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Website designing is an art, and it can contain many factors and functionalities in doing a single module. One of those aspects is known as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics); it is one of the essential parts of web designing. It has been working since 1999. The SVG file is a vector image format file, which is developed in XML which implies that it can be viewed and edited in editing software. There is much software that has been around for some time in perfecting the programs in supporting, editing, and creating SVG files. Now, after many years and researches and development phases, developers made SVG manipulate on multiple platforms. These software not only view the SVG format file but offer many other features to improve the output. Users can draw diagrams, embed text messages, insert segments, flip or rotate the object, configure the grid setting, and much more. Here is the list of software and web browsers that allow SVG format viewing and editing.

1. Scribus

Scribus is a fully-featured and open-source application designed for creating, designing and exporting DTP projects to PostScript and PDF. It has a pro-grade interface with an organized structure, enabling you to create a new document by creating the doc layout, size, width, first page, orientation, height, margin guides, the number of pages, bleeds, text frames, and default measurement unit. Further, you can preview the numerous templates made for grids, brochures, regular and business cards, packing, newsletters, and PDF presentations. Moreover, you can import text, vectors, and images from external files and can export project to text, EPS, PDF, image or SVG format. The application has the facility to save documents with extensions compatible with Scribus, OpenDocument Draw, Encapsulated PostScript, Scalable Vector Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, and Windows Meta File. It enables you to render frames, text, tables, image, shapes, lines, polygons, glyphs, space, quotes, characters, and barcodes.


GIMP is an open-source and handy software application with many options and tools for editing. The application contains all necessary and basic elements you’re required to work with pictures. But the interface becomes more difficult if you wish to perform complex operations. You can do everything from the most common tasks to complex operations, just like an array of layers and effects. Moreover, you can apply gradients and custom patterns on a fairly average system using minimal resources, and you can accomplish batch processing in a short time. You have the facility to retouch digital pictures and create bitmaps from scratch and use the app as an image format converter. Besides, you can create animations, view SVG images, adjust hue, contrast, and saturation, insert text strings, and get the advantage of a powerful zooming feature.


3. SView

SView is a powerful and simple software application that enables the user to open images and videos, then view them in different 3D modes such as cross-eyed, parallel paired and interlaced. It is an open-source universal stereoscopic viewer that offers support files of different kinds such as images, CDR, SVG, audio, video, and CAD models. This program enables the user to view photos and play videos with the help of 3D effects, add subtitles to video files, and modify the aspect of the image. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows the user to work in quick. SView uses a low amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

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4. Inkscape

Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor that enables users to enhance images, overlay layers, add objects, and apply effects. The application has well organized, and an intuitive interface is providing fast access to all the options. The application is compatible with different file types such as PNG, JPEG, EPS, TIFF, CDR and vector-based formats. You have the facility to use Inkscape as SVG Viewer. It contains powerful tools for drawing and editing graphic objects, just like gradients, markers, shapes, clones, paths, alpha blending and more. Moreover, you can move and scale objects, edit multiple items, and create object groups. Other worth mentioning features of the app are document mapping, screen pixel manipulation, Direct XML editing, bitmap tracing and node editing. Plus, you can perform complex path operations and apply and edit path effects. It contains text editing tools like glyphs, the SVG font editor, and multiple spell checking.


5. Free SVG Editor

Free SVG Editor is a lightweight and effective software application that enables the user to edit the appearance of your SVG file or change to common image formats like PNG or JPG. The application helps you to modify the contents of Scalable Vector Graphic files and convert them to other formats using minimal effort. The primary window of the program facilitates you to load the file you need to process using a browsing tool or by drag & drop option. Moreover, you have the ability to adjust the Vector Properties, for instance, the Size, Color, Rotate, and Offset options as well as modify the Stroke and Fill color of the object in your SVG file. You can increase or decrease the Height, Width, and Scale of the object and use OffsetX and OffsetY features to customize the position and angle of the SVG.

6. Saladin

Saladin is a straightforward and useful software application that allows you to perform file management operations in an efficient manner. The application has an orthodox interface which contains two panes, placed side by side and multiple buttons. Further, it has extensive Help contents for the inexperienced users. You can use this software to work as SVG Viewer. You can perform general management operations, like cutting, copying, pasting, renaming, moving, deleting, and view files in the built-in Viewer. Moreover, you can access the command line, clone an item in the source directory, and quickly create new directories. The application provides you with the facility to archive multiple files to a ZIP and connect to an FTP server, by inserting the port, host, path, and credentials. Besides, you can compare files and folders using a click of the button and make use of a complex search function.

7. BlueGriffon

BlueGriffon is a lightweight and easy to use software application that enables the user to create or edit the content of his websites with the aid of the latest add-ons and technologies. It is a multilingual web editor that facilitates you to create professional-looking web pages in a forthright working environment. The application enables you to create HTML 4 and 5 documents, and it is compatible with all popular browsers. It provides multiple templates that can show the starting in new web design endeavours and you can code a web page from scratch. Moreover, you can pages that contain tables, images imported from the local systems, anchors, links, forms and bars, table of contents, HTML markup, comments, and PHP. It furnishes you the ability to insert certain elements, like labels, articles, buttons, forms and embed audio and video content into your page.

