Best Free Anti-Keylogger Software for Windows

Hacking is the biggest threat to all digital device users, and it can do extreme harm to you if used on a considerable level. The Keylogging is also a method of hacking which was initially designed for spying purposes, but it is now used for hacking purposes, and it is hazardous for any individual. In the keylogging method, ransomware is installed on the victims’ device, and it works in the background given all the data you type to the host and your passwords, and private information is revealed. This kind virus does not disturbs your devices functions nor slows it down and you done have a chance to find it out in any case your data has been misused. This way, it is an extreme threat to all kinds of users and one with essential data on its device, should consider protective methods to be saved from it. To stay protected from keylogging, you need to have a good anti-virus system or just install an Anti-Keylogging software in your device. The software keeps monitoring the actions you made on your device and it uses the keystroke encryption methods to protect you from keyloggers. In this methods, all the keystrokes you make on your device are encrypted by the software in real time and the keylogger gets just garbage from you. It generates random useless word for keyloggers and your data is transferred safely to its destination. A list of Anti-Keyloggers is given down below which has many tested and free software in it. Take a look and choose for yourself.

1. Ghost Press

Ghost Press is the about the most straightforward Anti-Keylogging software which gives you security over Keylogging. The software is loaded with features, and because of its simple user interface, you can understand it easily and start doing your work. The software operates in real-time at the backend of your OS and encrypts your keystrokes and other operations you made in your OS. The software can be operated through Command Line Interface and is Multilingual supporting 12+ Languages. Giving you all the featured abilities, this software is totally free, and its official websites link is given from where it can be downloaded.


2. Spy Shelter

Spy Shelter is a professional level anti keylogger software which protects your device from key loggers. It has a high end security systems which stays active all the time at background of your system and keeps monitoring your actions. It heavily protects you keyloggers, screen loggers, webcam loggers, and even advanced financial malware. The software is active for webcam protection, Anti get-text, firewall, anti-kernel mode keylogger, screen protection and some more. It also can protect your keystrokes from being revealed to keyloggers. The software is totally free and the link to download it is given in the link section.


3. Zemana Anti Logger

Zemana Anti Logger is a premium software which ensures you the security over keyloggers. The software is equipped with high grade security engine which stays active in the backend at all times and keeps monitoring you tasks for any malware. As soon as the software finds a threat, it eliminates it right away and you are secure in doing whatever you were. Zemana gives you full protection over Zero-Day Malware and 24/7 support for any problem relate to software. It comes in both the free and premium version and the link to its site is given from where you can get more info about the software as well as download it.


4. Secure Encrypt – OPS

Secure Encrypt – OPS is a high end security software which is designed especially for Anti-Keylogging. The software is robust in performance and it gives you surety over ransomware protection. The software is made on a proprietary behavioral analytics engine containing rules specific to the core functions of any ransomware. It analyzes the overall behavior of your OS to protect you from ransomware by finding and deleting it. It can save you from many potential threat which even your antivirus may leave undetected because ransomware is a high quality virus used for hacking purposes and it sometimes remains undetected by antivirus software.

5. Key Scrambler Personal

Key Scrambler Personal is also a robust software which can be downloaded for free and used personally. The software is in the rankings of top Anti-Keylogger software, and it can protect you from many potential threats. The encryption module is set to work in real time, and it processes and encrypts each keystroke you make on your OS. The way this app works is that whenever you enter a keystroke, the software encrypts it and the one peeking at you gets some random word which doesn’t make sense at all. This way, you are protected from Keyloggers, and your data reaches safely to its destination.


6. Kl Detector

Kl Detector is an Anti-Keylogging software for old-timers who still use Windows 2000 or X. The software is written in simple codes which your old system can easily support, and it has a straightforward user interface to operate with. The software gives you great performance in Anti-Keylogging with just some few resources consumed at the backend and gives you surety of protection over Keyloggers. The con of this software is that it does not remove the threat automatically, it just finds it, and you have to remove the threat manually. The author of the software has also written one more software “I Hate Keyloggers” which can be used as a combo with this software. The software I Hate Keyloggers is used for encrypting keystrokes and if used with KL Detector, it makes you totally secure from keyloggers.


7. Malware Bytes

Malware Bytes is a full suite of anti-virus which protects you from many potential threats like adware, malware, spyware and ransomware. The software gives you protection from all kinds of viruses with a robust engine working on the background ensuring fast and reliable performance. It monitors all your activities on your system and automatically detects and remove potential threats. It can also protect you from keyloggers and crypto jacking methods. The software is cross-platform and can be used on Microsoft Window, Macintosh, Android and iOS. The trial version is available of this software to try for free, and you can later purchase its full version and upgrade it to full version.


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