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Everyone has a different preference for movies and TV shows they want to see in their free time. They seek it because they want to fetch their favorite stuff effortlessly anywhere, anytime. Everyone wants an easily accessible, effective, and consistent place to manage their taste in movies.

Some individuals are die-hearted fans of the Romance genre, while some of them want serious-looking movies with plots and mind-boggling twists. Users also prefer action-oriented content that has love stories in them. Some other fan preferred genres are real-time comedy and science fiction films.

So it is difficult for every individual to search and capture their related stuff anytime on different platforms. Therefore, many developers have designed numerous applications that offer you to make a fine collection of your favorite movies and TV shows for entertainment purposes.


What are DVD Collection Apps?

DVD Collection Apps gather your data in one place, and you can easily access them anytime, anywhere. These applications scan the barcode on the DVD covers and stream the movies without hassle. It allows people with different tastes to pick their favorite content under one platform.

Previously, people had a large collection of movies, and it was quite hectic to replace them. Now you can store those movies on phones by using these apps as they offer huge databases and global accessibility to download them anytime. Users can share that movie and shows with other users of it.


12 Best DVD Collection Apps

Keeping in mind users’ needs, 12 of the best DVD Collection Apps are presented in this article, along with their features, pros, and cons. These apps give data storage and unlimited content. This way, users will opt for the most feasible usage based on their likings and demands.

1. My Movies – Movie & TV Library

My Movies – Movie & TV Library is a tremendously great app that allows you to categorize the entire collection of your favorite DVDs and TV series for the classy online data service. It comprises data from the movie’s digital copies, titles, and various TV series from other countries.

It delivers hundreds of exciting features that let you do quite easily and interestingly. Some of these features include scanning a massive collection of DVD and Blu-ray collections using the multi-scan option, keeping track of your watched movies and disc titles, watching tailors, and much more.


  • Ultra 4K Content
  • Seamless Integration
  • Search Tabs


  • Structured Interface
  • Free to Use
  • Automatic Backup
  • Movies Updates


  • No Live Support
  • Limited Auto Synchronization

Download: My Movies – Movie & TV Library for Android

2. Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV

Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV is a widely used platform that offers a fine collection of shows and movies and lets you watch thousands of movies and TV shows. It provides a fine collection of Drama, Korean Movies, Action, Comedy, Thrilling, Horror, and a lot more for its users.

You can stream online shows and movies everywhere you want, free streaming for every show and film, discover new favorites, manage a personal queue, and watch on devices on this application. Each Friday, it adds new Movies and TV shows and provides Chromecast support and multi-device sync.

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  • Only HD Movie
  • Movie Commentary
  • Free Video Streaming
  • Weekly Content Addition


  • Popular Section
  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Movie Suggestion


  • Limited Genre
  • Contains Bugs and Glitches

Download: Tubi TV – Free Movies & TV for Android

3. Movie Collection

Movie Collection is not intended to watch movies and TV shows. Still, it is designed to keep track and manage your movie collection on Blu-ray and DVD, etc. there are some valuable features of this app for movie lovers that help them keep track of their favorite movies under one platform.

Using this app, you can get TV shows and motion pictures like movie descriptions, director, cover, runtime, etc. You can watch trailers in the Youtube app, search by keyword or title, add private movies, mark films, create lists, view data in different formats, search in lists, and a lot more.

This app has numerous features that uniquely facilitate you and entertain you in real-time. It displays the description of each movie so that you have a slim idea about the content of the movie. Plus, it shows movie trailer and upcoming release data as a reminder to its users.


  • Detailed Description
  • Download Poster
  • mark Movie as Seen


  • Copy Listing
  • Structured Interface


  • No Developer Support
  • Limited Platform Integration

Download: Movie Collection for Android

4. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most beloved and widely used apps for watching TV shows and movies and is one of the world’s most extensive subscription services. Using this app, you can easily manage a hell of films and thousands of TV shows and their episodes on your mobile phone.

Its membership provides you access to an unlimited range of movies and TV shows. You can browse tons of titles and watch them immediately on your mobile phone. It adds new stuff regarding movies and TV episodes regularly, and you can fully enjoy every moment of your drama regularly.

There are tons of other mesmerizing features of Netflix working great for movies or TV shows lovers who do not even want to miss a single update regarding their shows. It offers four different servers to ensure that you can enjoy a seamless streaming experience without any lag.


  • Original Content
  • Global Access
  • Search Bar
  • Reagion-Wise Suggestion


  • Create Five Profiles
  • Huge Content Library
  • High-Quality Videos
  • Downloadable Movies


  • Expensive Paid Version
  • Limited Setting Access
  • No Parental Control

Download: Netflix for Android | iOS

5. Vudu Movies & TV

Vudu Movies & TV lets you discover and collect a fine collection of more than 100,000 movies and TV shows right under this attractive platform. It delivers the collection of all the latest movies, and you can watch the biggest hits before DVD releases and allows you to watch on the go.

You can easily stream and download your collection to watch films anywhere, and it does not necessitate any contract or subscription method. It offers exciting features, including downloading titles to your mobile devices, buying DVDs and Blu-rays directly, and watching thousands of movies.


