10 Best Kiosk Software

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A Kiosk is a free-standing physical that provides a service or displays information. In business, it is placed in places with high foot traffic. For example, in large shopping malls, Kiosks are present near to entrances to provide directions and information about popular brand stores.

Unmanned digital kiosks provide self-service capabilities like retail sales check-outs, hotel check-in, and healthcare screenings.

What is Kiosk Software

However, it is also necessary to manage these kiosks devices from remote places. You have to insert campaigns, brand content, and other information on a Kiosk screen. You need a platform for managing all these things.


Many online platforms are present on the Internet that providing services to manage the content of Kiosk screens. Make customized applications to display them on your Kiosk platform and grow your business.

Best Kiosk Software

Here is the list of Best Kiosk Software having all the necessary tools.

1. myShowcase

myShowcase is a simple platform for showing all your works and achievements in a single place. It helps professionals to drive their development and provide options to staff to enable engagement and ongoing support. Learners will get a personalized platform for tracking their progress in real-time. It facilitates employers, educators, individuals, and apprenticeships to make a lifelong learning experience.


After completing the training course or education program, they can get ePortfolio for a lifetime. Work with showcase builders to make personalized ‘showcases.’ You can create and design digital badges as well as share, manage, store, and use digital badges as evidence.


  • Integration with Canvas LMS
  • Unique Digital Badges


  • Track performance and progress
  • Create a unique showcase


  • Limited customization


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Call the provider

Visit: myShowcase

2. TrueConf Server

TrueConf Server is a video conferencing server application that allows you to create video conferences and invite over 800 participants. The program integrates with legacy H.323/SIP equipment and Active Directory easily. It uses SVC technology to provide the best video quality for every channel and device. It includes built-in AGC, AEC, and noise cancellation algorithms for the best audio quality for all members.

It has integration with all major VPN encryption solutions and provides you full control over communications. Work with role-based conference mode to insert numerous users in a single conference. You can make the conference, choose desired participants, allow access for guest users, and set time to start it.

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  • Video conference streaming
  • Webinar server


  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Monitoring and admin roles


  • Limited functionality


  • Pro: $450/year

Visit: TrueConf Server

3. SecureGive

SecureGive is a simple solution for helping people to automate tasks of people. Kiosks attract and engage people in the mission of the church. It offers processing rates lower than any other system. You have the option to insert colors and logos to both kiosk hardware and software, and you can easily install Kiosk into your church.

It provides Mobile App and Text for helping people to give from anywhere, anytime. Your donors can donate directly from their smartphones. Check scanning feature can scan check, record, and deposit it automatically to your account. You can keep records and get deposits faster. You can contact the website’s consultant to know how it works properly.


  • Check to scan
  • Mobile and Text Giving


  • Church Giving Kiosks
  • Online Giving


  • Not userfriendly


  • KIOSK ONLY: $99/month
  • Online/Mobile/Text: $129/month
  • KIOSK/Online/Mobile/Text: $199/month

Visit: SecureGive

4. SurferQuest Business Solutions

SurferQuest Business Solutions is providing effective technology and customer satisfaction to the hospitality industry. This platform is offering user-friendly and straightforward desktop design and applications. You can customize it according to your brand standard and get security features guard against malware, hackers, and other harmful viruses.

You can provide 24/7 live staff support without using call centers. The application restores the computer to the actual phase after each use with end session protection. For more security, it erases and cleans all trace of the last guest. You can work with available hardware or install our partner systems at a discounted price. It will protect your Kiosks and personal computers easily.


  • Live support
  • User friendly


  • Remote software installation
  • Security features


  • Need local admin options

Visit: SurferQuest Business Solutions

5. Scalefusion

Scalefusion is a reliable web-based program to solve you’re your IT programs. It provides security, device deployment, and app distribution for the mobility of your business. Using Scalefusion, you can configure, secure, enroll, and manage devices instantly. You can solve issues and decrease device downtime quickly. The program automates compliance checks and recurring IT tasks without coding.

You can deploy iOS & Android devices as mPOS, Kiosks, and digital signage. It provides business apps for rugged devices to perform tasks effectively. This platform helps to manage all devices like phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, POS, custom devices, and rugged devices. You can achieve digital transformation of works, stop device misuse, and configure security policies.

