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It is quite difficult to store and manage the heavy file containing large or massive amount of data and metadata in them. The databases that are maintaining massive tons of data from last 50 to 60 years related from all walks of life and containing history too, it is not that much easy for storing the information and such kind of large data in regular file size. If it would be so, the whole space of the world would be quite less for storing all the data and accessing the data from the files would also be a heck. As the amount of data increases with the time so as the methods of data handling and managing got modified and become more efficient and sophisticated. Previously as the data on the PCs were present in the large files and these large and heavy files were not that much easy to handle and manage. Other than the problem of their storage the biggest issue that was faced at that time was of sharing these files. The files containing gigantic amount of data in GB’s are not that much quick and easy to send. It took a plenty of time and space sharing these kind of files and large of amount of data was wasted or corrupted while such kind of direct sharing and transfer. Later by UNIX the world’s first File Archiver was introduced. A file Archiver is a computer software program that combine or compress the multiple files together in to a single archive file so that it can be easily stored and shared. Then the archive industry flourished and provided us the latest archiving tools that are currently used on the PCs and desktops. The users can now directly from their smartphones and devices make archive files and decompress or unpack the received or downloaded archive format files. There are numerous apps for this purpose and best of them are mentioned here.

1. WinZip

WinZip is the world’s most famous and widely used file compressing and archiving app that is developed and published by WinZip Computing. The app is proposed by the same vendors who developed the WinZip file compressing software for desktop and PCs. The app is that’s why trusted globally as the software of it was quite popular and resulted quite effective in terms of file compressing and zipping. The app possess thousands of satisfied and loyal users from all around the world and the number of its users is increasing day by day. The user can directly create, extract and even share the zip format files on their android based devices and gadgets directly via this app. The app as its software is too quite simple to use and everyone can easily operate it for extracting and creating zip files. The app possess immense ability of zipping and unzipping large zipped files in quick and way much more rapidly. The app is available on Google Play for free of cost.



2. AndroZip™

Zipping and unzipping of large files, making of large archive based file formats and managing all sort of files on the android devices and gadgets is way much more easy now with this very app that is specially designed in such a way that it provide extreme level of full- ledged support to the users on the android. AndroZip™ is quite quick and way much effective and astonishing zipping and unzipping app that is developed and released by AVG Labs. The app possess a unique design and outlook that is specially created for using on android and it makes zipping and unzipping of the files quite simple, easy and convenient. The app possess alluring and powerful solid overall setup that assures its efficient working and premium work performance. The app was released in 2009 and by that time it has more than 20,000,000 downloads already and is counting more and more with every passing day. The app provides full and high ended support to the extreme encrypted files ZIP, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR etc. Compressing and decompression both scenarios are fully supported by the app. It is free of cost available on Google Play.



3. B1 Archiver zip rar unzip

B1 Archiver zip rar unzip is an amazing and alluring file managing, extracting, zipping and unzipping tools containing file archiving application that enable the users to maintain the files and extract them accordingly. The app is developed and published by Catalina Group. The app is one of the best and most high rated zipping and unzipping format file archiving app that supports more than 34 kind of different file formats and is ranked among the top rated zipping and unzipping android apps of all times. The app is quite simple and easy to use, every kind of user can easily operate and use the app for zipping and unzipping the files with way much ease and convenience. The app possess the unique and promising feature of zipping and unzipping different kinds of files at the very same time, which makes this app quite rapid and swift as compare to most of the similar kind of apps that are available in the market. The app is totally free of cost and is present on Google Play for Android based devices.

