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We make a lot of calls daily, some to friends, some to family, colleagues, work office, teachers or even to the one we love. All of these calls have importance to us, and some are even about business or more serious matters while some are just to invite to a party or feel better. If it is about work, a lot of people discuss their deals on calls as it is not possible to travel to other cities or countries for every deal, so this kind of calls holds great importance to us. So if we have to keep the calls as the statement, we somehow have to record those calls and not it is possible. There are a lot of call recording applications available on the internet nowadays, and you can use them to record any cellular calls. Both the incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded with this kind of software, and they can be saved securely with password protection. After the call has been recorded, you can upload it to the cloud to safely store it on the cloud storage and access it from anywhere and from any device. It is also possible now to record your social media audio and video calls of WhatsApp or any other social media like Facebook. A list of call recording software is given below from which you can select and use any which suits you the best.

1. Advanced Call Recorder

Advanced Call Recorder is an application for recording outgoing and incoming calls. The application can be set on auto record to automatically record a call, whichever it may be outgoing or incoming, or you can just keep it at manual and record class when required. You can then save all the recordings in its vault with a pattern lock and keep em protected. The application can also be used for blocking unwanted callers also set a specific no to auto record. You can share the recordings from within the app with other applications like WhatsApp, line etc.


2. Note Call Recorder, Messenger Video Call Recorder

Note Call Recorder, Messenger Video Call Recorder is the only call recorder in the market which is available for free and can record calls of WhatsApp, Viber, Skype or Facebook Messenger. The software works like any other call recorder, but it has more to it. Not just cellular network calls, it can record those encrypted calls of WhatsApp and Messenger too. This feature of recording a social media app call makes it unique and a viable application. However, you need to have Android version 5 or above to record social app calls with this software. The app is free, and you can download and install it from Google Play Store.


3. Call Recorder – ACR

Call Recorder – ACR is a top-level call recorder which assures you the premium quality for free. The application is rated above four stars, and all the reviews are satisfying related to it. You can depend on this app if you want to record and save calls. The app allows you to record and save calls automatically or you can just have it set to manual to record only the calls you want. It can also be configured to record only a specific number with just some simple touches, and only a call from that contact will be recorded.


4. Call Recorder (Quality Apps)

Another application for your call recording need. The app is loaded with features and gives you premium quality audio recordings for free. You can record automatically as well as manually as most of the call recording applications offer you to do so. IT can record your calls in multiple audio formats, and you can select from the settings in which format you want your call to be recorded. This software is easy to use, and it shows your call logs in an interface which is easy to understand for any type of user. Cloud uploading is also available in this software.


5. Cube Call Recorder ACR

Cube Call Recorder ACR is a top quality call recording app which records your incoming and outgoing cellular calls as well as VoIP Calls. The application is low in size but gives you premium performance in free. You can record WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Hangouts, Line, Skype, and Skype lite video and audio calls in it. The software also has an in-app audio playback system which allows you to listen to the recorded sounds from within the app and there is much more to be offered from this app. Download it free from the Play Store and give it a try.


6. All Call Recorder

This is also a good application to record your incoming and outgoing calls. The application also has the feature of manually and automatically recording calls. The application is very simple, and circles around jut some features regarding call recordings. As they say “Simpler is better”, so this app gets this quote fit on itself. The application provides you with a performance of satisfactory level and is not to be taken lightly as it just offers some features. It can be used on low-end devices with great performance as any high-end device may provide. It’s free to download and use and available at Google Play Store.


7. Blackbox Call Recorder

Blackbox Call Recorder is about the best call recorder which even I use for myself. The software is a hidden stealth call recorder which records all your calls without letting anyone get a hint of it. It is totally secure and the software itself is very light. All the capabilities which a call recording software can have are available in this application and much more. You can get more data about the application by visiting the given link as well as you can download it free from there. Its Google Play store ranking is 4.7 stars average.


8. All Call Recorder Lite 2018

Despite being the 2nd last one in the list, this is not the app of least category. The applications record all the incoming and outgoing calls in a very lightweight format with a sound quality clear enough that you can understand it even from a distance. The software gives you quality over quantity as it does not bucket loads you with features. You can use this simple software for recordings and then just categorize your calls yourself as it does not have any filtering options and it saves your recordings randomly.

9. Call Recorder (Lavekara)

It is also a great call recorder as seen by reviews of the users. The applications average rating is about 4.4 which is well enough for any good level application. The application allows you to record and save any type of cellular calls in both the internal memory and external memory. Later, you can access any of the recorded files easily by its searching feature which allows you to filet call by time. Date, name or call duration. It’s pretty easy to use, and it’s totally free to download and use. It’s available on Google Play Store.


10. RMC Android Call Recorder

RMC Android Call Recorder is also a good quality call recording software which can automatically record your incoming and outgoing cellular calls. The application has two folders for saving call recordings, one for sorted calls which can be custom edited and one for unsorted calls. This keeps the things easier for those people who have a lot of calls recorded each day. You can easily scroll through the log and listen to whichever call recording you want without mistaking it with any other. Download it free from Google Play store.


11. Automatic Call Recorder

This application comes in the top list of call recording apps in both the iOS devices and Android devices. The program is made very intelligently, and it gives you optimum performance while you are on call. It does not use many resources from a background of your device so that you can get more talk time. It offers many features for Call Recording as well as blocking calls or messages. The software is available in both the free trial and paid versions. After trying, a lot of people purchase this software and its worth its price.


12. Smart Auto Call Recorder

Smart Auto Call Recorder is a full-time automatic call recording application giving you only the premises of auto call recording. The application does not allow to record a call manually, and it can automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls and save it in memory of the phone. You can later delete the unwanted recordings. The audio quality of in which this application records the calls is pretty awesome. The sound is crystal clear, and you can clearly hear what the person on the other side of the call is saying. The application can be installed for free from the Google Play Store.


13. Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic is a robust application which is loaded with features made especially for call recording purposes. The application can record calls automatically as well as it can be set to record calls manually. The save files can be uploaded to the cloud to keep them safe forever. The application offers a unique feature of shake and record which is unique to many call recording apps. When the phone is set to record manually, you just have to shake the phone, and it will start recording. In the end, you can encrypt your recordings with a password to keep them safe.


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