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Videos and photos are captured daily by almost everyone from every part of the world. Everyone uses various editing tools for making their videos and photos best and better looking. It has become a psychological fact nowadays that the photos and videos that even are captured with a high-resolution camera or camcorder are not best until they are edited using some kind of editing tools. As nowadays almost every kind of photo and video is shot and captured using smartphones and tablets. For editing on their smart devices, there are numerous apps specified for editing. The users can now trim, crop, merge multiple short videos, can change the format and can even organize their videos and other media files via using these amazing and splendid quality video editing apps. The best of such apps are mentioned here.

1. Funimate

Editing is the utmost mode of transforming photos and videos into a whole new dimension giving it a slightly enriched touch. Edited photos, videos, and other media files are way much better and alluring in terms of overall acceptance and grace. As we are discussing stuff relating to video editing and the apps that are used for this purpose. Funimate is the name that is quite famous in all the terms relating to it and falls in the category of best and most widely used applications that are used in the entire world, by millions of people belonging from every walk of life. The best and most astonishing about this very app is that it is way much easy and convenient in terms of overall use as it is equipped with lots of astounding and bewildering features and tools. The app is developed and released under the flag of AVCR Inc. The users can now add various attractive real-time live effects to their videos that captured and shoot live or even can add these filters and effects to already shot videos too that are present in the gallery. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.



2. Movie Maker Filmmaker(YouTube)

Movie Maker Filmmaker (YouTube) is another bewildering and astounding live video viewing and editing app that let their users be tension and stress-free regarding all their stuff referring to video editing and enable them to edit their videos quite simply by just on the simple go. The app is designed and published as a product of ALIVE Inc. The users can apply various filters and other astounding effects. From its name, most of the users get the instance that it is a shooting or camera app that helps in making the movie, but this is not the only feature that is offered by this amazing app, the app is best in terms of editing as it is equipped with various features that are useful in editing real-time quick videos. It is too free of cost and it can be simply be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.



3. Video Editor Music,Cut,No Crop

Video Editor Music,Cut,No Crop is another mind-blowing and mind bobbling app that enables the users to edit videos and make sure that all the things that are done via this very app do on its best. The users can now edit their videos, musical audio files, crop the videos from in between the live play. Everything is so much initiative and immediate with this very app the app is on the top of its performance. The app is although new to the market and is not that famous among people all over the world, but despite all this, it still manages to maintain a handsome position in the market. The app is still free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.


4. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop – Video Editor is one of the most widely used video editing apps that enable the users to be on the very top of their editing stuff. The users can now add music, voice-over and various other filters that make their videos more alluring, attractive and way much more fascinating. The app is quite famous among users from all around the world and is getting more and more attention with the passage of time. The best and most prominent thing about this app is that it is way much more easy, convenient and kind of ready to go app that enables its users to add various editing effects and filters to their videos. The app is developed and published by Joseph Riquelme. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded easily and simply by the Google Play store for Android based smartphones.



5. VQuick

VQuick is another astounding and splendid video shooting; viewing and editing app that let the users edit their every sort of videos in real time. Now with way much simple and easy editing tools of the app, the users can now create a whole new video by combining different phases of a large video. The app is way much more efficient and effectual in terms of overall appearance and working. It is equipped with such a marvelous and powerful overall setup that ensures its premium working and extraordinary efficient performance. The app is equipped with all the essential editing tools that are way much more simple and convent to use, people belonging from any walk of life no matter what, they can use all of the tools for editing their videos with ease and comfort. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded free of cost.