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4. RAR

It is a multi-functioning and all in one kind of immensely effective and pure quality based basic file exploring, managing, extracting, zipping, unzipping and archiving app. RAR is one of the most widely used file compressing and decompressing program and now the app of the same software is also leading that way of sheer brilliance and glory. The app is developed and published by win.rar GmbH. This is one of the most quick and effective file compressing and decompressing app that possess the ability of compressing multiple files collectively and the same goes for the decompression. RAR possess the ability of creating ZIP and RAR archives and is able to unzip or unpack TAR, ZIP, RAR, BZ2, and XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ and variety of other different kinds of archive formats. The most alluring and impressive feature of the app is that it possess the ability of repairing the damaged, leaked or distorted Zip and RAR files. As this unique and quite useful feature is not seen in the other similar kinds of apps available in the market. The app is free of cost present on Google Play for Android based devices.


5. ZArchiver

Using regular kind of file compressing and decompressing software or archive based program is not an easy task and everyone is not that much able that he or she can easily zip or unzip the file packs into different archive file formats. The programs and software made for these purpose are used by the person mostly related with the IT field of communication discipline. This is the app specially designed with such an easy and effective user interface that anyone belonging from any walk of life can simply use and operate this app for zipping and unzipping large file formats. ZArchiver is a quite simple and useful archive management and file compressing/decompressing app that is developed and proposed by Zdevs. The app supports a gigantic range of file formats in term of decompressing that includes zip, rar, rar5,gzip, iso, tar, arj, cab, chm, dmg, cpio, wim, ecm, fat, ntfs, ubf, mtz, rpm, deb, Z, tgz, tbz, Lzma, arxm , xar, 7zip etc. The app is highly used worldwide and is the only app that supports almost all big and famous file archive formats and possess the ability of decompressing and compressing them at the same time. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android based devices.


6. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip is low level and simple kind of file archiving and compressing/decompressing app that is designed for light use by the normal and daily life users who does not need very much large files to be compressed and decompressed at the same time. The app is not of that high quality but still is quite handy in terms of compressing and uncompromising large files. This is in short a browser or we can say a simple kind of file explorer. Although the app is not that much popular and also it is not referred as best of all yet it is quite enduring and amazing. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices.


7. XZip

This app is one of the most amazing and astonishing zipping and unzipping, file archiving, file managing, raring and unraring and converting and extracting the zip or rar files. The all in one multi kind of working capability and functionality of the app makes it one of the handiest and effective apps in terms of file archiving and formatting as compare to all the similar kind of apps that are present currently in the market for very same purpose. Usually the user’s does not find such type of vast facilities in many other apps and for different file formatting, archiving, zipping and unzipping they have to use different apps and software. The app is developed and published by Luftix Ltd. The app is making its way in the market quite successfully and soon will be ranked among the top rated zipping tool containing apps. The app possess the ability of extracting and unpacking of zip files, rar, b1 and all the rest 34 different kinds of most famous and globally used file formats and archives. It enables the users to easily zip and unpack the files of different kinds at the same time no matter how much large they are. The app is free of cost available on the Google Play for Android based devices.

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8. UnZip & Unrar – Zip file

UnZip & Unrar – Zip file is an immensely effective and useful unzipping and unraring tool app that is developed and published by UCWeb Inc. The vendors of the app already quite famous and well reputed in the market of Information technology and applications as their software related to different fields are quite effective and popular globally among the people. The best product of the vendor is its browser known as UC Browser and is rated as the best and most convenient browser ever with an incredible ability of downloading and synchronizing the files and data. The app is basically designed for instant and quick unzipping and unraring of the large zip files that the users download from the internet directly or via the UC browser. The app is equipped with amazing single taping tools that rapidly unzip the files and provide the real files with their original sizes to the users on their devices. Only flaw which is not a flaw in real is the app only possess the ability to unzip and unrar it is not able to create zip files itself or make archive file formats. It is available for free on Google Play.


