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Text analysis is a process in which high quality filtered data is extracted from the text of any type plain, HTML or program code. It is a high-end process which requires high-level software and to operate the software; you need to have an excessive knowledge of computer language. The more the knowledge you have, the more it is good to operate in the software. The text analyzing process is also referred as text data min got just text mining. This process is widely used in business machine software, and also most of the scientist use these kind of software to perform the large-scale calculation. The algebraic statistics of this kind of software are beyond any average software application as it is one of the bases to develop one software. You can perform various type of functions in these software like tokenization, stemming, parsing, filtering and much more complicated tasks. We have already found some software which aloe you to do the text analysis and all of the software in the list are on about top in the category. See what suits you best and download from the given link to start your work and enjoy the app.

1. General Architecture for Text Engineering (GATE)

General Architecture for Text Engineering is a top-rated software which is said to be able to solve any text related problem. The software is rich in feature while still being free and user can have a good experience using it. The problem solving capabilities if this software is at a level that more improvement in this software is not easy and it is almost at a perfect state being uncompetitive in speed and cost. The company also works in the field of cloud computing solution for hosted large-scale text processing. Measurements, evaluation and benchmarking are as easy as counting on fingertips and much more to be impressed.




KNIME is a tool for data scientist which blends different tools and data types seamlessly. Because the software is open source, it can be further improved ash the user wants it; any new feature can be added on demand, the user interface can be themed and much more; all without compromising on the data analyzing quality. The company in itself is developing new features for the software and integrating them in the software. Each update comes with a new feature giving you more freedom to work in the same user interface

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3. Apache Mahout

Apache Mahout is a top quality software by apache which is second to none and is available for free. If you are a professional user of languages and are used to text analysation, then this software is good to have a thing for you because it has many available features which can be used by a professional. The software is mostly supplied to scientists for calculations of comprehensive data fastly and accurately. Having all the performance required by the user in one package, this software is freeware which makes it more worthy to be used.



4. Ling Pipe

Ling Pipe is a toolkit for processing text using computational linguistics, and it is quite good in performing a various function on text for analyzing. You can find the names of people, organizations or locations in the news and various other things. The software is multilingual, has multi-genre models and multi-domains too. LingPipe’s architecture is designed to be reusable, scalable, efficient and robust making sure that the software gives a soothing experience to the user in text analyzing. The software is available in only trial version for free, and you can purchase it later.


5. Orange

Orange is a Text analyzing and Data mining software which is open source and used for machine learning and data visualization. You can statistical distributions, box plots and scatter plots, or dive deeper with decision trees, heat maps, hierarchical clustering and much more in this software’s graphical user interface. It gives you interactive data analyzation experience with rapid qualitative data analysis with clean visualization. The software also provides with many add-ons to be added I the software to increase its functionality and features.

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6. Rapid Miner Text Mining Extension

Rapid Miner Text Mining Extension is a multipurpose text analyzing software which allows you to analyze text with different filtering methods. The software is good quality software and is used widely by people around the world. It gives you a statistical analysis of the text in a user interface which is very user-friendly and you can understand it easily. You can load texts from various data sources and apply different filters on it. The software extensively supports many text formats like HTML, Plain text of a PDF as well.


7. Genism

Genism is a robust open source software which is used by professionals for text analyzing processes. The software is top rated and is very lightweight about the size of some MBs, and it does not consume many resources from your PC while you are performing multiple functions in it. The scalability range of the software is extensive, and you can calculate a vast amount of data in less time. Genism is platform independent, and it runs on about all of popular operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The link to the official site is given in the description.


8. Twinword

Twinword is a robust text engineering software which aids the user highly in analyzing text. The software is equipped with AI-powered tools which allow it to solve difficult problems with ease and low possibility of mistake. You can Filter Keywords by User Intent, Filter Keywords by Topic and Filter Keywords by Pattern to Easily Identify Long-tail Keywords. Many more feature are available in the software which are quite handy in text analyzing. The software is available in multiple languages supporting customers worldwide. You can visit the official website from the given link and know more about the software.


9. KHCoder

KHCoder is a free software which is also an excellent text analyzer in terms of speed and performance. The software is not as much loaded with features as much other software in this category, but you can use it efficiently for text mining and quantitative text analysis. The software supports many languages like Japanese, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese to be analyzed. The software is available for Microsoft Windows and can be installed directly through the exe file while for MacOS, you need special instructions which are given on the official website.

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10. Natural Language Toolkit

Natural Language Toolkit is a big fish in the pond of python programming. Most of the python programs are written in it which are created to work with human language. The software is loaded with features like a suite of text processing libraries for classification, tokenization, tagging, stemming, parsing and semantic reasoning and many more to work with. All the features are included in a single package, and it is free software. The link to the official website is given in the description.


11. Apache Open NLP

Apache Open NLP is also a top quality software by Apache which is equipped with a powerful engine in the backend ranging feature from about 50-70. The software in itself is a full-text analyzer as it gives you the functionality of doing large scale tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction, sentence segmentation, parsing, chunking, language detection and co-reference resolution. If you are a skilled professional, you can use it at its full capacity and creating any software in it is a piece of cake. The software is still in need of further development, but it performs many tasks which the user requires and will be much better in the feature.


12. Coding Analysis Toolkit

Coding Analysis Toolkit is a free and open source text analysis service hosted by Texifter. As the name suggests, this is a full toolkit for text analyzing purposes and has many functions to aid a user in text analyzing. The software excels in powerful text analytics, data science, human coding, and machine-learning features which are usually the base of a text analyzing software. The user interface is straightforward and clean, and the user can understand the data readily in it.


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