10 Best Ad Server Software

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Because of the latest technology, billions of people are working online to earn money. They create ads, advertise them, and make money from them. They use different formats of ads to engage people like images, audio, and video ads.

However, it is quite tricky for creating, managing, and optimizing ads when you are working on a large scale. For such purpose, a specific platform is necessary for controlling all such activities. The ad server is a system that assists in performing all operations relating to ads and campaigns.

What are Ad Server Software

Ad Server Software are specific types of applications designed to manage all tasks related to campaigns and ads online. People can use these platforms for creating an unlimited number of campaigns and ads.


These apps offer built-in templates for saving publishers time. They offer different methods to attract customers and engage them in the ads. These ads could be in image, audio, or video files.

Best Ad Server Software

Here is the list of Best Ad Server Software that works as Ad server to manage all tasks related to creating and publishing ads and campaigns.

1. JW Player

JW Player is an advanced application that helps you to grow your business. Get the power of video advertisement and engagement using this flexible platform. It offers consistent and high-quality playback to reach people everywhere. The program will increase add revenue and gives a beautiful experience across mobile apps, websites, or connected TV.


Streaming services of the JW Player process faster high-quality video with a smaller size run on every device. You can increase your CPMs and fill rate with industry-leading ad support. Experts are there to guide with practice and help to get the advantage of Video Player Bidding technology. To engage customers, it plays more relevant content from the library.


  • Viewer engagement
  • Ad revenue


  • Compelling video
  • Beautiful experience


  • Does not work well


  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $10/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

Visit: JW Player

2. HeadBidder

HeadBidder is an enhanced AdServer that has focuses on the major part of your business. Work with it to perform mechanic works automatically. It provides the required tools and features for helping professional teams and publishers. Major tools of HeadBidder are 3rd party integrations, analytics, and pre-built container.

This platform allows you to generate multiple bidders, set parameters, use built-in CDN, or install JavaScript specially created for the website. The program updates the bidder list regularly. Use the “waterfall” solution as a back-up and build personalized Header Bidding Wrapper instantly. Get better user experience and decrease latency by working with HeadBidder technical improvements.

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  • Maximize yields
  • Minimal latency


  • Copy & Paste
  • Analytics


  • Bit odd interface


  • Free: $0
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: HeadBidder

3. Epom

Epom is one of the great ad serving solutions that offer tools for cross-channel advertising business. It connects advertisers with publishers. Besides, it helps professionals to manage multi-screen campaigns and sell or buy traffic programmatically. They can engage users with multiple ad formats like mobile, display, video, in-app ads.

Create ad campaigns to get more clients and add them to the ad server account. It is an advanced ad & ad service management tool for tracking, running, and optimizing ad activities. You can buy more traffic with fair prices and insert SSPs to your account using a few clicks. This award-winning solution helps you to customize every part of it according to your brand requirements.


  • White label ad server
  • Powerful RTB bidder


  • Instant analytics
  • Automated optimization


  • The interface is not intuitive


  • Basic: $250/month
  • Standard: $1000/month
  • Advanced: $2500/month
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Epom

4. Smart Adserver

Smart Adserver is one of the leading ad monetization systems that have the aim to help premium publishers. They will get a fair share of ad value and have control of all variables for better transaction models, formats, and channels. For value path optimization, it can activate the accurate audience data. The program can manage campaigns with banners on tablets, web, and mobile.

The powerful and simple interface is best for campaigns in traffic management. It has integration with SSP for a high level of control and transparency. This system offers a self-service demand-side platform “LiquidM” to facilitate trading desks, direct advertisers, and agencies for maximizing revenues and marketing efforts.


  • Cross-channel technology
  • Private Gardens


  • Self-service demand-side platform
  • Monetization


  • Weak fraud controls


  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Smart Adserver

5. NT Programmatic Platform

NT Programmatic Platform is using the latest technologies to manage media buying cycles such as media planning, market research, strategy optimization, and CRM data activation. Working with RTB optimization capabilities and algorithm automation, you can get all the KPIs and avoid stagnation periods, through the ad campaign.

It offers digital channel management for better ROI, LTV, budget allocation, and other metrics improvement. Precise targeting setting is one of the significant benefits of a programmatic platform that helps for the subsequent forming of taxonomic lists and user identifications. It gets data from online activities to find trends and their way of optimizations.

