List of the Top 12 Robot Games for Android in 2023

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They are a great way to have fun and test your skills in virtual combat. With the increasing demand for robot-themed games, the number of robot games for Android is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Video games in the robot genre typically include robotic characters that may be controlled by a computer and directed to carry out a predetermined set of tasks. The user may choose between a third-person or first-person perspective during gameplay, preventing the robots from accomplishing the objectives. Find out the best robot games for android here.

Video games with robot protagonists typically provide challenging yet rewarding gameplay across various game genres, such as strategy, exploration, combat, and action. In certain games, the player is given control of the in-game robot and, at the outset, given the opportunity to personalize the robot to his liking by equipping it with a selection of unique equipment.

In these games, robots may be controlled by the player and used to destroy adversaries. “Transformers” are fictional robots that can change into a vehicle. In these games, the player dons a robotic suit and is given incredible powers, allowing them to do things like soar through the air, launch a deadly attack, and even demolish entire cities.


The usage of robots is ubiquitous throughout many different types of media, including first-person shooters, exploration games, fast-paced combat games, science fiction, and more.


If you own an Android or iPhone in 2023, you can’t do better than this game about robots. It was created by Pixonic and is now featured as an editor’s pick in the Google Play store. It’s 600 MB in size and offers users a fantastic, dramatic, and even electrifying experience. War Robots is the most popular multiplayer online battle bot game. Find out the best robot games for android here.

Here you may show your global adversaries who’s the swiftest, most demanding, and most creative by engaging them in battle; you can plan strategies to counter their moves and win the game by utterly annihilating your adversary. In this game, you get to pick your warrior from among 50 robots, each with its distinct look and set of abilities, and you may play any way you like.


They can be crushed and destroyed, or they can be saved and protected. Playing this game will provide you access to a wide selection of weaponry. Each robot may be outfitted with the weapons and modules of your choice. Both cooperative multiplayer and solitary play are available in this game.

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2. Robot vs. Robot Battle Royale

Android 2023 is our current number two most excellent robot game. Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private limited developed this game. Get ready for the most extraordinary journey of your life with the classic three against. Never before seen robot battles amongst three opponents.

You may disable the optional in-game purchases without paying anything to play this game. In this game, you and two other players face off against each other using swipes and taps to perform Epic attacks. Find out the best robot games for android here.

It’s possible to charge up and then release particular devastating assaults. The visuals and sound of this game are unlike anything else you’ve ever seen.

Here, you may field a formidable squad by picking from among 45 different robots with special abilities (such as those of gladiators, dragons that breathe fire, arsenals, and so on). Aside from repairing and enhancing your robots, you may also upgrade them and give them access to new abilities and maneuvers.

3. Robotic Warfare

To round out the top 3, we have robot warfare: mech combat developed and published by Azur Interactive Games Limited. This is a fast-paced multiplayer robot war shooter with gorgeous 3D visuals, realistic robots, and high-definition environments. To succeed in this game, you’ll need to stock your garage with robots that each have their unique powers and weaponry so that you can beat your opponents in fast-paced six-on-six clashes.

Choose from a large selection of robots, each with special skills (such as leaping on the building, hiding behind the shields, etc.). You may try out cutting-edge premium robots for free and quickly get top-tier ones at no cost. The best part about this game is that you may utilize as many as ten different robots in a single fight. Find out the best robot games for android here.

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4. Air Robot Battle Game

The player must travel into the future in this, one of the top robot games for iPhone 2023, and turn into a mech fighter simulator. The time to get your hands on this incredible game is now.

5. Mech wars

Attractive 3D visuals, intricate robots, and stunning HD terrain make this multiplayer robot war shooter a joy to play. The game’s goal is to defeat your foes in dynamic combat with a collection of robots you’ve built yourself, each with its skills and arsenal.

6. Robot Guide

Playing this game will allow you to become well-versed in robots, their functions, and how they alter our world. More than 200 kinds of robots, drones, humanoids, and autonomous vehicles are available for exploration. Try out this app right now by downloading it.

7. Robot race

For one final shot for human survival, you can dash over a science fiction world in this game. You may disable the optional in-game purchases without paying anything to play this game. With never-before-seen visuals and effects, this game provides an unforgettable adventure.

8. Robots real Boxing War

Real robots are yours to command in this game, and your mission is to wipe out the opposition. You’ll get to test your robot-controlling talents while enjoying a realistic robot-themed game. The time to get this game on your computer is now. Find out the best robot games for android here.

9. Mech battle

DJINNWORK GMBH’s latest robot game, Mech combat, incorporates online multiplayer and 3D visuals. The central plot point is that by the year 2203, the planet once ruled by humans no longer existed.

After nearly destroying humanity and the planet, the great conflict in this game sees the last humans fighting in gigantic, deadly machines known as Mech for control of Earth once more. The fact that it costs nothing is the game’s main selling feature. Anything you could need is there. It would help if you acquired it by playing and advancing through the stages.

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You may play thrilling team combat and use your accumulated resources to improve your robots and weaponry. You may enhance your Steel Titans’ leap, berserk, speed boost, color-shifting powers, Kinetic, laser, energy weaponry, and so on. Play with your pals in stunning high-definition and 3D arenas and levels by joining or making your Clan.

10. Robot Car Transformation

Minja studio created this game, which combines realistic robot combat, futuristic flying vehicle battles, and robot metamorphosis. The primary premise is that Robot horses are attacking the city. Therefore you must combine your knowledge of future battle combat action with the powers of wild horses to destroy enemy jet bots in this realistic robot warfare game.

11. Super Dragon Warrior big Wings battle

Our friends at Game Feast created this game. Playing this game will stretch you a taste of the excitement and power of the robot dragon’s endless superhuman monster abilities. Air robots, flying heroic dragon fighters, and dangerous foes will engage in battle in a future setting with robotic weapons.

The game’s protagonist, a soaring dragon with giant wings, must combat futuristic robots, brain-dead zombies, a mech robot, and a skull skeleton mummy to reclaim his city from the forces of evil. Spread your wings, pursue and kill your foes, and rid the world of robots, zombies, and skeletons with the robot shooting feature while enjoying the most fantastic HD graphics and thrilling sound effects.

12. Transforming Tornado Robot Game

Brilliant Games created this game, which takes place in the future. Robot shooting games in which a futuristic robot tries to destroy country peace are not new, though. This video game Mechwarrior and robot tornado are here to prove that superhero battles and robot attacks belong in the same genre.

New robot models incorporate tornado robot capabilities, and high-quality visuals and combat noises are featured in this genre’s games. Find out the best robot games for android here.

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