13 Best Free Mobile Testers

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After making a mobile application there is one way to test it, by running it on the device, there is always a chance the device will be affected by the bugs, or the app will not work appropriately and affect the components of the mobile that is a hectic job to repair. The developers have made many tools and software that let you run an automated test on various platforms and help you test the function, the modes and compatibility. The automation mode lets you run different tests and provide you with results and reports. Some software also offers you tips on how you can make the app more secure and configurable. These automation mobile testing tools save time; it creates streamlines business operations and establishes smooth organizational processes, reduce failures and malfunctioning, works on both mobile and web-based platforms. The primary function of the mobile testing program provides appropriate testing, reduce the client base and launch a highly efficient system. These tools are not only automated but to find a human error they also provide manual testing, support different programming languages and much more. There are many tools and programs that offer these aspects and services, but each machine is unique and possesses specific characteristics. We have presented the list of top most reliable mobile testing tools to choose whichever suits your needs and start testing your applications.

Best Free Mobile Testers

1. Calabash

Calabash is an open-source and a free tool that is available for both Android and iOS users. The tool is used by connecting your device with the computer and allow you to test your mobile application and their working. This is the best tool that tells you the app’s performance and will enable you to monitor the basic things like speed, agility, customization, working, usability, and much more. The core feature of this smart tools include mechanized acceptance testing system, it is utilized to perform automated functional tests on the app, works on local and hybrid apps, it uses the functions of Ruby, Java, .NET, Flex and numerous other programming dialects, the test code automatically collaborate with local and half applications, and more. The interface of Calabash is easy to use and mostly used by developers and designers; it includes a user-friendly layout and provides a flexible framework.

2. TestComplete Mobile – SmartBear

TestComplete Mobile – SmartBear is a mobile testing application that consists of many new tools that are easy to use and provide a full function that offer you full access to all the back-end phase of the mobile app. The best part of the tool is that it gives exact and understandable results to the user. The key aspect of the program includes mechanized functional testing tool planned by SmartBear, and it can test both platforms (Android and iOS), business versatility, automate your UI test on cellphones, virtual machines, or emulators, record activities to make mechanized tests, include different language dialects, and more. TestComplete Mobile is user-friendly, and the interface of the program is easy to understand, the data representation is essential and readable. TestComplete Mobile accompanies bolster for Android and iOS gadgets.


3. SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform

SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform is a mobile app testing tool that contains many exciting features and tons of functionality that sun almost all the small and large aspects and part of the app and provide you with a great and explainable result. The primary function of the tools is that it continuously test the mobile app to ensure that discourage cycles and increment quality are quick and effective. The program offers three main steps on testing phase, test development, test execution, and test analysis. Other notable features include checking the quality of the test conducted and review the result, record and log the document, present proof in effortlessly utilizing visual reports that incorporate screen captures, manually allow you to do an examination, debug, support development platforms like XCode, Android Studio, and various more. SeeTest Continuous Testing Platform is easy to understand, comes with a constructive GUI layout, precise navigation aspect and various useful tools.

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4. WebLOAD – Mobile Performance Testing

WebLOAD – Mobile Performance Testing is a fantastic tool that contains automation functionalities that test the mobile application and provide you the result so you can make changes and improve the functionality. The means has an intuitive interface that allows the user to navigate the program quickly and offer customizable tools for user ease. The main features of WebLOAD – Mobile Performance Testing, offer stress testing, will enable you to stack tests, so you know what the user will demand form the app, permits you to record contents straight from the cellphone, allow usage on multiple languages, and much more. The interface has a smart GUI design, presents the data in a simple and understandable way. WebLOAD – Mobile Performance Testing is free and provides access to 50 virtual clients.


5. Testdroid

Testdroid is a smart and beautifully interfaced tool that provides functions to test your mobile applications. It is a cloud-based tool that encourages developers to save cost behind app improvement. The best part of the device is that it is the speediest method to test your app against both Android and iOS platforms and decrease operational and whimsical costs. Testdroid share and look into various hardware aspects like screen resolution and OS forms. The core feature of this program includes remote manual access to more than 300 genuine gadgets running on the Android platform, various testing modes, helps in agile development and testing of a mobile app, permit real gadgets with mechanization and manual testing and few more. Testdroid is an open-source program that minimizes the risks of gadgets and agile testing, improves the speed, rating and everyday dynamics, reduce app development cost. Testdroid has a smart interface that guides the user in many ways and offers a user-friendly layout and easy navigation.

6. Kobiton

Kobiton is a mobile app testing tools that reduce the cost of development and offer various testing aspects and set tools that are user-friendly and let the developers improve the function and agility of the program. It is a cloud-based tool that is user-friendly and offers manual testing on both android and iOS platforms. Kobiton help in testing multiple touch signals, GPS re-enactment, camera work, speakers and other associated gadgets. The tools collect all the action and activity perform on the testing session and recognize the issue. Kobiton offers cellphone cloud platform, permits to perform hybrid, automated and manual test on both Android and iOS platforms, continually include more tools and functions, test crosswise over gadgets without content alternation, and automatically create movement logs, charges, screen capture, and many other aspects. The tool provides you the benefits of centralized testing history, simplified client experience to streamline test sessions, and many more. The program is full of various functions and offers a user-friendly layout that guides the user in the navigation of the tools.

