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Nowadays people have such busy lives that they are not even able to remember the things they have to do, tasks they have to perform, and the occasions they have to attend. Life is so fast that one even not get enough time to remember the tasks to be performed in near future. Some things are very much important in our lives that if they are missed or not done on time, they create a serious mess for us. It is acceptable if a person forgot to collect the milk from the grocery store but forgetting something like a children at school, or an important meeting led us to way awkward or even worst situations. Electronic gadgets are the only things that are always with us and what if they remember the important things, events for us! Yes it can be done. There are numerous such apps that are only designed for this purpose and act as complete personal assistant that manages To-do task list, remind you about important things and events. Here we mention some of the best reminder apps for android which will help you to choose the most appropriate one for yourself.

1. aCalendar

aCalendar is one of the most top rated android based calendar application developed and published by Tapir Apps GmbH. The most influential thing about this app is that it is said to be best for setting reminders. A calendar app with the ability of setting reminders according to the requirement of the user is the best thing that could an app possess. The users can sync various account with the app. It also supports NFC and QR system technology. The paid version provides much more options beside adding an event and setting reminder for it.



2. To-do List To-do List is an ideal sort of task list preparation app that includes almost everything in it that should be present in a top class To-do task list app. The app possess a unique ability of creating and adding any sort of event and letting its users to remember them through reminders. This app is way much faster than the calendar apps as most of the To-do apps are, but it also quite quick and responsive as compare to the other To-do apps too.


3. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular Android app for taking notes and setting reminders. The best thing about this app is that, it is the most convenient and easy to use To-do list making app of all. Other than this it provide full android wear support too. The users can sync the data or notes through cloud syncing. 24/7 offline support of the app enables its users to make notes and maintain all the tasks, schedules and set up the reminders anywhere without the tension of internet connection.



4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the most widely used To-do list making and reminder setting app developed and published by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH. The most prominent feature of the app includes it’s easy to use alluring interface and the ability of instant syncing between user’s tablet, phone, computer and various other electrical gadgets. The user can set any kind of reminder for any of the upcoming events. The lists can be created and shared at the same time. It also allow to attach photos and PDF documents too.

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5. Evernote

Evernote is another amazing time scheduling and event organizing app that is developed and published by Evernote Corporation. The app helps its users to stay organized as it is what their logo states. It is a solid and multi-functionality app that enables the users to create their task lists, take notes, create schedules, add events and organize everything according to their own. The app provides the facility of setting reminders of every kind with the addition of any virtual event. It is available for free for android based devices.


6. To Do Reminder

To Do Reminder is another full-fledged event scheduling app that is available for android based gadgets and devices on Google Play for free. Although the premium features of the app has to be purchased via in-app purchase. The app is developed by App Innovation and is getting quite popular among the people all around the world with the passage of time. This app provides full customization support and enable its users to set any sort of reminder and add any event according to their own on the basis of time i.e. minutes, hours or even years. Data syncing ability makes it one of the most convenient app of all.


7. Google App (Google Now)

Google Now or simply Google is one of the best and most widely used To-do list preparing and reminder setting app. It is preinstalled in almost every android based device. If it is not, it can be easily installed for free from the Google Play Store. Google Now is a sort of a personal assistant app. That performs all the tasks assign to it according to the requirement of the user. The most unique and alluring feature of the app is its voice commands, the user now not need to type and set the reminder. Through simple voice commands reminders are set and events are added and later shown by the app according to the settings made.


8. Google Keep

Google Keep is an extraordinary, solid and full-fledged note taking application proposed by Google Inc. It is available for free on the Google Play Store and is compatible with almost all kind of android based gadgets and devices. The most promising feature of the app is its ability of adding events and setting their reminders accordingly. These reminders set on the app can be synchronize with various other devices and even on the Google Drive storage. The app notifies its users through pop-up notifications on the device window so that they cannot even miss a single reminder.


9. Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is not only an email managing app but it does possess the full ability of adding any sort of events and setting reminders of any kind. It is one of the pioneer all in one app developed by Google Inc. for Gmail. Many of the users all around the world using this app does not even know about its other unique and complete features that also includes note taking and reminder setting. The app possess the ability of setting any kind of reminder based on any general topic or event, even if it is not related to the emails.

