7 Best Free Payroll Management Software

Every organization has an HR department which has the responsibilities of Payroll management, employee’s attendance, and more. Human Resources department checks out employees attendance, monitor performance of all employees as well as create salary of all employees. A few years ago, this work was done manually using different reports, tables, and charts but it was a time-consuming process and still contains some mistakes regarding salary or attendance. Now this work is done quickly and accurately because every HR department is using laptops and computers for this purpose. A large number of applications are designed to help HR department of an organization. These applications have made employees management work quite easy. Here is the list of Best Free Payroll Management Software. Utilize these programs to create monthly salary sheet of all employees of an organization, manage insurance, and overtime related data, create pay slips of all employees, monitor the performance of workers as well as make payroll reports of all employees efficiently and accurately. Some of these programs can keep eye on the total working hours of an employee and his extra income.

1. Paymastr Payroll

Paymastr Payroll is a simple to use program which allows you to insert information for multiple employees, adjust taxes, create payment reports, and manage payment history. The user interface of Paymastr Payroll contains a series of buttons surrounding a central list box. By clicking any button you can view its menu in the center of the window. You can access the menus in the toolbar line any other program and a convenient layout can help you to work quickly. It contains individual windows for both the state and federal taxes, you can adjust both, as well as can add any tax deductible income to the employees’ payroll calculation. The application can create monthly, quarterly or yearly reports and provides an option to add backdated payment history in reports. A password feature is helpful which adds a layer of security to a vulnerable program. It provides some basic encryption tools for both payment information and the employee’s information.

2. OpenMiracle

OpenMiracle is a handy and simple to use program that facilitates you to prepare salary sheets in an efficient manner as well as organize orders, payments or invoices. This reliable and comprehensive program is specially developed for the business of any scale and type. The user-friendly and intuitive interface of OpenMiracle provides you the option to set different pricing levels, create barcodes, as well as make different payment and invoices. This interesting program contains well-organized menus and helps you to design your bills quickly utilizing custom paper sizes, handle regular exchange rates as well as manage PDC payable efficiently. OpenMiracle does not strain on system resources and works very fast.

3. Open Baraza HR Payroll

Open Baraza HR Payroll is a lightweight software program that provides facilities to HR department of an organization. HR team of any organization has the possibility to create payroll reports, provides performance-based incentives, check attendance of employees, evaluate the performance of employees, as well as create pay slips for all the employees of an organization. The simplistic and intuitive interface of Open Baraza HR Payroll helps users to work in a clean environment. Open Baraza HR Payroll contains multiple features such as online job applications, leave management, employee’s details with standardized CV, and payroll processing. This application is based on the Open source Baraza XML or Java. Open Baraza HR Payroll utilizes the low amount of RAM and CPU, and works very fast.

4. Piccolo – Payroll Management System

Piccolo – Payroll Management System is one of the best Payroll management programs that facilitates users to quickly manage HR department of an organization. With the help of this program, HR department of an organization has the possibility to create pay slips of all employees, manage payroll, monitor employee performance, create payroll reports, create salary of employees as well as calculate tax on their salaries. Furthermore, you have the possibility to save details of the check in and check out time of all the workers using this simplistic tool. Piccolo – Payroll Management System has a simplistic and user-friendly interface which provides all the necessary tools quickly for payroll management. The application runs fast and works with the very low amount of computer resources. Overall, it is the best solution for payroll management. This secure and robust enterprise program is developed in Visual Basic .NET and XML.

5. Dynacom Accounting

Dynacom Accounting is a freeware and reliable payroll application for your system. this application allows HR department of an organization to create timesheets, pay sheets, and make salaries of employees quickly and easily. Users have the possibility to add over time, adjust tax, create salary slip, check attendance of employees, as well as create payroll reports with the help of this program. In addition, you can monitor the performance of workers using this utility. Dynacom Accounting has an easy to use interface which helps you to work in a clean environment. This utility can fulfill your basic accounting needs to manage your business easily like sales, purchasing, bank, general ledger, and even payroll. It does not contain transaction limitation or annoying publicity. Dynacom Accounting does put a strain on RAM and CPU.

6. EzWagez

EzWagez is a small and reliable software program that allows you to calculate net paycheck amounts automatically. The application provides latest federal tax tables to make your work easy. This small business payroll application is created with VB.NET technology. The application provides you the opportunity to calculate the advanced earned income credit payments. The user has the facility to calculate totals for the quarterly form 941 return and statement unemployment. It is a sophisticated, flexible, and easy to use program which furnishes payment history reports per employee and for the organization. This simplistic program can keep a record of salary structure of all the employees as well as keep payment history reports. It can evaluate salaries of employees using income tax tables.

7. CKZ Time Clock

CKZ Time Clock is a comprehensive software program that can keep track of check in and check out time of employees and overtime hours of employees working. The primary window of CKZ Time Clock helps you to make a few more adjustment before initiating your work. You can monitor your all employees with a decent amount of requirement fields. It shows created users in a list for quick access and you can use the option to start the timer by choosing one. The application provides control to the administrator account over every aspect and allows him to edit employee time manually. In addition, the administrator ca issue different types of reports at the end of the month. He can get an employee payroll summary for a single user or many employees. The administrator has the possibility to clean the report before printing it as well as export it to different file formats like PDF, HTML, or plain TXT. Overall, CKZ Time Clock is a simple way of keeping a close eye on the watch and having different reports related to employees working hours.

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