16 Best Handwriting Apps for Android

Reviewed by Sanam Nayab • By Usama Ali • Updated on Apr 18, 2023

As with the time being the use of digital devices is increasing, everyone is more into the typing and other stuff. The trend of writing with the hands using the pen or pencils is quite demolishing. In previous times if we see the offices, the employees working there have to do all the stuff manually either it is the preparation of document or filling of any specific form. Everything was done via using the handwriting by pens and pencils. The same scenario was in the schools and colleges too where the assignments were written by hands and other stuff was done manually. It was quite time consuming and as the Information Technology and Science collectively leaped forward the manual setup soon completely replaced by the digital one. On which everything is done efficiently and effectively. The input texting method is basically using the keyboards for writing and creating a document etc. But still at sometimes there is an utmost need of handwritten input as in the cases of signing the documents etc. For this purpose there are variety of apps developed that ensure handwritten stuff to be inserted in the smart devices and let the users to write, draw, sign and sketch in the digital environment using stylus Pen or by simple hands or fingers. Best of Handwriting apps for Android smartphones and tablets are listed here for you.

1. MyScript Stylus (Beta)

MyScript Stylus (Beta) is an amazing and extreme quality based app that let its users to input either the text or anything for their documents directly by their handwriting or using the stylus pen provided along many of the smart devices nowadays. This tremendous potential based app is developed and published under the flagship of MyScript. The users can now experience a whole new level of writing on the digital writing environment as this app is quite effectual in such terms and provides marvelous and outrageous environment for handwriting using the stylus. If the smart device of the users does not a stylus with it, as most of the devices which are smaller in specific size lacks stylus, the stylus can be bought separately and can be further linked with the smartphone or tablet via suing super easy functionalities of this very app. The users can know manipulate and edit their text whoever they want to do. The text of the users now can be edited super-fast and efficiently as it can be simply be done via simple gestures, as this astounding app provides a massive support for the gestures. Erasing the sentences or the words or creating the spaces frequently is way much easy and handy via the tools provided within the app. It is also freely available on the Google Play Store for Android.



2. Squid: Take Notes, Markup PDFs

Once there was a time when it was a quite difficult and tough scenario to manage notes taking in the digital environment, as many important tools and supporting features lack. But due to this splendid and elite functionality app the scene is totally different and taking the notes naturally on the smartphones and tablets is way much more easy and convenient via this very app. This marvelous and awesome app enables its users to take down frequent notes that too handwritten on the digital environment in the best possible way. This fabulous app is designed and published by Steadfast Innovation, LLC. Although the vendors of the app are not that much popular and famous in the market as they are new, but in such a short time they have managed to give some very pure quality based apps due to which they retain a unique spot and standard in the market. And if the game goes the same way they will be soon ranked among the most well reputed vendors. The users can now easily zoom in and out into the documents, the heads of the organizations can directly sign on the tablets and smartphones via this very app using the stylus. The app is recommended to use with the pre-installed stylus devices for maximum productivity and efficiency. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices.



3. RoughAnimator – animation app

If you are looking for the app that provides you the freedom of doing everything with your hands on the digital environment, then this is the app that you should surely consider. RoughAnimator – animation app is a master level bewildering app that let its users to draw, write, sketch and do whatever they want to do, everything in the best possible digital environment. The app is developed and proposed as the product of WeirdHat and is way much awesome and efficient in terms of overall functionality as compare to all the similar kind of apps that are present in the market for the very same purpose. The app is basically for the artists, who are in the beginners’ stage and want to learn how to draw and create animations on the digital environment using variety of tools. Some amazing tools and features of the app includes the unlimited animation layers, onion skinning options, scrubbing facility, the users can import or sync the stuff too and many more other useful and effective features. The app is compatible with the devices along with the stylus and Pen such as Galaxy Note S pen and others too. This amazing and pure premium multiple functionality app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android.

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4. SignEasy:Sign & Fill Documents

As by the time being everything is getting digital touch and is becoming more efficient and effectual with the E as prefix. E-commerce, E-mail etc. Now the facility of E-Signature is provided to the users via this very much high profile and awesome functionality app due to which the users can now sign the documents of the digital environment base smart devices more efficiently and in a smart way. The app is already quite famous and popular among the people all around the globe, it has more than 3 million of satisfied and happy users from 150 different countries around the world and the numbers are increasing quite rapidly. This tremendous potential signing and document filling app is designed and published under the flag of Glykka LLC. The vendor of the app is not that much famous but despite of being a new comer to the market it has successfully managed to provide a high class and elite profile product. The users can now sign efficiently on the document by the stylus or with the finger via using this very app and can frequently send and share to the employees, customers or colleagues. The app has free version that has free trial period valid up to 7 days and has a paid version that has addition premium features and functionalities in it. Both of the versions can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