6. AndroVid Pro Video Editor

AndroVid Pro Video Editor is a marvelous and tremendous video editing app that enables the users to edit any sort of videos with speed, efficiency and convenience. Now the users are able to edit even the videos while their real time run or can even edit live video that has been playing online or is filmed by using own digital camera of the smartphone. The app is developed and published by zeoxy. The app is not that much famous in terms of being popular among the users as it has to face very tough competition from similar sort of apps but it is of real elegance and possess some brilliant pure quality based features in it. Some of such features are video trimmer by which the users can cut off the undesired part from their videos, by using video joining technique the users can merge multiple short video clips together so that they can make a whole new video from them, video transcoding facility provided by the app enables the users to convert their videos from any of the format to their required format or the one which is suitable for their devices and many more other amazing and useful features are too present inside the app. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


7. VidTrim Pro – Video Editor

VidTrim Pro – Video Editor is another famous and well known video trimming and editing app that is widely used by people from all around the world. The app is also ranked as one of the most desirable video editing app as it is has thousands of users from all around the globe and is counting more and more with the passage of time. Best thing about the app that give it an edge on the rest similar sort of apps that are present in the market is that it is a sort of two in one app that is a complete video editor with all basic and essential modern tools in it and on the same time it is also a full-fledged media organizing app that let the users to manage their videos, pictures and audio files at the same time. The users can also convert videos to whatever format they want to convert in as this app provides a large variety format support for every sort of videos. It is too free of cost available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded for Android based smartphones and tablets as it compatible with both.


8. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is professional level photo editor developed and published by Adobe. Adobe is already renowned all over the globe for its epic and professional photo editing software, and the app proposed from the vendor is really of that usual premium quality they possess. The app is specially designed for smartphones and tablets, now the users will not to worry of editing their photos, they can do it anytime and anywhere they want to do. The app also includes an in-app camera with the professional editing tools. It is available on Google Play for free.


9. Toolwiz Photos Editor PRO

Toolwiz Photos Editor PRO is a complete sort of photo capturing, modifying and editing app that is developed and published by It is one of the most amazing and influencing photo editor app with a huge variety of photo effects, filters and editing tools. The best part of the app is its image processing techniques that includes rotating, resizing, reshaping, flipping, cropping, patching, healing, expanding and many more others too. The app possess the ability to manage and balance the colors of the photos automatically. The app is free of cost but additional features have to be purchased. It is available on Google Play for Android based devices.

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10. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a real classy sort of photo editing, reshaping and modifying app that is developed and published by Although it is new comer in the market as compare to the other similar sort of apps but it had taken a top place in a very less time. The uniqueness of the app refers its more focus on manual photo enhancement and natural effects rather than the artificial filters that are commonly found in all the photo editing apps. Another epic and unique quality possess by the app is smart removal of unwanted objects from the photo, it will look like as they were not even in the scene. It can be downloaded from Google Play.


11. Pixlr

Pixlr or formerly known as Pixlr Express is a classy sort of photo editor that is widely used by different kind of users worldwide. It is developed and published by Autodesk Inc. It would not be wrong if we say it the most desirable and loved photo editing app all around the globe. It alluring and eye catching outlook and easy to use simple user interface makes it one of the most amazing and convenient photo editing app at the same time. Although this app is free of cost but some of the premium kind of editing tools have to be purchased via in-app purchase option. It can be downloaded from Google Play.


12. FlipaClip

FlipaClip is the place where dreams come true. It is the platform for expressing the creativeness and professional level skills of making cartoons, animations and movies. As the app seems from its interface alluring and attractive and seems that it is for children and the users belonging from the small age group but this perceptive is totally wrong. This app is the platform for everyone belonging from any of the age group, if you are creative enough and want to build a unique identity of your own, then this is the app for you. The app FlipaClip is developed and proposed by Visual Blasters LLC. The users can now create their own cartoon based animated movie and can modify the things according to their own requirement and wish as the app is highly customizable and is way much user friendly. Along with all these things, the app is quite efficient and smooth in working and does not put any additional load on the devices on which it has been used. The user can learn the animation by its frame by frame learning and making method. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices.


