10 Best Incident Management Software

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Incident management is a part of the IT service structure area. Incident management aims to quickly restore service operation and minimize the impact of business tasks.

It ensures high-level service quality. In the past, managers hire IT specialists to perform tasks related to Incident management, and they take a lot of time and money for such a process.

What is Incident Management software?

But, now, there are much cloud-based software that are offering automated solutions for incident management. These applications collect data using different channels like an open door, social media, and web and manage all information in the form of reports.


They provide analytics and reports to give details on incidents for making better decisions. They can save time by performing most of the tasks automatically.

Best Incident Management Software

Here is the list of Best Incident Management Software that are offering services online and up-to-dated reports for better analysis.

1. ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is an efficient incident management application that enables users to make tickets through phone calls, emails, and online self-service portal. This program converts emails to tickets automatically. It assigns tasks to groups or technicians according to their expertise automatically and stops the recurrence of incidents.

You can configure custom statuses to track and manage all incidents throughout the entire life cycle. Use custom email templates to send automated notifications to end-users. Provide details in the self-service portal to increase the visibility of incident status. Easy to build and well-structured knowledge base is there to integrate incident management. Get end-user feedback to measure satisfaction levels.



  • Solve IT Incidents faster
  • End-User satisfaction


  • Automate ticket workflow
  • Incident management


  • Hard to move helpdesk products


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Get Quote

Visit: ServiceDesk Plus

2. Panopta

Panopta is an Infrastructure monitoring cloud-based program that can monitor everything you need. It uses server agents, OnSight vCollectors, and cloud platform integrations for monitoring applications, servers, and networks. A comprehensive library of metrics helps to save time from configuration and increase productivity. It offers rich, customizable dashboards, and reporting features.

They provide real-time insights by filtering data by application metrics, infrastructure type, and any other dimension. The program includes on-call scheduling, customizable alert timelines, and maintenance schedules for better handling of conserve resources and incidents. The remediation service and automated diagnostics make incident management seamless.

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  • Customizable dashboards
  • Filter data


  • Integrated maintenance scheduling
  • Automated diagnostics


  • Difficult to setup


  • Trial: Free
  • Standard Instances: $6/instance
  • Network Device: $9/device
  • Containers: $2/container

Visit: Panopta

3. RealityCharting

RealityCharting is an investigation and root cause analysis management solution that offers comprehensive investigation management tools. The program has a standard system for creating, iterating, escalating, and integrating your analysis into business tasks. It helps professionals to show interrelated evidence-based causes to make a general reality with members of the team.

The program provides technology solutions to fulfill all requirements of your organization. An inherently visual tool facilitates users to determine the effect and cause relationship and get solutions to stop issue recurrence. It delivers guidance and structure to increase the quality of problem analysis significantly. It includes effective assessment and solution generation capabilities.


  • Detailed email reporting
  • Wizard Window guides


  • Detailed problem definition
  • Integrity check


  • No integration with the timeline


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: RealityCharting

4. A1 Tracker

A1 Tracker is a Risk management platform that helps companies to manage risks at numerous levels of their business. Managers from any place can track incidents, risks, contracts, assets, and audits. This web-based solution provides real-time analytics, workflow, and reports. Real-time notifications enable company managers to escalate risks by business unit, department, and region.

The program includes metric reporting, customizable dashboards, system integrations, user portals, and training. Stand-alone or fully-integrated modules with incident tracking, claims management, risk audits, threat assessments, contract workflow, litigation, safety compliance, bonds, project management, certificates of insurance, asset management, and insurance policies.


  • Incident tracking
  • Contract workflow


  • Project management
  • Asset management


  • Complicated sometime


  • Demo: Free
  • Pro: Ask the vendor

Visit: A1 Tracker

5. ProcessMAP Incident Management

ProcessMAP Incident Management is an advanced application for managing incidents effectively. It offers a simple platform for automating and streamlining your safety and health efforts. You can get critical workplace safety details and make as the prevailing safety culture. The six sigma based incident investigation allows you to control and make better safety performance.

It provides in-depth trend analysis for identifying key areas and making decisions faster. The user-friendly interface helps in unique business processes and operational preferences. This incident management solution provides robust analytics to give a realistic view of lagging and leading indicators and cost drivers. It tracks and manages incidents like environment harm, personal illness, and injury, or property damage.



