Best Free Sandbox Software for Windows


Everyone want to keep his system secure and safe from viruses, malware, threats and other unauthorized users. People use different ways to provide security to their systems. Most of the users install Anti-viruses, Anti-Adware, page blockers, and Internet security tools as well as close some ports from system firewall. There is another best way of security your system from all threats and that is the use of Sandbox utilities. Sandbox applications basically used in the software development. They create a virtual environment in the system to test the new tools and programs without even making changes to the system environment. So these programs help developers to save the system being attacks by threats, viruses, or similar attacks. Sandbox programs are based on the security mechanism that works in any program or application in an isolated environment. These will make sure that no changings will be made in your system after the installation of the new program. They will create a fake or virtual environment in the operating system just like real operating environment in the system. Here is the list of Best Free Sandbox Software for Windows. These programs will control automatically the installation of new applications and the changes introduced by the new application in the system.

1. Sandboxie

Sandboxie is a useful software program that provides you the opportunity to browse the Web securely. It can keep all your browser’s functionality for active content. It actually allows the user to run apps inside the protected environment that are completely isolated from the actual hard drive space. For running the Sandboxie, you don’t have to make modifications to your system and all the changes occur virtually, in that quarantined folder. This superb application can enable you to browse web pages with unsafe content, check virus behavior and much more. The Sandboxie Control area provides you the opportunity to view and manage the programs, initiate the web browser, email reader, or any other program. You have the option to run the program from the ‘Start Menu’ and open ‘Window Explorer’, however, remember that no changes will occur to the real folders and files when you are working on the program.


2. GesWall

GesWall is a simple software program that provides you the possibility to add a firewall to your operating system and surf the web safely. This program can help you to open e-mail attachments, chat, browser the Internet, and exchange files, without any security threats. The highly intuitive interface of GesWall has a folder structure on the left side of the main window, while details are present on the right side. The program also provides button shortcuts for the most used actions. It has highly customizable interface, you can modify the size of the icons, tile windows horizontally or place in a cascade mode, as well as hide or show certain bars for easy work. The program applies different access restriction policies, so it can stop various types of attacks just like malicious software spreading, confidential files disclosure, rootkits, backdoors, and key loggers. It contains an extensive color-coded summary so you can easily view all the restricted operations, prevented attacks, and all the programs that have been isolated.


3. BufferZone Free

BufferZone Free is free to use a software program that contains a secure virtualization environment for downloading files from the Internet safely. BufferZone Free have standard and advanced settings for developing safe virtualization environment for downloading apps and items. At the end of installation process, you have to restart the system. You have the facility to add e-shopping and e-banking sites to protect, as well as choose folders you need to hide during surfing the web. The simplistic interface of BufferZone Free has a well-organized structure where you can easily see the summary of the contained Internet details, system threats, and prevented privacy. Moreover, you can view attempts to read confidential information, file and registry modifications prevented, sensitive keys protected, Internet cookies and cache files virtualized, applications created in BufferZone, as well as total attempts to access forbidden files. You can set up a password, empty the database at scheduled time and more.

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4. BitBox

BitBox is a lightweight software program which is designed to provide you safety during web surfing. It facilitates the user to work on the Internet with confidence. This application isolates all activities of the browser from the host operating system completely. It makes a single shared folder on the host accessible for a separate user account. This folder saves all persistent configuration data such as favorites of the browser. Your all downloading files will be stored in this folder and you can forward these files to your normal user accessible download folder after a malware scan. It protects your system extensively and prevents any uploads of files into the Internet. The simplistic and plain interface helps you to work in a protected environment.

5. Toolwiz Time Freeze

Toolwiz Time Freeze is an instant protection application that can keep your system safe and create a virtual copy of your Internet settings so that you can restore them during the next system boot. It provides you a virtual machine where you can easily perform all types of tests and install third party programs with no effects on the host. During the installation process, you have the facility to disable the program in safe mode, enable the service on the C drive every time, and password protects the access to the main core. In addition, you can manipulate the program from the main window, where you can create a list of files and folders that you want to exclude from the virtualization process, just in case you need to commit changes to them. You can enable the program to show a toolbar on the desktop, which will inform whether the service is on or off. You have the opportunity to configure the program to start automatically at Windows boot.

6. EvaLaze

EvaLaze is a simple to use program that can virtualize other applications. It is a technology that enables programs to run without having to be installed in the “traditional” manner. Means, you have the possibility to run Office 2003, 2007, 20010 applications at the same time. You can use old programs again on new and modern operating systems. You can utilize virtualized programs in many ways and can make them portable easily. To virtualize any application, it creates a snapshot of the system simply. After that, install the required program and start the second snapshot. Now this application can convert the registry entries and installed files together with the virtualization engine into a new EXE file. Moreover, it has a step by step wizard that will help you for creating the file. You should have installed Microsoft. NET Framework on your system.