13. Flipagram

Flipagram is another famous and popular video shooting and movie making app that with its fun based colorful user interface and alluring outlook grabs the attention of the users at the very first glance on the app. It is one of the most widely used movie making and video shooting app of all time possessing more than 200 million of satisfied and loyal users already and is counting more and more with every single passing day. Up till now more than half a billion photo based videos and movies are made via this app and the number is increasing quite rapidly and soon will be doubled and so on. Flipagram is the movie making and photo video slideshow making app that is developed and released by Flipagram, inc. It is the master product of the vendor and generates 95% revenue of the total earning of the vendor including all the other apps too by the vendor. The users along with shooting and combining the photos for a video can also instantly and immediately edit the already shoot videos and photos that are present in the device of the user. The users can bring their photos to life by adding music and other astounding and bewildering themes to them. The app is free and is present on Google Play.


14. VivaVideo Pro

This is the video editing and movie making app that possess a real life professional camera for shooting along with all the professional kind of shooting and editing tools. VivaVideo Pro is the app that is specially designed for making own short films, animated movies, documentaries and photo based video stories. VivaVideo Pro is the video editing and movie making app that is made and published by QuVideo Inc. The vendor of the app has put everything in it that a professional level of movie making studio could have in it. The app is ranked as number 1 video shooting app in more than 70 countries of the world and possess over 100 million of happy and satisfied customers. The app enables the users to shoot in HD quality and make their video pure professional with variety of useful and effective editing tools. The lenses packed along with the camera of the app are highly sensitive and capture all the moments and scene in a better way. The app comes in two variants, one is free and other is the pro version that possess premium kind of professional shooting and editing tools. Both of the variants are present on Google Play and can be downloaded for Android.

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15. F-Stop Media Gallery

F-Stop Media Gallery is another photo and media managing, arranging and organizing app that is specially designed for giving a fun factor and fancy touches to the photos and rest of the media files that are present in the smartphone or the gadget of the user. The app is premium kind of gallery app and is equipped with a lot of effective and useful professional level of photo editing, managing and arranging. F-Stop Media Gallery is the gallery and media managing and organizing app that is published and developed by Seelye Engineering. The users of the app can readily edit the images and the rest graphical media files too with the advanced and modern professional level of tools provided within the app. The user can manage to create a smart album in which he or she can manage to keep unusual media stuff like animated gifs and other files. Instant sharing ability possessed by the app on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it more convenient. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android devices.


16. Video Editor

Video Editor or more commonly known by WeVideo Editor is the video shooting, movie making and editing app that possess the simple yet effective editing tools that enables the users to manage their videos well. The app contains an alluring and bewildering outlook and easy to use user interface that makes the app attractive as well as quite convenient to use at the same time. Although the app possess a simple outlook and user interface but it is in high demand by the users of all kind in the market from all over the world. It already possess thousands of satisfied and happy users who actively uses this app for editing the videos and making movies. As the fame of the app is increasing, soon it will touch the million spot and would be ranked in best video editing apps of all times. The app is equipped with amazing and alluring more than 30 different kinds of themes and video effects collaborated with some classy video effects that give a new transformation and dimension to the videos of the users. The video edited via this app are quite unique in all terms and possess a pure quality based uniqueness. The user can instantly share the video that are edited on various social media sites and platforms.


17. PowerDirector

Now the dream of being a Filmmaker is no more just a dream as this app provides the chance to its users that they can create, shoot and develop their very own movie, video, short film or documentary. As the name of the app states, it is the platform that makes the user’s boss of their own and they can become directors of their own short film or movie. PowerDirector is the video shooting and movie making app that is developed and published by The vendor of the app is quite famous in terms of photo capturing and editing apps and now heading towards the field of video shooting and movie-making apps they have made a real quality based sheer brilliance video making and movie shooting app. The users can shoot their movies in different modes available inside the app along with a gigantic variety of alluring and bewildering video effects. The prominent pro feature of the app which defines its utter smartness is the slow-motion video shooting feature that makes the app a real and professional video shooting app. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play.


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