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7. Appium Studio

Appium Studio is a smart mobile testing tool that offers various function to simulate a mobile app on both android and iOS platforms. It provides assist in rapidly discharging quality applications which saves time and costs less for the developers. The core function of this program include iOS testing on Windows machine, easily record and compose tests and stack them utilizing gadget refection, get fully organized data representation of reports, check all the attached aspects of mobile like sound, TouchID, framework apps, etc. run the test with no alternations, test on privately associated cellphones, and much more. Appium Studio enables clients to begin testing inside minutes, decreases operational expenses, and enhances scope out-of-application testing. Support different dialects like Ruby, JAVA, PHP and more, don’t require to reassemble mobile apps on alternate stage, easy to set up, utilized automated functions are some of the features of Appium Studio. This web-based platform is easy to use, provide agility and offer a user-navigating protocol to help in navigation.

8. MonkeyTalk

MonkeyTalk is a mobile testing platform that tests the functionality and compatibility of the mobile apps that works on both android and iOS platforms. It offers automation tools and customized tests on both platforms. The best part of the program is that it is open-source and free to use. The core features of the program offer three segments, IDE, Scripts, and operations. The test is based on these segments and is organized in a stack so its user can avail of the waterfall algorithm. MonkeyTalk offers the same content for both platforms, does not require any programming script learning, organizes the gadgets, use test suite ‘smoke test’ which is information-driven, offers practical intuitive tests for iOS and Android applications, and much more. The IDE can be used for recording or for playing back the test contents, provide both XML and HTML reports with this tool and present the data in an organized and presentable way. MonkeyTalk is easy to use and contain new tools, the interface is user-friendly, and the GUI structure is easy to navigate and provide an attractive and interactive theme.

9. Robotium

Robotium is a smart mobile tester tool and designed explicitly for testing Android apps. It is free and easy to control and compose and include programmed black-box test cases. It fetches all the required data from the app to run the test. The preferred language in this tool for android is JAVA. The core feature of the program includes an open-source library, and outline particularly for android UI testing, the computerization structure can also work on hybrid apps, offer test contents, permits to compose function and framework, and various other features. Using Robotium can be beneficial in many ways like running test cases on pre-defined apps, get code scope for tests, handle android exercises consequently, don’t require much time in making strong test case, and sync effortlessly with Ant or Maven to run tests as a significant aspect of continuous integration. Robotium has a smart interface and offers an attractive theme that has a guiding feature. The UI provides an interactive layout.

10. Selendroid

Selendroid is smart mobile testing tools that support apps of both Android and iOS platforms. The tools contain many features and testing modules that check the functionality and design of the app if it is fully compatible and match the requirements of the device. It is known for composing API hybrid tests. This automated framework includes features like being open source and compatible with many emulators and devices, the analysis is based on Selenium 2 customer API framework and many others. Selendroid is easy to use and works with JSON wire conversion, do not enable adjustments under test conduct, include a diverse locator variation, associated with numerous Android gadgets simultaneously, it also includes hot stopping of device components and more. The best part of Selendroid is the Selenium inspector which enables investigation of the present condition of app UI. Selendroid is dedicated to providing a smart GUI structure and offers great tools for the usability, consistency, and security of the app. The user-friendly interface is guiding and navigating.

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11. test IO – Solving Your Mobile Testing Needs

test IO – Solving Your Mobile Testing Needs, as the name and title suggest it is a smart mobile testing tool that is capable of testing on both Android and iOS devices. The tool provides support for the use and offers continuous testing of web-based and device-based testing. The program has tons of features that are compatible for both beginner and expert users. The core feature of test IO offers test on reading devices, get feedback from real humans, release faster. It is full of compatible languages support modules, make sure it works on iOS, Android, and every OS version, find the bugs, present the data in readable and customizable form, do manual and automated test runs, and much more. test IO has a smart interface and user-friendly the GUI structure has an excellent constructive design and provide flexible testing that fulfills your needs.

12. Ranorex Studio

Ranorex Studio is mobile testing tools which contain a wide a range of tools that help you find out the bugs in the app and help you fix them, check the compatibility of the app on both Android and iOS platform. Ranorex Studio is used by over 4000 companies and provides easy usability for beginners because it comes with a one-click interface. It supports testing on both platforms and tests the native mobile and web-based apps. The core feature of the app includes reliable object identification, searchable object repository and reusable code modules for efficient test creation, test on a real device without rooting it, customizable test results with comprehensive data and report representation, integrates with tools like Jira, Jenkins, CI, etc. Ranorex Studio has an intuitive interface and provides navigation, has a smart GUI structural layout and various other aspects that make the interaction more flexible. Ranorex Studio comes with a 30-day trial period.

13. TestingBot

TestingBot is a mobile app testing tool that allows you to check web-based and device-based apps. It is a cloud-based platform and offer many tools regarding testing of mobiles and testing the compatibility against the Android and iOS platform. The software is easy to use and provide wide range of tools and the central aspect of TestingBot include involve, running automated and manual tests, support for latest Appium and Selenium versions, integrates with CI/CD pipelines, live interaction with devices, check on all version of tools with beta versions, access to screenshots, video and various other metrics of the device during testing, and much more. TestingBot is easy to use, provides a smart interface and offers an intuitive layout of the program. The tool offers a trial version, and the subscription starts from $49 per month.

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