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Music is the utmost requirement for every part, function or any of the festival, without proper beats and music everything seems to be quite boring and dull. Imagine having a New Year or Christmas party without the music!!! Yes it really sucks even imagining such kind of stuff. The utmost necessity of a party or function nowadays is having a cool and effective DJ system and with it an experience and initiative DJ who can play the music according to the moods and situations that are going through in the party so that everyone in the party could enjoy to the maximum level and they do remember the music of that party. Nowadays being DJ is not an easy job as not everyone can play a party and can fulfill the needs of the people dancing on the beats in a party. Being a DJ is quite tough job and a person should defiantly know and have knowledge about various spectrum and mixing techniques of beats and sounds. But now everyone can be a DJ themselves by downloading PRO DJ apps on their Android based smart devices from Google Play store as these apps provides the best possible virtual digital experience of playing and mixing sounds and musical stuff like a real life DJ. Best Pro DJ apps are mentioned here for everyone.

1. edjing PRO – Music DJ mixer

Whenever and wherever it is discussed about the music and beats in the digital virtual environment, all the time the DJ apps are the utmost preference. DJ apps are the best apps in terms of mixing the musical beats, composing new musical tunes, remixing the music and doing various experiments with the musical tunes. Actually DJ apps as the real life DJ works acts same on the principles and provides high ended customization options to the users so that they can be at the top of the spot and enable them to be tremendously flexible and easy to use and modify music in a more better and pleasant way. And whenever it is talked about the DJ apps, apps from DJiT are ranked as the most effective and top class DJ apps as the vendor has been able to maintain a great reputation in the market and all of its apps related to the music and audio are of high class and premium level. This very app from the vendor is also quite amazing as it has a fully fledged professional sort of controls that are available for the real life DJ mixers. The users can now mix any of the music and song of their choice and even can create their own customized musical tunes and melodies using various tools provided with in the app. It costs $1.20 and can be downloaded from Google Play.


2. Cross DJ Free – Mix your music

Cross DJ Free – Mix your music is another top rated and bewildering pure quality based music mixing, music composing and PRO DJ app for Android. It is one of the most widely used DJ based musical app with thousands of users from all around the globe which are very satisfied from the functionality of the app. It is also the trendiest DJ app that is getting so much viral nowadays and with the pace it is leaping soon the number of its users will be doubled than tripled and so on. The app is developed and published as product of Mixvibes and has been said to be very first Pro DJ app on the Google Play store for the Android based smartphones. The app has a lot to offer regarding music mixing and editing, the users can now use the tools, features and options of the app according to their own personal preference as the overall is highly customizable and the users of the app are provided with the immense flexibility and freedom of modification. The users of the app can now sync with various devices and sites even like sound cloud and various other too so that they can mix up the musical tunes live too. The app has free version and a paid version with additional premium options and tools in it. Both of the versions can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


3. djay 2

How one can skip this spell bounding, bewildering and pure quality based multiple functionality pro Dj app when listing the best PRO DJ apps for Android altogether. dijay 2 is tremendously marvelous and mastery app in terms of PRO DJ apps and is considered as one of the most effectual, efficient, easy to use, convenient and flexible as referred to its overall performance and functionality. dijay 2 is the DJ based musical mixing and remixing app that is created and released under the flag of Algoriddim, the vendor of the app despite of being new to the market and facing such a swear competition from other high profile vendors, still manages to retain a unique spot and is already quite well reputed due to its quality performance based musical, audio mixing and pro DJ apps. dijay 2 is one of the world’s most widely used DJ app as it is based upon the modern tactical phenomena and already possess thousands of satisfied users from all around the world and is still counting more and more with the passage of time. If looking for the best possible digital virtual experience of being a real life DJ, than this is the very app that is capable of doing the whole thing for you. The app costs $3.50 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for the Android based devices.


4. edjing Mix: DJ music mixer

edjing Mix is another app proposed and designed by the renowned and well reputed vendor DJiT. The app from the vendor that was discussed before was the PRO DJ app that a bit more complicated and high profile app as it was specified app for the professional use and was equipped with all the professional level of manual tools, features and options. Whereas this very app possess a bit more common and easy to use convenient control that let every sort of user belonging from any walk of live to access the app and use it for mixing their own music, creating music of their own, creating new tunes, remixing the songs and various other quality based options too. This app is also refferd as the best pro DJ app of the Google Play store due to its pure quality based performance and stream less amazing working. With automatic beats per minute stabilization and multi source addition of new modern sampler, the app has become more multisource having every basic and essential tool along with some very high profile tools as well. HD recording options, echo maintainer and noise controller are some of the additional premium features that are not found in most of the similar sort of pro DJ apps but are present in this astounding mastery level app. The app is although free of cost but some of the high ended and additional features the users have to pay via in app purchase. It can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


