to search with full convenience and security. Browsing is just so beautiful and glamorous with this alluring app.


3. Ghostery Privacy Browser

Now all the stuff that the user browser, search and look for in the web is totally safe and secure as this astounding and bewildering master quality browser app guard the users privacy and privacy. Ghostery Privacy Browser app is one of the most secure browsing app that is based on the end to end encapsulation and encryption, due to which no one can access and peek through the stuff of the users. The searches and results are filtered and are safe from any third party access.


4. Puffin Browser Pro

Puffin Browser Pro is another quite famous and one of the most widely used browser app on the iOS next to its native safari browser. This astounding and extreme master quality browser app is developed and proposed by CloudMosa, Inc. The best and most unique feature that is present in the browser is the pre installation of adobe flash player which let the users to open every sort of link and play the videos directly while browsing. This feature of the app is present in the both free browser and the PRO one.


5. Firefox Focus: The privacy browser

Firefox Focus: The privacy browser is a new outclass and outstanding browser app that is developed and published by Mozilla. Most of you out there would surely be familiar with the Mozilla Firefox browser for the PC and the same one for the smart devices. This very product of the Mozilla is keenly involved in the privacy and security stance of the user. The app is specially designed and developed in terms of providing extreme level privacy and security to the users while browsing and streaming on the web.


6. Opera Mini web browser

Opera Mini web browser is another web browser app developed and proposed by Opera Software ASA. It is one of the most famous browser app in all around the world with thousands of users. The app is more famous because of its PC version that gains a lot of fame and was widely in demand. The app is more widely used despite of being a “Mini” browser that is because of its super-fast browsing and extreme level user convenience. The downloading speed is increased even on the slow data connection with low bandwidth.


7. Google Chrome – The Fast and Secure Web Browser

Google Chrome is one of the world’s most famous and widely used browser app that is used by millions of users in every region of the world. It is more likely to you have a Google Chrome browser while you are accessing this list of best browser apps. Latest survey reveals that the Google Chrome is widely replacing the native browser app of iOS known as Safari, as everyone is using this extremely amazing browser for accessing the web. Google Chrome browser app is already a native browser app on the Android platform and iOS users do prefer it too.


8. Perfect® Web Browser

Perfect Web Browser is another new and latest browser app that is specially designed and developed for browsing on the iOS based smart devices. This astounding and smart browser app is developed and released by Appsimply. The unique and prominent features of the app includes the split screen mode while browsing so that the users can browse various things at same time. The app possess the master ability of saving the webpages, which can be accessed by the users in the offline state.


9. UC Browser

UC Browser is another extreme level master quality browsing app that is loved and used by millions of users all around the globe. All the app is not that much famous among the iOS users as the main and prominent feature of the app relates with downloading and you can’t download videos on your iOS devices. It has heard that UC browser is working on it negotiating with Apple Inc. and soon within the privacy standards it will be enabled for downloading videos and other stuff. The app is super-fast and super cool in terms of stream less browsing with minimum consumption of data.


10. Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser

Sleipnir Mobile – Web Browser is not that much famous and well known browsing app to the iOS users as the app is recently launched. But despite of being new to the market and facing such a tough competition from the similar sort of rival apps but still this new comer manages to retain its own unique position and spot due to its brilliance and effectual performance. The best and most prominent feature of the app is that is introduces a whole new kind of browsing. The app let its users to browser and search the stuff on the web with the help of thumbnail tabs that are used for navigation too.


11. Maven Web Browser Plus

Maven Web Browser Plus is another brilliant and extremely effective browser app that is developed and proposed by Gihyun Jung especially for iOS based devices. The app claims to be one of the most ergonomics based browser app, which means it is completely devoted in terms of efficient performance and tend to provide the maximum efficiency level along with sheer brilliance and utter smartness. The app is quite secure and really respect the privacy of its users. The app saves the passwords for its users for various sites and log-ins so that they could never forget their password.


12. iCab Mobile (Web Browser)

iCab Mobile is another specific iOS devices base web browser app that is developed and proposed by Alexander Clauss. The best and most prominent feature of the browser includes the immense level download and upload support, despite of restrictions of iOS the users are able to download and upload almost any kind of stuff from any of the website. The app saves the bookmarks for its users. The app is also able to save the multiple passwords of the users so that they can easily browse without any inconvenience of the access.


13. Red Onion

Although from its name this app does not seems to be a browser app but in actual it a brilliant and remarkable browser app which is quite viral and trendy nowadays and is preferred by most of the iOS users. The best and most unique thing about the app is that it let its users to browser and search on the web without showing their identity, which means that the users browse on the web as anonymous. This feature of the app is quite widely appreciated and people from every region of the world are preferring this specific browser app due to its this privacy feature.


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