10 Best Mental Health Software

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Mental Health affects our thinking, acting, and feeling. It helps us how we make decisions and handle problems. Mental health issues can affect your behavior, mood, and thought. These problems are created because of previous life experiences, biological factors, and family history of mental health issues.

You should go to physicians or therapists if you are facing such problems. However, physicians, medical professionals, and therapists always need a system to manage their administrative workflows.

What are Mental Health Software?

Mental Heal application helps health-related professionals to manage their operational and clinical workflows. These are management applications only to help therapists, physicians, and medical professionals. They can create reports related to patients and take care of patients effectively.


These applications offer tools for managing billing and invoices tasks. They send alert notifications to clients for their upcoming appointments.

Best Mental Health Software

Here is the list of Best Mental Health Software that includes all the necessary tools for managing their professional works.

1. Intelligent Medical Software

Intelligent Medical Software is a multi-certified and award-winning Practice Automation and Electronic Health Record platform created to fulfill the requirements of forty specialists. This billing, practice management, and multi-specialty HER application allow doctors to provide the best quality service to their patients. They optimize financial performance, streamline Practice’s workflows, and coordinate quality care.


It offers practical usability with advanced functionality to maximize user experience. It includes tools for helping caregivers and clinicians to make correct decisions. They can identify process inefficiencies and control regulatory compliance. Besides, it offers clinical decision support and integrations with different interfaces.


  • Patient Education
  • Multiple integrations


  • Health Records
  • Patient care


  • Poor customer service


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: $199/month/user

Visit: Intelligent Medical Software

2. TheraScribe

TheraScribe is a cloud-based solution for mental health care. The application allows you to insert cell phone to demographics screen and get clinical reports through report sections. The application connects to the existing database automatically for updating the maintenance plan expiration date. For small practice edition, it provides a link to show database connection history.

PDF printing option is there for exporting clinical reports. It will update ICD-10 codes automatically as per APA. Click on the database icon to show the current database location instantly. Overall, it is a simple solution for managing your medical healthcare.

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  • Current database location
  • PDF printing option


  • Export reports
  • Demographics screen


  • the long general assessment section


  • Free: $0
  • Small Practice: $500
  • Enterprise: $650

Visit: TheraScribe

3. 75Health

75Health is a web-based secure, fast, and efficient EHR solution that assists doctors in enhancing patient care and work efficiently. It keeps records of all your reports using Electronic Medical Records. It has a practice management tool for helping many clinicians and a management tool for managing personal health records.

You can track personal patient records and communicate with patients. Keep health records and manage hospital billing information. It offers error-free electronic prescription and fix and schedule appointments. Appointment and vaccination reminders are the most useful tools of the application. It is the fastest medical management software with receipt and lab values features.


  • Appointments
  • Billing


  • E-Prescribing
  • Health Records


  • No ability to attach files

Visit: 75Health

4. TherapyCharts

TherapyCharts is a complete mental health care program for note, homework, and treatment planners. It helps you to get your clinical records from the office or home. It provides support for psychology-specific requirements, letting you focus on your work. This web-based system provides searchable archives safeguards and record storage management systems.

It includes off-site record storage management system, and full HITECH and HIPAA compliance to reduce cost and hassle. It upgrades your data automatically and allows you to access your work from any operating system and web browser instantly. The platform offers a few tutorials to increase your knowledge.


  • Access clinic records
  • Record storage management systems


  • System upgrades
  • Focus on work


  • Not comprehensive enough


  • Demo: Free
  • Student: $37.50/month
  • Part-Time: $55.00/month
  • Full-Time: $75.00/month
  • Group: quote-based

Visit: TherapyCharts

5. Mimo Progress Note

Mimo Progress Note is a progress note-taking platform created to facilitates behavioral health clinicians. It will save your time by generating personalized progress notes instantly. The application is providing clinical language and industry-standard progress note templates for saving your working time.

You can share your notes over email and take print of them. create customized notes standards and create personalized templates according to your special requirements. Besides, it is providing options related to export to pdf, freestyle notes, importing previous sessions, AES Encryption, standard notes, and personalized notes.


