5 Best Free Visio Viewer for Windows


Best Free Visio Viewer for Windows is the list of free applications which can be used to view Visio files. Visio file with .VSD file extension has a raster graphic image and primarily it is used to represent flowcharts and diagrams. Nowadays, it is the most famous file format of Microsoft Visio software. Limited applications are present in the market that allows you to view VSD file. In this article, you will find some of the best Visio viewer applications and you can download them free of cost. All these applications allow you to view multi-page VSD files quickly and some of these software are helpful to view multiple VSD files. You can get some other important features through these applications such as, change background color, conversation, file drag & drop options and more.

1. Microsoft Visio Viewer

Microsoft Visio Viewer is a simple and efficient software application that enables you to check out diagrams such as VSD, VST, VSS, or VDX created with the help of Internet Explorer. It is one of the most comprehensive applications present for the windows operating system and you can preview the diagrams created with the help of it. The application allows you to rely on your Internet Explorer to see the diagrams without modifying their contents. You will get a familiar environment to manage your documents and you don’t need to learn new hotkey combinations or other menus. Further, you have the possibility to zoom in the chart for carefully analyzing each detail or zoom out get a clear overview of all the parts of the diagram. It is just a basic view, so does not support guides, stencils, panes, rulers, or guide points.


2. VSD Viewer

VSD Viewer is a free and handy software application that allows you to open, view and print any Microsoft Office Visio document. It is the best way to view Visio files on your desktop. It is FoxPDF product that enables you to open and view Visio VSD, TXT, and RTF files quickly as well as it shows images clearly and crisply. Its menu facilitates you to Pan and Zoom, Width or Fit All, Mirror and Rotate. This application can view high-quality Visio files from VSD file without the need of Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Software. Further, it can Open, View, and Print in high speed. In this program, you have to just drag and drop Visio files for Open, view, and Print. It offers support for many languages such as English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, and Japanese.


3. Free Visio Viewer

Free Visio Viewer is a user-friendly and simple software application which has the primary task to facilitate the viewing and printing of Microsoft Visio files. This straightforward program can display Microsoft Visio files and allows the user to explore charts and diagrams quickly. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that is easy to manage by the day-to-day user, without the need of advanced computer knowledge. You can add files to the viewing area using the dedicated button, or with the help of drag and drop option. Further, the application can handle a number of programs and facilitates you to navigate the content using integrated controls. Zoom in and Zoom out options are present in the upper side area of the primary window and there is also a button for quickly printing the files. The right-click menu of the application gives access to the document’s Properties and Settings.


4. Gliffy

Gliffy is a simple online application that allows you to create and share flowcharts, floor plans, network diagrams, user interface designs and other drawings. It is also the best application to be used as Visio Viewer. This application allows you to view and open VSD files quickly. Now it is possible to work with anyone and anywhere without worrying about software or browser compatibility. The application has integration with JIRA, Confluence, and Google Drive so you can easily collaborate on your company’s selected platform. Gliffy enables you to get visual consistency using custom logos, templates, and shape libraries your whole team can create, edit, and share. So, it is easy for you to draw flowcharts, UML, org charts and network diagrams without downloading heaving software programs.

5. MS Office AutoCad PDF PSD TIFF Viewer Free

MS Office AutoCad PDF PSD TIFF Viewer Free is a straightforward and handy application that allows you to view many famous file formats including VSD file. You have the facility to view various Visio files as it has the option to open multiple Visio files in multiple tabs. Further, this program contains some useful viewing features for viewing visio files just like Zoo, Flip, Rotate, and Bookmarks. You have the facility to change the background image color using this program. In addition to Visio file, MS Office AutoCad PDF PSD TIFF Viewer Free offers support to some popular file formats just like Excel, DWG, TIFF, PSD, PPT, and PDF. The application allows the user to see VSD files by clicking on the Open option in the File section on the left side of the program interface. It will open a File dialog box which enables you to browse for VSD file you want to use.

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