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Most important and concerned thing after capturing the photos is there editing. People usually are in hurry at all times and cannot even spare a bit so that they can capture the photos perfectly. Or there are some moments that are quite spontaneous and volatile. They does not last for long, so to save such moments and situations we people instantly captures the photos so that they could be with us always as memories. But these frequently captured photos are not that much alluring as much the real situation was and we can’t share them with others without making them perfect or better. These photos need a proper editing or a kind of proper touches so that it is up to that level so that it can be shared with the friends and family. There are variety of different kinds of editing tools present to enhance the clarity and amazingness of the photo. In the time of social media, people prefer to share their photos on such platforms. Although the trend of making creative collages is quite old but it is very much in demand at present because of its hype and appreciation at social media sites and platforms. Everyone want to make different kinds of amazing and lovely collages, grids, makeovers and frames of their photos so that they look more appealing and impressive. For this purpose there are variety of such apps that enables the users to make amazing photo collages and share them instantly in no time. Best of them are here for you.


Editing and making an absolute premium level of attractive and alluring collages is not a big deal now. This app is specially designed to provide the best and most suitable collage combinations for its user’s photos so that they can easily with just a tap can edit and make collages of their photos. MOLDIV is developed and published by JellyBus Inc. It is the most prominent and best project ever proposed by the vendors in terms of application development. The users can add a lot of alluring and bewildering effects, frames and variety of stickers too in there photos with the help of this app. The app is one of the best collage making app and is free of cost available on Google Play for Android.



2. Lipix

Lipix is another master level of photo editor and collage maker that is specialized for quick and frequent collage making. The app is developed and published by Imagination Unlimited. Although the app is not much popular among the people from all around the world but it is real jam pack app and is quite useful and effective in terms of editing and collage making. The app possess thousands of users currently from all around the globe and the way it is making the way into the market, it is sure that in the near future the app will be at the top of the deck in terms of editing and collage making apps. The super-fast and easy to use user interface of the app help the users to edit and make collages just by simple swiping on their devices. The app is totally free and can be easily downloaded from Google Play.



3. PicGrid

The craze of social media and social websites is featuring the top spot as a whole. People from all over the globe are carzy in snapping and sharing the photos on it. The trend is to be look different and catchy at the same time. The app is specially designed in terms for such requirements so that the users of the app can frequently edit and make grid or collages of their photos and can upload it to various sites or share with friends and family. The best part of the app beside of its vast functionality and massive editing tools, it is quite small in size and is way much efficient as compare to the most of similar kind of photo collaging apps that are present in the market. The app is developed and published by RILEY CILLIAN and is free of cost available on Google Play.

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4. Poto

Poto is another astonishing and bewildering app that is specifically developed and designed for providing various collage making options to the users with just a single tap on their devices. The app is another product of Imagination Unlimited. The vendors have contributed a lot in terms of camera, photo capturing and editing apps already and this is its first precise kind of photo editing app that just emphasize of making variety of different kinds and styles of collages. The alluring and eye catching immense kind of attractive user interface and colorful themes of the app captures the attention of the users at the very first glimpse and provide them the best possible editing and collage making environment with entertainment factors all along. The users can make frequent single framed photos or can add some multiple frames too. The app is free and can be downloaded for Android based devices from Google Play store.


5. PicMix

PicMix is another globally renowned photo editing and collage making app that possess thousands of loyal and satisfied customers from all around the world and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. The app is developed and released by Inovidea Magna Global. The app got viral by the time it was released that is because of its effectiveness and massive variety of editing tools, customization options etc. The users can add multiple alluring and amazing frames to the photos, fancy kind of collages and astonishing animated stickers and even the gifs. The app possess a solid and powerful buildup and setup that assures its smooth performance and effective running. The most unique and prominent feature of the app includes small video making format through which the users can make their collages and can represent them collectively as short video or like story telling format.


6. Mirror Photo Collage Maker

Mirror Photo Collage Maker is the app exactly for the modern and social media crazy youth who are so much involve in the social sites things that they want everything relating them to the social sites. It is an all in one app that provides complete access to its users that they can aware of latest trends going in the market. As now a days SnapChat filters are quite famous among everyone and everyone is crazy in checking them out. Especially the doggy filter and the crown of flowers are the hottest and happening once. The app possess them all with the ability of making collages of multiple photos instantly according to the desire of its users either in a single frame or in variety of different ones. The app is a product of Lyrebird Studio and is present for free at Google Play.


7. Photo Collage Frames

Photo Collage Frames is beautiful and ravishing kind of photo collage making and editing app that possess a massive variety of lovely and attractive collage and frame styles. The users can choose from the vast variety of frames and collage styles according to their recent requirement and desire. The collages and frames in this app are divided in to the categories in which it is way much easier for the users to access it and select from the category of their interest. Individual, couple, friends, family, cow workers, memories and many more others too, these are the categories and they each possess a huge variety of frames and collages in it. The app is developed and proposed by Global Studio Apps and is totally free of cost available for Android based devices and gadgets on Google Play store.