  • Create templates
  • Share over Email
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  • Export to PDF
  • Freestyle notes


  • Performance Issue


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: Mimo Progress Note

6. Pronto EMR

Pronto EMR is a practice management system created to help clinicians and medical staff. Use a clinician dashboard to review appointment history, personalized schedule, and medical records. It provides a patient list containing all data related to patients like the name, links, demographics, and medical record. The medication management tool provides e-prescribe, history, or print scripts.

Make patient medical records like for better co-ordination from a single screen. besides, you can generate customized reports on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Patient forms help you to make, view, and customize documents to print. Patient Calendar is there for managing appointments of different doctors with patients.


  • Telehealth
  • Reports


  • Patient Calendar
  • Patient Forms


  • Limited tools

Visit: Pronto EMR

7. Theralytics

Theralystics is a data collection and management application created for ABA providers. A full calendar system helps you to get full control over scheduling, and a billing system is there to complete the billing processes. Use standard reports or create personalized reports for better analyzing business performance.

A modern platform is there to collect behavioral and skill acquisition data. work with a payroll report to get mileage worked hours and drive time. Documentation management tool allows you to manage all records related to your staff and patients. It is a fully HIPAA compliant application that is also providing a mobile app for managing systems offline.


  • Document Management
  • Payroll


  • Data collection
  • Scheduling


  • Not better data collection


  • Practice Management Software: $15/client/month
  • Data Collection Software: $15/client/month
  • Practice Management And Data Collection: $15/client/month

Visit: Theralytics

8. BreezyNotes EHR

BreezyNotes EHR is a simple EHR system with many useful and advanced features. A client portal is there for communication with clients where you can send and receive secure messages. Appointment Reminders will send alerts to your clients a day before and an hour before the appointment. You can schedule your appointments and drag and drop clients in the calendar to fix an appointment.

A complete calendar provides color coding to display upcoming appointments. The supervision tool provides your complete control over the system like access any part of the software, and view other clients. It handles temporary authorization and secondary insurance and helps you to manage payments from both insurance and clients.

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  • Free Structure
  • Simple supervision


  • Pre-populated notes
  • Simple scheduling


  • No client portal


  • Solo: $19
  • Starter: $59
  • Enterprise: $99
  • Unlimited: $189
  • BreezyBilling: Get Quote

Visit: BreezyNotes EHR

9. TheraPlatform

TheraPlatform is a practice management and compliant video conferencing platform that supports office visits and telepathy. A user-friendly interface provides two methods to clients for joining online. it sends automated appointment reminders to clients about their video sessions. Use and secure links for group teletherapy session, and it is helpful for marriage, family, and social group therapy.

A whiteboard is there for helping in telehealth sessions. Use the board for brainstorming, therapeutic activities, exercises, and explaining concepts. You can add and organize your resources like worksheets and handouts during online sessions. Make a video library and watch videos with your clients together. Two-way screen sharing tools help the therapist to share their websites, presentations, desktops, and online resources.


  • Document camera
  • Two-way sharing


  • Organize materials
  • Whiteboard


  • Troubles in creating forms


  • Trial: Free
  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Pro Plus: $59/month

Visit: TheraPlatform

10. Titanium Schedule

Titanium Schedule is providing an interesting EMR solution to thousands of customers worldwide. It offers multiple waitlist and e-Lab, e-Prescribing, and medication log. You can make many custom forms, electronic capture signatures, and create clients’ forms on devices and computers. This highly customizable application provides unlimited user support and powerful HIPAA compliant security.

It offers internal help, manuals, and free training to new users. It provides more than fifty reports, and you can export reports to SPSS and Excel formats. Restrict users to access personal information and get feature-rich client files and notes. Send appointment reminders to clients automatically and get information from the university registration system.


  • Intern supervision tools
  • Customizable client flags


  • Billing and invoicing
  • Client files


  • Clunky software


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: $1520/year

Visit: Titanium Schedule

The Verdict

Overall, these software are providing advanced tools for managing clinical tasks. Professionals can set appointments with clients and reschedule appointments. They can manage their staff, take care of their patients, and send relevant notifications to their clients.

They can communicate with their clients and use video calling features for handling video conferencing appointments. They can use standard templates for creating professional reports.

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