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The biggest and the most primary invention that has further resulted in the modern time technology and various other useful inventions that was the invention of a Calculator. All the stress and time consuming that was done by humans manually then completely shifted on the calculator. Calculators proved to be way much faster, efficient and accurate than human beings as they work on the principles and set of rules installed in them and does not do anything on their own. Calculator is one of the revolutionary machine we can say that it has revolutionized the whole technology and is defiantly on credit for some. Primarily a simple sort of calculator was invented and was just used for simple and limited calculations that includes simple addition, multiplication, subtraction, division etc. But later on as the concept of calculators were widely in demand than scientific calculators were introduced that possess more functions and were able to perform variety of different sort of functions at the same time which involves trigonometry, algebra, stats, graphs, calculus and various high ended calculation involving engineering and architectural ones. Now all such sort of calculators ranging from the simplest ones to the complex ones can be accessed simply on the Android based smartphones and tablets as there is massive variety of such kind of calculator apps available nowadays. The best of calculator apps are listed here for you.

1. Andie Graph

Whenever it is talked about having a high profile and premium sort of calculator app which is quite complex and scientific in nature and is most of the times used for various purposes related to mastery of architecture, engineering, calculus etc. This astounding and tremendous potential based app is always discussed. Now the users does not have to buy that much expensive sort of calculators and have to deal with their immense and difficult functionality as now via this app they can do any sort of calculation as well they can take it to anywhere without forgetting as it is present inside their smartphone or any of the other smart gadget they are using. This pure quality based all in one sort of calculator app is developed and proposed by a famous mathematician and developer Doug Melton. The vendor of the app although is not that much well known in term so mathematical work but on the similar side it do possess a good reputation as producing real quality based amazing apps. As it is discussed above that this calculator app is all in one and provides TI-82,TI-83,TI-83+, TI-85 and TI-86 emulator which enables the app to simultaneously deals with variety of different kinds of outputs such as algebra, trigonometry, stats, graphs, engineering, computer science, calculus and many more other disciplines too. The app can be downloaded free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.



2. Calculator

Xlythe Calculator or commonly known as just Calculator is another amazing and extreme level calculator apps that is quite popular all around the world and possess millions in almost every part of the globe. The app stands among the top class calculator apps of all times and is one of the most widely used calculator app of all times too. The best and most inspiring thing about the app that gives it a massive edge on the other apps is its simple, attractive and kinky overall outlook and user interface that is not only super convenient for every kind of users to use it but it also grabs the attention of its users at the very first glimpse being that much attractive and cool. The app is composed of a precisely designed quality engine and possess a solid build up that ensure its premium level of working and stream less quality based performance. The app contains all the basic calculating functions and features in it whereas the users can switch the 4 different modes of the calculator for any specific kind of calculations that includes floating calculations, basic conversions, real time graphing and other like this. The app supports the lock screen widget facility which means it can now accessed directly from the home screen and lock screen of the device which even make it more convenient. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

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3. Graphing Calculator + Math PRO

Now the users not need to worry about having various sort of expensive high ended calculators for different calculations and conclusions as this spell bounding quality enriched and futuristic app possess all of them inside it at the same time. Graphing Calculator + Math PRO is an astounding and bewildering all in one sort of multiple functionality app that is developed and released under the flag of Mathlab Apps, LLC. It is also quite widely in sued by thousands of people around the globe and hopefully nevertheless it will surely get more of those as it totally deserves to ranked among the top class and best calculator apps of all times. The best and most prominent thing about the app which provides it a massive kind of edge over other similar sort of apps that are present in the market is its amazing user friendliness and super convenience. Which means that the app can be used by any of the person belonging from any walk of life for solving their preferred mathematical problems. Either a school going child or a college graduate, professional accountant or a high profile engineer each one of them can use this very calculator app for dealing with their daily life mathematical problems. The app has a basic free version and a paid PRO version but now the users can use the PRO version with premium features and function for free on the trail basis of 30 days. Both of the versions are available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded from there for Android.


4. Handyman Calculator

Looking for a simple sort of calculator that only supports simple sort of inputs but possess multiple functionality and supports a wide range of different kinds of calculations, than this is the calculator app you should defiantly consider and go for. As the name of the app even states its outstanding user friendliness and ultra-super convenience naming it as “handy”. This simple yet effective calculator app is developed and proposed as a product of Kalyani Inc. While looking at the overall outlook and setup of the app everyone will defiantly perceive it as a simple and dull app that is just for the primary calculations done by the high school students or by the college graduates, whereas this concept in real is totally wrong as it is a complete sort of construction app and helps the architectures and contractors for almost every sort of calculation they need to do. The app is ranked among the top 100 productivity apps of all times and is used by a gigantic number of professionals and contractors who are quite satisfied by the functionality of the app and do recommend it too. The app contains a massive variety of different useful calculators in it such as cut list, time tracking tools. Construction, measurement, feet and inches, Asphalt calculator and various many more others too. It is too free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


5. HiPER Scientific Calculator

Many of the students who are even in the high school or the college students from every part of the world are well aware of this calculating app as it is one of the most widely used scientific calculator apps by thousands of users from all around the globe and from which a large proportion is of students. If you are unable to bear the expense of a high profile scientific calculator but wants to use it on daily basis for work and various calculations as required than this is the ultimate app for you. HiPER Scientific Calculator is an outstanding and marvelous pure quality based calculator app that is developed and released as a product of HiPER Development Studio. Now the users can do biggest calculations in not time without any inconvenience as this app possess the functionality of up to 100 digit significant value and over 9 digits of exponent is supported too but that is in the PRO version of the app only. The unit conversions and searching and expression history provided in the app is way much better than various other similar sort of apps as it saves more data inside. With the high definition HD and high quality HQ themes that are preinstalled in the app the users can customize the app according to their own desire and preference. The app has a free version and a PRO paid version. Both of them can be accessed from the Google Play store for the Android.