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  • Boost field force engagement
  • Digital transformation


  • Rugged device management
  • Mobile device management


  • Time-consuming


  • Starter: $2/month/device
  • Business: $3/month/device
  • Enterprise: $4/month/device

Visit: Scalefusion

6. NoviSign Digital Signage

NoviSign Digital Signage is providing a secure method to make and showcase screens across all devices. An interactive touch kiosk is the most exciting tool of online digital signage. Use this platform to generate, manage, and broadcast numerous interactive kiosks placed in various locations. You can offer a full screen touch kiosk to increase productivity and promote products.

The application allows professionals to work with an online astudio editor to combine photos, slideshows, videos, and advanced widgets and create digital campaigns. Besides, you can split the screen depending on your requirements. It offers a touch kiosk ‘Player app’ to run it on any device, and you can download related data from the cloud storage.


  • Touch kiosk
  • Online studio


  • Fullscreen touch kiosk
  • Digital Signage kiosk


  • No Player for iOS


  • Evaluation: Free
  • Business: $20/month
  • Partner: Contact the provider

Visit: NoviSign Digital Signage

7. ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

MangaEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus is an advanced platform for managing Android, Apple, Chrome, and Windows devices. You can enroll devices manually or allow users to register their Android or iOS devices themselves using two-factor authentication. You can create a catalog to store and manage multiple applications and restrict blacklisted apps.

Besides, generate and configure profiles and policies for numerous roles/departments and link them with specific groups. For getting Kiosk mode, you can restrict a device to access a single or various collection of applications. You can control and view devices remotely and solve their issues.


  • Security management
  • Asset management


  • Content management
  • Kiosk Mode


  • Limited options for windows


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Quote-based

Visit: ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus

8. KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk Software is a distinct kiosk management application that allows users to use any device as Kiosk and manage contents on it. For Kiosk management, you can store custom data and update content remotely. You can manage flexible user accounts and server-side Kiosks. It includes an API architecture to include third-party add-ons and Citrix terminal support.

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The program provides remote configuration and monitoring. The program consists of communication tools like phone dialing and HD video conferencing. Get server-side analytics and upload usage statistics. Use it for user session management, attract screen management, and run logoff script automatically.


  • Flexible user accounts
  • Remote monitoring


  • Remote content updating
  • Store custom data


  • Expensive


  • Pro: $45/user

Visit: KioWare Kiosk Software

9. GoKiosk

GoKiosk Kiosk Lockdown app facilitates users to convert an android tablet into a Kiosk intently. It helps businesses to improve productivity and save infrastructure costs. You can allow users to access only chosen apps and ensure the security and safety of devices and personal data. You will get full control over a device and quickly enable or disable apps on devices.

Kiosk Lockdown is a perfect platform for logistics, construction, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and education. Highly professional and personalized User Interface provides cloud configuration, peripheral locking ability, Kiosk browser, and stops hardware cashing.


  • Cloud configuration
  • Peripheral locking ability


  • Kiosk Browser
  • Prevent hardware cashing


  • Stop working sometimes


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: Call the vendor

Visit: GoKiosk

10. ThinkTouch Interactive Kiosks

ThinkTouch Interactive Kiosks is a smart platform that facilitates users for managing Kiosk devices. Allow touch screen Kiosk devices to get and share your data in a digital and fresh format. This application helps to manage the data and display it on the touch screen.

The program is perfect for artifact exploration, oral histories, veterans’ memorials, historical timelines, hall of fame walls, and donor showcases. Cloud-based editors are there to manage your personalized content. Use service levels and tiered pricing according to your project requirements and budget. This system is compatible with touch screen PCs, many tablets, and digital signage displays.


  • Cloud-based editors
  • Service levels


  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Mange content


  • Need enhancements


  • Pro: Contact the vendor

Visit: ThinkTouch Interactive Kiosks

Final Thoughts

Overall, these programs are providing professional tools for managing Kiosks content remotely.

They allow users to convert smartphones, tablets, or other handy devices into Kiosk screens and manage content on these screens. They can enable specific apps to run on these platforms and disable other applications.

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