  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Offline Mode
  • Physical Copies of Movies
  • Seamless Integration
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  • Free to Use
  • Global Access
  • Content Management


  • Contains Numerous Ads
  • No Feedback Answers
  • Limited Yearly Updates

Download: Vudu Movies & TV for Android | iOS

6. Movie Collection & Inventory

Movie Collection & Inventory is a great application for capturing and keeping track of your DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. It efficiently keeps track of your collection of favorite stuff in a fully-organized manner. You can store your content in its severs and restore it anytime you plan to.

You can easily manage your collection of Blu-ray and DVD catalog with personal ratings and notes. It allows you to track additional information like location, the number of views, and loaned out the status. It is an easily customizable app that provides a fantastic experience for movies lovers.


  • Barcode Scanning
  • Content Tracking
  • Password Protection
  • Blueray Disc Customization


  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to Use
  • Borderline Filters


  • No Developer Support
  • Expensive Paid Version

Download: Movie Collection & Inventory for Android

7. My Movies Pro – Movie & TV Collection Library

My Movies Pro – Movie & TV Collection Library is an application for capturing your entire videos and TV series collection. Many mesmerizing features of it allow you to search movies, TV series, or digital copies, high-quality front, and back covers, and search collections.

While on the other hand, you can also get many sort options, integration with some social media sites, report missing titles, shake to random titles, parental control functions, report incorrect data, and much more. You can easily enjoy this app and manage your movies collection effectively.


  • Batch Scan
  • Search Filters
  • DVD Information
  • Trailer Collection


  • Free to Use
  • Structured Interface
  • Automatic Backup
  • Loan Tracker


  • No VHS Support
  • Bugs and Glitches
  • No Live Support

Download: My Movies Pro – Movie & TV Collection Library for Android | iOS

8. DVD Library

DVD Library is an app that helps you get track of all those DVDs that you love the most. You can easily add new DVDs and scan barcodes in either single or bulk mode. Some cool features of this DVD Library do not allow you to capture a particular limit of your DVDs.

It offers multiple built-in scanners that support many hardware devices, scan offline, use a scanner to search the library and provide effective scanning that tells you if you have a particular DVD in your library. It keeps track of your loaned DVD and lets you view your library as a list.


  • Scan DVD Barcodes
  • Digital Library
  • Content Organization


  • Library Mode Support
  • Age Restriction
  • Fast Streaming


  • Over Rides other Apps
  • No DVD Information

Download: Android

9. Free Hindi Movies Online

Free Hindi Movies Online is a stunning app for movie buffs. There are a lot of features of this movies collection app that lets you enjoy full Hindi Movies from a variety of genres. Having this app, you can easily watch your most beloved Hindi movies for free, and it is India’s largest library of movies.

It offers enhanced streaming with a wide range of video qualities. Some of its core features include worldwide availability, optimization for mobile networks, the availability of videos in the quality you want, instantly watch full movies support, and one of the largest Hindi Movie hubs.

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  • Latest Movie
  • High-Quality Films
  • Region-Wise Classification


  • Unlimited Download
  • Fast Streaming


  • Outdated App
  • Unstructured Interface


Pocket Movie Manager is a perfect app to manage and organize your movies. You can collect data of your required movie, automatically download movies posters and wallpapers, and much more. It supports the Backup and exportation of your movie data and features the native German language.

It shows a slideshow of your movies and sorts your movies and other stuff, be the title, rating, year, runtime, and some other formats as well. You can make a list of your favorite movies and add any of your favorite ones anytime. It has a structured interface that can be customized.


  • Organized Movie Collection
  • Collect movie Data
  • Movies Slideshow
  • Genre Classification


  • Mark Seen Movie
  • Multiple Language Subtitles


  • No Developer Support
  • Contains Bugs and Glitches

11. HD Movies Now

HD Movies Now is an app specially created for watching HD movies and trailers using your mobile phone devices. It lets you watch movies and download them anytime in your required quality. You can watch all romantic, action, funny, and other movies in HD and Dual Monitors.

It also delivers HD movies and TV shows wallpapers, lets you stream HD movies and TV shows, provides a TV channel schedule HD video display, and makes movies available for you in HD, 3GP, and MP4 formats as well. Hence, you can easily download and watch HD movies anytime using it.


  • Latest Hollywood Movie
  • High-Quality Content
  • Parent Control
  • Free DVDRip


  • Structured Interface
  • Huge Movie Library
  • Top-rated Movies


  • No Live Support
  • No Platform Backup
  • Contains Ads

12. Movie Collection Unlocker

Movie Collection Unlocker is an app required for unlocking all the features of the Movie Collection application. It is an efficient app created to manage and keep track of your favorite and personal movies. This app needs to download the Movie Collection app for using its full functionality.

There are many unique features in the actual app. You can quickly get detailed information on motion pictures and TV shows with seasons and episodic info. You can access the movies and their trailers, add your list, keep all of your favorite movies and TV shows, and much more.


  • Movie Detail Description
  • Direct Link to IMDb
  • New Entries by Title


  • Download Shows Poster
  • Mark Seen Movies
  • Filter Capabilities


  • Movie without Images
  • Unstructured Interface

Download: Movie Collection Unlocker Android


In this article, you have been presented with the 12 best DVD collection applications available either on the play store or apple store. Along with that, their working methodology, advantages, and disadvantages are discussed to facilitate you in selecting the most optimum for your usage.

Of all the apps mentioned above, Netflix offers the vastest content library. These applications offer features like seamless streaming, global content access, and genre-oriented preferences. You can even store your previous movie in their database and restore them as per your requirement.

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