16 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

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Android is an open-source platform, and most of the apps are very intuitive, and they all bring a different idea to the platform. People usually switch to these apps because of the daily use, and they probably want something more to do with the lock screen, which keeps them attentive and happy.

Locking a phone is a matter of privacy, and sometimes it is accessible to a smartphone depending on the software it is using, or someone already knew you are entering your code. Many apps lock your phone with different methods. Some use color code, some give a trick question, and some of them drew patterns for you to unlock your phone.

These apps can have a fail-safe feature which after unsuccessful locking, can remove your data, or it may be upload to the cloud so the hacker can’t access that data.


Some apps unlock the device even after the fingerprint unlocking. With the help of these applications, you can also put a lock on your social apps so no one except you can access the phone. Here is a list of different lock screen apps for Android phones.

1. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is an innovatively new way of tackling your Android smartphone notifications. Using this app, you can easily and quickly access your phone notifications. It displays your notification stuff along with the details that they occupy with an incredibly clean and minimalistic screen.

There are some extraordinary, mesmerizing, and miraculous features of the app for an extremely great experience. It delivers an awesome performance along with an extremely fabulous, super clean, and amazingly intuitive design.


It offers an active mode that uses the mobile sensors to wake up the device without touching. Rather than these, it offers an incredible level of stability, interactive hours, consumes a little memory, Dynamic background, Low-priority notifications, and a lot more.

You can easily acquire and access all the notifications with simple taps right on the screen of your phone when it is locked.


2. Echo Notification Lockscreen

Echo Notification Lockscreen is one of the coolest and the fastest app that delivers ease for accessing the mobile phone notifications. It is appreciated by unlimited users from more than 50 countries. It brings notifications on your lock screen and allows you to access them quickly and easily. It delivers instant notifications from almost all apps that you have installed on your phone.

It has a minimal UI, which does not affect your battery. It also ensures the security of your mobile phone, controls music, automatic grouping of your notifications, and lets you personalized it in the way you want by setting wallpapers of your choice and set the notifications as well.


3. Hi Locker

Hi Locker is a simple and beautiful screen lock that enables its users to gather their notifications right in the lock screen for ensuring an amazing lock screen experience with three unlock styles (Classic, Lollipop, and iOS). It occupies a material design style with some classy and superb features. It supports the fingerprint approach for delivering more ease for the users.

You can easily customize this app in the way you like. It offers some smart features that will automatically provide some greeting and other modules to you. You can enter your favorite status and your name on the lock screen, open and change usual apps quickly, set wallpapers timings, and get weather information, etc.

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4. Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is a smart lock screen app that delivers some exciting and deliberate features for its users for many purposes. It brings an ultimate look for some busy professionals who want real-time ease of getting their mobile phone’s notifications effortlessly.

There are many interesting and intellectual features of this app that help you doing things sophisticatedly. Having this app, you can easily access text messages, missed calls, messages, and other important notifications from apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and a lot more.

You can instantly send a text or call some favorite peoples from the lock screen, launch your favorite app, quick access to some apps, weather and calendars notifications, and much more.


5. GO Locker

GO Locker is a superb quality set of a powerful and intuitive lock screen, finest themes, and marvelous wallpapers. It provides an amazing and easy integration with more than 8000 kinds of smartphones and contains above 100 million downloads from all over the globe.

It contains a lock screen for getting your privacy more secure and protected. It enables you to approach a vast collection of interesting and creative themes beyond your imagination.

GO Locker lets you change the wallpaper of your screen as you love, get weather information immediately, stay secure, and well-proceed, never let you miss a single notification, and you can manage more powerful and intuitive things.


6. CM Locker

CM Locker is a pretty attractive app for making things done intuitively in your smartphones. It not only keeps your mobile phone stuff more secure but also delivers a handsome amount of awesome HD wallpapers and smashing themes for your mobile phones.

It is a power-pack app that delivers some amazing features, which include Anti-Theft protection, real-time notifications, calendar appointment’s notifications, upcoming alarm notifications, robust themes, instant access, and lot more.

You can effortlessly and quickly access your mobile phone’s messages, WhatsApp, Facebook, messenger, and other platform’s notifications and instantly approach them, and reply these IMS messages directly from the lock screen, and enjoy a lot more using this app.


7. LokLok

LokLok is awesome stuff for making an attractive and a bit unique lock screen for your mobile phone devices. You can easily and instantly send messages to your contact right from your mobile’s home screen. It is a great app that has amazingly transform the traditional lock screen into extraordinary stuff.

It is an attractive lock screen that makes your lock screen a bit interesting and less boring. It lets you leave a note for others, works like a whiteboard (that enables you to write anything), works as a widget, and much more.

It enables you to draw on the screen of your phone’s screen even when it is unlocked and share the masterpieces on social media platforms with the hash-tagging approach as well.