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6. MyScript Calculator

It is one of the most amazing and totally different calculator app that is surely a kind of pioneer app that has revolutionized the basic concept of calculators and calculating apps. The app is of splendid super quality and is my personal favorite too as it possess real spell bounding and unique functionality and that is the handwriting support. Yes now the users whatever wants to calculate no matter what sort of expression it is to be calculated they can simply write it with their hands on the screen of their smart devices either the smartphones or the tablets and such manual raw kind of input will be entertained by the app and will give the accurate result of the user query that was input. It means no need of the bullshit controls and manuals anymore, simply go to the app open it up, write the expression or the question that has to be calculated or solved and simply get exact and accurate answer. That sheer brilliance and utter smartness up till now is not seen in any of the other calculator apps. This very app has taken the concept of calculating in digital virtual environment to a whole next level of competence to be very honest. A massive numbers of users from its released are getting attracted to it and the numbers are even increasing quite rapidly. It already possess hundreds and thousands of users and soon in near future will reach the million mark for sure. It is totally free and go get it today to experience the immense quality of the app.


7. RealCalc Plus

RealCalc Plus is another astounding and quality based premium sort of calculating app that possess every single minor, basic and essential feature and option in it that is present inside a real physical high ended calculating device. This app is best for the uses who are quite in touch with the common scientific calculators that are used in the world as it provides the similar experience to the users of using the same kind of real life calculator device in the digital virtual environment and that too in much better way indeed. RealCalc Plus is an outstanding and astonishing calculating app that is developed and published under the flag of Quartic Software. The app does possess a regular sort of looks that a common high ended scientific calculator do has in them. The app has immense screen size adjusting ability in it which means the users can adjust the size of the app on the screen of their devices according to their own preference or according to the screen size of the device they are using like a simple smartphone or a tablet. The users can now perform any of the daily based simple calculations or even the high profile and high ended one using the simple options and tools provided with in the app. The app cost $3.50 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.

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8. Fraction Calculator Plus Free

Sometimes even the simple sort of calculations are seemed to be very tough and complex whenever they are in the form of fractions. Regular and simple linear expressions are always entertained by everyone and are psychologically thought as easier and less time consuming as compare to the one written in the fraction form. But now no more worries about the fractions as this all in one functionality calculator that has specialized in fraction will help you out doing the fraction based calculation quite easily and conveniently. The app is not just for calculating, it surely impacts widely on the user’s mindset and also make them learn to understand the fraction based expressions and problems. This multiple and pure quality base functionality app is developed and published under the flag of Digitalchemy, LLC and is one of the most widely used calculating apps with thousands of satisfied users from every part of the world and is counting more and more with the passage of time. The best and most amazing thing about the app is its user friendly and simple overall outlook and setup that with simple input methods and controls let every kind of user to access the app easily and conveniently. The outlook of the app is quite simple yet it gives a quite premium and elegant look. It is too freely available on the Google Play store for Android.



All other apps we discussed in the list mostly are of high end and high profile scientific use that possess features and options for doing various sort of in depth calculations. But this very app is astoundingly simple and to the point calculator apps. If ever remember the simple calculator proposed by Casio or Citizen which were only used for simple addition, multiplication, subtraction, division, percentage etc. this very app is based on the same scenario and that’s why it is named as CITIZEN as well. This simple sort of calculator app is developed and published by AngelNX. The app has a massive numbers of users from all around the world. People from every part of the globe prefer this simple sort of calculation app as it is precise in nature and is based upon simple to the point basic controls. The person who just want to add or needs few multiplication based answer why he or she should go for a complex natured scientific calculator for wasting their time on understanding their functionality first as they can simply perform their tasks by this very app. This app is also free of cost and is available for downloading on the Google Play store for Android based smart devices and gadgets including the smartphones and tablets as well.


10. Financial Calculators

Calculating expense, finance based activities and money related transaction is now way much simple and easy with the help of this app as it provides everything that is necessary for as a whole financial calculation. Financial Calculators is the finance and investment calculator app and contains a lot more other multiple functionalities in it, it is developed and published as a product of Bishinews. The app possess a wide range of different financial based calculations including TVM calculator, Currency Converter, Return On Investment Calculator, Compound Interest Calculator, IRR calculator, MIRR calculator, NPV calculator, Tax calculator and Bond Calculator. The all in one functionality of the app makes it the most desirable and convenient finance calculating app. The users now not to worry about all the financial calculation because all the major financial calculation and problems can be deal directly by this app. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices and gadgets.


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