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Increase in the modern amenities and luxurious lifestyles of the humans, there is a lot of hard work and struggle behind it due to which the human race are that much successful. Along with the increase of luxuries and facilities the sense of competition and swear intensive commitment is also increased. An individual belonging from any of the field has to work more than before to meet the demand of modern era in which there is swear competition for the survival and growth. It is difficult for a person to getting always involved and in touch with the official and professional activities and keep a 24/7 communication with the business or work related officials. Despite of working more than even 12 hours in the office still the setup goals are not achieved and require more and more attention. This exceeds the limit of an individual as everyone has to get rest and have a personal life too. For this very purpose there are numerous office apps which enables the users to keep balance between the office and personal routine life and on the same time be aware of the official activities and manage them directly from their home using their smartphones and tablets. Best of such office apps are listed here.

1. WPS Office + PDF

This app has topped many of the performance based charts worldwide and is ranked as the best office app to be used on the Smartphone, especially on the Android. The best and most effective thing about this app is that it is quite simple and easy to use and is of quite smaller size as compare to the heavy and large sizes apps that possess the same functionality. Despite of its tiny size, this app possess everything in it, all the essential tools that are to present in the office app are included in this app. The users can now edit and compose their documents, manage the spread sheets and even can deal with their presentations and slides all just by this app. Now the app includes a PDF format convertor also, which enables the view of PDF files and enable the users to edit them too. It is free of cost present on Google Play Store.



2. Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office suite for the PCs and desktops has already created history and possess millions of users from all around the world, who are quite happy and satisfied with its functionality and effectiveness. Now the same mastery is packed inside a single app for the users so that they can deal with documents and other business related methods in a better and effective way. The most promising and alluring feature of the app includes its remote functionality and sync ability, which means that the users can access and view their Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from their smart devices and gadgets from any where they are by just syncing the Microsoft account. The data present inside the laptop or desktop can not only be viewed but also be edited from anywhere by this very app. For more specific use, word, excel and power point apps can be downloaded separately as well. It is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play Store.



3. Docs To Go Free Office Suite

It is another quality based bewildering and astonishing office app that possess all the basic and essential tools that are to be present in a complete office app. Docs To Go is an amazing and remarkable new kind of office app that is developed and published under the flag of DataViz, Inc. The app is quite famous and is widely used by the people from all around the globe. Despite of the presence of big vendor apps, this app is quite successful in retaining its unique position as competitor in the market. It is one of the most old and ancient sort of app that is especially present to used on the mobiles. It is almost 15 years or so now. Up till now 40 millions of downloads are recoded and is still counting more and more. Along with the basic tools, the cloud storage support and multiple files synchronization ability makes the app more effective and useful.

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4. OfficeSuite + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite + PDF Editor is another feature enriched office app that is designed specifically to cope with modern desires and new strategic office means. The app is developed and proposed by MobiSystems. There are numerous amazing and quality apps on the credit of this vendor and is quite well reputed in the market in terms of effective and valuable apps. According to the latest stats the app is currently installed on more than 200 million smart devices all around the globe and this ideal mark is even increasing quite rapidly. Along with basic editing and managing tools like complete support of word documents, spread sheets and presentation slides, this app also offers some new and unique features too like the users can simultaneously work and edit two different documents at the same time by splitting the screen and many more others too.


5. Polaris Office + PDF

Now edit the simple documents, spreadsheets and manage the presentation slides all in just a go by this very app. Polaris Office + PDF is multiple functionality office app that is designed for getting the maximum output with less time consumption and with the smooth performance and efficiency. The app is quite famous among the people from all over the world and is already installed on 40 million smart devices and is still counting more and more with every passing day. The users can now edit their simple documents, spreadsheets, presentation slides and now even the PDF format files too. It is quite easy and simple to use and can be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android.


6. Smart Office 2

With more than 30 million downloads from all around the world, this is another marvelous and tremendous office app that is equipped with all the essential office tools and is build according to the modern rations. As most of the native apps being more traditional are not able full fill the new and modern provisions. Smart Office 2 is the fresh kind of office app that is developed and published by Artifex Software Inc. The app possess a ravishing and alluring outlook and user interface, which does not only provides the best possible environment to the users for managing their documents but also don’t let them getting fed up and bored. The app claims to be the smartest app in size as compare to the other similar kinds of apps. It is 50 times smaller in size as compare to Microsoft office, which increases the convenience level of the App. It is free of cost present on Google Play store for Android.


7. Google Docs

Google Docs is an ultimate document managing, composing and editing app developed and published by Google Inc. Although this is not fully loaded office application and does not support any other format rather than the simple word documents but still like all the rest products of Google Inc. this app is also of sheer brilliance and premium quality. The basic reason behind the development of the app is to provide the smartphone and tablets user’s quick and efficient access to his or her Microsoft word documents so that they can edit and manage them on the go with ease and convenience. The unique and prominent features that are included in the app are automatic saving ability, as the user write and edit a document, the changes and the stuff is saved automatically.