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7. Cameyo

Cameyo is a lightweight software program that virtualizes the running of different programs on your system. this program is used to describe technologies that improve manageability, portability, and compatibility of applications. The simple interface of Cameyo has an intuitive layout. The “Library” area has an extensive list of pre-packaged applications or technologies that don’t require to be installed on the system in order to work. These are saved under different categories just like Communication, Browsers, Media, Education, Productivity, Photos & Graphics, Programming, Sound & Music, Security, and Utilities. The program has the capability to create virtual packages of the programs installed on the system. The simple user interface helps you through the working process in such a way that can easily complete the tasks without any computer experience. You can also launch important apps from Cameyo’s interface like Open Office, Yahoo! Messenger, Firefox, Chrome, Adobe Reader, Thunderbird, iTunes and more.

8. VMware ThinApp

VMware ThinApp is a comprehensive software program that has the possibility to create ThinApp packages, increase system security as well as accelerate program deployment and migration. This application has the aim to help IP administrators with application migration to a new operating system and eliminate compatibility issues and specific conflicts. You have the facility to deploy or package software, create a starting baseline of your system, and check for specific differences. Before initializing the virtualization process, the application scans your hard drive and file registry to develop the baseline of your system. You can complete the operation with a clean operating system, in order to avoid compatibility issues. It supports a large number of applications like Java-Based software, Microsoft Office and more. An intuitive and wizard-driven interface can increase mobility by deploying, maintaining and using different items directly on USB storage devices.

9. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual Box is a comprehensive software program that furnishes a powerful system that is created to facilitate the virtualization of apps and registry entries. The application works in a simple and straightforward way. The program will take all the important files and registry entries that are needed by a specific program to function correctly and package them together in a way that the application will run independently. The primary window of Enigma Virtual Box contains all the features which are neatly organized in different tabs for quick access. It can handle all types of files and load everything in the system memory, no disk usage will be recorded. Another interesting thing about the program is the capability to compress the target files, so it will save space and develop the end product a bit smaller than the sum of its parts.

10. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze is a powerful software program that can help you to wipe out all changes made to your computer and reset the system to its original state after a reboot session. It is a backup and recovery program that can disable all the changings made to the operating system, at the next reboot. When you will activate Deep Freeze, it will restore all starting settings of your system at the next startup automatically. You have to set up a major password that can activate and deactivate the program. Overall, Deep Freeze is quite difficult to understand for the first time, but you can get utilize the help file before getting into it. Uninstalling of the program is also tricky because it requires being deactivated. The intuitive interface of Deep Freeze allows you to secure your system in a friendly environment. At the end, if you need to preserve your system’s information, Deep Freeze is the perfect choice for you.

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11. Enigma Protector

Enigma Protector is a comprehensive software program that has the possibility to increase the security of your programs by applying trial periods, handling data compression, creating activation keys, and a lot more. It offers support for commonly used formats like OCX, EXE, DLL, and SCR. The well-organized interface of Enigma Protector facilitates you to quickly access primary features from a tree view of features. Moreover, you get to tweak settings from protection, virtualization, registration, as well as few miscellaneous controls. You can use an integrated key generator is useful to furnish a custom number of keys to distribute along with the program for activating all of its tools. You can manage the way your program deploys itself on given system, with the capability to have registry keys encrypted. You can enable hardware lock and encrypt the program based on a hardware ID.

12. Comodo Time Machine

Comodo Time Machine is a powerful software program that is useful to restore your data from an earlier point in time after system crashes or malware infections. This application can create snapshots of the system such as images of installed programs, documents, and system settings, and facilitates you to revert it to one of these safe points if anything goes wrong. The clean and well-organized interface of Comodo Time Machine helps you to view all the present snapshots, create new ones, and restore system using few clicks. The pre-boot console allows you to restore your system before Windows starts. Moreover, make use of the “Recover Files” section to restore a previous version of a file, without restoring the whole system. Moreover, Comodo Time Machine helps you to synchronize files or folders with a snapshot version, so the chosen are not changed after the restore task.

13. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a reliable and handy program that can protect your system from being affected or modified by any files changes or virus attacks. This application protects your system from viruses, malware, and a large number of threats that can change your system’s settings and contents. The application creates a close of your original system, using one user defined system drives when entering what is called “Shadow Mode” which is similar to a virtual environment. In this way, any attacks, alterations, or settings were applied in Shadow Mode, will be discarded instantly when switching it off. It provides two methods of going into ‘Shadow Mode’ just like ‘Enter Shadow Mode on Boot’ and ‘Exit Shadow Mode at Shutdown’, facilitating you to choose whichever your prefer best. You can specify certain files and folders you want to be excluded from ‘Shadow Mode’, so you can keep any changes you might have made.