  • Robust analytics
  • Track incidents


  • Manage incidents
  • Holistic view


  • Not flexible sometimes


  • Demo: Free
  • Enterprise: Call the vendor

Visit: ProcessMAP Incident Management

6. Lumiform

Lumiform is a fast and interesting platform that facilitates users to solve problems quickly, conduct inspections, and increase safety and quality. It is an intuitive platform for all safety and quality procedures. You can create customized forms or work with ready-to-use templates. You can solve problems with teammates and conduct inspections faster.

It offers customizable and automated reports and analytics data. You can optimize procedures using audits and inspections. It provides fully automated customized reports to resolve issues faster. The program delivers ready-to-use templates, and you can customize these templates to create industry-proofed checklists. Unlimited inspiring options are there to improve safety and quality procedures.


  • Safety procedures
  • Ready-to-use checklists


  • Customized reports
  • Optimize procedures


  • Limited features


  • Trial: Free
  • Pro: Call the vendor

Visit: Lumiform

7. Hund

Hund is an incident management application that provides streamlined and flexible communication. It offers many integrations to notify your audience about service statuses change. You can curate your subscribers using notified subscription-like inserting modifying and deleting them according to your requirements.

You can update your status page manually or automatically when issues arise. You can create problems to explain your audience of maintenance and downtime. A monitoring platform offers automatic updates for any HTTP/S endpoint, ICMP-enabled server, DNS query, and TCP/UDP port. It supports third-party monitors like New Relic, Pingdom, PagerDuty, and CloudWatch.


  • Automated Service Status
  • Complete design customization


  • Rich detailed metrics
  • Custom domains


  • Process of login is longer


  • Pro: $29/month

Visit: Hund

8. Statuspage

Statuspage is an enhanced program created to build trust with every incident. Communicate in a better way to your users like Intercom, Dropbox, and DigitalOcean. You can manage subscribers and send recurring messages to them through different channels like a text message, email, and in-app message.

The application facilitates you to manage components of your service and display more than 150 components using third party integrations like PagerDuty, Shopify, Mailgun, and Stripe. This program also integrates with a popular alert, chat, monitor, and help desk solutions for effective response. To perform work quickly, it provides pre-written templates and third-party integrations.

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  • Incident communication
  • Showcase reliability


  • Display status
  • Eliminate duplicate support tickets


  • Loose control sometimes


  • Hobby: $29/month
  • Startup: $99/month
  • Business: $399/month
  • Enterprise: $1499/month

Visit: Statuspage

9. Compliance Safety Manager

Compliance Safety Manager is an incident management program that helps you to manage your drivers and keep them road-ready. You can keep a record of driver pictures, license copies, and certifications. Besides, it offers tracking and reporting, unlimited asset tracking, email alerts with a cloud-based system. It manages records of incidents on a single location and provides status reports.

After viewing records, you can set numerous levels of permissions and user access. The program makes analytics reports, convert inserted data into OSHA forms, and shows your metrics in colorful pie graphs. You can crate OSHA 300 and 301 reports, and allow to access records online. Get reports related to lost and restricted time data and injury rates/severity rates.


  • First report of injury
  • Case data


  • Injury Rates/Severity Rates
  • Direct/Indirect Costs


  • Not user friendly


  • Start: $60/month

Visit: Compliance Safety Manager

10. Compliance 360

Compliance 360 is a simple and fast program for managing risk intelligence. It provides a distributed and centralized management structure for control and optimal efficiency. You can increase your management and accountability visibility. The program allows enforcing consistency and standards throughout the organization.

This platform reacts quickly to changes in enforcement actions, laws, regulations, and external events. It has a single platform to keep the record for audit, risk, and compliance management. Use multiple methods to get incident information such as direct entry channels, open door, hotline, or web. You can track the resolution of issues and the progress of investigations.


  • Incident management
  • Compliance management


  • Disclosure management
  • Internal audit


  • Functionality needs improvements

Visit: Compliance 360

Final Words

These top ten Incident Management Solutions helps organizations to manage incidents by performing multiple types of analysis. Most of the programs are offering integrations with popular third-party CRM and infrastructure tools for better reporting.

These applications send automated notifications and alerts to customers. Some are also providing collaboration tools for communication with end-users. They offer templates for generating reports and alerts messages.

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