5. DJ Studio 5 – Free music mixer

DJ Studio 5 is another very much widely used PRO DJ app that has everything in it regarding the music and its editing and managing, mixing and remixing. The app stands among the top class apps of all times and is way much more easy and convenient in terms of overall use. The app is developed and proposed by Beatronik. The app is based upon an extraordinary and tremendous real life disc physics that let the users to experience real life pro DJ apps in their lives. The best and most amazing thing about the app is that it possess various options, various sound effects and the most thing to be concerned of is that it is highly customizable, the users can modify the multiple functionality of app according to their own will and preference. The users of the app now can also record the live musical stuff and manages real time the live audio sound spectrum with the zooming and beats audio detection too. The app is highly compatible with almost all kinds of smart devices and hand held gadgets including smartphones and tablets. The app supports modern swiping gestures and its multitiouch based ability let the users to remix the music in the best possible digital virtual environment. Although the app is free of cost but some of the premium functionality based features are to be purchased. The users from all around the globe can easily access and download the app from Google Play store for Android.


6. Virtual DJ Mixer Pro

Virtual DJ Mixer Pro is another amazing and mastery feature enriched yet simple sort of pro DJ app that enables the users to be on the top of their music mixing as this app let them edit their songs, compose their own new and unique musical tunes, remix the famous musical tunes and songs and give them a whole new dimension etc. This astounding and bewildering PRO DJ app is designed and published under the flag of Wanda Kiss. The app is on the top of the charts because it’s amazing and outrageous abilities of mixing and blending various musical tunes and spec term based stuff altogether and creating a whole new thing out of it. This app let the users to record their own new musical stuff and tunes by mixing up different beats and spectrums of audio music. The overall setup and outlook of the app is quite similar to the real life PRO DJs that inspire them more and let them enjoy and experience being a DJ in real. The app basically includes a very high quality spectrum and engine that ensure its premium quality working and ultra-efficient performance. The app is comprised in two different version, one is the regular which we are discussing and is for everyone the common users who want a PRO DJ app for enjoyment and leisure and whereas the other version is the professional one containing the professional features and stuff in it. Both of the versions can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android.


7. Party Mixer – DJ player app

While arranging a party and managing everything, the biggest worry and headache everyone faces is the appointment of DJ, as any of the party is never completed without the musical beats of the DJ. But now with this mastery and pure quality based sheer brilliance app one no need to worry at all about the professional DJ as they can be DJ themselves via using this simple yet effectual sort of PRO DJ app on their smart hand held gadgets. The users can now easily use the options and tools provided with in the app for making the new tunes, mixing the musical beats and even remixing the old songs and different sort of musical stuff. The app is tremendously handy and enable every kind of user belonging from any walk of life to use the app full convenience. It is developed and proposed as product of Pun Software, LLC. The app provides various quality based features and functions to the users and they can change the real time pitch, tempo and BPM of the tracks. The users can now also play 2 or more tracks simultaneously and synchronize the both tracks resulting in a whole new from them. Every Android user can become DJ themselves by just downloading the app free of cost from the Google Play store for Android.


8. Fiesta Home DJ

With more than 10 different and completely customizable decks and 3 band equalizer option for the each deck this astounding and pure quality based feature enriched PRO DJ app is one of the best and most demanded app nowadays. Fiesta Home DJ is the app that has gain a lot of appreciation is quite less time of its launch, the app is new to the market as compare to many of the other similar sort of apps that are already present in the market for the similar reason, but despite of facing such a swear competition from similar sort of apps in the market, this outrageous and brave app still manages to beat most of them and retain a unique position in the market. It is also the trendiest PRO DJ app that is already in use by thousands of people all around the fence of the world and it is counting many more of those with the passage of time. The app has almost every single essential and basic tool and option that is necessary to be present in a perfect sort of mastery PRO DJ app. Fiesta Home DJ is developed and published by Bronz Games and it is free of cost, but it offers in app purchase facility for additional features and premium options. The users can downloaded it from the Google Play store for their Android based smart phones and tablets both.


9. FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile is another simple yet effective sort of musical editing and mixing app that is developed and published under the flag of Image-Line. Although the app is not a specified DJ app but possess almost the similar functionality and some outstanding and pure quality based features in it that it does not only ranked it in the list of best pro DJ apps but it is referred as a complete music recording studio app. The app already possess thousands of users from every part of the world and is counting more and more with the passage of time. With virtual drum pads and keyboards now the users can learn to play the instruments and is able to synthesize and create their own musical melodies and tunes. The sampler and mixer provided inside the app let the users to be on the top of their mixing tunes, composing new songs and remixing the old ones with new modernized beats and electronically musical stuff. The app comprise of a high quality and professional sort of audio engine that ensures its premium level working and smooth stream less performance. The app costs $1.80 and can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android based smart devices including both the smartphones and tablets.

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