9 Best Photo Frame Widget Apps for Android and iOS


There are several ways to edit an image and change its entire look. There is software that gives us tools to change and make the image or create it from scratch with just an idea or imagination. Images can contain filters, frames, editing, and light, color, effect adjusting tools, but the frames give a specific border and a look to our pictures.

There are premium and free applications available on multiple platforms that allow users to edit and pin their image on the lock or home screen of devices. This module is called a widget. It turns the application into a widget that is accessible on the screen without opening the app itself.

There are numerous kinds of apps which provide you a variety of photo frame widget that makes your phone look beautiful and more personal.


Best Photo Frame Widget Apps for Android and iOS

Following is the list of some photo frame widget application which offers you tons of features with paid and free usage modules.

1. Big Photo Frame Widget Donate

Big Photo Frame Widget Donate is a beautiful photo frame widget application that is built to support only Android devices. It can add content, and it now comes with photo widget modules, which allow the user to select from the best and edit the photo. This photo frame widget is easily compatible with any version of Android phone and provides a resizable widget on the home screen of your device.


The Images can be downloaded from the app library or the internet or if the user wants a gallery too. The interface of the app is easy to navigate a straight forward structure that provides a comfortable user experience. Big Photo Frame Widget Donate is not free and costs about $4.

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2. Photo Widget for Android Free

Photo Widget for Android Free is an application that provides a photo frame widget tool for all Android devices. The app allows you to place one or multiple pictures on your home screen with different photo frames. The tool will enable you to save the edit photos in the desired folder. The set consists of many features and functions.

The core feature of the app include the three different sizes, search a picture on your SD card, recursive scan and option to randomize the order, timed slideshow, image rotation, and full-screen view with pinch to zoom option. Photo Widget for Android Free has a beautiful interface that allows you to navigate the app and provide guidance on every step.


3. Nice Simple Photo Widget

Nice Simple Photo Widget is a simple, most beautiful photo frame widget for Android devices that is free to use but contains ads. The app’s main feature include mini militia style, frameless semi-transparent photo display, retaining of photos aspect ratio, customizable photo frame of any color you like, slideshow of photo in a directory with interval of 10 second, minutes or daily built-in photo cropping and rotating function, free zooming mode for every viewing photo, and much more.

The widget is simple to use, and the user has no issue in navigating the app. The app opens the configuration screen where you can change the appearance setting. Beautiful Simple Photo Widget is free to use but contains ads and no other purchasing module.


4. PicWidget

PicWidget is the most simple to use Android photo widget app. It contains tons of features and provides visibility to the user. The core feature of the application contain pop up gif play, no picture size limit, simple to use and do not consume much battery, and so on.

It is easy to navigate and offer a simple structure of the interface the app contains tons of frames and able to display more than one widget on the screen. The only drawback of PicWidget is that the frame is added only use the MB size of the picture. The tool contains no ads that offering-app purchase $1.5.

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5. andframe Photo Widget

andframe Photo Widget is a unique widget application for Android devices which contain tons of feature and setting module to give you a better result. It consists of features like landscape and portrait zoom cropping images into different dimensions, automatically optimize picture size to minimize space your phone, and much more.

Simple and navigating interfaces is one of the core features of this app. It allows the user to see all the settings on how to use them. andframe Photo Widget contains different flexible framing and allows countless possibilities of color to make your picture stand out. It consists of ads but offers in-app purchase of $1.5


6. Wdgts – A collection of Notification Center & Watch Widget

Wdgts – A group of Notification Center & Watch Widget is a multi-function iOS-based photo widget application that requires the user to set the application before it starts. It contains many features like calculator, contact launcher app, currency converter, zone calendar, network monitor, memory and test battery, and memory disk.

The interface of the app is very user-friendly and provides easy navigation. The GUI structure of the application gives a brilliant layout in the app. It is free to use and offer in-app purchases and ads. The paid version of this app includes the ability to add more than four launchers actions, ability to copy and paste results from other widgets, add 5X zoom, upload ten photos to the phone frame, ability to stroll over months and calendars.

Wdgts only perform on an iOS device, and there is no Android version of this. The paid version unlocks additional features and removes the ads.


7. AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widget

AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widget is a different type of application that provides a photo frame widget for Android devices. It consists of various kind of features which allows the user to maintain a secure connection between the app’s interface and the widget module. It includes terms of features like transition effects between photos, changing frame colors, motives, light app, photo college station, changing picture effects, and a few more.

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The interface of the application is simple to navigate and provide two versions of the app. The free version of AEGO Changes Photo Frame Widget consists of ads and limited settings. The paid version unlocks additional features remove the ads.


8. Easy Photo Frame Widget

Easy Photo Frame Widget is an application that contains a different type of photo frame and offers a solution to edit your photos within the app by accessing your photo gallery. It allows the user to browse through another kind of photo frame and choose the best match for your requirements.

It includes features like 1×1 to 5×5 size frame, search images by web and adjust them, auto change images by interval set, can add an effect like grayscale, brightening, darkening, sharpening, smooth, sepia and so on. The interface offers a user-friendly experience and provides a navigation step to set up the application. It is entirely free to use but contains ads.


9. Animated Photo Widget

Animated Photo Widget is an application that provides a photo frame widget for Android devices. The app allows you to set photo frames and edit photos in your photo gallery. It can easily access the gallery for the pictures from the cloud storage. The interface consists of tons of features like removing the original frame, new 180 rotation, one-click shuffle, 4 in 1 photo widget, functions with 30 kinds of different photo frames, ten different rich design sense fonts, simultaneously select multiple album playback, gallery click function, and so on.

The interface of this application is user-friendly and contains a straightforward GUI layout. Animated Photo Widget is free to use but offer $1.5 of the premium version.


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