20 Best Motivational Quote Apps for Android and iOS

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We all have a specific type of goal in our life that we want to achieve. Sometimes we forget our goals and limit ourselves to the basic routine of 9 to 5. We all need the motivation to work out the things in our life. We may get it from the people we respect, our people, the majority respect the leaders, famous personalities, and others like them.

All of us need a mentor in our life, and if you recognize someone, whatever they say is a motivation to achieve our goal. Some sayings affect our lives in a very illuminating way. There are apps which include different type of feature that let us build positive energy when we are going to daily jobs even though it might seem monotonous.

Here we have the best motivational quote application for both Android and iOS users that help us keep track of our goals set a target and turn our phone into a motivational speaker, so whenever you look at your phone, you see a quote that inspires you and keeps you going through a tough time. These applications allow you to create your citations and share them with your social circle.


Best Motivational Quote Apps for Android and iOS

Here is a list of best motivational quote applications that will help you achieve your target efficiently, busting focused, and maintaining a rhythm of life.

1. Fabulous: Motivate Me!

Fabulous is a motivational quote application that supports both Android and iOS users. This application is designed to motivate and keep track of your daily habits. Everyone needs a push more than once in life.

It helps you pushed to the limit and achieve your target. The best part is that it helps you win goals, build new habits, provide healthy life, help you with the music that gets you, going through daily life job forever short term goals. The interface of Fabulous is easy to use and providing news guiding experience.


The structure of the theme is constructive and self-navigating. It works in a small step and backed by scientific facts, so you don’t have to worry about any mishaps or side effects. Other than that, the app includes tons of features, do not offer ads, but offer in-app purchase to unlock more features.

Download: Fabulous: Motivate Me! for Android | iOS

2. ThinkUp

ThinkUp is a motivational quote app which allows a user to keep track of the habit and keep their health in good shape. ThinkUp live up to providing motivational quotes for you can pass through all the complicated steps and quickly figure out how to achieve your goals.

It contains many types of different quotes in different languages do you do not have any difficulty in using this application. The application consists of daily motivation, relaxation, and audio tunes, soft audio services, which release stress, overcome challenges and make a positive impact.

The interface is brilliant, and the structure is easy to understand and self-explaining. The core features are setting goals, voice recording facility, provide affirmation like better sleep, daily motivation, weight loss, body image, new career, love and relationship success, and more. ThinkUp is free to use but offer and include a feature of purchase to give you access to more features.

Download: ThinkUp for Android | iOS

3. FitQuote

FitQuote is a different type of motivational app which allows you to focus on a specific kind of goal. The primary function of this application is to provide our daily routine and help you by giving setting motivation lines to get excited and focused.

A part of the app is that you get new daily motivation inspirational fitness quotes that push you for training days and allow you to customize your background photo. It also saves your favorite quote, customizes your background photo, gives you alert notifications, keeps track of your habits, and much more.

The interface has an attractive theme, update daily, and the layout of the app is constructive, which helps you navigate through the app. FitQuote is ad-supported, includes a purchase module to remove the ads and access more features.

Download: FitQuote for Android | iOS

4. iWish

iWish is a motivational quote providing an application that runs on both Android iOS devices. It includes various types of features that let you organize and manage your daily activities to eliminate any feeling or underachieved targets, and it also gives you that extra nudge with the motivational quotes to help boost your productivity.

The structure has a smart design, and the theme is beautiful. The core feature allows you to achieve your life goals, visualize them, and help you stay motivated. It offers different ideas to improve our life routine.

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It consists of pictures that motivate you and help you stay focused on your goals, set targets, and more. The interface of iWish has a cunning theme that is attractive to all users to have a constructive layout, so the user has no difficulty in navigation. It is free to use, contain ads, and offer in-app purchases.

Download: iWish for Android | iOS

5. Brilliant Quotes

Brilliant Quotes is a motivational application that provides different types of quotes that help you gain that extra mile that you are hoping for achieving your target. The app consists of quotes that are collected and hand pic from 3600 famous authors including, writers, and great leaders, and other prominent personalities.

The key features of the app consist of the beautiful and intuitive user interface, stay motivated throughout the day, explore famous quotes from brilliant quote community share quote seamlessly your social media, and include an application widget that you set on the home screen, list of attractive pics include voice-overs different type of videos and more.

It allows you to select your favorite author or personality and search its quotes, and the app will daily show you a different kind of quote to boost your day. Brilliant Quotes have a constructive layout for easy navigation. The app is free, consists of ads, and offers a purchase module.