5. Character Maker – How to draw

Character Maker – How to draw is a brilliant and outstanding app that is specially designed for creating animated characters on the digital devices via using the hands or the stylus pen provided within many smartphones and tablets nowadays. The app contains pure quality based effectual tools that enables the users to create and draw 2D animated characters and cartoons whenever they want to using their hands or the stylus of their devices. The app is suitable and best for the both the professional artists, who are expert in drawing the animated characters and are well aware of making the characters in the digital environment. On the other hand this app is quite good for the beginners and starters, who are new to animation or the drawing feel and want to learn the basic technique and modules that how to be a good animation artist and what are the essential tips and tricks needed to be on the very best of their own. The app contains a massive variety of useful and effective tools that can be convenient and easily be used by any of the person from any walk of life and they can create their own desired customized character. The app is fully compatible with the smartphones and tablets both. It is developed and proposed by ArtiPunk and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for $3.50.


6. How to Draw – Easy Lesson

Many people do possess the artistic nature and have that potential in them that they can be a top class artist on the basis of their unmatchable imaginative strength. But a huge number of such people are likely to end up without any great creation because of lack of basic knowledge of drawing and lack of training. Having God gifted natural powers and abilities is a different thing but polishing and sharpening them is always needed. This amazing app is for those artist who are new to the drawing and sketching field and want to learn from the basic that how they can draw and that especially in the digital environment. The app is developed and released as product of Artfonica. It contains a large variety of different lessons and tutorial in it that let the users to learn the drawing and sketching more quickly and swiftly. The app is listed in the handwriting apps because it enables the users to draw and sketch via using hands or stylus pen on their digital smart devices such as smartphones and tablets. The best part of the app is that it has numerous pre-installed drawings of animals, cars and other animations, which are further portrait in a step by step manner so that the users of the app can learn in more accurate and better way. It is too free of cost present on the Google Play store.


7. Google Handwriting Input

It is another bewildering and extremely amazing app developed and proposed by Google Inc. Google Handwriting Input enables the users using either the android based smartphones or the tablets, the users can now add their text by using their handwriting, drawing and sketches even to add the text, shapes or emoji’s even. This app allows the users to insert their handwritten stuff as the text or an emoji’s bases animation or even as drawing sketchy etc. The app is said to be the additional feature of the brilliance as Google Inc. already possess the apps that supports the typing and even the voice inputs of its users. The app is way much useful and astounding in the terms of being supportive to the analogue inputs. Google Inc. is already quite famous in experimenting and providing amazing functionality unique products that are not smart and effective but takes the communication and analog support to the whole new level of smartness and excellence. The app is compatible with the all Android devices that are running on the 4.0 or the upper version. The users can download the app if it is not already present on their smartphones and tablets easily from the Google Play store.

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8. S Note

S Note is another tremendous and ravishing pure quality based app that is specifically built for frequent and efficient note taking, document filling and writing down the important stuff on the smartphones and tablets on the go. The app is a sort of hull mark in terms of note taking apps and provides the best possible digital environment for the multiple functionality inputs. This mastery and fabulous app is developed and published as product of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. The app enables the users to efficiently and effectually take the frequent notes and can edit them also on the single go at once. The app fully supports the awesome and tremendous features of freehand writing and drawing, the users can insert the handwritten or drawn input via using the S pen of the Samsung devices or by simply using their finger. For the best outcome the app is said to be used on the Samsung devices that have S pen stylus in it. Furthermore the app can be used with other smartphones and tablets that have a stylus in them. The app is totally free of cost and can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


9. Handwritten Memo

Handwritten Memo is another simple yet quite effective app that enables its users to frequently write down on their digital devices using their own hand writing. The users can now draw, sketch, write, sign, can do each and everything that the wish and desire of doing on the digital environment as this very app let them do a lot of things with full freedom. Although the app is not that much famous and popular as it does not proposed from the famous vendor or a well reputed developer, but still the app has immense and extreme level bewildering and astounding quality. The app has simple user interface that makes it quite easy to use and convenient for the users to use it for their specific purposes. It has some pure quality based editing and drawing tools in it that not only enables the users to create their own handwritten memos but also help them in drawing the in the classy yet simple digital environment. It has a simple and powerful setup that ensures its mastery premium working and effectuating work performance. This app is developed and published by HIGEHUUSEN and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android bases smartphones and is even compatible with the tablets too.


10. LectureNotes

LectureNotes is a premium sort of note taking and notepad app that is specifically designed and developed for taking down the notes on the smartphones and tablets by handwriting. It does not require the virtual keyboard stuff for typing as it supports real hand writing of the users and enables them to write on the screens of their smartphones and gadgets. The writing is basically done by the hands as the touch system interface works but it is more specifically recommended to be done via using a stylus pen. Stylus pen is often present in the huge note based Smartphones and tablets and If not it can be separately purchased too. The app aims to provide the real writing experience to its users on the digital wiring environment. The app is specially designed and developed for the students who need to note down their lectures at university or collage. Employees of a firm or business related persons can also use this app for frequently noting down the briefings and other stuff. This amazing app has free limited trail version and a paid version that costs $3.50. Both versions can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.