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10. Just Reminder

Just Reminder is simple and one of the most easy to use, user friendly and convenient of all, To-do list preparing, task organizing and scheduling app available on Google Play Store for the android based devices. It is developed and published by AppHouze Co. and is compatible with the android wear and various other kind of android gadgets other than mobiles and tabs. The app provides various customization options to the users. Its prominent features includes Speech-to-text voice commands. It enables the users to set reminders without typing, just through voice actions.

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11. Life Reminders

Life Reminders is another astonishing and simple fully focused android app that is specially designed for only reminding the events, things etc. to its users. The app is developed and published by Cameleo-tech. The most promising and unique features of the app includes its working as your personal assistant, i.e. if a user had set a reminder via this app to send an email at a specific time, the app will not only notify and remind the user about the email but touching the notification will enable the app to send it too. The same goes for making a call to someone and various other commands too. It is available for free on Google Play.


12. Today Calendar

Today Calendar is a very easy to use all in one sort of calendar app. It possess the ability of adding events date, time and day wise and setting reminders accordingly. Then it notifies the users about the set reminder for any of the event through pop-up notifications. The best thing about the app is its simple and convenient user interface that enables every sort of user to use it according to their own needs and requirements. More premium features are available in the paid version of the app that costs about $2.59 and can be downloaded from Google Play.


13. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk is a pioneer app developed specially for the daily life reminders. Its core possession and incredible approach makes it one of the best reminding apps currently available in the market. The best part of the app is that it is for everyone. People from every walk of life, either students, business men, housewives etc. everyone can use it with ease and according to their own convenience. The app is specially designed so that the people who are very much busy in their daily routine never miss anything important or something they don’t want to miss. It is available for on Google Play.


14. Trello

Trello is an outstanding and a complete task managing, organizing and scheduling app that is developed and published by Trello, Inc. The app is nevertheless a complete package of everything. It includes everything that should be present in a perfect To-do list organizing app. The app is free of cost and is available for all kind of android based devices on Google Play. Reminders set via this app are notified on the device window through push notifications. For many other premium features the users have to purchase the premium version or can do via in-app purchase.


15. ColorNote

ColorNote is another interesting and alluring note taking and event organizing app that is developed and published by Notes Inc. This is a very simple but effective kind of app which provides full functionality of each and everything about organizing, managing, setting a reminder for any event or anything. The app is totally free and can be easily downloaded from Google Play for android based devices. Moreover it is a complete notepad app and various customization options enables the users to use the app according to their own requirement and desire.

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16. Reminder

Reminder is a more specified sort of complete reminding app that has been developed and published by App Driver. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store for android based devices and gadgets. The best thing about the app is it’s easy to use simple user interface and support to the various kind of android wear too including smart watches and gears. The app possess all the necessary tools require for managing tasks, organizing events, scheduling and setting reminders accordingly. Reminders can be set and classified into different provided categories, moreover own categories can also be created by the users according to their own requirement.


17. Simplest Reminder

Simplest Reminder is an astonishing and powerful task managing and reminder setting app. The app is developed and published by Gadget. Judge. It is one of the most easy to use and simplest reminder app as compare to all the other similar apps that is currently available in the market. Although this app is not that much popular among the users but it is really a well-designed app that will suits every kind of user from all around the globe. The app is free of cost and is available for free on Google Play for android devices.


18. BZ Reminder

BZ Reminder is one of the most exciting and effective reminder setting and task managing app. It is developed by BZ Reminder Team. The app is already very much popular among the users all over the world and it is still getting viral more with the passage of time. The main focus of the app is letting its users to remember each and everything whether it’s an event or anything else. The app possess various alerts that keeps on notifying the users about the reminders they set until the user turn it off or check it himself. The app is available for free on Google Play.


19. Remind Me

Remind Me is a task reminder and event scheduling app that is developed and published by Lucidify Labs. The app is available for free on Google Play Store for android based devices and gadgets. The app is also compatible with various android wears too, which makes the app way much more easy to access and convenient for the users. The prominent features of the app includes voice action based commands, through which user can set any kind of reminder without typing. The app is highly customizable, the users can make it how they want a reminder app to be according to their own requirement and desire


20. Reminder – To-Do & Task List

Reminder – To-Do & Task List is a new and quite astonishing reminder and event managing app. The app is developed and published by Nithra. Although the app is new in the market and is not that much popular among the users but it is gaining attention and is getting more viral with the passage of time. It is an all in one app, it possess the features of a To-do list app, reminder app and even of the alarm clock app. The app is free of cost and is available on the Google Play store for Android based devices.


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