Download: Brilliant Quotes for Android | iOS

6. PictureQuotes

PictureQuotes is a simple cross-platform application which presents a different type of quotes to boost your day. The primary function of the app is to provide different kinds of pictures, various textures color font, and help you create a different and unique image in the background and show your quote on the picture of your choice.

It is an editor, but it only consists of these two aspects. It allows you to select a photo you want to add type a text added, and you are good to go. The interface has a stunning design, an attractive theme. The structure is self-explanatory and user navigating. PictureQuotes is free to use but contain ads and offer in-app purchase.

Download: PictureQuotes for Android | iOS

7. 53,000+ Famous Quotes Free

53,000+ Famous Quotes Free is straightforward motivational quote application that shows a different type of quote from a different kind of author do you get all the push you require to finish your daily work. The app automatically selects the quote of the day is the first thing you see when you open your phone.

It is a cross-platform application and has an excellent interface. The core feature of the app includes more than 53000 quotes and a great artist theme secure navigation search option bungee jumping into an index you can also share the quote to any social site. It is free to use but offers ads that can be removed by in-app purchases.

Download: 53,000+ Famous Quotes Free for Android | iOS

8. Inspirational Quotes Free

Inspirational Quotes Free is an Android-based motivational quote app that only gives you picture quote consist of different type of code from various authors and personalities. It consists of the varying quote on every day when you open your phone in the morning, and it starts your day with the post, so you never forget your goal and get up motivated.

The app also allows you to save the quote and set the image as wallpaper. You can share the quotes on Facebook. Inspirational Quotes Free is limited to its features such as fast response, easy navigation, intuitive interface, easy to set up, and few more. It is entirely free to use but consists of ads.

Download: Inspirational Quotes Free for Android

9. Inspirational Quotes & Sayings

Inspirational Quotes & Sayings is an iOS-based application that consists of a motivational quote that is only as good as the application. The tool consists of many types of quotes that help you in success and also give you courage, inspiration, and hope. The best feature of the app allows you to save inspiration quotes share it via email or directly uploaded to a social website like Facebook or Instagram.

The interface of Inspirational Quotes & Sayings is straightforward and user-navigating. It has an attractive layout that is constructive and consists of a beautiful theme. It has a different background image which allows you to set the images as wallpaper, the app is free, but support ads and those ads removes by a purchase module.

Download: Inspirational Quotes & Sayings for iOS

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10. Buddha Quotes

Buddha Quotes is a simple cross-platform application that consists of Buddha quotes. The app only consists of Buddha quotes, which help you set your life in order. It has such an excellent wisdom record animated and beautiful wallpapers. It will give you a firm motivation quote daily and push you towards your target.

The key feature of the app include Buddhism wisdom quotes on enlightenment and inspiration from the Buddha and others, auto read quote in case your eyes are lazy, quotes area quotes on Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, and more. The interface of Buddha Quotes is simple, consists of tons of features, easy navigation, etc. It is free but includes ads.

Download: Buddha Quotes for Android | iOS

11. Daily Quote

Daily Quote is a different type of motivation quote application that supports both Android and iOS devices. The fundamental purpose of this application is to provide an inspirational, motivational quote daily, help for sure, and keep you motivated towards your goal. It consists of many pre-defined quotes you can save and share them on social media.

You can also put them as wallpaper and much more. The app is full of quotes that open and sets as a reminder for daily appearing on a smartphone. You can choose random background images that suit your day or mood. The interface of Daily Quote is easy to understand the smart GUI structure helps in navigating the user. Daily Quote is free to use but offer purchase and consists of ads.

Download: Daily Quote for Android | iOS

12. Best Life Quotes

Best Life Quotes is a motivational quote application that consists of best life quotes. The smart app offers an attractive layout. It includes a list of categories like life quote wallpaper life-changing, action, attitude, confidence, time, experience, failure, and more. It consists of predefined quotes and wishes, and you can set a new wallpaper and as a reminder whenever you pick your phone up in the morning.

The graphics of the app are straightforward to understand and have an intuitive interface. The layout is constructive and offers various features. The core feature of the app consists of daily quotes notification, sharing a quote on social site as a text on picture select your favorite quote and save it. Best Life Quotes is free to use but consists of ads and offers a purchase module to remove the ads.

Download: Best Life Quotes for Android | iOS

13. Quotes Creator

Quotes Creator is a brilliant application that features different types of motivational quotes for you so you can have a very significant day. The primary function of this application is to provide you that extra push you need to achieve that extra mile.

Quotes Creator includes many predefined quotes from different personalities, besides it has an editing module that helps you create a different type of citation in which you can customize your image in the background and add text to the picture.

