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Youth, Oldies, and even kids in this era are music lovers and is probably addicted to it. People use headphone and listen to music that they love, for all the time while taking regular activities like having Gym, Driving, Party, Outings, and numerous others. It is a fact and obvious that everyone’s choice for music is quite dissimilar from others due to the providence of a variety of genres. For the sake of this scenario, Audio Editing Tools are necessary when it comes to producing some innovative thing related to music. These tools help you get your most favorite music from audio files, cut, trim, merge, and edit audio, share your audio, manage different file formats, and get output in the format that you want as well. Here is a collection of some affordable, very convenient, and easy to use Audio Editing Apps with superb qualities. These apps help you listen to music that you love by editing them in the way you want. Here is a fabulous collection of tools for making extraordinary music, notification tones, and ringtones for your mobile phone devices.

1. PocketBand Pro – Social DAW

PocketBand Pro – Social DAW is a fabulous and unique platform that lets you built music with your friends. It is a widely used app that helps you create and edit a professional quality audio tracks. You can effectively build high-quality tracks as a sequence of loops drums, analog modulator, arpeggiators, and mixing synths. After making amazing music, you can apply FX to channels and exports to ringtones and mp3 as well. Some of its core features include the availability of 12 channel mixers, 3 bands parametric equalizer, channel FX (including compressor, distortion, phaser, reverb, flanger, chorus, and delay), mastering toolbox, and much more.



2. Media Converter

Media Converter is the finest editing tool that enables you to convert almost all kind of most popular media formats to media formats. It efficiently converts formats including Mp3, Ogg (Theora, Flac), Mp4 (mpeg4, h264, and AAC), Mpeg (mpeg1, mp2), Avi (mpeg4, mp3), Flv (Flv, mp3), GIF, and Wav. Rather than these, some audio profiles such as m4a (Aac-audio only), Oga (Flac-audio only), and 3ga (Aac-audio only) are also available for convenience. Using this app, you can crop and rotate, chop and chip, and also specify the parameters including resolution studio sample rate, and video or audio bitrate efficiently.



3. ZeoRing – Ringtone Editor

ZeoRing – Ringtone Editor is a smart tool for making and editing ringtones. There are many amazing features of this app that helps its users make awesome ringtones with extreme ease and well-convenience. You can trim your AAC, WMV, AMR, MP3, files to make ringtones for your notifications, incoming calls, alarms, and an alert notification, etc. It delivers a well-organized view of all your audio files. Having this app, you can make stunning ringtones, produce clips, sound notifications, songs clips, and alarm tunes, assign or unassign your ringtones (to any of your favorite contact), search among audio files, sort files, and share your new recordings with other.

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4. WavePad Audio Editor Free

WavePad Audio Editor Free is an audio and sound editing tool that works stunningly great on audio files to make them extraordinary and attractive. Using this handy app, you can record, edit, trim, add effect, and sharing these audio files with others in a damn amazing way. Some of its quality features include the support for multiple file formats including AIFF, Wave, etc. Its editing capabilities comprise the support of cut, paste, copy, download, insert, and more. Some of its other features include the providence of amplifying, echo support, normalize, edit multiple audio files support, support voice activated recording, and auto-trim editing as well.

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Android iOS

5. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is another simple yet effective sort of musical editing and mixing app that is developed and published under the flag of Image-Line. Although the app is not a specified DJ app but possess almost the similar functionality and some outstanding and pure quality based features in it that it does not only ranked it in the list of best pro DJ apps but it is referred as a complete music recording studio app. The app already possess thousands of users from every part of the world and is counting more and more with the passage of time. With virtual drum pads and keyboards now the users can learn to play the instruments and is able to synthesize and create their own musical melodies and tunes. The sampler and mixer provided inside the app let the users to be on the top of their mixing tunes, composing new songs and remixing the old ones with new modernized beats and electronically musical stuff. The app comprise of a high quality and professional sort of audio engine that ensures its premium level working and smooth stream less performance. The app costs $1.80 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices including both the smartphones and tablets.

Android iOS

6. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor lets you create new audio and edit them with pretty much convenience and efficiency. It can easily manage all file formats and lets you save the audio files in your desired audio formats. It delivers both free-trial and paid versions for its users with some additional features. Some of its stunning availability comprises Record and Player, Cut/copy and paste, Record into existing file and import edited file into another format, Noise Reduction support, Normalization, 10 band equalizer, Compressor, and many others. Using this app, you can easily merge two audio files, change speed, tempo and pitch of any audio file, and fetch high-quality audio from this spectacular app.


7. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio is a widely used and renowned app for managing audio using some professional audio editing tools. It is a powerful tool for multitrack audio or MIDI recording studios. It enables its users to play virtual instruments, add drum patterns, edit MIDI and audio with limitless redo or undo, add real-time effects, manage layer track to establish an entire song, automate, and much more. Some of its cool features allow Multitrack Audio playback and recording, Loop playback, MIDI sequencing, Drum pattern editor, Latency correction, Noise reduction, Offline effects support, and lot more. You can easily manage an unlimited number of tracks and groups using this app.