8. ZUI Locker

ZUI Locker is an elegant lock screen app with the fabulous delivery of quality features. It provides a stunning UI that enables you to work flawlessly and conveniently. You can easily manage and customize the features of this extraordinary app and enjoy the mesmerizing features for everyday use. You can get an impressive range of wallpapers every day and customize every feature of this app easily.


It delivers a different style of layouts to choose from and to make the screen of your mobile phone more marvelous, unique, and attractive. It also allows powerful security for you and provides a snap feature to capture the pic of persons who attempt the wrong password. Other than that, you can also handle your messages and other notifications by gestures efficiently.


9. Alarm Anti-Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti-Theft Screen Lock is a great security tool for mobile phones. It enables you to track the person who wants to steal your phone. It is one of the finest apps that enables you to keep secure, and if someone tries to steal your phone, it will alarm you in that particular situation.

So if someone is going to steal your phone and want to get your personal information, and your Anti-thief app is enabled, it will automatically sound a loud alarm, starts to vibrate, fire a police siren, and blink effects on the screen of your phone. Hence, in this way, the person who was trying to steal your phone gets trapped and gets caught.


10. Locker Master – DIY Lock Screen

Locker Master – DIY Lock Screen is an astonishing app that helps you attract your mobile phone screen while it is locked. You can easily customize and design this app in the way you love and also share your stuff with a worldwide community of people. It allows you to discover, browse, and download master quality wallpapers, inspiring and clever lock screen, and tons of other beautiful things.

Some of its valuable functions include DIY editor, tons of options, an extensive collection of decorations, clocks, sprites, props, etc. Unique locks, and much more. It shares and downloads provide precise notifications and a lot more.


11. Screen Lock Guardian

Screen Lock Guardian delivers some amazing features that enable you to improves your security from unauthorized persons. It provides a vast range of lock options from easy to extreme difficult screen locks. It is a handy app that protects your internal informational stuff along with your photos, videos, and other things on your mobile phone.

If someone tries to attempt a wrong passcode, it automatically captures a silent pic of that person who is trying to fetch your mobile stuff. Some of its striking features include last attempt info at a glance, taking intruder’s picture, access to your favorite apps from the lock screen, local weather reports with concise info, and customizable background for a better experience.


12. Black Hole – Lock screen

Black Hole – Lock screen is a handy app with some simple yet powerful features. Using this app, you can manage music from the lock screen, customize different adaptive colors, get instant notifications to form different apps right on the screen when it is locked, alarm announcements, and calendar notifications, etc.

Other than these, it also offers an intuitive torch function that enables torch without unlocking your phone, precise details about the time, and your remaining battery, lets you set up pin password and a lot more. It also provides quick access to apps, shows notifications on the lock screen, customizable background, music controls, and much more.

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13. Solo Locker – DIY Locker

Solo Locker – DIY Locker is a truly solo app for having more attractive stuff on the screen of your mobile phone when it is locked. It is a stunning app that lets you set up photo passwords that do not allow any unauthorized person to get your gallery details. It has vast styles of your lock screen to decorate your phone innovatively.

Some other sensational features of this app include password protection, showing notifications right on the lock screen, weather details, news reports, timer and calendar notifications, and a robust collection of wallpapers to adorn your phone to make it more attractive.

It also provides a vast collection of attractive numbers and pattern styles for the users to enjoy some dramatic features.


14. Start Lock Screen

Start Lock Screen is something great for users who want an attractive and stunningly marvelous lock screen experience. You can quickly access anything that you want right from the lock screen, get proper security and protection for your mobile embedded stuff by setting extreme passwords, customize your mobile phone with loads of eye-catching wallpaper, and lot more.

It delivers weather details and updates as notifications on the lock screen, lets you search your web and devices with the smart search, listen to and manage your favorite music right from the screen, and take selfie rapidly through camera widget.

Besides these, it also delivers some dramatic features which includes simple navigation, robust security, smart searching support, camera, and other widget’s access, and much more.


15. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is an amazing lock screen widget that has a classy look and trifling user interface. It is created with an approach to deliver instant access to your mobile phone notifications right on the lock screen.

Some of its core features include the delivery of your current locations, unread messages and missed calls alerts, tells your next calendar appointment and your scheduled alarm, unread priority inbox conversation, and a lot more with simple taps on the screen of your mobile.

It comes with an intuitive package of extensions that helps you do stuff effortlessly.


16. Picturesque Lock Screen

Picturesque Lock Screen delivers a beautiful collection of images for your home screen every day and never lets you get bored of having the same boring lock screen. It provides stunning rewards for searching here, chooses your image, and any of your favorite ones for lock screen, views important notifications including missed calls, messages, and notifications from other installed apps as well and lots more.

It enables a one-tap access scenario for accessing any of your favorite contacts, approach your favorite apps, and never misses a single notification. Besides this, it also provides specific details about the news, sports, camera access, distinct weather reports, rewards, music access, and tons of other features via simple taps.


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