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8. Dia

Dia is a simple flowchart making software application that enables the user to draw different professional-looking diagrams. It is the best program for people who want to draw complex diagrams. It is a simple and highly versatile structure drawing application that is useful to create the diagrams according to your needs. Now you have the facility to draw flowcharts, brainstorms, relationship diagrams and organizational charts. It contains a large variety of diagram options to meet the user’s needs. It has thirty different sheets, and each sheet contains the symbols and icons necessary for diagrams such as electrical, flowchart, and cybernetics. You have the option to place, resize or modify the icons in each sheet and save, print or export the resultant document. Overall, Dia is an amazing program for people who want to make any structured diagram.

9. Paint.NET

Paint.NET is a straightforward software application that enables you to create professional-looking images. The application has an intuitive interface that contains an array of options. This interesting program contains all the features required to generate professional-looking designs and attractive projects. You can use multiple buttons to perform both basic functions like crop, cut or rotate, as well as advanced ones like clone stamping, colour picking, or inserting a new layer. The application has the full keyboard support, which enables you to complete all actions by pressing dedicated hotkeys. Its menus contain additional adjustments and effects to enhance any artistic project like invert colours, layer editing, image sketch, distort, blur or sharpen, emboss or even fractals. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

10. Universal Viewer

Universal Viewer is a clear cut application that offers support to the list of extensions. The application enables you to view and edit extensions, as well as create an entry in the Windows context menu. This universal file viewer supports a large range of the array of file formats such as images, text, audio and video, binary, web pages, and HEX. Universal Viewer has a user-friendly interface which contains a Help file to assistance. The application can deal with PNG, BMP, GIF, JPG, TGA, and other image formats, as well as it can work with MIDI, MP3, WMV, MPG, and AVI files. You can easily open documents, binary, text files, Unicode, and Hex so you can view the majority of files on your system quickly. Moreover, you can view the EXIF on an opened image, apply a grayscale or negative effect, rotate or flip the image or set the application to fit the opened image to the size of the screen.

11. Active Pixels

Active Pixels is a fully featured graphics editor application that allows you to embed text messages and apply special effects. You can enhance the quality of images by apply different editing operations. The application has a clean and intuitive interface which contains multiple parameters. This program can work with a large range of file formats like TIF, PMX, GIF, WMF, JPG, PSD, PCX, TGA, BMP, EMF, PNG, ICO, and others. Plus, you can open a photo from a valid URL or scanned photos. The application provides you with the facility to embed text messages, put lines and shapes, draw multiple objects using a pencil and brush, zoom in or out, alter the colour of the chosen object, and resize the images. Also, you can perform basic editing operations, undo or redo your actions, and configure the cropping parameters manually or use the automatic mode. The user can use Active Pixels as SVG Viewer.

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12. GLIPS Graffiti

GLIPS Graffiti is simple to use and the intuitive software application that enables the user to create SVG files by drawing multiple objects, create Bezier curves, embed text messages, and others. This Java-based program has a clean and straightforward interface that facilitates you to draw rectangles, ellipses, squares, and circles, connect different paths, insert segments, create Bezier curves, embed text messages, and zoom in or out of the chosen area. Moreover, you can pick the SVG document size, cut, copy, paste or delete the components, as well as flip or rotate the chosen objects. The application allows the user to configure the grid settings, undo the last action, and hide or show rulers. Moreover, he can merge, intersect, subtract, or close paths. You have the facility to move the objects to any part of the working environment using a mouse and work with different layers, patterns, gradients, and markers.

13. File Monitor

File Monitor is a clear-cut software application that can monitor and display your file system activity and enables you to tweak timestamps. The application has a straightforward and plain interface, and its primary window provides enough space for viewing all the loaded processes and the resources in use. You can use this application to scroll the details given in the primary windows automatically and configure the timestamps according to the system time. File Monitor contains a special column to show supplemental information in some cases. The application can list all the available volumes from the dedicated menu, allowing you to choose only the ones you want to monitor. The application uses a moderate amount of system resources and has a quick response time.

14. SVG-edit

SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, and JavaScript SVG drawing software application that has the facility to work in any modern browser. It is an online vector graphics editor program that uses only HTML5, JavaScript, SVG, and CSS file formats. the application contains many important features as you have the facility to add lines, polylines, squares, circles, ellipses, polygons, stars, and curved paths. Moreover, you can select, resize, move, or rotate images, undo or redo actions, zoom in or out images, convert shapes to the path and save the drawing to SVG format. The application enables you to add layers, view, and edit SVG source, change the background, resize the canvas, open local files, and import SVG into the drawing. The application has a simple and intuitive interface which enables you to work fast and quickly. You can export files to JPEG, PNG, WEBP or BMP.

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