11. OneNote

OneNote is a marvelous and outstanding instant note taking app that is purposely built for providing the ease and convenience for the users in terms of note taking and writing down all the stuff that is important for them. It is another pioneer app and is a master product developed and proposed by the Microsoft Corporation. Like all the rest products and apps from Microsoft, this app also possess epic brilliance and sheer smartness that enables its users to note down, write, sketch, type or draw via this app. The app is designed in such a way that it makes note taking quite simple and easy. The noted stuff can be instantly shared on the web and social media sites. The app contains the massive variety of all the essential tools that are important for writing and noting down the stuff either by using the handwriting format or virtual keyboard insertion. It is fully loaded notepad or journal for the users to write down all their important routine stuff. The users can even manage daily to-do lists too via this app. This feature enriched app has a size of 86 MBs and is free of cost available on the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.


12. Simplenote

Simplenote is one of the simplest, easy to use and convenient note taking and writing app that is particularly developed for rapid and instant notes making, the users of this app can write down all their thoughts and all kind of stuff that is in their mind at any time. Despite of being new to the market and facing such a tough rivalry and competition from the similar kinds of apps, this app still manages to make its unique identity and mark of existence among the users. It already counts thousands of users from all around the globe and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The users can now note down according to their own desire, whether they can simply type the stuff or can even write by their hand on the digital handwriting based environment provided by the app. This simple yet effective app is free of cost present on the Google Play store for Android based devices and gadgets.

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13. Raloco Notes

Last but not the least on our list is another stupendous and dazzling instant and frequent note taking app which makes note taking quite easy and simple. Raloco Notes is a simple yet effective note taking app that is developed and proposed as a product of Kenzap Ltd. Although the app is not that much famous as there is a massive number of note taking apps that are already in use by the customers and covers up the demands of all the customers’ accessing the market all around the globe. All these stats still are not enough to deny the sheer brilliance and utter smartness of the app. The app has managed to survive and is retaining its unique spot by introducing some extraordinary customization options and additional premium and elite features in to it. The users can now customize and can set up the font size of their notes and the colors of their writing and various other expedient options too. It can be freely downloaded from Google Play store for Android smartphones and tablets.


14. Write

Write is another amazing and astounding app that is specially designed and developed for the users who wants to write anything at any time and on the go. The app provides all the essential tools for the writing to its users so that they can write in a better and effective manner. Write writing and editing app is developed and proposed as a product of and is one of the most widely used writing apps with thousands of satisfied customers from every part of the world. The app possess a simple yet powerful and effectual over all setup and user interface that ensures its premium and smooth work performance and makes this app as one of the most convenient and tranquil writing app of all times. The interface of the app contains a single sheet of paper on the display on which the users can start writing whatever they want to write and that too on the go. As writing is simple via this app, the editing and sharing of the stuff that is written by the users is also very much easy and simple with help of marvelous and effective tools of the app. Some of its editing features includes fancy stuffing, text layout setting, setting up the borders around the text and many more others. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store with any cost.


15. MarkdownX

MarkdownX is an astounding and bewildering all in one sort of app that provides the support for writing, managing the documents, works as a premium text editor, mange the files of users and helps in viewing different kinds of documents. This astonishing multiple functionality app is developed and proposed by Ryeeeeee. Other effective and useful features of the app includes auto saving of the docs, undo and redo facility, changing the format of the files, live preview while writing or editing any document, slide by slide preview facility specially for large gadgets such as tablets and many more other features too. Despite of being new to the market and facing such swear competition from similar kind of rival apps, this app still has successfully managed to retain a solid and unique position in the market. It has thousands of users already and is counting more and more quite rapidly. This splendid all in one app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store for Android.


16. INKredible – Handwriting Note

INKredible – Handwriting Note is a different and unique sort of writing and note taking app that supports a massive variety of insertions options to this app like the users can write on this app as they write on the hard copies using a pen and paper. The ability of writing manually as we write on the paper using pen makes this app unique and quite effective as it provides a whole new experience to its users of writing with their own handwriting using this app and that too in a digital writing environment. As the name of the refers, it is a real incredible and a sort of pioneer app we can say that has totally reformed writing manually with your own hand writing on the digital smart devices either the smartphones or tablets. The user interface of the app is quite catchy and attractive as it seem to be using a hard register or notebook for noting down the stuff. It has all the basic and essential tools present in it that are required for better and efficient writing. This app is so amazing that it will surely take you to the whole new level of writing in the digital environment with the hands. It is totally free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.


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