13 Addictive Games Like

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ADVERTISEMENT features massive maps and lets you start the game as a small snake-like avatar, and the main objective is to grow longer and longer by consuming orbs scattered around the map. Provide your nickname to get into the game world, avoid other snakes, and progress through the game by eating colored orbs. There are thousands of snakes like you, and you’ll lose your progress if your snake’s head collides with another snake. As another snake collides with you or other snakes, his body turns into bright pellets for you and others to consume. Activate the boost mode by pressing the space bar or clicking the mouse, which causes the speed up. Your snake will lose mass when you use boost mode, causing the size of the snake to shrink. The game includes a border, and once your snake hits it, you’ll lose.

13 Addictive Games Like

1. takes place in the stunning world populated by dangerous animals who are real players around the globe. You play as a small mouse, and your task is to search for food to eat to gain mass. Navigate the map, learn new abilities, gather power-ups, and avoid getting eaten. Overcome obstacles, eat small mouse similar Agar.Io where the player can eat small cells to eat. Unlock further content using XP point and dominate the map. Avoid bigger mice-like creatures because they can easily consume you. There are three types of animals such as Mouse, Chipmunk, and Shrimp. Select one of them to get into the game world where you find food to eat and gain mass. Speed up by pressing the space bar or clicking mouse and shrink your size. If a giant mouse comes and tries to eat you, there is a limit of time to secure yourself otherwise you’ll be eaten.

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Control your tank and dive into battle where you have to shoot different blocks and score the highest points. There are several players like you with the same task. Avoid them or fight against with them using shooting abilities. The main objective is to reach the top of the leaderboard by defeating other players and completing tasks. Earn XP points, level-up your tank and unlocks new weapons, classes, and abilities. Select a machine gun, and take control of a guideline missiles that can shoot in any direction. Survive as long as possible and earn lots of points to become the topper. There are different tank classes, and you can pick one of them to start your journey. offers core features such as Multiplayer mode, Level-up Stats, Upgrade your Tank, Dozens of players, and more.

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3. Flow

Flow takes place in the watery environment and lets the player play as a small organism, and his main task is consuming another organism in a surreal biosphere. There are five different creatures, and the player can play as one of them, each offers a unique environment to explore. The player can immerse himself in the deep blue sea with a simple task to gain mass by eating small organism. It supports a multiplayer mode, and over four players can play on the same screen. Explore the world from a top-down perspective and speed up pressing space bar and shrink the size of snake-like creature to gain speed. It contains different levels, and the game unlocks other as the player gain experience and progress through the game. The game introduces an updated version offers multiplayer supports over four players that will attract other players.

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4. feature massive map consists of foods and different size of worms. You play as a worm, and your main task is to looking around for food to eat to grow bigger and longer. There are hundreds of other players around the world like you and hunt for food to eat. Avoid them and concentrate on enhancing your size by eating foods and little worms. You’ll die instantly, once your head collides another worm and become delicious food for worms. Try to consume defeated avatars, and beware of dangerous viruses. It has two different modes such as Random Team, and Free to Play. There is private room also available to play with your buddies. Once virus attacks you, it will slow down your speed, and other lengthy worms can easily consume you. Expel your mass to assist other worms and shrink your size to gain speed. Different Modes, Private Rooms, Eat food to grow bigger, Cut other Worms, Stay, Way from the virus, and more.

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5. Agar.IO

The player starts off as a small cell in massive map focuses on a petri dish. The main task of the player is to gain as much mass as he can by consuming smaller cells and avoid bigger cells. Agar.IO name comes from a substance used to culture bacteria called Agar. There are hundreds of other players with the similar task. The player needs to use his wits, eat smaller cells and survive as long as possible to score the highest points, and defeat his rival opponents. It lets the player modify the appearance of his cell with words, symbols, phrases or skins to look unique from others. A cell moves slower after gaining more mass. Every cell gradually loses their mass over time. Avoid virus because it split cells into different pieces depending on mass and the tiny cell can take support from virus to hide against bigger cells.

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6. Osmos

Osmos revolves around MMO element and available to play on Multiple Platforms. If you’re the fan of and, you’ll love it, because the game offers the similar gameplay to both games. It combines the elements of physics-based, electronic sounds, dreamlike graphics, etc. Start off as a mote with a simple task to eat other small motes to grow bigger and bigger. There are many other motes like you with the similar task. Avoid them, boost up using ejecting matter behind you, causing a speed up. Using ejecting methods to boost up will shrink you. Explore the massive map, explore from a top-down perspective, and eat small motes. Avoid bigger because they can easily consume you and have to face death. Beware of colliding with massive motes, or the boundary. It has over forty-seven levels filled with bonuses. Osmos offers core features such as Grand Prize, Confront Attractors, Procedural Content, Electronic Sound Track, and more.

