10 Best Camp Management Software

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In the summer and winter holidays, most of the organizations create events and camps for their students and staff to get entertainment and create memories. Some camp and events organizers help these organizations to make all their arrangements.

Many essential tasks are there for managing any camp or event such as registration, payments, and giving updates to parents and staff. All of this paperwork needs a lot of time. In the past, organized hired persons to perform these tasks. Nowadays, many systems are there to provide all these facilities to camp organizers online.

What are Camp Management Software?

A software that is providing all necessary tools for performing tasks related to camp management is known as Camp Management Software. A large number of applications are present on the internet that are helping camp organizers and saving their time and money.


These applications provide online portals for registration and booking. People can deposit money on these portals and make reservations. These systems also offer some advertising tools for marketing and advertising events.

Best Camp Management Software

Here is the list of Best Camp Management Software that is offering enhanced tools for managing online booking, registrations, payments, and much more.

1. Tourney Engine

Tourney Engine is a full league and tournament management application that provides you with the power to manage every event. As an event director, you can manage staff and registrations, schedule events, create brackets, process payments, and give real-time updates using this application. This exciting program provides the ultimate place for camps, tournaments, and league management.


Work with it for team registration and payment tasks. Automated bracketing and scheduling features help to create pool play matches and custom brackets. You can get the help of in-app notification and built-in mass email tools for communication with parents, teams, and Athletes. Send real-time updates to everyone instantly.


  • Real-time communication
  • Payment processing


  • Registration
  • Bracketing and scheduling


  • Difficult copy paste option

Visit: Tourney Engine

2. Bookinglayer

Bookinglayer is a fast online platform that manage and combine your accommodation and activities using a reservation system. It will reply your guests about their bookings and update your occupancy automatically. It is an interesting program to manage all activities and accommodations related to camps. You can enhance your guest experience and increase revenue with it.

You have the option to sell customizable packages to people to get more guests. Huge amount of automation tools are there like automated emails, reports, payment and invoicing facilities. Sell classes, services and courses and manage the sales of sellable articles. Sell nights for rooms, tents, houses, boats, or apartments. It also offer third party integrations.

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  • Third party integrations
  • Accommodation


  • Rental & Items
  • Automation tools


  • Simple reports


  • Starting: $110/month

Visit: Bookinglayer

3. Bookeo

Bookeo is an online scheduling and booking platform for tour companies, schools and service providers. Work with Bookeo for appointments, activities, tours, courses and classes management. Thousands of businesses worldwide are using this online scheduling system for management. Advanced marketing tools with memberships and prepaid packages are helpful to grow your business.

Save time and money on booking and accept online bookings from Facebook page and website. You can connect with third party solutions to increase its working. It is offering services in more than 120 countries and you can translate it into over 35 languages. Boost customer satisfaction and efficiency and manage everything with ease.


  • Online reservations
  • Accept online payments


  • Marketing tools
  • integrations


  • No membership function

Visit: Bookeo

4. Bunk1

Bunk1 is a cloud-based camp management system that is offering its services in Canada and United States. The program allows families to access secure photo galleries, read daily newspapers, watch videos from camp, and send printed notes to their camper. They can use it from their brewers or through mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

It help families to view and share videos and images, receive and send camper mail, and get real-time updates about camping. It provides a private camp’s community only accessible by your family and controlled by camp administrators. Other major facilities are camp management, push notifications, facial recognition, Push notifications, newsletters, bunk notes, bunk replies and photo galleries.


  • Facial recognition
  • Newsletters


  • Camp management
  • Push notifications


  • Trial and error with reports


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Bunk1

5. CampWise

CampWise is an interesting online camp management application that helps school, camps managers, conference centers and other organizations. It offer five major modules such as individual or camper registration, guest and retreats groups registration, donor management, online staff applications and Point of Sale for the camp store.

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Primary features of Camper or Individual registration are group hold registration, online registration, billing, activity scheduling, transport, camp store, medical records, and housing. The program offers multiple tools for camp management like parent portal, customer management, attendance management, invoicing, calendar management, and medical management. It provides PDF files and videos for more information.


