Best Game Booster Apps for Android

Gaming is one of the most reasons why people purchase Android devices. This who purchase it for work, also like to play games and there are many types of games available on the internet nowadays. Every kind of person can find their type of game in a matter of minutes if searched correctly. The thing is, gaming has reached a greater level now, and games of large size like 2, or even 4 GB are available on Android platform. Thee apps are too much to be handled by a low-end Android device, and sometimes they even crash at high-end devices. The reason for this sometimes is not your device, but the thing that it is overloaded and lot of resources are being consumed by many other apps in the background. For this, you can manually clean all the processes and can start playing the game but clearing everything every time you play a game is a headache but you don’t have to worry as a lot of applications can help you in this cause. These apps are called booster apps, and they can clean all the cache an RAM with just one single tap from you. Some of the apps are specially designed for boosting games and have special features for this purpose. Take a look at the list given below which have some applications to boost your games.

1. Systwaek Android Tool

Systwaek Android Tool is an all in one suite of features to boost and clean your Android device. The application is loaded with features, and you can boost the performance of your Android device with just some simple taps. The process of cleaning and boosting is automated, and you can get more out of your device by just installing and using this application. The application works at all aspects of Android and limits the battery and storage usage by most of the applications giving you a faster mobile dive. Also, the app has a game boosting feature which is specifically designed for gamer’s ad it allows a better gaming experience for all of the gamers who use it. The app is free, and you can download it from the Google Play store.


2. Game Booster 3

The game Booster app has held its place in the top ranks of the gaming app for a long time. Now, it has released a new generation of its application which is far more compatible and comes with more powerful features. The app is loaded with features to boost games, and you can get a positive gaming experience using this app. It does not slow down even the lowest of your device still increasing the gaming performance of your device. Experience ultimate gaming with just some simple taps using this app and enjoy your time with no lag games. It is very low in size and can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store.


3. DU Speed Booster

As we are talking about boosting applications, there’s a chance that you have already heard about the DU Booster app. This application covers all the areas of your Android device to optimize and clean and gives you a smooth faster device. It is a Phone and memory booster, Junk file cleaner, antivirus, network booster, CPU cooler and also a game booster in one package. Its game optimizer is also a high-quality game booster which allows you to enjoy gaming without much issues of blackouts or crashes seamlessly. Giving you all the features in optimum quality, this application is entirely free to download and use which makes it more worthy of an app to give a try.


4. Dr. Boost

Dr Boost is a simple app to boost up the performance of your Android device by freeing up the RAM< and cache memory. The app has a floating gadget feature which can be used to boost the performance at any required time with just one tap. The app also has an anti-malware security function which keeps your device out of the reach of any adware or malware. The app has also been used for game boosting purposes widely around the world, and now it has special features to boost only the games. As soon as it installs, it categorizes all your games in one place so you can access them easily from one place.


5. Link2SD

The best app managing app is said to be this one at this time. The app is loaded with features and with root access, it can also uninstall system applications with ease. This app is widely used for moving apps from internal storage to external storage, and vice versa can also be done with it. Freeing up space from internal memory by moving apps to the external storage is a good move, and it can improve the performance of your device drastically. If you are having a bad time playing your favourite games and it crashes mostly, moving the apps from internal storage to external storage and see the difference for yourself.


6. Swift Gamer

This app is specifically designed for gaming purposes, and it holds a high rank in this category of apps. The app exclusively boosts your games giving you a better experience of your gaming time with better graphics and speed. All you have to do is just install the app and use its boosting features to get your gaming time started. The app is pretty intelligent as it works till your game is on and stops working as soon as you turn of the game and your device comes at a normal state. You can do high-level gaming with this application installed on your device.


7. Game Booster Bestware Tools

Another app for your ultimate gaming experience. The Game Booster app by Bestware Tools is specially designed for increasing the performance of your device while you are playing games and it can boost up to 40% of the overall performance of your device. It frees up ram as soon as you launch your game giving you much smoother and fast gaming experience. You can also manually boost your device if you want to do work using a heavy app like a photo editing app or a video editor. The app monitors your device in real time and tells you when the device temperature is going up by showing a notification; now it depends on you to cools right away by just tapping it or do it as soon as your mission is complete.


8. Your Game Booster Pro for PUBG

Your Game Booster Pro for PUBG is a commercial app which needs to be purchased if you want to use it. The app has all positive reviews on the Google Play Store, and it can increase the performance of your device drastically. The app frees up RAM and extra cache used by other apps whenever you turn on a game, thus giving you a great boost in your gaming performance. The all in one app for game boosting is a solution for all your gaming problems. Just pay it once, and it’s yours for a lifetime. Download it from the given link.


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