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7. Agarp.CO

Agarp.CO offers an exciting gameplay where you start off as a small blob, and your task is to eat colored pellets, growing bigger and longer to score the highest points. There are many other players like you with the same tasks, avoid bigger blob, and eat small to progress through the game. To boost the speed, you can split your blob into different parts and eat more orbs to enhance your size. Once you gain enough big size, then start consuming small blob and defeat other players to score points. The game features global leader, and you can see your progress on it. Unlock different themes and apply on your blob to look amazing. As you progress, other unique and amazing content will be unlocked in the game.

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8. Dogar

Dogar focuses on MMO element and available to play in Browser. Similar both, you play as a small blob, eat tiny cells, and consume defeated players. There are hundreds of players like from around the world, and you must avoid them to progress. Develop your blob eating pellets, and grow. You’ll lose your progress if you hit another player and turn into small cells for other players to consume. Play solo, or join a team to complete objectives and unlock other skins. The game includes new levels, and you must gather coins to unlock bonuses. Don’t touch the boundary, if you touch your blob will die immediately. Progress through the game, avoid big blobs and eat small like and dominate the map.


9. Nebulous

Nebulous takes place in the massive map and lets you play as a blob, eat small dots scattered across the map, or consume smaller players. Develop your blob and become the bigger in the game to win. There are thousands of players like you, and your main objective is to defeat them by growing bigger and longer. Avoid larger players because they easily absorb you. If you hit another player, causing death and you’ll lose your all progress. Once you achieve enough size that you absorb other blobs, then you can hit them to consume. There are over five-hundred skins with a specific way to unlock, and the game introduces new tournament mode to battle for massive rewards. Nebulous includes key features such as Single-player Campaign, Leaderboards, Clan System, XP, Achievements, Mayhem Mode, etc.

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10. Dots Eater Battle

Dots Eater Battle offers exciting gameplay where you play as a bacteria, and your objective is to develop your avatar by eating small cells scattered across the map or other players. Avoid large saws, and overcome an obstacle to further progress. There are different bonuses such as Pizza, Bomb, Saw and Rocket that you can use during gameplay to gain speed. Select your avatar from agar dots and jump into the game world. Complete objectives and level-up to score the highest points. The defeated players turn into a small cell for other players to consume. By pressing the spacebar, you can boost up your speed causing shrink your size. Dots Eater Battle offers core features such as different Bonuses, Speed up for some Seconds, Cut any Player, etc.

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11. start off a small snake and grow higher and bigger in size by consuming scattered objects across the map. If the player hit any part of another snake, he’ll lose him all progress, and his avatar’s body turns into different orbs. Avoid big snakes because they can easily absorb the player’s snake. The ultimate task is to survive as long as possible and eat orbs, and small snakes as the player achieve enough size. As the player accomplish objectives, other skins will be unlocked. Speed up using booster activate by pressing space bar and clicking the mouse. The player will lose his progress if he hits another snake or causing shrink if he uses a booster.

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Play as a tear-shaped creature, and the main objective is to navigate the massive map, avoid other creatures, eat bright pellets and grow. There are thousands of other players like you. You’ll die or turn into bright pellets for other players to consume if you hits another player. Start the game from a small creature and growing higher and higher consuming orbs. Use booster to speed up by pressing the space bar or clicking the mouse, causing mass loss and shrink in size. Customize your creature using different colors and skins and score the highest points to defeat other players and rank-up. Control the snake using mouse or arrow keys and move freely in massive maps. The defeated avatars turn into bright orbs, and you can consume to enhance your size.


13. focuses on MMO element and features a massive map, and the player can start off as a small cell, gradually growing longer and longer as he eats pellets across the map or consumes other players. There are four different modes such as F2P, Random Team, Guilds War and Capture the Flag. Navigate the game world as a small cell, eat orbs and grow bigger and bigger, avoid larger cells because they can easily consume the player’s cell. Split himself into two cells to gain speed, and the player can use a virus to smash others or hide. Use boost and expel mass to shrink in size. Different Modes, Equipment System, Custom Skins, Viruses, Expel Mass, Guild System, etc. are the prominent features of the game.

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