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  • Complex targets
  • RTB optimization


  • Optimization across different KPIs
  • Cross-channel management


  • Slow results


  • Enterprise: Contact the vendor

Visit: NT Programmatic Platform

6. Revive Adserver

Revive Adserver is a cloud-based ad serving platform that facilitates networks, advertisers, and publishers to insert ads in apps, in video players, and on websites. They can get detailed statistics such as conversions, clicks, and impressions. Easy to use interface is there to manage campaigns for all networks and advertisers. They can define delivery rules for ads and campaigns like URL targeting, frequency capping, and geo-targeting.

Additionally, they can monitor campaign performance, such as conversion, revenue, eCPM, and conversion rates details. You can also manage inventory like banners, campaigns, advertisers, users, zones, and websites. It lets you review your statistics, including impressions, requests, conversions, and clicks.


  • Review statistics
  • Manage inventory


  • Track performance
  • Define inventory rules


  • Lack of APIs

Visit: Revive Adserver

7. AdGlare

AdGlare is a powerful, affordable, and intuitive ad management platform. It will serve ads faster because it has six centers around the world with ad serving nodes. The material design of this platform helps you to manage ads intuitively. It is providing all advanced plans such as unlimited CDN bandwidth for controlling your monthly costs.

The program can show line items such as video or classical banners on any web page. It supports all ad formats like Exit Intent Ads, Sticky Ads, Virtual Reality Ads, Email Ads, and URL Redirects. This system supports custom key or value pairs and server your ads in the responsive time frame. AdGlare is also offering to host MP4 files on CDN freely, and you can view pre-roll video ads.


  • Vast video ads
  • Display line items


  • Supports custom key
  • Control monthly costs


  • Basic server with limited options


  • Essential: $49/month
  • Professional: $349/month
  • Enterprise: $599/month
  • Custom: Contact sales

Visit: AdGlare

8. UpRival

UpRival is an interesting ads server created to assists Ad networks and media buyers. It offers ad templates to give the best ad experience and assist you in performance, style, and branding. The program shows effective targeting, faster brand building, and real-time conversion measuring. With video ads, you can boosts conversions and sales, build trusts and get more engagement.

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UpRival has an Intuitive user interface design where you can set up complete campaigns in a few minutes. Besides, it offers cloud-based fast code, fully functional API, and Responsive Ad tags. You can customize the ad server, boost your reputation, and increase brand awareness. You can work with custom domains and manage campaigns across numerous websites.


  • Manage campaigns
  • Customize ad server


  • Create ad variations
  • Functional API


  • Limited templates


  • Demo: Free
  • Custom: Ask the provider

Visit: UpRival

9. Bannerflow

Bannerflow is a creative management solution that enables you to create, analyze, personalize, scale, publish, and optimize campaigns easily. A powerful and intelligent ad creator is there for digital designers. The marketing teams have the facility to optimize the complete management workflow for different digital formats and channels.

You can get your business goals by improving team communication, deleting repetitive design tasks, and decreasing time to market. Besides, it can increase conversions and creativity across markets through translation management, smart scaling, and instant publishing. Increase performance by designing quality digital advertising and applying dynamic optimization.


  • Optimization
  • Quality digital advertising


  • Instant publishing
  • Translation management


  • Not too intuitive


  • Trial: Free
  • Enterprise: Ask the vendor

Visit: Bannerflow

10. AdSpeed AdServer

AdSpeed AdServer is a web-based Ad server for assisting advertisers, ad networks, publishers, and agencies. It shows reports related to ad performance metrics to maximize ad revenue. Professionals can control their ad inventory anytime and downgrade and upgrade it according to your budget. A user-friendly interface is there for fast ad management.

It has the global infrastructure for providing high speed and server trillions of ads within milliseconds. Communicate with their friendly customer care team for suggesting ideas and other help. It is a bets value ad server with unlimited features and enhanced support.


  • Control ad inventory
  • Real-time reports


  • Reliable ad server
  • Custom driven


  • Limited control


  • Premium 100 Plan: $9.95

Visit: AdSpeed AdServer

The Verdict

Overall, we can say that above-given applications are providing advanced ad management tools with fair prices. These applications can serve millions of ads and campaigns in seconds. These applications can design marketing advertisements according to the latest trends.

Some applications are providing collaboration tools for working with team members. These applications allow you to boost sales and conversations, get more engagements, and create trust among customers.

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