9. Zip Viewer

As the name of the app states, it is an amazing and way easy to use app that is designed for unzipping the files frequently and readily. The app possess an immense and bewildering setup with solid stands which assures its premium quality efficient working and smooth stream less performance. The app is developed and purposed by H- Code. Although the app is not that much famous among the users globally as it is a new comer in the market, but despite of all this it is quite successful in capturing the attention of the users from all around the globe. The app possess thousands of users currently that are quite satisfy and happy with the results and effectiveness of the app and as the numbers are increasing day by day soon the app will reach the million spot. The most amazing and unique feature of the app that has been missing in very big apps from the big names and that is the ability of extracting zip files directly from the email attachments. It is the very basic priority of the users and many of the famous apps lack this feature in them whereas this app provides full ability of extracting directly the zip files from email. Not even extracting the users can directly view the zip files before extracting on the latest and upgraded email versions.


10. 7Zipper 2.0

Don’t go on the name of the app as it seems to be supporting or designed for zipping and unzipping only the 7zip formats. The app supports all famous and most widely used archiving file formats and provide all the essential and necessary tools that are used in compressing and decompressing the files. The app is the product of a very famous vendor in terms of android apps archiving file formats and that is Polar Soft. The vendor has published a lot of different kinds of apps regarding the file formatting, archiving and decompressing. This app is one of its top app and is immensely pure quality based stuff and is way much useful and effective in all terms. Most of the people or customers avoid using the app by just reading its name that it is especially for 7zip format, but it is not true. Yes the app provides full in depth support to 7zip file archiving format but it is an all in one kind of file managing, file compressing, file decompressing and file archiving app. The multiple functionality ability of the app makes its quite useful and convenient. It is available for free on Google Play store.

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11. Fast ZipFile Extractor

It is one of the most quick and rapid file decompressing and archiving app as compare to almost all similar sort of apps that are now a days present in the market. The app is equipped with fully automatic functionality and enables the users to create and extract the zip files and all the other archive file formats. Fast ZipFile Extractor is the file zipping/unzipping, file archiving, file extracting, file exploring and file managing app that is developed and published by 9Crackers Factory. The best and most prominent functionality of the app is that it is quite efficient and quick, as being automatic the app itself check all the files in the devices that are in archive formats and ask permission from its users to zip or unpack the files, the users just have to simply allow the app for performing. All the rest is done by the app itself and it extract and archive the large files automatically with in no time. It saves a lot of time and is quite handy and easy to use as it does not need any further commands and every kind of user can easily use it.


12. iZip

iZip is the file formatting, archiving, compressing and decompressing app that is compatible with all kind of latest and old smartphones and devices. No matter the devices are on which android version, it supports each of them and provide complete and accurate functionality for all. So the users who were not able to use zipping and extracting files just because they don’t have a new device or latest android version, they don’t need to worry now. By this very app they can do each and every single thing regarding file formatting, archiving, extracting, zipping and decompressing. iZip is the zipping and unzipping tool based mobile application that is developed and released by Comc Soft for Android. The app has two version, one is the free one and another is the pro which is the premium paid version possessing enhanced functionality and advanced additional tools. The app is equally compatible for the android smartphones as well as for the tablets and other kind of android based hand held gadgets. The users after creating the zip files can instantly attach them with the emails or can share them on the Cloud drives, Box and Google drive. Similarly the files can be imported and extracted too.


13. ALZip

It is another amazing and astonishing app regarding file compressing and decompressing. The user can easily and quite conveniently use the app for zipping and unzipping huge files without any hurdle. The app is developed and published by ESTsoft Corp. The app is not that much popular and didn’t get that appropriate place which it deserve to get in the market. This is not because that the app is not of that quality or there is something wrong with the performance of the app, it is just because of the poor marketing tactics by the vendor and an overall lacking of its marketing and advertisement. This is a bad sign to have such an amazing and alluring app beside the curtain and it is bad of the users that they even don’t know about such useful and effective app. The app possess the ability of zipping and unzipping all the kind of archive file formats and is even able to do compressing and decompressing at the same time. The app is free of cost available on Google Play and can be downloaded for Android based devices and gadgets.


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