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8. Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam lets you create your own music with a fabulous and classy touch. There are millions of people use this app to create, share, and discover amazing tracks across a stunning variety of genres like Trap, Hip Hop, EDM, Dubstep, House, Pop, Rock, and many others and share them instantly with the worldwide audience. Some of its highlighted features contain the accessibility from more than 200 music styles pack, create your own unique music, produce your imagination and then your personality among others, and much more. Apart from that, you can also access thousands of studio-quality top loops, access easy controls, remix tracks, record your own vocals, and share your tracks and experience with others.

Android iOS

9. MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker

MP3 Cutter and Ringtone Maker is a professional audio editor for mobile phone users. It enables you to enjoy some amazing features such as Ringtone Cutter, Audio Mixing, Tag Editor, Merge Audio, Audio converter, Inbuilt Audio player, and much more. You can use the built-in audio player, trim audio in an easy and smooth way, merge an unlimited number of songs, and cutting of songs is also available right on this platform. It Audio mixer feature lets you mix two songs to create mixers. You can easily change a vast number of tags of a song, convert audio to lots of formats, and easily create and share your music files using a super-fast, ultimate and intuitive user interface.


10. Mp3 Cutter & Merger

Mp3 Cutter & Merger is a striking stuff for editing your music files in the way you want. Using this app, you can easily do professional quality audio editing with pretty much ease. It is the finest app that is merely used for merging two files and cutting MP3 files efficiently. It contains the providence of MP3 Cutter, MP3 Player, and MP3 Fusion Maker. Using this app, you can make ringtones in the way you want to listen. You can effortlessly cut, copy, paste, and merge the MP3 files, and also create fusion songs with extreme comfort. You can cut and merge recorded songs as well, make their test by playing them in the MP3 player, and it enables you to access both merged and trimmed files from the home page folders.


11. Walk Band – Multitrack Music

Walk Band – Multitrack Music is a fully-featured music app with some amazing features. It provides a fine set of instruments specifically for smartphone users for a brilliant experience on the smart devices. It supports full keyboard and piano and is available in both single-player and two-player modes. Some of its astonishing features include the providence of Multi-touch, KeyPress detection, five keyboard programs (including synth, Rhodes organ, Music box, and piano, etc.), set recording as ringtones, record and playback support, and sharing these recorded files with your friends. It also delivers a robust compatibility with Guitar, Drum Pad, Drum Machine, Multitrack recording, Sound plugins, and lot more.


12. Audio Editor for Android

Audio Editor for Android is something fabulous when you want to edit some music through your mobile phone. It is used to create free alarm tunes, ringtones, audio clips, and notification tunes effortlessly. It also provides the facility of converting audio files formats into different other formats, and you can also extract MP3 from MP4 using this intuitive app. It is a multi-functional tool with lots of amazing audio editing and managing tools. It lets you convert MP3 files to ringtones, provides access to the free ringtones fantasy, and select different sections of MP3 files for modification using an easy to use and instinctive user interface.

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13. Free MP3 Cutter Joiner

Free MP3 Cutter Joiner is easy to use software application that allows you to cut and join MP3 files. In this application, two quietly different programs are joined by an unpleasant interface. The interface of the application has a mishmash of icons stolen from other programs. Various functions are present under these icons and you can use help menu to learn how to make use of this simple tool. Joiner part of this application is more user-friendly and provides you interesting tools. You can pick up files from the search function and put them in the Joiner. Then you can link everything in the list into a single MP3 by pressing a single click. The application does not contain any type of editing tools.


14. AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio

AudioDroid: Audio Mix Studio is an efficient app for sound and music recording, editing, mixing, managing, and merging. Using this app, you can effortlessly mix and edit Mp3, WAV, AMP, OGG, AAC, and MP4 audio files and create stunning ringtones, audio songs, alarms and notification tunes, and other music with them. It supports audio from a vast range of file formats and lets you easily edit any of them. You can easily apply different audio effects and save them on your mobile devices. It also lets you access 3-band equalizer, filters support, mix the tracks, pitch shifting, temp handle, reverb, reverb zoom size, whoosh, gate, flanger, and adjust echo effects as well.


15. Voice PRO

Voice PRO is a virtual recording app that helps you manage the audio files for making some extraordinary tunes using a pretty easy to use and intuitive app. By adopting this app, you can easily get multiple functions to edit, cut, eliminate disturbance, noise reduction, adjust different patterns, and inset background as well. It is an app that helps you manage more than 100 formats, insert tag, record in the background, mix and merge different audio files, restore the recorded sections, remove vocals, operate the playback, convert the record to text, and a lot more. Some of its additional features include home screen widget for easy access, files backup, and many others.

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16. Caustic 3

Caustic 3 is a fabulous music creation tool for mobile phone devices. It lets you create your own track by adding approximately 14 machines from a choice of virtual analog subtractive synthesizer, multi-sample wave synthesizer, Baseline, beatbox (8 channel sampling drum machine), Harmonic table pad synthesizer, and others. Rather than these, you can also enjoy 8-bit synth (8-bit equation solver), 8-band harmonic recorder, DX-style 3-operator FM synth, Supersaw-type polysynth, Karplus-Strong String molding synthesizer and much more.

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