  • Online Registration
  • Parent Portal


  • Attendance Management
  • Customer Management


  • Complex reporting


  • Trial: Free
  • Professional Plan: $3600/year

Visit: CampWise

6. CampBrain

CampBrain is a web-based camp management system that is providing services for camps and conference centers. This application is help for schools, private overnight camps, day programs, special needs camps and faith-based camps. It is offering features related to resources, meals, finances, accommodations, bookings, and calendars.

Same major tools related to camp management are online registration, customer management, invoicing and billing, parent portal, attendance management and faculty and staff management. Setup up registration is easy process and you can collect information using reports. It can create contracts, invoices, and reports. This system offers great technical support and efficient group reservations.


  • Online booking
  • attendance


  • billing and invoicing
  • Calendar


  • Frustrating application

Visit: CampBrain

7. BeAKid

BeAKid is a powerful parent relationship management tool. The program allow organizations and schools to create a passionate group of parents to give efficient experience for their families sand children. It is also providing class management features allowing you to spend minimum time on managing staff, families and students.

Parent portal allow parents to provide contact information, medical or other forms and fill out student data. Besides, you can use it for online payments and billing and child management. It provide analytic reports to make better decisions about your institute. It helps in conversion rates, time specific growth, incoming payments, and conversion and loyalty.


  • Staff assignments
  • Custom forms


  • Payment plan customization
  • Badges and levels


  • No PayPal integration


  • Trial: Free
  • Quote-based Plan: Ask the vendor

Visit: BeAKid

8. CircuiTree

CircuiTree is an enhanced and efficient camp management system that unlock new potential for your camp. It increases revenue and enrollment, and minimize risk. The program assists administrator in online registration, scheduling activities, assigning housing, and tracking transportation information. They can control Wellbeing using Electronic Health Center, and streamline check-ins on tablets.

It provides central guest group leader for managing all logistics responsibilities. Use custom scholarship and discount structure and manage outside group rentals with ease. It connects parents with campers and send scheduled emails automatically. Customizable reports are there for making decisions on programming, financial moves, and marketing.

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  • Customizable reports
  • Communication tools


  • Financial management
  • Simplified staffing


  • Few quirks


  • Demo: Free
  • Professional: Contact the vendor

Visit: CircuiTree

9. UltraCamp

UltraCamp is a comprehensive camp management program that is offering multiple interesting tools for best management experience. Donor management tools help to make relationship with your financial supporters. Get online applications for your staff recruitment as well as run background check and collect references.

Control site medical staff by managing their medical visits and distribution of medications. It provides single place for all payments, communication and invoicing related to conference center management. Get tools to make an online registration portal to automate registration tasks. This tool is also helping parents to put money to camp store account of their child on registration time.


  • Integrated POS
  • Online Registration


  • Health Care
  • Donor management


  • Confusing


  • Demo: Free
  • Professional: Ask the vendor

Visit: UltraCamp

10. ABC Sports Camps

ABC Sports Camps is offering an advanced registration and event management solution. It has the aim to help coaches to run their camps with reliable service. This user friendly program makes payment services easy by providing flexible payments options to administrators. Well established network of ABC Sports Camps allow them for online marketing and to increase their presence.

Customized online registration tool is there to make easy registration tasks. It helps campers to register multiple events by using discounts and automatic confirmation emails. It facilitates people to receive email alerts and deposit payments online for camp registration. Besides, campers can get customized camp website with all services he required.


  • Event management
  • Online Registrations


  • Payment services
  • Online marketing


  • Need more features


  • Pro: $3.95

Visit: ABC Sports Camps

The Verdict

Overall, these applications are helping campers and organizers to increase their camping experience and maximize profit. These applications send push notifications and alerts to customers about the latest updates. These applications can manage finances, resources, accommodations, and calendars.

Some programs are helping organizations to recruit staff, handle school events, manage children’s activities, and allow parents to view updates about their children’s performance.

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