8. Blur Photo Collage

Blur Photo Collage is another product of the famous Global Studio Apps. The vendors are already quite famous and popular among the people all around the world due to their photo editing and camera related apps. This is another bewildering product by the vendors and like all its other products, this one is too quite amazing, effective and useful. As the name of the app states it is a different kind of photo editing and collage making app that possess a dual functionality at the same time. The users can create amazing photo collages using from vast variety of frames provided within the app and can implement blur effect in to the photos too. Usually for perfect blur effects and for collage making the users have to consult two different kinds of apps, but this is the 2 in 1 kind and is way much perfect and effective in all terms. The user can download it too for free from Google Play.

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9. piZap

piZap is an immensely reliable and extraordinary amazing all in one photo editing, capturing, image processing, collage making, frames, stickers and many other astonishing featured app. This feature enriched app is a product of piZap Inc. It is was a part of an idea of the developers another project, which in result cause this app to be made. Without any doubt this app is one of the best and most effective photo editing and photo collage making app available in the market. Not only currently but in fact best photo collage making app of all times. It possess a gigantic variety of frames and layouts for its users. The users can create their desired collage pictures with more than 1250 different kind of astonishing layouts. Other than this the users can insert real-time alluring filters and effects to the photos and that also can be accompanied with the large variety of fun based stickers and animated emoji’s.


10. Pic Collage

Pic Collage is another premium kind of photo editing and specifically photo collage making app that emphasize on immense and modern kind of collages and makes sure that its users are always provided high profile and standard stuff. The app is developed and published by Cardinal Blue Software. The app stands in the list of some major photo collage making apps that possess master ability of making amazing and astonishing collages. The app possess a unique ability of making customizable collages other than its massive built-in features. This thing makes this app quite handy at times for the users so that they can create their own personalized kind of collages and frames according to their own requirement and desire. The app possess more than 120 million users all around the globe, which is the largest number possessed by any of the photo collage making or even regular editing apps. It is counting more and more with the passage of time.


11. Photo Grid

Photo Grid is another famous and one of the most widely used photo collage making app. The app is developed and published under the flag of the famous vendors Cheetah Mobile Inc. (RoidApp). The vendors are already well reputed and renowned in terms of camera app, photo editing apps, image processing apps, photo effects apps, HDR photo apps and variety of other too all related with photography and is editing. The users can makes creative and easy photo grids but just simply inserting an image into the grid section of the app, later on the user can apply different things provided by the app as per own requirement and convenience. Some extraordinary alluring features of the app other than the grid and collages includes, photo in photo, prank camera, selfie video etc. The app is free of cost and can be downloaded from Google Play store for Android based devices.


12. Photo Collage Maker and Editor

Photo Collage Maker and Editor is another immensely effective and useful kind of photo collage making and editing app that is developed and published by AppTides. Making the collages of the photos is way much simple, easier and quick with this app, now every sort of users can easily operate the app as it is quite handy and simple to use and can instantly within no time can edit his or her photos and make beautiful and ravishing collages, grids and frames of their photos. The app is rated among the top premium kind of apps and possess thousands of satisfied users globally which are increasing in number day by day. The best and most concerned part of the app is that it is highly customizable, the users can add their own personalized designs of collages or can develop new ones according to their use and requirement. The app can be downloaded for free from Google Play for Android.

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13. Photo Collage – Layout Editor

If looking for a pure and premium kind of photo collage making app that possess high profile ability of making some unique and extraordinary kind of photo grids and layouts, then this is the best app for you. Photo Collage – Layout Editor is developed and proposed by the famous vendors ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc. ASUS after reaching the glory in terms of computer other hand held electronic devices is now heading towards concurring the software and application developing industry. Up till now it is quite successful in making its unique identity in terms of producing some amazing and effective apps that are widely used and appreciated by the customers from all around the globe. The best part of the app is that possess the most unique kind of frames and photo collages that are not seen in the similar kind of photo collage making apps that are currently present in the market. Other than this the users can add various astonishing and bewildering effects too in their photos. It is available for free on Google Play.


14. PIP Collage Maker Photo Editor

PIP Collage Maker Photo Editor is a different kind photo editing and collage making app that is designed for giving a new sort of collages to the photos of the users. We all have heard about PIP photo editing effects earlier, PIP stands for Pic-in-Pic and it is one of the most widely preferred and loved photo effect. In the PIP effects the photos are displayed as the part of other photos, it look like a photo is itself a photo of another picture. After the immense success of such PIP effects and filtering in to photos, now the photo collages and frames are also made to give such effects in the grid and layouts of photos. The users can select what type of collage they instantly want to give to their photos or can customizly built their own PIP based photo collages. The app is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.


15. Layout

Layout is a mesmerizing and alluring photo collage making app that is developed and published by Instagram Inc. All the other apps that are currently available in the market follows the tradition of layout by Instagram and are made to give it competition. Instagram is one of the largest social media photo sharing platform, millions of users use Instagram daily for sharing their photos and moments with their friends, families or followers. The numbers of Instagram’s users is increasing rapidly and is one of the largest social media connectivity platform of all times. Layout is specifically designed app for collage making and providing amazing and astonishing frames, grids and photos collaborations. Every one want to be on the top with their photos looking different, unique and appealing. The users can create their own customize collages frequently with the app and can instantly share it on Instagram and various other social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter etc. The app is totally free of cost and can be easily downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based devices.

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