8 Best Free CHM Reader


Web-based programs and files have many types of extension, and all those files have a different kind of software that can open and edit those files.

There are programs that create such files, and they also provide the functionality to view them, they don’t require installation and offers development tool which also sees and edits the file.

CHM extension consists of compressed HTML, CSS, JAVA Script files, and many other file types. CHM extension can easily store these files and move them anywhere like any additional ordinary file, when it’s time to review them the help of browser is needed, in case the browser does not consist of the extension the software comes into play.


This software can easily view and edit CHM files. They can edit change text, color, font size, and even convert the file extension and extract the compressed files and save them separately. These software are free, cross-platform, and offers various tools for editing and converting the file extension.

Best Free CHM Reader

1. Calibre

Calibre is a free software for Windows operating system that allows the user to open the CHM file. The primary function of the program is to read eBooks and add the CHM files to the software library to read with just a single click. The interface includes a set of tools that can easily open a CHM file and let you edit the file.


The files are arranged in a sorted way so you can edit all the different modules of the file separately. It offers bulk eBook conversion and bulk metadata editing. Calibre provides many features like the library to manage the eBook, display information, offer conversion like CHM to RTF, CHM to ZIP, Mobi to Doc, ePub to PDF, etc.

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2. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is free software that can open CHM extension files and also able to open CBR, Mobi, Djvu, and many more eBook files like these. This software only opens the CHM files and does not offer any editing tools or additional features except renaming a file, showing properties of the data, changing pages, finding text or highlighting a text, selecting a favorite page, customized zooming, and turning page layout. The users can open multiple files in this software. The interface is clear and offers support to new users on startup. Sumatra PDF also lets you get a print of the file.

3. Free CHM Reader

Free CHM Reader is free software that works on almost all platforms like Mac, Linux, windows, etc. which can easily open the CHM extension file. It is a reader for the CHM file and does not offer an extensive feature. The interface of Free CHM Reader is simple, and to the point, it opens the file, it can be a single file or bulk files it depends on users choice.

Individual page navigation has icon buttons to change page, zoom, and open properties of the file. The user can search for any text and highlight the text. The software has provided a feature of finding case sensitive and non-case sensitive text to improve readability.

4. FBReader

FBReader is a freeware software that can read a CHM file and let the user edit it. The program has an excellent interface, and the GUI structure is self-explanatory, plus it attracts the user. The users can manage the library where users can organize eBooks according to tags and authors and with the file titles.

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The tools it provides lets you go forward, backward, and on any page number, search any text or highlight it. FBReader contains less but useful features like accessing eBooks, Bookshelf, and catalog from network libraries like Feedback OPDS catalog, ManyBook catalog, Kataria LitRes, etc. You can also change the language, background color, text alignment, adjust line spacing, and more.

5. ExtraCHM

ExtraCHM is a free CHM file reader software for Windows operating system. The software is docked with features and includes a user-friendly interface, and the graphics are immaculate and attractive. The multi-tabbed user interface is an excellent feature of the program, bookmarks on pages and text selection make this software stand out.

Decompiling of CHM file, conversion of files to other multiple formats, changing the size of the text, zooming control, application preview styles, saving, and printing are some of the features of ExtraCHM. For registered users, there is an advanced search feature that lets you introduce search results in a way Google Search does, support CHM files, convert the original language to your desired output. Text to speech module uses Microsoft SAPI 5.1 and read CHM files in a natural voice.

6. Mobipocket Reader

Mobipocket Reader, as the name suggests, software to read eBooks and CHM files; it works on the Windows platform only. It includes free and consisted of various publishing and reading tools for every type of extension file. In 2005 bought Mobipocket Reader and kept it running until 2016.

It provides tools to open read and manipulate CHM files. Automated means convinced to press articles. Mobipocket Reader has a secure reading system that adds a timestamp to each book at the time of purchase. The interface of Mobipocket Reader is user-friendly, and the structured layout of the graphic of the program makes it easy to understand and use.

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7. ABC Amber CHM Viewer

ABC Amber CHM Viewer is a free CHM viewer that runs on multiple operating systems. With the help of Microsoft compiled HTML, it can read write and save the file in CHM extension among viruses another extension. The software has a smart interface that helps in understanding the tools it offers.

These tools include a table of content, item location, and status, check the current time and date, etc. Some features allow you to hide the panel, change the pages, and disable the toolbar. ABC Amber CHM Viewer also offers index and search options. The software provides no purchases and comes with all standard features.

8. CHM Viewer

CHM Viewer is a free CHM eBook reading software that runs on the Windows operating system. It consists of a simple interface, and the GUI structure has a beautiful layout of the menu, whereas the menu has not many functionalities. It includes some essential tools like copy-pasting, finding a text, and minor editing.

The users can edit the background color, hotspot color, change the font style, and apply different effects on text. The conversion feature of CHM Viewer is its core feature and it can do multiple conversions and in many formats. The only drawback of CHM Viewer is that sometimes the background changing color function stops working or gives an error.

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