The core feature consists of a user-friendly design, color, and size, add an inspiring word to image, and set a shadow on text, add a caption to photo, add different types of color categories, and more. The app consists of a purchase module that opens additional features and removes the ads.

Download: Quotes Creator for Android | iOS

14. Mirakee

Mirakee is a different type of motivation quote application that allows you to create and share various types of quotes, so you post and motivated towards your goal. The tools consist of an editing feature that will enable you to create your citations with a different type of background.

You can select an image to add text with the other type of font and style. The best part of this tool consists of writing, editing, copyright improve your writing skills, design your post discover, and connect published authors to make your words Google searchable, write, and read in any language.

The interface has an intuitive layout and constructive design. Mirakee is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is free to use but consists of ads and offers in-app purchase feature.

Download: Mirakee for Android | iOS

15. InstaQuote

InstaQuote is a motivational quote application that allows you to create a different type of quote pictures. It also consists of a pre-defined bundle of quotes on different personalities that you can edit share and set as a wallpaper on your device.

InstaQuote is available for both Android and iOS devices. The central aspect of the app involves text on photo or picture, more than 70000 quotes installed and famous saying search for status and direct author input, full of free text font, free background images to share and save, and much more.

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The interface is straightforward to understand and provide a user-friendly atmosphere. The layout is constructive and consists of a beautiful theme. InstaQuote is free to use but comes with ads.

Download: InstaQuote for Android | iOS

16. Daily Quran Verses

Daily Quran Verses is the best motivational quote application that provides you with Quran quotes versus so you can learn it and get motivated by it. The app allows you to reconnect with Allah. It is available 20 languages. It also works offline and available on both Android and iOS devices.

It consists of many features search as you can quickly get daily new and handpick Quran quotes on your smartphone set a reminder for a new quote or Qibla the best feature of this app is that it get past day and month scriptures by quickly swipe and read your favorite verses again and again.

The main aspects of this application include audio recitation, verse of the day, copy and share option, automatically shows Quran daily in selected time, translation in multiple languages, and more. The interfaces simple and easy to understand, and the theme is attractive. Daily Quran Verses feature no ads or any purchased module.

Download: Daily Quran Verses for Android | iOS

17. Phonto

Phonto is a motivational quote application available for both Android and iOS users. The app consists of a narrative feature that allows you to create your quote. It also includes a predefined course from different personalities and famous sayings. The editing feature is the top most used module.

It consists of more than 200 fonts, user can also install a font from the internet, text color is changeable, text size is variable, and the user can rotate the text, and more. The benefits of the app include easy usage, consists of predefined photos and quotes.

You can save share and set the quote as wallpaper, so whenever you see your phone, you read the quote and get motivated by it. The interface is user-friendly and self-navigating. Phonto is free but comes with the purchase and ad-supported.

Download: Phonto for Android | iOS

18. Get S**t Done!

Get S**t Done! It is a motivational quote providing an application that only supports Android devices. The core feature of the app consists of a motivational quote that helps you keep going and achieve your goal, include different type of categories which allow you to get various images when you turn on your phone.

The main feature of this application consists of the smart brake management system that tells you when you are achieving something get things done more efficiently by dividing them into sub-goals, intuitive interface intelligent design, attractive theme, etc. The application does not consist of ads but offers a purchase module.

Download: Get S**t Done! for Android

19. Motivate: Daily Motivation

Motivate is a motivational quote application that includes any different motivation for you to achieve your goals and set a different type of task and habit, which leads to a successful life. The primary purpose is to provide you that extra push to take another step.

The features of the app consist of all types of motivational videos on the world top mentors, different kinds of categories, playlist help build your daily habit, with customizable notification view and share your hundreds of moving co-director in the app. It listens to a different type of music that helps you relax, energize, focused, set your life-changing routine, and much more.

The interface of Motivate has a smart design and has a constructive layout that allows the user to navigate the application and everything attractive. The tool is only available on iOS devices and free to use and offer in-app purchases.

Download: Motivate: Daily Motivation for iOS

20. PicQuotes

PicQuotes is a different type of editing tool which designs and creates a motivational quote for you to share and set as wallpaper. It is a picture and text editing tool the application has also predefined 1000 Quotes arranged into ten quote categories.

PicQuotes categories include movies, friendship, love, famous, breakup, fitness, inspiration, faith, music, and success. The interface is easy to understand and provides a user-friendly layout with an attractive theme. The editing feature is the best part of the app.

It is easy to understand, and a user can have no experience and use it easily. PicQuotes is available for both Android and iOS devices and includes a purchase module but does not support ads.

Download: PicQuotes for iOS

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