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8. AndrOpen Office

AndrOpen Office is a simple yet effective office tools and documents managing app that provides excessive supports for the multiple formats. It is a fully loaded office tools possessing app that provide support for the word processor, spreadsheets, presentation slides and additional support for the portable format documents PDFs. The app is developed and proposed by Akikazu Yoshikawa, a Japanese entrepreneur and application developer. Other than possessing the traditional office work related tools, the app possess some unique features also that are a complete drawing editor and mathematical equations editor. This means that now the users do not need to have additional app or tool for drawing and solving mathematical equations. The app is totally free and is available on Google Play Store for Android.


9. Office Documents Viewer

Formerly known as Mobile Documents Viewer is an amazing and pure quality based office tools containing and documents managing app that provides support for almost all kinds of documents and formats. It is also referred as one of the best document viewing application as it provides the support of various document and office clients such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, OOXML and Microsoft Office. The app is of sheer brilliance and utter smartness as it supports multiple clients at once and that too in a better and efficient way. The app is designed and released by Joerg Jahnke. The users can access the documents that are present on their cloud storage and can also instantly share them on the drop box too. The app has a free version and a paid version that costs $2.30. Both versions can be downloaded from Google Play Store.


10. OliveOffice Premium

As the name of the app states it as a premium app, yes this is a premium and pure quality based office app that possesses all the essential and necessary tools regarding office documentation in it. Now the users can edit, compose and manage their documents of any format on a single go via this app, either it is word doc, a spreadsheet or a presentational slide. Other than these basic tools, it also possess the ability of viewing the portable document formats PDFs. Another unique feature that is not even present in most of the top rated office apps and that is the support of viewing and editing compiled help manual (chm). The app is developed and published by OlivePhone and can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store for Android based devices.


11. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Accessing your office documents, resources and office PC is now way much easy as this very app enables the users to connect completely to their office and work from anywhere they are virtually. The users can now easily synchronize all there official devices and PCs with their personal Smartphone and other hand held gadgets. Like all the rest products of Microsoft, this app is also of premium quality and possesses sheer brilliance. The users can now easily get access and hold of their office or personal desktop PC directly from their mobile phones and get all the official tasks to be done on the go. This efficient and smooth working powerful app is free of any cost and can be simply be downloaded from Google Play Store for Android based smart devices and gadgets.


12. Chrome Remote Desktop

No need to be tensed if you have left your laptop in your home while on a meeting in the office or you have to manage an important project on your desktop but you are away from it. This app is the pioneer standard app which enables the users to access and get the control of their laptops, PCs and desktops directly from their smartphone and smart devices. Chrome Remote Desktop is the remote controlling app to control and access the laptops and PCs directly from the smartphones. The app is developed and published under the flag of great Google Inc. and is the app of sheer brilliance and under smartness like all the rest products of the vendor. The app initially was dealing with bit of security concerns but later the upgraded version demolish this flaw too. The app is free of cost and is available on Google Play for Android smartphones and tabs.

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13. Evernote

Being active all times and staying organized is a big deal nowadays and is not a piece of cake for the business related professionals and other official job holders. This is the app that enables them to be active and connected always and keeps them organized. Evernote – stay organized is the note taking and to-do list managing app that is developed and published as a product of Evernote Corporation. The main focus of the app is to set up an organized routine for the users so that they can manage to work in a more better and effective manner. The app possess thousands of users from all around the world and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The app is free of all cost and can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


14. Microsoft OneDrive

Managing the work and personal life is now way much easy and efficient via this premium and pure sheer smartness possessing app. Microsoft OneDrive is the personal cloud storage accessing, documents and media saving and sharing app that is developed and published by Microsoft Corporation. The users can manage well in between their professional work life and personal life. The business professionals can access their documents and other official files directly via this app which are saved on the cloud storage. The users can browse all the one drive files at a single go and can also instantly share it with the people, friends, cow workers and family. For the editing purpose these files which are saved in this OneDrive app they can be accessed by the other apps like office apps etc. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play for Android based devices and gadgets.


15. Google Drive

Google Drive is not a specified document scanning app but is basically a cloud storage accessing app which is provided by Google Inc. to its users. The best part of the app is that it is way much easy to use and is a multi-functionality app which means it possess the all in one sort of ability in it. The users can keep their any sort of data either documents, files, images, videos etc. on this cloud storage and can access any time they want to access from any of their smartphone or other smart gadget. As this app is developed and published under the flag of Google Inc. and like all the rest Google products, this app is also useful and possess sheer brilliance. The users can scan the documents instantly and can save them as PDF file format or JPG whatever they prefer. The app is pre-installed in most of the Android based smartphones and gadgets and if it’s not, the users can easily download it from Google Play store for free.


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