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Sending letters are the oldest way of communication and have evolved according to the rise of era and technology. Messages sent were put in envelopes, those envelopes had a heading which let the reader know about the origin of the letter received and by whom. Whether it is sending invitations for a wedding, holiday, any family function, or any company letter that is sent to the recipient via hand or mail, envelopes always make a good impression on the recipient. In the century of computers and fast communication, the letter shows thoughtfulness and add a personal touch to it. It is hard to fill many letters and envelopes from hand and write addresses of hundreds of employees. There is the software now that helps you create your custom envelope and print it; the address is filled and taken from the database of the software. It enables you to save time and provide a professional and personal touch to the message. Here is some envelope printing software that is easy in interaction, free and time-saving.

1. LibreOffice Writer

LibreOffice Writer is a free multi-platform software that allows the user to create an envelope and print it. Open-Source software that consists of word processor components and allows printing a document. Its features include templates and styling, word and character counting, build-in java tools, spelling, and grammar checker, autocomplete, auto-correct, database integration, and many others. The documented files save in many formats. It is easy to work with LibreOffice Writer because its interface has smooth interaction with and have all the tools for creating an envelope. User can create an envelope, and there are hundreds of templates which can download easily.

2. Tweaking Envelope Printer

Tweaking Envelope Printer is a free word processor which allow the user to create any document. The software is exclusive for Windows operating systems only. The program supports bulk envelopes printing with multiple options. It will enable the user to customize envelopes skin colour, font style, manage address book, adjust text alignment, insert images, use printer setting options, etc. A fantastic feature is that the user can preview the envelope before printing. The interface is easy to navigate and divide into four sections that are, return address, delivery address, pictures and post-net, printer settings. After completing the above steps in creating the format, the mass print option helps the user to print multiple envelopes at a time and preview them.


3. EasyEnvelopes

EasyEnvelopes is a free mac software which allows users to create and design envelopes. The pro version cost about $10. It provides a template which customizes the envelope, on which the address print that can be selected from a list of contacts or enter manually. The interface is sophisticated and designed according to the user’s needs and can configure accordingly. The software works from a feature to the point of writing the return address. The software allows bulk printing of envelopes and has multiple options attached in case user need to make some changes during printing. User can print the mailing list for the wedding, holiday greeting cards, and many other occasions.

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4. SSuite Office – Envelope Printer

SSuite Office – Envelope Printer is a windows only word processing software which is free to use and download. It is a lightweight tool which is highly equipped with tools and printing options. The software is easy to interact with and provide the user with a great experience. It allows the user to print the address and text labels on envelopes. It is capable of making adjustments even if the printer doesn’t support centre tray positioning of the envelope. Its features include fast installation and intuitive UI, easy to use an address book, basic setting from printing and bulk printing. GUI of SSuite Office – Envelope Printer is comfortable and have light output.


5. An EZ Envelope

An EZ Envelope is an envelope printing software runs only on Windows operating system design for business and personal use. This program can save return addresses and with logos which move to the databases. The features of An EZ Envelope includes the availability of an extensive database capable of storing thousands of addresses, printing particular messages on envelopes, the option of using logos or images in place of return addresses and many more. The addresses stored in the database can send custom letters to customers or friends and family. The unique feature of An EZ Envelope is the control of font type and size, and they can be customized.

6. Envelope Printer Manager Pro

Envelope Printer Manager Pro is an envelope printing windows software that can import addresses from CVS lists. The software allows its users to automatically and quickly print a single or multiple addresses. The program is not free and offers a four days trial period, full version cost around $20. The interface of Envelope Printer Manager Pro is very intuitive, and the user has no problem using it the first time. The features include customizable envelope size, importing addressed including files of the.CVS extension, database management, saving settings, saving addresses, and many more. List of addresses can be imported in less time and automatically printed out.

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7. Dataware Envelope Printer

Dataware Envelope Printer is windows based envelop creator and printer. The program has all the features to print out a desire envelope format. It is easy. Fast and allows the user to save addresses for reusing in the future. The user interface is guiding and simple to interact with a variety of art to decorate users’ return address, or the user can add its custom image. Two simple fonts add the USPS guidelines that suggest using a simple type of fonts to ensure that the delivery of user’s mail is not interrupted. Dataware Envelope Printer contains various envelope sizes, art menu for multiple images to insert in the envelope, and many other features.

8. Quick Envelopes

Quick Envelopes is a free word processor and works on Windows operating systems. The software allows the user to create and design envelopes for every type of occasion. The pro version of the software cost about $30 and includes more features. The program allows the user to print addresses of even up to ten lines in length, different envelopes of different lengths can print the return address in different fonts on the front of the envelope. The interface of the software is fast in loading and easy to understand. Additionally, the fonts are customizable, and it permits the user to employ a different font for every line of the address. It can automatically detect support for envelopes in the connected printer.

9. Star Envelope Printer Pro

Star Envelope Printer Pro is a free windows word processor, but it is open for only 30 day trial period. The software after trial period cost about $20, and it unlocks more features of the program. The UI is easy to read and the program, itself provide all the tools which help both beginner and expert user to make an excellent envelope for every type of occasion. The software allows the user to print barcodes and logos. The main features of this software include bulk printing, the convenience of looking up postal codes over the internet, unlimited mailing and return addresses, and numbers of envelope types/sizes.

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10. Microsoft office

Microsoft Office is a word processor most used and most common software that runs on the Windows operating system. This software includes a prating envelope feature that allows the user to create, send, and edit an envelope. It has step by step instruction, which helps both new and expert users. Microsoft office has pre-installed templates, so the user doesn’t have to make anything from the beginning, which is time-consuming. Files saved Microsoft office has many extensions like DOCX, DOTX, ODT, etc. Some main features involve saving the addresses, changing the style and fonts, images library to access different types of clip-arts, images, and GIFs.

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